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Bookimed Medical Advisory Board

Bookimed works closely with a group of top doctors called the Medical Advisory Board. These doctors use their knowledge and experience to improve the information and services Bookimed provides to its patients. This partnership ensures patients receive the best care and advice.

Bookimed is committed to providing the latest medical information and promoting successful health outcomes for patients worldwide. This collaboration reinforces Bookimed's leadership in global medical tourism.

How Our Medical Advisors Contribute to Patient Care?

Bookimed Medical Advisory Board provides expert, unbiased clinical insights, ensuring website content's medical accuracy and relevance.

Experts inform Bookimed coordinators about medical advancements to deliver information tailored to patients' needs.

The Board engages in both free and paid consultations, including Q&A sessions, aiding in selecting suitable treatments.

Meet Our Medical Advisory Board Members

Who Are Medical Advisory Board Experts?

All board members are certified experts in oncology, neurology, plastic surgery, and other fields, hailing from leading medical and academic institutions worldwide.

Board positions are not open for application. Members are selected for their expertise, considering their credentials and patient reviews.

Board members are not employees of Bookimed