All we know that a beautiful smile not only attracts attention and disposes to its owner, but even helps to solve many omissions and avoid problems. Our smile is a calling card.

More than half of the world's population suffer from aesthetic defects or dental diseases. And if we are reading this article, we are among them.

To get a brilliant smile, we spend a lot of money and time. But what if we can save both of them and get a smile of our dream at the same time? While reading this article, we will spend a little time and will not spend money at all, but we will get a solution to save both.

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This material has information purposes only and aims to tell about the most cost-effective skilled inpatient care. It isn't a call to action. The choice is yours.

All prices, saving rates, and other cost information given below have 3 independent sources:

  1. hospital representatives, who are responsible for price relevance and other info on the clinic
  2. the Bookimed medical team, which calculates saving rates according to data submitted by the rated medical facilities to make comparison and decision more comfortable
  3. official websites of authoritative organizations that provide cost peculiarities, facts, and figures.

Prices are approximate and may change according to the clinic's internal price policy and exchange rates. Note that the final cost is estimated by treating physician.

What is a smile makeover, and how does it work?

Usually, people have more than one problem with their teeth. The treatment takes a lot of time, nerves, and money as well. Insurance does not cover the dental procedures, so it's necessary to look for cheaper options without quality loss. Often people are forced to visit overseas clinics

Some of countries provide dental packages or so-called teeth makeover. Smile or teeth makeover is a combination of several procedures that aim to solve all aesthetic and medical issues with our teeth and create a Hollywood smile. Such packages are cheaper and shorter. People get the necessary service, but at the same time, save time and money.

❗️ Pay attention, the more significant number of the procedures included to makeover package is, the higher smile makeover cost will be. To avoid an awkward situation, we should specify what the price includes to avoid overpayment and other makeover terms before choosing a clinic. Our manager will be happy to help you with this concern.

Treatment options included to smile makeover packages

Smile remodeling usually involves such procedures as:

Whitening — an esthetic procedure for the shade of tooth enamel change.

Implants — a dental procedure for restoration of tooth tissues, replace the lost teeth, reconstruct structure, and function of the jaw.

Veneers — a thin layer that replaces the outer layer of teeth to correct its shape and color, protect the teeth, improve aesthetics of a smile and make it brilliant.


In some cases, the teeth makeover cost includes other procedures like bonding or crowns. The range of dental procedures depends on the condition of our teeth, gums and lips, the shape of the face, and tone of our skin.


3 more procedures included to the tooth makeover price

Braces and functional appliances — an orthodontic method for crooked teeth treatment. Braces are usually fixed and are made of brackets which are glued to each tooth and hooked up with wires. Functional appliances are assigned according to the patient's case. They are usually removable plastic braces for lower and upper teeth interaction.

Scaling or gum therapy — a dental procedure for deep teeth cleaning, gum disease treatment, and buildup of plaque removing.

Crowns and bridges — the fixed prosthetic appliances. Crowns are special caps that cover discoloured, broken or cracked tooth while bridges are prosthesis that close gaps in your smile in case you have missing teeth.


Who needs a dental makeover?

You are the best candidate for teeth refashioning if you need more than one dental procedure to get a perfect smile. It's an excellent opportunity to get both restorative (implants, crowns) and aesthetic (veneers, whitening) treatments.

How long does a smile makeover take?

The period for dental makeover mainly depends on the extent of work will be done. For example, dental implants need more time to place than whitening or scaling. Take it into account.

Moreover, the length of such a treatment also varies according to the number of the procedures. If your tooth makeover involves only 2 procedures, it takes less time as though it includes 5 treatments. Submit a request and specify this info with our medical coordinator.

Procedures for smile renovation will help us to get rid of:

  • chipped, cracked or broken teeth
  • diastema (gaps between the teeth)
  • misshapen and missing teeth
  • underbite and overbite
  • overcrowding teeth.

Let us show your benefits in a smile makeover and where to get it the most favorable. Keep reading.


How much does a smile makeover cost?

The question of how much is a smile makeover — among the most crucial for international patients. The minimum price for a set of dental remodeling procedures is $3,360.

How to afford a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a complex of the procedures. You pay for several different methods, so the prices for that are not low. A lot of people confirm that cannot afford it. However, there are some tips for saving money, suiting your budget and getting a perfect smile. Read about these tips here.

Among other countries that provide reasonable cost are Thailand, India, and Mexico. Expenses in these states range between $6,000 and $10,000. About what factors affecting the cost and how to save money, read in this article below.


How some people save money with a dental makeover?

A smile makeover is a complete package that includes individually selected procedures. As a patient buys a package, a clinic goes to meet patient interests and gives them a discount (like a wholesale price). They spend one teeth makeover cost for several measures. Sometimes, the savings are so impressive that we can cover plane tickets or accommodation in the chosen country.

Most of us put money towards either vacation or treatment. But why not combine our holidays with dental procedures? By the way, according to Bookimed, hundreds of people do just that. Choose a place for treatment and rest at the same time. We are thus killing two birds with one stone. Why not?

Often, patients travel to that country, which is located nearby their native one. This significantly saves the wastes for transit and, as a result, smile makeover cost. We can find enough neighboring countries where prices for accommodation and meals are lower, too.

The most popular among them are Thailand, Mexico, and Hungary (a particularly convenient direction for those who want to travel around Europe; it is comfortable and fast to travel from Hungary to other European countries).


2 tips for savings with a dental makeover

A smile makeover is a cost-effective way to treat teeth and improve smile deformities. The package contains several dental procedures. Consequently, we pay for them all at once. It is several times cheaper than paying for each measure separately.

The lowest price for a smile makeover package is $3,360. And do you know where is it? — In Hungary.

But! There are 2 more tips on how we can make the smile makeover cost even lower.

  1. Choose a low-cost country. Asian states provide more affordable smile makeover options than the USA or UK, for instance. The prices in Asia are up to 80% lower.
  1. Look for hot deals. Some clinics offer promotions and discounts for their patients. They are usually limited in time but include some additional services as meals or transfers. Contact Bookimed manager to specify all the details on promotions in top clinics worldwide.


Where is the best teeth makeover cost?

According to the Bookimed data, the most cost-effective smile makeover options are available in Thailand, Mexico, India, and Hungary.

Compare yourself.

Read details on each country and choose the most affordable smile makeover.


Dental makeover in Thailand

Thai medical facilities offer a wide range of dental procedures and long guaranteed service life that carry the consent of international patients. Each year, Thailand is visited by so many medical tourists that they could populate Qatar completely. They numbered over 2 mln per year.

What attracts them? Low costs. The average price of a smile makeover in Thailand is significantly lower than in the USA or Canada. People save up to 75% for their kid's college fund or realizing their lifelong dream. Besides, Thailand is an excellent opportunity to combine treatment with a vacation. So we accomplish two goals simultaneously.

How does a new smile make me look?

Dentists choose treatment options according to your needs and preferences. So each patient has a different result. Nevertheless, your smile will be just as you wish and look fantastic.

Teeth makeover price in Thailand vs. other countries

Thailand — $8,250

Australia — $18,300

USA — $21,500

Canada — $27,300

As most medical tourists to Thailand are from the USA, Canada, and Australia, we have chosen these countries for smile makeover prices comparison. The evaluation is approximate as may change according to currency exchange rates.

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)

Bangkok International Dental Center
Thailand, Bangkok
100% patients recommend

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is one of the largest and most reputable dental clinic in Thailand, treating over 20,000 worldwide patients per year according to the international standards and approved by JCI and ISO 9001:2008 UKAS. The list of provided treatment includes all possible dental care services from cosmetic dentistry to dental surgeries and dental implant replacements.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

International Organization for Standardization certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center Joint Commission International  certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center American Dental Association certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center American Academy of Implant Dentistry certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center American Board of Prosthodontics certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center Dental Association of Thailand certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center Ivoclar Vivadent Official Partner certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center International Team for Implantology certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center Straumann® Dental Implant System Official Provider certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center American Association of Orthodontists certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center

Latest review

Verified review.
It is a clean hospital and the wisdom teeth extraction was done so fast with utmost care. The dentist and dental personnel can speak fluent English which is important for most people like I. For wisdom teeth extraction the cost was 20000 baht for 4 teeth( including medication and nurse charge), but it all depends if the teeth has impacted. I would highly recommend the clinic.
— Noel Julie
United States of America, Feb 21, 2023
Feb 21, 2023 • Verified review.

The most significant advantage of BIDC is a cheap smile makeover in contrast with the USA, Canada, Australia, and most countries of Europe. Compare $8,250 at BIDC and $21,500 in mid-ranking US clinics.

Bangkok International Dental Center is a leading facility for a large number of procedures performed. Dentists carry out over 1,000 teeth implants each year that is several times more expensive than in other Thai clinics.

Doctors have vast experience — 20 years on average. They've undergone internships in American and British dental institutions to provide innovative treatment approaches and methods in their native country.

Dental makeover cost

starting from $8,250


* the price includes:

  • teeth whitening $139 - $500
  • veneers placement $333 - $500
  • all-on-4 dental implants $7778 - $8333

Dental makeover before and after at BIDC


A smile makeover in India

India is among the leading countries for a dental makeover. International patients choose this destination due to the great variety of medical facilities, new methods, and low costs.

Medical tourism industry takes fifth place in the world, according to the Medical Tourism Index. Over 7 mln international patients travel to India for treatment — this amount will easily cover an area equal to half of the length of the Zambezi, Dnieper or Arkansas rivers.

India is a world record-breaker in the average cost of a smile makeover — it is the lowest over the globe. Our savings are the most impressive here and may reach up to 90% compared to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Eastern European countries like Germany or Spain.

How to get a smile makeover?

There are only two ways to get a tooth renovation — go find it for yourself or address Bookimed to find the most affordable solution.

Consultation with a Bookimed medical coordinator is FREE for patients.

Submit a request on our website and a medical coordinator will contact you in the shortest term to answer all your questions.

Smile makeover prices in India vs. other states

India — $6,750

Thailand — $8,250

United Kingdom — $18,600

United States — $21,500

FMS International Dental Center

FMS International Dental Center
India, Hyderabad
92% patients recommend

International FMS Dental Hospital is No.1 dental facilityin India and the No.5 in the world according to the Global Clinic Ranking. The FMS Medical Center has got 14 awards.

Doctors of the Clinic specialize in the teeth implantation, aesthetic dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics.

1 million patients are treated here annually.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

THE IMTJ MEDICAL TRAVEL AWARD WINNER IN 2019 certificate for FMS International Dental Center

FMS is No. 1 dental facility in India and Top 2 in the world due to longevity and success rates of the procedures (according to the Global Clinic Ranking). So many patients visit FMS Clinic each year as the whole of Thailand — over 1 mln people.

Dentists correct even severe deformities of teeth and jaws. They have received 14 awards for outstanding achievements in the field of smile remodeling — 11,000 teeth implants per year. In contrast, doctors of BIDC (top Thai dental center) conduct only 1,000 teeth implants.

However, the teeth services at FMS are not only high-quality but also low-cost. The clinic provides the average smile makeover cost in India — $6,750. Our expenses will be 70% lower than in the United States and even 35% lower than in Mexico.

Teeth makeover price



* expenses involve:

  • teeth whitening $180 - $380
  • veneers placement $70 - $122
  • all-on-4 dental implants $6,500 - $12,200

Teeth remodeling before & after at FMS


Teeth makeover in Hungary

Hungary has become a medical tourism country recently. However, it has already achieved great success, especially in dental refashioning. Over 70,000 people choose Hungarian dentistry as the best option each year.

Medical tourists go here for the high quality of materials and cost-effective services. Specialists apply equipment and materials produced by Swiss, US, and Israeli companies, which are the world's leaders in dental goods manufacturing. That's why top clinics provide a lifetime guarantee for teeth makeover in Hungary.

Excellent services in Hungary is up to 67% lower than in Western European countries, the USA or Canada.

Why would you benefit from dental makeover with us?

Bookimed is a platform where you can search for the best medical solutions in 26 countries. Every day we help 6,000 patients to get appropriate diagnosis or treatment.

You are not alone making a decision. Bookimed medical coordinator stays in touch 24/7 and supports a patient at every step: starting from the clinic selection and trip arrangement till a home return.

Comparison of smile makeover prices in Hungary and others

Hungary — $3,360

United Kingdom — $18,600

United States — $21,500

Canada — $27,300

MDental Clinic

Medicover MDental Clinic
Hungary, Budapest
85% patients recommend

MDental is a private dental clinic in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The Clinic specializes in teeth implantation, installation of dental crowns and maxillofacial surgery.

The Clinic received 8 certificates for the quality of medicine and patient care, the number of positive reviews and pricing transparency.

Over 15,200 dental implants were installed in the Clinic.

Read more details Hide details

Latest review

Verified review.
Dr. Czene Judit takes the appropriate time for the patients and responds to the wishes of the patients accordingly. I experienced this differently at other dentists several years ago. Even in my case, where aesthetics was also crucial for me, my expectations were met through and through. Last but not least, this is also thanks to her competent, friendly team and the top dental technicians, with whom she, among other things, cooperates. It is a very satisfying feeling as a patient when you realize after the treatment that Dr. Czene Judit is very satisfied with her work and gives you the feeling that she is fully behind her work. In conclusion, you are absolutely in good hands there. Just recommend it without any restrictions.
— Filipe Alexandre
Germany, Feb 12, 2020
Feb 12, 2020 • Verified review.

MDental is considered a top clinic in Hungary. The clinic has 8 certificates that confirm the excellence of services here. MDental is a favored facility by people from Western European countries (Spain, Germany, Italy, France, etc.) due to the affordable smile makeover.

MDental provides 40-50% lower prices for smile renovation than other European clinics. Despite this fact, dentists apply the same equipment and materials as British and American centers. The average living wage determines the cheap services in Hungary.

Dentists place 15,600 teeth implants annually. 98.6% of patients achieve the desired result. It is one of the highest indexes in Europe.

Smile makeover cost

from $3,360


* the price contains:

  • teeth whitening starting $311
  • veneers placement starting $372
  • all-on-4 dental implants starting $2680

Smile makeover before & after at MDental


A smile makeover in Mexico

Mexico is an increasingly popular country for teeth remodeling with medical tourists from the USA and Canada. The primary reason for strong demand is a cheap smile makeover. 7 out of 10 Americans do not have dental insurance, so choose teeth treatment in Mexico as more affordable option.

Dentistry is one of the leading specialties here, and doctors have achieved excellent outcomes. Specialists have the 30-year experience, apply new technologies, and guarantee the long lifespan of the result.

This country is also beloved by patients for luxury resorts. Refashioning our smile, we also can have a great vacation on the Caribbean seaside. Just imagine how great it is to lay on the beach and sunbathe with a healthy and gorgeous smile.

Does smile makeover have any side effects?

Dental makeovers usually do not have any severe side effects. Sometimes remodelling causes increased tooth sensitivity or irritation in the gums.

People, who choose veneers placement as the part of tooth makeover program, may face such side effects as irregular colour, response from the gums, higher risk of trauma. However, even these complications benefit a brilliant smile you have been expecting for.

Comparison of dental makeover cost in Mexico and other countries

Mexico — $10,330

Australia — $18,300

USA — $21,500

Canada — $27,300

Bokanova Dental Center

Bokanova Dental Center
Mexico, Playa del Carmen
92% patients recommend

Bokanova Dental Center is a modern medical facility located in Riviera Maya, coastal Mexican resort. It’s specialized in dental implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, veneers, crowns, and Smile Design. Bokanova dentists have over 30 years of experience. Their skills allow providing patients with the 5-year warranty for implants. Bokanova Riviera Maya is popular with international patients, in particular, from the USA and Canada.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

American Dental Association certificate for Bokanova Dental Center

Bokanova Center is highly popular with international patients, especially with Americans and Canadians. They go for cheap first-rate services in contrast to their native countries. See for yourself — the starting teeth makeover cost at Bokanova is $10,330 and at the US mid-level center — $21,500.

Highly-skilled doctors carry out smile renovation at Bokanova. They have 30 years of practice under their belt and cooperate with the US specialists to be hip to the most innovative techniques.

The clinic is located in Riviera Maya, one of the most well-known Mexican resorts. We undergo dental procedures and meantime bathe in the Caribbean Sea and lay in the Mexican grill sun. This is one more reason that attracts thousands of patients.

Smile makeover cost



* we pay for:

  • teeth whitening $180 - $300
  • all-on-4 dental implants $9900 - $14500
  • veneers placement $250 - $510


The lazy way to a cheap smile makeover

➤ Bookimed managers are ready to help you and find the right medical center and doctor for teeth renovation. Our team takes into account your case, needs, and requirements. You will get an individual program with costs to plan your budget for a trip in advance.

➤ Bookimed is a platform of searching for the best medical solutions in over 40 countries. Every day our managers help 9,000 patients. Our mission is to provide advanced medical solutions and support a patient at every step: starting from the clinic selection and trip arrangement till a home return. We stay in touch 24/7 to make your trip easy and comfortable. 

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