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Bookimed Clinic Ranking Policy

The Ranking Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Service, and it describes the rules by which clinics are ranked on the Website.

We have developed our automatic ranking system forming ratings to provide you with the most objective information about clinics and facilitate the selection process.

How does clinic ranking work?

The algorithm works on a scoring basis — each clinic earns points according to specific criteria. The information is always up-to-date because the system collects data on medical centers daily, calculates the scores once a week, and updates the ratings.

The rankings are adapted to user preferences, including geographic preferences. This means that for users from Russia, the USA, Kazakhstan, and other countries, the sequence of clinics in the directories is different.

In addition, we offer clinics the opportunity to be placed in the first place in a particular directory for a fee. In this case, the clinic is marked «Promoted».

Criteria that influence a clinic’s position in the rating

1.The number of Bookimed patients who went to the clinic for a specific medical referral, disease, or procedure.

This criterion shows the extent to which the clinic is in demand among Bookimed patients with a specific request and is willing to accept them.

2. Average score according to Bookimed patients review.

It helps to determine the level of medical services and care.

3. Availability of current treatment programs and prices.

Thanks to this, you can compare conditions and costs in different medical centers and calculate the budget of your visits.

4. The speed of the clinic's response to requests.

We understand that treatment cannot be delayed in many cases, so our algorithm considers how quickly the medical center responds to Bookimed patients.

5. Profile fullness.

It is essential for medical centers to provide complete information about themselves: main directions, available medical and non-medical services, achievements, statistics, awards, accreditations, certificates. This way, users can compare different clinics and choose the one that suits them best.