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Dental Veneers Review: Key Pros and Cons

What are veneers? Why are they even required? What are the dental veneers' primary benefits and drawbacks? These inquiries are being made by thousands of individuals worldwide. Meanwhile, 600,000 patients have veneers each year around the world. Apparently, these patients seem to be well aware of the benefits associated with such cosmetic procedures. The Bookimed team has investigated the key advantages and disadvantages of teeth veneers and is prepared to inform you about them right now. The B...


How Much Does a Bone Marrow Transplant Cost?

A bone marrow transplant (BMT) is a life-saving medical procedure that offers hope to people with blood cancers, immune deficiencies, and some genetic disorders. Its success rate ranges from 72.1% to 93.3%, depending on patient characteristics, type of transplant, and other factors.  The financial aspect of the procedure is crucial for transplant patients and their families since it can be quite costly. So, if you're wondering, "What is the average cost of a bone marrow transplant?...


Low-Cost Mommy Makeover Packages Prices: Top Deals Overview

Bookimed recommends having medical travel and medical complications insurance during your trip, with coverage valid in a host country. Affordable mommy makeover packages: Turkey — $8,200-$9,500 Mexico — $6,500-$7,100 Dominican — $8,900 Poland — $5,800-$7,200 So what do you do? Mommy makeover is the best answer for getting rid of complexes and resumes or improving pre-birth body shape. A mommy makeover is a plastic surgery operation that combines such procedur...


Top 5 most affordable countries for rhinoplasty (nose job) in the world

Plan your trip properly. Check the latest COVID-19 travel rules before your medical journey here and follow Bookimed safety recomendations. Bookimed recommends having private medical travel insurance and private medical complications insurance for medical tourism, with coverage valid in a host country. Rhinoplasty is among the top 5 most sought-after plastic surgery procedures globally — 830,000 nose jobs are performed every year. Just imagine: 94 people per hour make their dream of ...


Where to Get Affordable Plastic Surgery — Top 5 Countries

Table of Contents Plastic surgery price comparison worldwide Cheap plastic surgery in Turkey Affordable plastic surgery in Mexico Best prices for cosmetic procedures in Thailand Cheap plastic surgery in Europe Top plastic surgery deals FAQ Takeaways Plastic surgery has been ingrained in our everyday life. We regularly visit a cosmetologist and plan to reshape our nose or breast size. People change their appearance for the better, getting more confident, attractive, and younger. And b...


Inexpensive dental implants — savings without quality loss

Dental implantation is one of the most popular dental procedures that allow you to get rid of the discomfort and aesthetic defects associated with tooth loss. According to NCBI report, over 300,000 teeth implants are performed each year. Because of the high demand, the dental implantation is one of the most expensive smile procedures. It is known that insurance does not cover implantation, and the price per tooth in some countries may beat the cost of a week's vacation. In order to allow t...


Top 10 Rehab Centers According to Bookimed Ranking

Rehabilitation is the most effective option for people with severe conditions that cause physical limitations. As the conditions and their stages can differ in each person, specialists use the unique unit to measure the disease burden — YLDs (years lived with disability). It is calculated by multiplying of the disorder by the short- or long-term health loss that leads to the disability. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 75% of YLDs in the world are the result of those conditio...


Top 6 Countries Offering Affordable Liposuction

Looking for budget-friendly liposuction options? We've got you covered! Check out these 6 affordable destinations for fat removal surgery. Turkey – from $2,000; Mexico – from $3,750; Thailand – from $1,150; South Korea – from $2,000; Czech Republic – from $2,300; Poland – from $2,900. Get the body you've been dreaming of without breaking the bank. Find out more in this article! 💪 If you've ever fantasized about achieving your ideal ...


The Bookimed Award Winners in 2018

Bookimed is pleased to release the 2018 Best Hospitals ranking based on our patients’ experience and reviews, quality of medical services, treatment success, and overall value in the medical facilities. The Award is aimed to provide the honors in healthcare and assist patients in making an informed choice to receive care. Each year, the Bookimed team analyzes patients' requests, preferences, needs, experience and reviews in a whole year and makes a ranking to thank medical facilities for their...


Bookimed Awards 2017: Best Hospitals For Treatment Abroad Based On Our Experience And Patient Reviews

According to OECD, more than 50 million people yearly opt for getting medical treatment abroad. This year, over 700 patients have received expert treatment in the best world clinics with Bookimed assistance. These made a considerable part of 1,300 treatment organization requests we solved since the project launch in 2014. Having analyzed latest patient testimonials and the experience of our Coordinators, we decided to honor the best hospitals in the area of medical tourism through Boo...


Lifehacks of Bookimed patients: How to combine treatment, rest and save money?

There are a lot of articles on the Internet which give tips how to save money or find the best hotel. The topic of touristic lifehacks is very popular. But what about medical travels abroad? Are there any useful tips or lifehacks? Bookimed has thousands of stories from patients, which can be useful for those who are going for treatment in another countries. The first story is about a patient who went to treat hepatitis in India. She combined travel for diagnostics and treatment, reste...


Liver transplant success story: the world's 1st surgery for a 5-day child

It seems like a liver transplant is a compulsory procedure for adults who have cirrhosis and other liver pathologies mostly caused by unhealthy lifestyle. But it does not always concern adults... Taking a risk This story happened in the Schuttke’s family in 1997. Jurgen and Ita Schuttke from Ireland were expecting a baby. Their previous two babies Lucas and Reuben died just a week after birth because of a rare genetic disorder of neonatal hemochromatosis. The parents were afraid their newbor...


How much do veneers cost you?

On this page: Fast facts about veneers Am I a good candidate to place a veneer? Differences between veneers Composite veneers step-by-step | Ceramic | Lumineers Veneers before and after Price factors Affordable veneers with Bookimed FAQ’s This material has information purposes only and aims to tell about the most cost-effective skilled inpatient care. It isn't a call to action. The choice is yours. All prices, saving rates, and other cost information given below have 3 independent s...


Medical tourism in Thailand

Why do people choose medical tourism in Thailand? Healthcare in Thailand for tourists Medical vacations in Thailand Thailand medical tourism hospitals Medical tourism in Thailand cost Guideline for medical tourism in Thailand The material shows medical tourism trends and describes the leading expert-opinion-based specialties in the country. This information relies on the Bookimed statistics, patient reviews, analysis of the health tourism characteristics in 28 countries, data com...


Indian miracle for Ukrainian sailor

Every day Bookimed assists hundreds of people from all over the world. Every case is particular to us. So we are ready to do everything possible and impossible to help patients. We want to tell you the incredible story, an example of never giving up! Igor Kravchenko, a Ukrainian sailor, cannot return to the sea anymore. But he will live. After 7 long years of pain and despair, this 46-aged calm lean man can breathe again after the heart and lung transplant. In 2009, Odessa citizen Igor Kravc...


Dr. Aziz Aksöz from Estetik International shares which hair transplant option is the best

Dr. Aziz Aksöz, a leading hair transplant specialist and researcher in Turkey, answers the most frequently asked questions by Bookimed patients. The doctor has over 15 years of experience and has performed more than 5,000 hair transplants! This is a real sign of doctor's professionalism and expertise in this field. Nowadays, Dr. Aziz Aksöz operates at Estetik International, one of the largest plastic surgery and cosmetology centers in Turkey. Every year, over 1,000 patients impro...


500,000 Bookimed Patients: Stories Embracing Hope

Bookimed, a global platform for hospital search and treatment arrangement, is proud to share a new record: over 500,000 people have requested our services. Half a million — it means the world for us. Every new request means a new person with a unique story behind. It brings new experiences and challenges for us. We remember everyone. Keep reading the article to find out about the most inspiring cases.   The Power of Hope: 3 Life-Affirming Stories Most of our patients are people who...


Dr. Mehmet Erdogan tells about DHI, FUE, and Sapphire FUE hair transplants in Smile Hair Clinic

Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan is a specialist in hair transplant, a cofounder of Smile Hair Clinic. Smile Hair Clinic is a hair transplant center in Istanbul which receives patients from the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, the UAE. In his interview, doctor Erdogan tells about approaches, prices and own experience of hair transplants. What is your work experience? We have been working for 8 years already. How many hair transplants have you already performed? We have performed around 5,000 hair t...


A hair transplant specialist Oya Şişman answers FAQ about hair transplant

Oya Şişman, a specialist in hair and beard transplant, answers our patient most common questions about FUE, DHI, and FUE Sapphire hair transplants. Oya Şişman recieves patients at Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center. Around 6,000 patients have visited Istanbul Aesthetics for the services. 99% of them are satisfied with the outcome. The center is popular with visitors from the UK, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, and Argentina. Keep reading to find out answers on most demanded hair transplants, ...


Hair Transplant Success Story, ‘It took 7 hours with a lunch break. An anesthetic injection was the most painful part of the procedure.’

The US resident, Niko, challenged himself. He fulfilled his old dream and visited Istanbul to get a hair transplant. Niko is a Bookimed patient requested to arrange his journey to Turkey for gair surgery. And now he shares his hair transplant story. At 46 years of age, the US citizen, Niko, did what many men of his age think about but hesitate to do. For long, Niko didn't want to admit that the prospect of losing his hair worried him either, even to himself. But looking in the mirror o...