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Laparoscopic gastric band surgery

Private Anadolu Hospital Turkey Eskisehir
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  • Gastric band
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What is the gastric band?

The gastric banding is a method of weight loss to reduce the amount of food taken by a patient. It is one of the most effective methods of treatment pathological excess weight.

Stomach band process

During the procedure, a surgeon puts the upper part of the stomach on a silicone cuff or gastric band. It narrows the stomach cavity and regulates the speed of food movement through it.

Part of the stomach above the band stretches, causing a feeling of satiety. The band size can be further regulated. The size of the band is determined individually for a particular patient.

What is the effectiveness of gastric band abroad?

Obese patients lose less excess weight after banding than after stomach bypass or sleeve resection. 20-30% of patients need re-operation in 10 years due to bandage wearing out or insufficient weight loss.

Patients with body mass index (BMI) under 40 kg/m2 can undergo the stomach banding. Features of the procedure are the following:

  • the success rate of the surgery: 100%
  • operation time: 1 hour
  • in-hospital stay: 2-4 days
  • loss of excess weight: 40-50%
  • reversibility: possible.
What are advantages of the gastric band abroad?
  • Simplicity

The operation is performed laparoscopically. It means that surgeons do not cut the abdomen during the procedure. They make 5 punctures in 0.5-1 cm of size.

The gastric band is a low traumatic operation. The risk of postoperative complications is low.

Among the possible complications are:

  1. gallstones
  2. sagging of the skin
  3. constipation
  4. diarrhea
  5. heartburn.

There is no need for rehabilitation and prolonged postoperative observation of a patient. Laparoscopic gastric banding is performed under general anesthesia.

  • Reversibility

100% is reversibility of the operation. Unlike many serious interventions, the bandage can be easily removed at any time.

  • Duration

Stomach band surgery lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Are any contraindications to weight loss band surgery?
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • alcoholism, drug addiction
  • age of a patient is under 18 years
  • frequent or continuous intake of NSAIDs by a patient (including aspirin)
  • unwillingness or inability to follow the diet
  • allergic reactions to the bandage material
  • emotional instability or any psychological impairment of a patient.
What is the lap band cost without insurance?

Doctors determine how much is lap band surgery for each patient individually. The price depends on the patient's condition and related disease treatment. As the price is calculated in each particular case, some clinics in this listing do not represent prices for the operation. However, the lowest price of gastric band starts from $5,000.

In some cases the gastric band cost is covered by insurance. However, this and other insurance terms you should specify in your insurance agent.

Where is the best place for the gastric band abroad?


Germany is one of the best countries for gastric band abroad. 90% of obese patients lose 50-65% of excess fat after the procedure here. On average, people lose 5-7 kg within a month. The procedure in German hospitals performed laparoscopically (by lap method). Stomach band is minimally invasive and reduces the risks of complications.

How much does lap band surgery cost? The price for the procedure in Germany is 2-4 times higher than in India, Thailand, or Turkey. The high level of healthcare development and the average price policy explain the lap band surgery cost without insurance in the country.

German specialists are among the world’s leaders in high-quality management and patients’ safety. Doctors’ reputation also influences the stomach band surgery cost.


India is the 3rd most obese country in the world. Due to this fact, surgeons here have vast experience and high level of qualification. Indian doctors are among the best ones specialized in gastric band abroad. They undergo international training and cooperate with their foreign colleagues.

How much does lap band surgery cost in Indian hospitals? India is one of the most affordable countries for bariatric procedures. The stomach band surgery cost in India is 3-4 times cheaper than in European and Middle East countries. The quality of the procedure is on the same level. The low costs rely on the state’s economic development and common price policy within the nation.


Thai medical centers are among the best ones for gastric band abroad. High-quality of services, reasonable prices, and vacation are combined in Thailand. Clinics here look like the luxury resorts. That’s why over 1 million international patients choose the country for treatment.

How much does lap band surgery cost in Thai hospitals? The prices here are 35-75% lower than in Germany, Australia, Israel, the USA, etc. Doctors offer weight loss packages and programs. It helps patients to save up to 70% of their money. That’s why the stomach band surgery cost in Thai clinics is lower than in the other ones.

What does the surgery cost include?

The price of the gastric band usually involves:

  • consultation with a specialist before and after the procedure
  • the surgery itself
  • in-hospital stay.

Some hospitals include the transfer from/to an airport and meals in the stomach band surgery cost. Specify this info before choosing a clinic.

What factors do affect the price of stomach banding?
  • Location of a hospital. The gastric band cost varies in different regions due to the economic policy and average living wage. So, you will spend 3-4 times less money and save up to 75% in Asian countries like Thailand or India. The lap band price also may differ from city to city — the more significant metropolis is, the higher the cost is.
  • Surgeon's experience. High qualification of a surgeon plays an essential role to avoid unfavorable complications and side effects. Study doctors' CVs to choose a surgeon with vast experience. Highly-skilled specialists practice in the best clinics worldwide and cooperate with their international colleagues to provide the most innovative methods.
  • Presence of related diseases or complications. If you have some illnesses related to obesity, you probably will be prescribed some additional procedures that may increase the gastric band surgery cost. Moreover, in severe cases of obesity, some patients face complications after the procedure and need other surgery. This option also boosts your expenses.
How to save your money on the surgery?
  1. Choose country near your native one. Usually, flight tickets to the far places are expensive enough. If you want to cut down your expenses significantly, choose a clinic in that state where it is cheaper to get.
  2. Choose a country that provides a lower cost for the same procedure and services. The lowest lap band surgery cost is represented in Turkish clinics, where the price is 2 times lower than in Spain. You may get two gastric bands in Turkey and only one in Spain at the same price.
  3. Refuse additional services. A lot of medical facilities offer extra assistance. For example, medical staff often provide patients with excursions, massages, yoga, and other services. Backing out of additional services you may save a significant amount of your money.
Where can you find the cheap gastric band?

If you are looking for the cheapest gastric band, pay your attention to Turkey. This country is among the leaders in bariatric surgery, including stomach banding procedure. The affordable lap band cost is the primary reason why thousands of patients choose Turkey for the operation.

How to choose the best hospital for the gastric band abroad?

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