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Cheap dental implants — savings without quality loss

Dental implantation is one of the most popular dental procedures that allow you to get rid of the discomfort and aesthetic defects associated with tooth loss. According to NCBI report, over 300,000 teeth implants are performed each year. Because of the high demand, the dental implantation is one of the most expensive smile procedures. It is known that insurance does not cover implantation, and the price per tooth in some countries may beat the cost of a week's vacation. In order to allow t...


Dental implants in Hungary: make your smile perfect again!

Did you know that Hungary is considered the capital of dental tourism and queen of dental implants? Every year over 100,000 people visit Hungarian dentists to make their smiles perfect. Continue to read to find dental implant costs, types, and most popular clinics. On this page: Why do dental tourists visit Hungary to have teeth prosthesis? What types of dental implants can you get in Hungary? Why do Hungarian clinics offer cheap dental implants? What impacts dental implant cost in Budape...


How much are dental implants in Mexico in 2022?

Dentists in Mexico note that 90% of their patients are from the United States or Canada, and about 5% from Europe. It is common for foreigners to travel across the border to Mexico for teeth work, especially for American and Canadian citizens looking for top-notch treatments, including advanced dental implant procedures at low cost. Mexico is the second country worldwide in the field of medical tourism and the first one within Latin America in terms of the number of foreign patients. According ...


Where to Get Cheap Veneers Abroad [Top 6 Countries]

115 dental centers for veneer installation globally are listed on the Bookimed website. Our medical coordinators have picked the top 12 medical facilities in 6 countries, where you can get veneers cheaper and enjoy excellent quality. Approximate costs per 1 veneer you can book on this page are:   Country Veneer cost Turkey $90-$200 Mexico $250-$350 Thailand $140-$300 Poland $190-$400 Hungary $160-$350 India ...


What are the top clinics for dental tourism in Europe?

Teeth health is obligatory thing every person should care about. In the article, you can see the reasons why dental tourism in Europe attracts people and choose the most appropriate clinic to obtain high-quality treatment of the teeth. On the page, you can see the top 5 best dental clinics in Europe: MDental (Hungary) Albusdent (Poland) Lazurit (Czech Republic) Bremen-Mitte (Germany) San-Raffaele (Italy). This Top Hospitals Ranking is composed by the Bookimed medical team based on 346 ...


Smile makeover prices worldwide

All we know that a beautiful smile not only attracts attention and disposes to its owner, but even helps to solve many omissions and avoid problems. Our smile is a calling card. More than half of the world's population suffer from aesthetic defects or dental diseases. And if we are reading this article, we are among them. To get a brilliant smile, we spend a lot of money and time. But what if we can save both of them and get a smile of our dream at the same time? While reading this article, we...


Best countries for dental work

The person’s smile is the best weapon. It’s ironic, but you should protect “your weapon” as well. On the page, you can find the best country for dental tourism, compare prices and clinics across the world to get cheaper dental care and treat your teeth with a big variety of modern options.   The material shows medical tourism trends and describes the leading expert-opinion-based specialties in the country. This information relies on the Bookimed statistics, patient...


All-on-four dental implants cost from $2,600

When you lose the teeth, you lose your self-confidence. It’s impossible to smile and live a normal life with that issue. All-on-4 dental implants can solve the problem of the toothless jaws only in one procedure. How this article will help you? You will: find out who is indicated to get all-on-4 dentures discover what countries provide the cheapest all-on-four dental implants get answer on all essential questions realize how to get the cheapest all-on-4 tooth implants without quali...


“My Teeth Fell Out the Day After the Implantation. But Bookimed Helped Me Fix Everything“

Michael Capuano, a 64-year-old retired New Yorker, ate a sandwich on his flight from Istanbul to New York and felt two of his dental crowns fall out. The day before, he got two dental implants in one of the Turkish dental clinics. The trip was arranged by Bookimed, the service for treatment abroad. Six months later, Michael's new teeth are in place. He is pleased with the result and advises Bookimed to all his friends in the USA. We asked Michael to tell in detail about his unfortunate den...


How much do dental implants cost?

Nowadays, dental implantation is considered a perfect way to restore lost teeth. Patients from different world corners travel abroad to get dental implants. In the article, you can learn about dental implants cost and find out what kind of implants you want to install. Compare the prices and choose the most appropriate place for implants. Bookimed presents the ranking of clinics where any patient can solve the teeth loss issue. This ranking is based on patient reviews, dentists’ profession...


How much do veneers cost you?

On this page: Fast facts about veneers Am I a good candidate to place a veneer? Differences between veneers Composite veneers step-by-step | Ceramic | Lumineers Veneers before and after Price factors Affordable veneers with Bookimed FAQ’s This material has information purposes only and aims to tell about the most cost-effective skilled inpatient care. It isn't a call to action. The choice is yours. All prices, saving rates, and other cost information given below have 3 independent s...