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Cataracts in Children | Diagnosis + Treatment


Memorial Şişli Hospital · Turkey, Istanbul


Abdullah Özkaya

Cataracts in Children | Diagnosis + Treatment

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  • Consultation with an ophthalmologist
  • Ultrasound of the eye
  • Cataract surgery (both eyes)
  • Vitrectomy

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  • 7 days days in the hospital

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What is cataract?

Cataract is a clouding of the lens which causes the vision loss and even blindness. The disease can affect one or both eyes. Cataract is the most common eye disease in people over 40.

Cataract causes 51% of world blindness. Over 20 million people over the world have cataract.

Surgery is the ONLY option for cataract treatment.

Cataract surgery is the procedure of clouded lens removal and the further replacement with the artificial one.

What are the cataract types?

Subcapsular cataract

Occurs at the back of the lens. People with diabetes are at the risk of this type cataract development due to taking the steroid drugs.

Nuclear cataract

Develops in the central part (nucleus) of the lens. Usually, seniors face this type of cataract.

Cortical cataract

Occurs in the lens cortex, the part that surrounds the nucleus.

What are the signs and symptoms of cataract?

If you notice some of these symptoms, visit an ophthalmologist immediately:

  • your vision has become cloudy and blurred
  • light from the lamp or sun seem too bright
  • colors around have become too dim
  • your eyes are out of focus.

How to detect cataract?

If you suspect having the cataract, consult with an eye doctor. Only after the complete examination, an ophthalmologist can confirm a diagnosis.

Cataract diagnostics usually includes standard eye tests such as:

  • visometry (the visual acuity test)
  • perimetry (the visual fields examination)
  • tonometry (the intraocular pressure measurement)
  • ophthalmoscopy (the eye fundus test).

How is cataract treated?

The indication for cataract surgery is the vision loss, which affects the person’s quality of life and causes the discomfort.

Phacoemulsification (Phaco) is the most common method for cataract surgery. During the operation, an eye surgeon makes a small incision on the eye surface and removes the damaged lens pieces with the suction device.

Phaco is a minimally invasive surgery. It means that the healing process after the operation is fast.

When the lens is extracted, an ophthalmologist carries out the intraocular lens (IOL) replacement. Instead of the natural lens, a surgeon implants the artificial IOL.

The intraocular lens is made of the plastic, acrylic, or silicone. A doctor determines the type of IOLs material due to the patient’s individual characteristics. The artificial implant is inserted via the incision made during phacoemulsification.

98% is a success rate of cataract operations. After the IOL replacement, an ophthalmologist changes the existing glass or lens prescriptions.

The surgery lasts for 1 hour. A patient is under local anesthesia during the procedure. In the most medical centers, phaco is performed on the outpatient basis. Hospitalization is not required, and a patient returns home immediately.

How much is a cataract operation?

Laser cataract surgery cost depends on the number of factors:

  • Cataract surgery charges. The surgery price varies in different medical centers. The standard bill usually includes the preparation for the procedure, cataract surgery, and postoperative examination.

Some hospitals include accommodation and meals to cataract removal cost. Consultation with an ophthalmologist can be included in the bill in some clinics, but the diagnostics is not contained to cataract eye surgery cost.

  • Geographical location of a clinic. Cataract removal cost differs from country to country. It is determined according to the economic development and the price policy within a state.
  • Experience and reputation of an eye surgeon. The cataract treatment by a highly-experienced ophthalmologist is more expensive. Usually, eye specialists undergo the international training that also affects the price of the surgery.
  • Status of a medical center. In the private clinics, cataract surgery cost is higher than in the state ones. Medical tourists over the world choose the private hospitals due to the high level of medical services and safety. The private clinics usually provide cataract surgery cost without insurance.
  • Additional services. Most of the medical facilities worldwide offer the international patients some benefits. The transfer to/from an airport, hotel booking, car rental, translation services are available in the clinics. But such benefits are not included in cataract eye surgery cost.

Top-5 countries for cataract surgery


The private medical institutions in this country provide the high-quality and safe healthcare services at the affordable prices. India offers the cheapest cataract surgery in the world. The cost for the operation is 40-100% lower than in European countries, but the quality is on the same level.

Producing generics (analogs to the expensive drugs) is the significant advantage of Indian clinics. In India, the medications are 10-17 times cheaper in comparison with states of Europe, Israel, the USA.


Thai medical centers provide cataract surgery packages. It helps to save up to 70% of the money. Usually, the packages include transfer to/from an airport, preparation for the surgery, cataract operation, postoperative examination, and medications.

Laser cataract surgery cost is 35-70% lower in Thailand than in European countries, the USA, or Australia.

Medical tourists choose treatment in Thailand due to the high development of healthcare system, safety, and affordable prices. The most Thai hospitals look like the luxury resorts. Patients may combine cataract treatment with the vacation.


Ophthalmology is one of the leading specialties in Turkey. 21.5% of all ophthalmological procedures are cataract operations.

Turkish eye doctors have the vast experience and qualification. Over 150,000 medical tourists choose Turkey for treatment due to the high quality of services.

Turkey is one of the best places for the cheap cataract operation. The price is lower up to 50% in comparison with Germany or Israel. Laser cataract surgery cost usually includes preoperative period, the surgery, examination after the procedure. Some hospitals provide patients with accommodation and meals.


The lowest laser cataract surgery cost in Europe is performed in Ukraine. Eye doctors cooperate with their European colleagues. It gives them an opportunity to apply the most innovative treatment methods and equipment.

Cataract surgery price in Ukraine is 50-60% lower than in Germany. The bill usually includes pre- and postoperative examination, cataract surgery, and drugs used during the operation.


Germany is considered the best country in Europe to provide ophthalmologic treatment due to the high quality of services, medications, and equipment. German eye surgeons are included in the top list of ophthalmologists worldwide.

Germany is highly developed country with a high-income economy. Over 250,000 international patients from 170 states visit Germany to receive treatment.

Due to these facts, laser cataract surgery cost is higher than in other European countries.

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