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Germany, Berlin

Helios Hospital Berlin Buch

91% patients recommend

About the clinic

Year of foundation

Helios Berlin-Buch is the largest and modern hospital in the capital of Germany.

It is included in the best German centers list in 2018 according to the Focus magazine ranking.

94% of patients recommend Helios Berlin-Buch for diagnostics and treatment.

Key specialties of the hospital are oncology and surgical oncology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and obesity treatment.

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Helios Hospital Berlin Buch
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Lutetium-177 therapy Chemotherapy for breast cancer Radiotherapy for cervical cancer Comprehensive prostate cancer diagnosis Autologous bone marrow transplantation Allogenic bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor Сonsultation with an oncohematologist Сomplex diagnosis of breast cancer
200,000 patients entrust their health to the clinic annually. Lutetium-177 (Lu-177) Therapy $9035
200,000 patients entrust their health to the clinic annually. Breast cancer treatment: consultation + chemotherapy (1 cycle) $6378
The doctor awarded by the German Society for Radiation Oncology. Cervical cancer treatment: consultation + radiotherapy $14882
The urologist with 25+ years of experience. Prostate cancer: diagnosis + prostatectomy $21260
The oncohematologist with over 25 years of experience. Autologous bone marrow transplant + consultation $159454
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Treatments prices in the clinic

Last price update — 29.04.2022. Prices can be changed depending on the medical case and doctor's recommendations.
Consultation with a neurosurgeon Price on request
Complex diagnostics of thyroid cancer $700 - $1300
Complex diagnosis of sarcoma $6000 - $10000
PET/CT $2500
Consultation of a radiologist $400 - $500
Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) $24000 - $26000
Immunotherapy $4000 - $8000
Radiotherapy $14000 - $20000
Thyroidectomy Price on request
CyberKnife for brain tumor Price on request
Knee replacement $16000 - $24000
Hip replacement $14000 - $16000
Orthopedic rehabilitation (per 1 day) $250
Conservative treatment of scoliosis $6500 - $7000
Hematology Oncology
Сomprehensive diagnosis of Leukemia $10000
Consultation with a hematologist $500 - $700
Sentinel lymph node biopsy Price on request
Lymphoma blood test Price on request
Comprehensive diagnosis of aplastic anemia $9000 - $12000
Chemotherapy $6000 - $8500
Bone marrow transplantation $180000 - $250000
Allogenic bone marrow transplantation from a related donor $250000
Allogenic bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor Price on request
CAR T-cell therapy $450000
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Consultation with a gynecologist $250 - $500
Childbirth $6000
Сesarean section $8000
Radioiodine therapy $2900 - $6000
Pediatric Oncology
Сonsultation with an oncohematologist $500
Consultation with an oncologist Price on request
Gamma Knife for brain tumor $8000 - $18000
Brain tumor surgery $22000
Sarcoma surgery $20000 - $40000
Autologous bone marrow transplantation Price on request
Radiation Therapy for Sarcomas $14000 - $20000
Otorhinolaryngology/Ear, Nose and Throat(ENT)
Audiometry Price on request
Consultation with an otolaryngologist Price on request
Cochlear implant placement $40000
Adenoid Removal $800 - $2500
Herniated disc surgery $10670 - $13670
Consultation with a surgeon Price on request
Laparoscopic prostatectomy $8000 - $14500
Umbilical hernia repair $8500
Pediatric Neurosurgery
Brain tumor removal Price on request
CyberKnife Price on request
Lung cancer surgery $40000 - $50000
Comprehensive prostate cancer diagnosis $2500 - $3000
Prostatectomy Price on request
ECG Price on request
Consultation with creation of treatment plan $400
CT (computer tomography) Price on request
Extended analysis of blood Price on request
Complex diagnostics of epilepsy $3500
Complex diagnostics of multiple sclerosis $3500 - $6500
Lab tests $1400
Сomplex oncology diagnostic Price on request
PET-CT with Gallium 68 (DOTATATE) $2200
Consultation with a gastroenterologist $400 - $500
MRI of one area Price on request
Biopsy Price on request

Clinic Doctors

hospital accreditations of quality

International Organization for Standardization certificate for Helios Hospital Berlin Buch
International Organization for Standardization
CH, International Organization for Standardization certificate for Helios Hospital Berlin Buch
TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking certificate for Helios Hospital Berlin Buch
TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking
DE, TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking certificate for Helios Hospital Berlin Buch
World's Best Hospitals 2021 by Newsweek certificate for Helios Hospital Berlin Buch
World's Best Hospitals 2021 by Newsweek
US, World's Best Hospitals 2021 by Newsweek certificate for Helios Hospital Berlin Buch

Helios Hospital Berlin Buch: more details about the clinic

Germany, Berlin

Helios Berlin-Buch belongs to the largest hospital network in Germany — Helios Hospitals Group. It consists of 112 medical centers, hospitals, emergency hospital, and rehab centers.

Helios Hospital in Berlin was opened in 1898. The hospital building was completely renovated in 2007.

The hospital is located in Berlin, Buch district. There is Schlosspark in a 20-minute walk from Helios Berlin-Buch. The distance to the Tegel Airport is 24 km, to Schönefeld Airport — 40 km.


Advantages of Helios Berlin-Buch

  • Specialized center for cancer treatment

The German Society for Medical Oncology assigned the Cancer Center status. The most effective treatment options are used here: targeted and immunotherapies, IOELT (intraoperative electron radiation therapy). These methods are applied to destroy cancer cells completely and not to cause side effects.

  • State-of-the-art equipment

The latest diagnostic and therapeutic devices are used at Helios Clinic in Berlin: MRI, CT, radiotherapy to accurately establish a diagnosis and perform sparing treatment.

  • New treatment options

Helios Berlin-Buch cooperates with scientific-research institutions and companies specialized in biotechnology. Patients of Helios Berlin-Buch are the first to receive access to new therapies and drugs.


Helios Berlin-Buch in figures


Awards and achievements

ISO 9001 International Standard Quality

ISO standard guarantees a permanent control of medical services quality at Helios Group: check and testing of equipment, medicines, and medical staff qualification.


Top German hospital rating 2018 by Focus

Helios Berlin-Buch is among the best hospitals in Germany according to the Focus magazine version. The hospital is rated by the following criteria as the level of required equipment, qualification of doctors, data about treatment, success rates, and patients’ reviews.


Helios Berlin-Buch Cancer Center

According to the anonymous survey at the center, 97% of patients recommend the Oncology Department for treatment at Helios Berlin-Buch.

Doctors of the center specialize in the tumors treatment of gastrointestinal, urogenital, endocrine disorders, malignant blood diseases.

IOELT, HIPEC, PIPAC, RFA — innovative cancer treatment options

Except for the standard methods (chemo- and radiation therapies), doctors use the latest and most effective techniques. All of them have successfully passed the clinical trials.

  • IOELT (intraoperative electron radiotherapy) is a targeted irradiation of a tumor during the surgery. IOELT device influences the neoplasm with high radiation doses without damaging the healthy tissues.
  • HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy) and PIPEC (pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy) are applied to treat tumors of the abdominal cavity. Special drugs are administered right in the abdomen, where they completely destroy cancer cells and metastases. Doctors assign a procedure in case of stomach, colon, and ovarian cancers stages 3-4.
  • RFA (radiofrequency ablation) is a destruction of neoplasms with a high temperature, without incisions in the skin. RFA is effective in the initial stages of liver and pancreas tumors.
  • Targeted drugs is a type of chemo medicines which detect malignant cells and destroy them without affecting healthy tissues. This therapy causes less side effects than usual chemotherapy.

Interdisciplinary cancer treatment team

Doctors apply a multidisciplinary approach to treat cancer patients at Helios in Berlin, Germany. Doctors discuss each case individually on the consilium to assign the most adequate treatment option taking into account all features of patient’s condition.

A team consists of specialists related to a patient’s diagnosis — oncologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, urologists, hematologists, radio- and chemo- doctors, pediatricians, neurosurgeons.


A team of oncologists


Helios Berlin-Buch Neurosurgery Department

Doctors of the Department specialize in the treatment of spinal cord, brain and vessels pathologies, benign brain tumors.

Micro- and minimally invasive surgery — what is it?

Neurologists of Helios Hospital in Germany apply microsurgical and minimally invasive methods. They are sparing operations, doctors perform them through the incisions 0.1-3 cm in size. Due to a low injury of tissues, a patient recovers faster, and the scarring is less visible.

Surgical or non-surgical treatment of pain in the spinal cord

Spinal surgeons perform such operations as:

  • intervertebral discs replacement
  • endoscopic interventions applying TESSYS. It is a low-traumatic procedure which is applied to treat a herniated disc. A doctor makes a puncture with a special needle without a skin incision to provide access to the spine.
  • vertebroplasty is a fastening of affected or fractured vertebra with bone cement. It is a special substance which hardens after insertion and fixates the spine parts.
Helios Berlin-Buch doctors consider that 90% of degenerative diseases can be treated non-surgically. Among the degenerative diseases are herniated discs and protrusions.


Orthopedics Department

Doctors of the Department specialize in knee and hip replacement, rheumatic diseases treatment.

Arthroscopic surgery — what is it?

Arthroscopic interventions are sparing surgeries on the joints. Doctors perform them through the punctures in 4-5 mm using special instruments and a mini-camera.

After arthroscopy, a patient recovers faster compared to traditional open surgeries. The next day a patient is discharged from the hospital.

Doctors apply arthroscopy to treat:

  • hip diseases
  • inflammation or swelling of the joint membrane
  • meniscus diseases
  • infections in the joints
  • articular and cartilage diseases.


Orthopedic surgery


Services for international patients at Helios Hospital in Berlin

2-bed room at Helios Berlin-Buch


Hospitals of Helios Goup in another cities:

Additional services
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Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
What treatments do patients most often ask for?
Patients choose Helios Hospital Berlin Buch most frequently to treat the following conditions:
  • Prostate cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Breast cancer
  • Herniated disk
What procedures do patients have most often?
The most common procedures in the hospital are:
  • Lutetium-177 therapy
  • Chemotherapy for breast cancer
  • Radiotherapy for cervical cancer
  • PSA test
  • Comprehensive prostate cancer diagnosis

Patient reviews

5 stars
Helios Hospital Berlin Buch overall rate includes
Language assistance

Виктор - Radioiodine therapy

Dec 18, 2021
Verified review.
"The clinic and the professor are just BEAUTIFUL!!!"
The clinic and the professor are just BEAUTIFUL !!! It is a pity that in our countries not everyone can afford treatment there. Sorry, but this is sincere.
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Anonymous - Spinal stenosis

Dec 13, 2021
Verified review.
I am extremely happy with the results of my procedure
Great experience and great medical staff
About Bookimed service
Highly satisfied

Gamal - Herniated disk

Oct 12, 2021
Verified review.
Couldn’t be better

Esraa Al Jeri - Consultation with a neurosurgeon

Sep 5, 2021
Verified review.
Very satisfied with my experience
Very satisfied with my experience and everyone was very helpful the professor provided us time to talk and discuss the medical issue he explained everything clearly and provided us with written opinion
About Bookimed service
Yes very satisfied

Anonymous - Brain Cyst

Apr 16, 2021
Verified review.
"Thanks again for your help!"
There was an online consultation with Professor Kivit. I express my deep gratitude to the doctor, translator, as well as the bookimed team, which brought us together. The professor looked at all our documents, explained everything in a very accessible and understandable way. He reassured us as parents and made recommendations. Thanks again for your help!
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Schwanebecker Chaussee 50, 13125 Berlin, Germany
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