According to OECD, more than 50 million people yearly opt for getting medical treatment abroad. This year, over 700 patients have received expert treatment in the best world clinics with Bookimed assistance. These made a considerable part of 1,300 treatment organization requests we solved since the project launch in 2014.

Having analyzed latest patient testimonials and the experience of our Coordinators, we decided to honor the best hospitals in the area of medical tourism through Bookimed Awards 2017.

Each year, the Bookimed team analyzes patients' requests, preferences, needs, experience and reviews in a whole year and makes a ranking to thank medical facilities for their services and great job. The Bookimed Best Hospitals Award is based on our internal stats and includes such indexes as:

  • our patients’ experience and reviews
  • medical services quality and safety
  • treatment success rates
  • availability of innovative technologies.

The Award aims to provide the honors in healthcare and assist patients in making an informed choice to receive care. This ranking has information purposes only. It is not a call to action and does not force you to make a choice, it's up to you.

What hospitals are the best in 2018?

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Each of the clinics given below occupies a leading position in at least one of the 22 nominated categories. A quality of medical services, the effectiveness of treatment, price policy were taken into account. Some hospitals were good enough to get five stars in several nominations at once due to their serious approach to treatment, top-class facilities and organization of medical process.

Best Patients Coordination

Best Patients Coordination in St. Zdislava Hospital

St. Zdislava Hospital

Based on the positive patient reviews, Bookimed specialists award St. Zdislava Hospital (Velké Meziříčí, Czech Republic). Coordinators of its international department help patients during the entire period of treatment. They organize transfer, meals, accommodation, make up the schedule of procedures. The treatment program is developed within 1-2 days after a request. All the services are included in the package price of treatment, a patient doesn’t have to pay for anything in addition. More

Fastest Treatment Provider

Fastest Treatment Provider Ichilov

Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)

The best one in this nomination is Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) (Tel-Aviv, Israel). Ichilov’s International Department organizes patient acceptance from different countries in just 1-3 days. During this period, doctors analyze medical records and give comprehensive treatment and diagnostic plan.

Sourasky’s promptness is highly appreciated by Bookimed Doctor-Coordinators whose patients need an urgent hospitalization. More

Best Rehabilitation Clinic

Best Rehabilitation Clinic Abromiskes

Abromiskes Rehabilitation Center

The victory in this nomination was given to Abromiskes (Vilnius, Lithuania). The medical center has been rehabilitating both children and adults for over 30 years. Abromiskes specialists help people with neurological and cardiological diseases, recover functions of the locomotor system after traumas and surgeries. Patients mentioned staff’s attentiveness, high doctors’ qualification and cozy atmosphere of the center. The Hospital has the best quality-price ratio among other rehabilitation centers in Europe. More

Best Scoliosis Treatment Solution

Best Scoliosis Treatment Solution in Okan

Okan University Hospital

Bookimed awards Okan University Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey). Top Turkish orthopedic traumatologist Prof. Teoman Benli works at Okan. He is an acknowledged specialist with Dallas Hospital (USA) diploma and post-graduate practice in medical centers of Switzerland, France, and Italy. The treatment program is elaborated during the case conference involving pulmonologists and neurosurgeons. This allows to make a thorough analysis and help patients even at 3-4 disease stages. More

Best Joint Replacement Solution

Best Joint Replacement Solution in Malvazinky

Malvazinky Clinic

Joint replacement procedure requires high quality of surgery and following proper rehabilitation and friendly environment in clinic. According to these factors, the best hospital for safe joint replacement is Malvazinky Clinic (Prague, Czech Republic). The success rate of joint replacement here is up to 95%. This percentage of patients undergoes a procedure successfully and comes back to a full life. Apart from that, the cost of procedure at Malvazinky is one of the best in Europe. More

Best Herniated Disk Doctor

Best Herniated Disk Doctor is Ralf Buhl

Prof. Ralf Buhl

The winner in this nomination is Prof. Ralf Buhl, the Head of the Neurosurgery Department in Solingen Hospital in Germany. He has been treating neurosurgical diseases for 20 years, and has already performed over 4,000 successful operations. Doctor Buhl is an expert in providing microsurgical operations with the navigation system. For the last 10 years, he has carried out over 1,000 microsurgeries. The doctor removes hernia using minimally invasive method (through 3-5 cm incisions), without fixing the disc. Only 7-10 days of hospitalization are required for the surgery and recovery. More

Best Solution for Rare Diseases

San-Raffaele - hospital for patients with rare diseases

Ospedale San Raffaele

In this nomination Bookimed awarded Ospedale San Raffaele (Milan, Italy). It is a large multidisciplinary medical complex with its own research center. The Clinic is considered as the world leader in the field of molecular medicine and stem cell therapy. Annually, San Raffaele doctors carry out over 35,000 surgeries with a success rate of 88%. More

Best IVF with Egg Donation Clinic

Best IVF hospital is North Cyprus IVF Center

North Cyprus IVF Center

This award goes to North Cyprus IVF Center (Cyprus), the best male and female infertility treatment hospital in Europe. The success rate of IVF at the age under 30 is 78% here, being one of the highest in the world. This is the only clinic worldwide where parents can choose the sex of their child before IVF (this procedure is allowed at the legislative level). More

Best Turkish IVF Clinic

Best Turkish IFV Clinic is MEdicana

Medicana Hospitals Group

Medicana Hospitals Group is a leader among Turkish medical centers. The success rate for IVF at the clinic is up to 60%. The procedure is conducted according to the international protocols. Thanks to doctors' professionalism and experience, a chance to have children appears even for couples with previous failed IVFs experience. Medicana suggests one of the best package prices for IVF in Turkey - $3,900. More

Best Adult Oncohematology Solution

Best Adult Oncohematology Solution at Anadolu

Anadolu Medical Center

A winner in nomination is Anadolu Medical Center (Istanbul, Turkey). The cure rate of onco-hematological diseases (including leukemia) at Anadolu is up to 90%. The cost of bone marrow transplant is 50% lower than in European and American hospitals. The patients report well on the hospital and the Chief oncohematologist, specialist in bone marrow transplant - Zafer Gyulbash. The doctor has conducted over 1,500 transplants and is one of the top hematologists in Turkey. More

Best Oncohematology Unit

Best Oncohematology Unit at Medical Park

Medipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

The Oncohematology Department of Medipol (Istanbul, Turkey) is the best one in this nomination. The department received a prestigious accreditation from European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation. Top oncohematologists with working experience in medical centers of the USA practise at Medipol. Despite the wide doctors’ expertise and state-of-the-art equipment prices for medical procedures are 50% lower than in Germany or Spain.More

Best Advanced Cancer Treatment

Best Advanced Cancer Treatment at Anadolu

Anadolu Medical Center

This is a second winning nomination for Anadolu Medical Center (Istanbul, Turkey) in 2017. A multidisciplinary approach is applied to treat patients with advanced cancer at Anadolu. It means that several specialists (oncologist, radiologist, surgeon) participate in development of a perfect treatment plan. The diagnostics of oncology is conducted accurately and quickly using PET-CT scanner. Doctors of Anadolu Medical Center combine surgical methods with radio- and targeted therapies to increase treatment success rates. In 70% of cases, progress of disease is stopped, and the patient’s quality of life is enhancing. More

Best Oncologist

Best Oncologist is Prof. Yesim Yildirim

Prof. Yesim Yildirim

Prof. Yesim Yildirim is the best oncologist of Anadolu Medical Center, one of the top oncologists in Turkey who deserves a special attention from patients and doctors of Bookimed. She is a member of the European Community of Oncology (ESMO). The Professor follows international protocols (including American ones) in providing a treatment plan. The work of Prof. Yesim Yildirim and her team is always clear and coherent. Thanks to this, doctors help patients even in the critical condition. Most frequently patients of Bookimed turn to Yesim Yildirim for breast cancer, lung cancer and gastrointestinal cancer treatment. More

Best Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Best Colorectal Cancer Treatment at Teknon

Dr. Antonio de Lacy Fortuny

The success rate of surgical treatment of colorectal cancer depends on the skills and experience of the operating doctor. That’s why the victory in this nomination is given to Dr.Antonio de Lacy Fortuny, the specialist in the field of digestive tract surgery. Working in this field for more than 35 years, he has developed and implemented a unique technique of low-traumatic intestinal surgery, which became revolutionary in the cancer treatment. Today, the doctor manages two surgical departments and coordinates the work of cancer center in Teknon Hospital, Spain. More

Best Cyber-Knife Solution

Best Cyber-Knife Solution at Neolife

Neolife Medical Center

Neolife Medical Center (Istanbul, Turkey) wins in this nomination. It is a specialized oncological clinic, part of a large concern Bozlu Holding. For cancer treatment, the TrueBeam STx system with Novalis radiotherapy is used. It is an innovative method of stereotaxic surgery. The main feature of the system is a previously unachievable accuracy of irradiation (up to 0.5 mm), as well as the possibility of monitoring a patient's breathing during the operation. The device is available only in several countries in the world, and the specialists of Bozlu Holding were the first to use it in Turkey. The cost of TrueBeam procedure in Neolife Clinic starts from $ 6,000 for 3 fractions. More

Best PET-CT Solution

Best PET-CT Solution at Okan

Okan University Hospital

PET-CT is an innovative diagnostic method that combines positron emission and computer tomography. It is used for diagnostics of oncological, neurological and cardiosurgical diseases. Okan Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey), awarded in this category, is the first Turkish clinic to have an advanced PET-CT device: 4-ring Discovery IQ, that provides a much higher image quality compared to its predecessors. As a result the device can detect tumors of minimal size and establish their localization accurately. The cost of the PET-CT procedure at Okan University Hospital is $ 650. More

Best Prostate Cancer Specialist

Best Prostate Cancer Specialist is Sebastian Melchior

Prof. Sebastian Melchior

Bookimed gives this award to Professor Sebastian Melchior, the head of Urology and Nephrology Department of Bremen Mitte Oncenter (Germany). The doctor specializes in minimally invasive surgery of prostate tumors and carries out the operations using the Da Vinci robot. Dr. Sebastian Melchior is included in the rating of the best oncourologists in Germany 2015-2016 according to Focus journal. More

Best Quality-Price for Prostate Robotic Surgery

Best Quality-Price for Prostate Robotic Surgery in St. Zdislava Hospital

St. Zdislava Hospital

The award goes to St. Zdislava Hospital, the best center of robotic surgery in the Czech Republic. Prostate cancer treatment is conducted with the last-generation Da Vinci robot. The operation is performed by Yaroslav Tvaruzek, the specialist with 20 years of experience. The procedure is minimally invasive, 80% of patients have a normal erection after the surgery. Recovery after the procedure takes no more than 4-6 days. The clinic offers a comprehensive program of prostatectomy with a package price of € 12,000. The package price includes transfer, diagnostics, operation using the Da Vinci robot, hospitalization, meals and support all through the period of treatment. More

Best Children's Hospital

Best Children's Hospital - Sant Joan de Déu

Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital

The leader in this specialty is Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital (Barcelona, Spain). The clinic is included in the TOP-5 of the best medical centers in Europe and is considered to be the leader in pediatric oncology treatment. The Hospital accepts patients from babyhood and up to 21 years. Specialists of the Center develop innovative methods of therapy, allowing to achieve success even in the most difficult cases. More

Best Pediatric Neurosurgery

Best Pediatric Neurosurgery in LIV Hospital

LIV Hospital

LIV Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey) is awarded as the best clinic in the field of pediatric neurosurgery. All kinds of pediatric brain and spinal cord surgeries are carried out here. In 2015, LIV Hospital specialists performed 256 neurosurgical operations with success rate of 91%. While the average success rate for neurosurgeries in Turkey does not exceed 81%. More

Best pediatrician

Best pediatrician is Martin Classen

Dr. Martin Classen

Dr. Martin Classen is awarded as the best pediatrician. He is the children's gastroenterologist with 30 years of experience and works in Gesundheit Nord Bremen, a part of Nord Klinik Allianz (Germany). The doctor is engaged in the treatment of all kinds of intestinal tract diseases. Since 2013 the doctor has become the Vice President of the Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition in Germany, a member of the German Society of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. In 2015, Dr. Martin Classen was included in the list of 100 best paediatricians in Germany according to Focus journal. More

Best Epilepsy Doctor

Best Epilepsy Doctor is Antonio Russi

Prof. Antonio Russi

The winner in this category is Professor Antonio Russi, the best neurologist and epileptologist at the Teknon Medical Center in Spain. He specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of epilepsy, provides diagnostics of the disease in the most difficult cases. With more than 35 years of working experience, he accepts epilepsy patients of any age. The professor is a founder and head of the Institute of Epileptology at Teknon Medical Center, takes part actively in the clinical development of new antiepileptic drugs. More

We are pleased with the success of our partners and thank them for their cooperation and patient care. Bookimed team works to find the best medical solution for the problem of each and every patient. That’s why, we continue to search for the best experts and hospitals in other areas of medicine.