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Costs of dental treatment procedures
Procedures Prices
Dental Implant $160 - $70000
Veneers $90 - $16000
All-on-4 Dental Implants $490 - $300000
Denture $60 - $25000
Dental Crown Installation $10 - $18000
All-on-6 Dental Implants $220 - $430000
Tooth Whitening $30 - $9000
Porcelain Veneer $90 - $16000
Teeth Cleaning (Scaling) $10 - $2500
Braces $190 - $70000

The total cost is estimated individually and can vary according to the severity of illness, complications (if they occur), hospital type, and doctor’s qualification. You’ll get the exact price for dental treatment procedures after medical tests and consultation with a doctor.

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Turkish Medical Association

Turkish Medical Association

The Turkish Medical Association (TMA) was established to improve public healthcare in Turkey. The association considers professional doctor competence, education, and training.

Straumann® Dental Implant System Official Provider

Straumann® Dental Implant System Official Provider

The certificates means the clinic is the official provider of the Swiss company and applies original Straumann® materials.



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Questions and answers

What is dentistry?

Dentistry is a medical specialty aimed to study and treat any disease that occurs in the oral cavity. Dentists consider the problems associated not only with the teeth themselves but also with the diseases of the tissues that surround the teeth and the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. 

Moreover, dentistry is not only the treatment or removal of teeth but also any preventive measures to preserve dentition.

Why do thousands of patients treat their teeth overseas?

Nearly 4 billion people worldwide have teeth and oral cavity diseases according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It is also known that the treatment of dental diseases is one of the four most expensive medical services. That’s why people began to look for places where they can get a healthy smile at a lower price.

Cheap dental care is the primary reason why Europeans, Americans, Canadians, British, Arabs, and residents of other countries where treatment is expensive and is not covered by insurance, treat their teeth in other countries. 

Among the countries providing low-cost dental treatments are Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, India, Hungary, and Poland. Here you can get high-quality service and save up to 75%.

What are the main dental specialties ?

  • surgical — the teeth extraction and implantation, removal of various neoplasms that occur in the oral cavity
  • therapeutic — the dental disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of teeth afflictions like caries and diseases of the oral mucosa; the development of the latest filling materials
  • orthopedic — the dental implantation and development of the tooth prostheses
  • orthodontics — studying abnormalities that occur in the oral cavity, developing methods for eliminating these
  • periodontology — the diagnosis and treatment of all tissues surrounding the dentition (gums, inert tissues)
  • pediatric dentistry — teeth treatment in children. Child dentists undergo additional pedagogical and psychological education to achieve successful outcomes of dental care in children, carry out prevention, treatment, teeth removal, and do everything possible to avoid instilling a fear of dentists in children
  • cosmetic dentistry — veneers and lumineers installation to make a perfect Hollywood smile, teeth whitening.

What are the most popular dental procedures?

Tooth treatment

It is the most common dental procedure over the globe. Regular visits to the dentist, timely examination and dental treatment can prevent the disease at the initial stage and save nerves, time, and money for dental treatment in the future.

Smile whitening

Teeth whitening allows you to get a snow-white smile quickly, painlessly, and effectively. The most popular in-office whitening method is laser teeth whitening that helps get a perfect smile in 1.5-2 hours. 

Bite correction

Nowadays, it is possible to correct the bite at any age. There are several methods: from metal braces to invisible silicone mouth guards. Correction of the bite lasts from six months to one and a half years, an effective result, and an excellent smile are guaranteed.

Veneers and lumineers

Almost everyone dreams of a beautiful Hollywood smile. Unfortunately, not always an ideal snow-white smile can be obtained only with the help of whitening. In such a situation, to create a dream smile, it is enough to install veneers or lumineers — special ceramic teeth overlays that give a snow-white color, eliminate defects, and spaces between teeth.

Dental implant

There are situations when all teeth are lost, or the remaining ones can no longer be cured. In this case, dentists perform dental implantation, which allows you to restore the chewing function of the teeth and return to a common lifestyle. 

The most widespread methods of dental implantation are:

Depending on the method, the treatment may last up to six months.

What are the main signs you have problems with the teeth?

Dental diseases are of two main types according to the signs of ailment detection:

  • objective — the signs of dental diseases that are identified by a dentist during the examination. Afflictions may be obvious and the doctor can detect them immediately during the initial examination. There are also hidden abnormalities revealed during a complete diagnosis of the oral cavity
  • subjective — a patient speaks about the symptoms and complaints; a dentist examines the dentition and confirms the patient’s complaint immediately or makes the additional diagnosis.

What are the main steps to detect dental affliction?

To determine the teeth condition, dentists usually have three main steps:

  1. oral interview and visual examination of the patient
  2. oral cavity inspection using special instruments and x-rays
  3. complete teeth diagnosis and revealing the dental diseases (if any).

If the tooth ailment is detected, the dentist prescribes treatment. Depending on the disease type, the patient may be referred to other dental specialists.

How to choose a high-quality dentist ?

Before choosing a specialist, pay attention that a good doctor has such features as:

  • Type of a clinic

Good dentists usually practice in private medical facilities. Why? If the clinic’s representatives respect its reputation and its clients, they always try to lure a good specialist. 

  • Professionalism

A dentist should be interested in helping his/her client (ask questions about the medical history, general health state, and presence of an allergic reaction to certain drugs, anesthesia used during the oral cavity treatment.

  • Experience

Best dentists have vast experience. Some of them have been providing dental care for more than 20 years. They are the members of national and international dental organizations, exchange their experience with their colleagues, and have a lot of certificates that improve their expertise. 

  • Reviews

On you can find almost 3,000 real patient reviews, where they share their experience, give their recommendations on clinics and doctors, tell about the things they liked, or didn’t like during their visit. 

  • Warranty

Best dental facilities and dentists guarantee the excellent quality of their work. Depending on the procedure, the warranty may last up to 5 years. Specify this information before making an appointment. 

  • Queuing

Ask a dentist for an appointment. If the doctor is a truly respected and good one, it will be difficult to visit him/her. More likely, your visit will be appointed in 1-2 days as a minimum.

  • Cleanliness

A good doctor always works in a clean, bright, ventilated room. A dentist must have a mask on his/her face, use disposable tools, and work with gloves.

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Turkish Medical Association

Turkish Medical Association

The Turkish Medical Association (TMA) was established to improve public healthcare in Turkey. The association considers professional doctor competence, education, and training.

American Academy of Implant Dentistry

American Academy of Implant Dentistry

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) is the first specialized organization in the world. It consists of general dentists, surgeons, periodontists, orthopedists, and other dental specialists.

Best Quality Dental Centers

Best Quality Dental Centers

International Organization for Standardization

International Organization for Standardization

ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by TÜV NORD CERT

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by TÜV NORD CERT

TÜV NORD DIN EN ISO evaluates quality management system, certifies and performs audits.

Turkish Medical Association

Turkish Medical Association

The Turkish Medical Association (TMA) was established to improve public healthcare in Turkey. The association considers professional doctor competence, education, and training.

Turkish Medical Association

Turkish Medical Association

The Turkish Medical Association (TMA) was established to improve public healthcare in Turkey. The association considers professional doctor competence, education, and training.

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384 Dental Treatment Doctors: Inquire to Get a Free Medical Assessment

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Safiye Kurt
Hair transplant specialist
Istanbul , Turkey
Madame Safiye Clinic
( 27 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Istanbul, Turkey
Madame Safiye Clinic
23 years of experience
Imagemaker, dermatologist, successful businesswoman but first of all: An expert in hair transplant. Dr. Safiye Kurt is a pioneer of FUE hair transplant in Turkey and the founder of Madame Safiye Health Group. In 2018, Dr. Safiye Kurt received the Bookimed Award as the Best hair transplant specialist ...
Federico Hernandez Alfaro
Dentist Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
Barcelona , Spain
Centro Médico Teknon
( 283 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Barcelona, Spain
Centro Médico Teknon
16 years of experience
Dr. Alfaro is a top oral & maxillofacial surgeon from Spain. Heads the Maxillofacial Institute. Is one of the most experienced and skilled orthognathic surgeons in the world. Dr Alfaro’s specialty Prof. Federico Hernandez Alfaro is an expert in oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology, treat ...
Aylin Turan
Istanbul , Turkey
Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
( 186 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
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Очень добросовестные и отзывчивые специалисты! Будут вести вас до пункта назначения! Помогут решить все ваши проблемы! Ответят на все вопросы!! Подберут подходящие рейсы если есть необходимость, посоветуют отели!!! Лично я безмерно благодарна Юлии Смолка, Дарье Лазаревой, Катерине Кочерган и всему коллективу компании Букимед!!! Спасибо что вы есть!!!
I needed to have a spinal mri in Italy, and couldn’t find any clinic that could do it. It was either a 4 month wait, clinic never called me back, or they hung up because my Italian wasn’t very good. I contacted Bookimed and within hours they responded and put me in touch with a lovely woman in Milan who got me an appointment at a private clinic in Milan in 2 days. She accompanied me throughout the appointment and translated when necessary. Something I dreaded ended up being a smooth and easy process. Thank you.
Mohammed Yousif
Thanksfull to bookimed for help me for my surgery in my brain they support me by one of best doctor in that section and he advised me many choices of surgery and hospital offers . I hope see them in top always they deserve 5 Stars. 😊
После предварительного собеседования. Предоставиди выбор из несскольких клиник. Связали с представителем выбранной клиники. Дали контакты. Все дальнейшее общении и информацию получал напрямую от представителя клиники. Никаки предоплат не требовалось. Все договоренности были выполнены по заранее договоренным датам, без каких либо накладок. Договор на мед обслуживани заключался в клинике непосредственно перед госпитализацией. Спасибо сайту за грамотную оценку необходимых услуг и быстрый выход на необходимую клинику.
I had to book 3 appointments in a hospital at Istanbul for my brother and his wife, both with serious health problems. I have contacted Bookimed who had reacted immediately and put me in touch with Dr Emad Hussein. After listening to the description of the sicknesses of my relatives, Dr Hussein explained very clearly what are the medical documents to have for the day of appointment as well as all administrative steps to follow. Then he put in touch with Mrs Farah from Liv Hospital for the appointments and she has been very efficient and helpful. I do not know how to thank Dr Hussein and bookimed for the excellent service provided. Nadia
Марі Сірик
Очень и очень довольна взаимодействием с Букимед. Прошла лечение от рака молочной железы. В ноябре 2018 года летала на обследование в Стамбул, клиники Медиполь и Анадолу. Помогли с билетами, организацией поездки, всегда оставались на связи. Координатор от Букимеда имеет медицинское образование, может качественно проконсультировать по поводу клиник, врачей. Лично для меня это большой плюс. До этого я лечилась в Израиле, организовывала все своими силами и потратила несравнимо больше времени, сил и нервов. Буду работать с Букимед в будущем и рекомендовать знакомым.
Very helpful and nice people. They’re quick on response, and they give the best recommendations.
My experience with bookimad was great; the thing that I appreciate is the high sense of humanity of the staff, especially Dr Farruk Ahmed. He answer all my questions in time, he read my poor English and make me feel comfortable, such thing is so important for someone that suffer. I know they do their best to help. Thank you Dr.

6 positive reviews on dental treatment

Anonymous Mar 18, 2019
Verified review. The patient underwent dental implant in Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center

She underwent treatment and prosthetics at the Dentakademi Dentistry Center. The staff and doctors were very attentive, I was pleased. I want to thank the coordinator of Bookimed Elizabeth Dudnik, the coordinator of Dentakademi Abdulhak Eacheavi, as well as the translator Zalina. Thank you very much for the excellent organization, support and assistance provided. Проходила лечение и протезирование в Центре стоматологии Dentakademi. Персонал и врачи были очень внимательны, я осталась довольна. Хочу поблагодарить координатора Букимед Елизавету Дудник, координатора Dentakademi Абдулхака Еахеави, а также переводчицу Залину. Большое всем спасибо за отличную организацию, сопровождение и оказанную помощь.

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Anonymous Apr 21, 2017
Verified review. The patient was treated of maxillofacial surgery in Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi

We want to express the words of enormous gratitude to Catherine Koliko, who is an employee of Bukimed. This is so sensitive, open, kind man. We admire her. On our way of life, we first met such a person. She gave us the opportunity to look at our problem with different eyes, gave faith, hope that everything will be safely resolved. Many thanks to Ekaterina Koliko for her professionalism, for her tremendous help in choosing the right medical center, in resolving many questions regarding treatment, for helping us organize our visit, for her tremendous moral support, for her sensitive attitude towards us, her patience, her empathy . Special thanks to Catherine Koliko for the fact that for 1 year, 8 months. she was and lived with us, she was looking for ways to solve our problem. With such employees as Ekaterina Koliko, Bukimed will only grow. Thank you very much, Catherine! You are a bright man! And then a miracle happened! Catherine reports that we are ready to accept for consultation the orthopedic institute Galeazzi in Milan. We did not believe until the last, because we were denied many clinics. And now we have a chance! And here we are on 24/01/2017. we fly to a consultation in Milan. We would like to express our gratitude to Julia Sukhneva, who accompanied us throughout our stay, helped us in resolving our problems. We express our deepest gratitude to the orthopedic institute Galeazzi and his staff, where we were on a consultation. Medicine here has reached such a high level that for us it is a field of fantasy. The clinic has a high intellectual and technological base, professionals of their business work here. Many thanks to the staff of the clinic for their carefree attitude to us, for the warmth, attention, for the organization of the consultation and survey, for a happy forecast, what was most important for us. Patients in this clinic are in excellent conditions, around order, cleanliness, everything necessary is done for the rapid recovery of patients. Now we are waiting for further treatment in this clinic! Once again we say the greatest thanks to everyone who helped us in solving our problem. Хотим выразить слова огромнейшей благодарности Екатерине Колико, которая является сотрудником компании Букимед. Это настолько чуткий, открытый, добрейший человечек. Мы восхищаемся ею. На нашем жизненном пути мы впервые встретили такого человека. Она дала нам возможность посмотреть на нашу проблему другими глазами, дала веру, надежду в то, что все благополучно разрешится. Огромное спасибо Екатерине Колико за ее профессионализм, за огромную помощь в выборе нужного медицинского центра, в решении многих вопросов касательно лечения, за помощь в организации нашего приезда, за огромную моральную поддержку, за ее чуткое отношение к нам, за ее терпение, за ее сопереживание. Отдельное спасибо Екатерине Колико за то, что на протяжении 1 года, 8 мес. она была и переживала вместе с нами, искала пути решения нашей проблемы. С такими сотрудниками, как Екатерина Колико, Букимед будет только расти. Огромнейшее Вам спасибо, Екатерина! Вы светлый человек!
И вот случилось чудо! Екатерина сообщает, что нас готов принять на консультацию ортопедический институт Галеацци в Милане. Мы не верили до последнего, так как нам было отказано во многих клиниках. А теперь у нас появился шанс!
И вот мы 24.01.2017г. летим на консультацию в Милан.
Хотим выразить слова благодарности Юлии Сухнева, которая на протяжении нашего пребывания сопровождала нас, помогала нам в решении наших проблем.
Выражаем слова огромнейшей благодарности ортопедическому институту Галеацци и его сотрудникам, где мы находились на консультации. Медицина здесь достигла такого высокого уровня, что для нас это область фантастики. Клиника имеет высокую интеллектуальную и технологическую базу, здесь работают профессионалы своего дела.
Огромное спасибо сотрудникам клиники за трепетное отношение к нам, за теплоту, внимание, за организацию консультации и обследования, за благополучный прогноз, что для нас было самое важное. Пациенты в этой клинике находятся в отличных условиях, вокруг царит порядок, чистота, все необходимое делается для быстрого выздоровления пациентов.
Сейчас мы находимся в ожидании дальнейшего лечения в данной клинике!
Еще раз говорим огромнейшее спасибо всем кто помогал нам в решении нашей проблемы.

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Anonymous Feb 17, 2017
Verified review. The patient underwent dental implant in LIV Hospital

I came to the LIV Hospital of Istanbul for dental treatment. I was placed crowns of teeth on the upper and lower jaw. Liv Hospital gives me a guarantee for the use of these prostheses. I applied via the Internet (Bookimed) asking me to give several directions. Appealed to Israel and Belarus and Moscow, but eventually stopped at the Liv Hospital. Together with specialists, we decided to implant 12 implants. For the price I was very happy and got a wonderful result. I am very satisfied with the specialists and the hospital itself, because the approach was very professional at all stages. I am grateful to all specialists of the clinic! Special thanks to my curator - Elena Izmailova. Thank you I'm glad! Я приехала в ЛИВ Госпиталь города Стамбул на лечение зубов. Мне установили коронки зубов на верхню и нижнюю челюсть. Лив Госпиталь дает мне гарантию на использование этих протезов. Я обратилась через интернет (Bookimed) с просьбой дать мне несколько направлений. Обращалась и в Израиль и в Беларусь и в Москву, но в итоге остановилась на Лив Госпиталь. Вместе со специалистами мы решили провести имплантаци 12 имплантов. По цене я была очень довольна и получила прекрасный результат. Очень довольна специалистами и самим госпиталем, потому что подход был очень профессиональным на всех этапах. Благодарна всем специалистам клиники! Отдельное спасибо моему куратору — Елене Измайловой. Спасибо, я рада!

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Anonymous Nov 3, 2016
Verified review. The patient underwent dental implant in LIV Hospital

Hello. My name is Sergey Pletnev. On the recommendation of the employee Bukimed, Vadim Berezhny, I was sent for treatment to the dental department of the Liv Hospitals Clinic in Istanbul. During the treatment, I was given 12 implants in one session. During the session, I did not experience a single pain. Due to high-quality work of employees and professional skills, very high professional qualities of medical staff of the dental department, we achieved such results that in almost 5 days I was delivered 12 implants, temporary bridges. The final result will need to be talked much later - three months. But, nevertheless, now with confidence I can say that the collective of Liv Hospital, their professional qualities are at the highest level. Plus - magnificent, modern equipment and a wonderful attitude towards the patient. With pleasure in three months I will return to this clinic in order to establish finally the crowns on my implants. Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Сергей Плетнёв. По рекомендации Вадима Бережного, сотрудника Букимед, я был направлен на лечение в стоматологическое отделение клиники Лив Хоспитал в г. Стамбул. Во время лечения мне было поставлено 12 имплантов за один сеанс. Во время сеанса я не испытал ни единой боли. Благодаря качественной работе сотрудников и профессиональным навыкам, очень высоким профессиональным качествам медицинского персонала стоматологического отделения, мы достигли таких результатов, что практически за 5 дней мне было поставлено 12 имплантов, временные мосты. Об окончательном результате нужно будет говорить гораздо позже — тремя месяцами. Но, тем не менее, сейчас с уверенностью могу сказать, что коллектив Лив Хоспитал, их профессиональные качества находятся на самом высоком уровне. Плюс — великолепное, новейшее оборудование и замечательное отношение к пациенту. С удовольствием через три месяца вернусь в эту клинику для того, чтобы установить окончательно коронки на свои имплантаты.

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Olga Apr 29, 2019
Verified review. The patient underwent orthognatic surgery in Sciedece Scientific Center for Dentistry and Ultrasound Surgery

Everything was very good. Doctor - a professional in his field Все было очень хорошо. Доктор - професионал своего дела

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Cassie Atkins Feb 10, 2020
SALUSS Medical Group

I would highly recommend Saluss to anyone I was looked after very well from start to finish 👍

Tugay Sincar Jan 6, 2020
SALUSS Medical Group

temiz güvenilir ve sağlam kadrosuyla saç ekiminin tek adresi saluss!

Blond Schwizzer Mar 9, 2020
Evergreen Dental

Danke, mehr zufrieden kann man nicht sein, es war alles perfekt, keine Wartezeiten, keine Schmerzen beim Zahnarzt, und keine Probleme mit der Sprache, denn wir hatten einen ausgezeichneten liebevollen Dometscher Herrn Marton der super übersetzt hat und nebenbei ein ausgezeichneter Mensch ist! Auch die Stadt wollte er uns zeigen aber wir wurden krank:(Meine Schwester und ich sind seeehr zufrieden, obwohl wir aus der Schwiz kommen wo Qualität gefragt ist! Der Herr Dr. Kovasz hat auch eine super Arbeit gemeistert! Aber alle anderen waren auch sehr hilfsreich.Mein Mann hat sofort meine unteren schöne Zähne entdeckt, als er mich gestern in Sion abgeholt hat.Ich werde mich jeden Tag an meinen schönen Zähnen freuen!Da haben wir auch bei einer Videoaufnahme teilgenommen!Wir können es nur empfehlen, eine Peferktion

Horst Grillmayer Mar 4, 2020
Evergreen Dental

Tolle Klinik, tolle Mitarbeiter. Habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt, alles ist perfekt abgelaufen, sehr freundliche und hilfsbereite Mitarbeiter, und super gute Ärzte. Ich kann Evergreen Dental nur empfehlen.

Aj Hussey Mar 16, 2020

So I’m just leaving Turkey after having 18 veneers done at Dentaglobal. I’m over the moon with the results especially at such a good price compared to back home.! The chief dentist did mine and I felt in very safe hands and had a lot of trust that he wouldn’t disappoint and I can honestly say he did better than I thought was possible. Thanks again Dentaglobal xx

buket kaya Jun 25, 2021
Tower Dental Clinic

Absolutely amazing experience, I found them online and after doing research and contacting them was very convenient with very fast and helpful responses, I felt comfortable enough to book the flight for my family members who were planning on dental work. The location is perfect they located in the city of Istanbul, which was great because the major attractions were still close by. The doctors spoke excellent English, were very friendly, informative, have amazing credentials & experience (better than the ones I have seen in the UK) and made us all feel very comfortable and overall did a 5 star job!! My family members needed pretty expensive dental work like implants and zirconia crowns and they did everything in less than 7 days of our stay in Istanbul, with the upmost perfection and to our satisfaction. I personally needed to only fix the bonding on my actual teeth, and I could not be happier with the results and we all get great compliments all the time. HIGHLY recommend the practice you will not regret it!

Mujgan Hashemyan Jun 25, 2021
Tower Dental Clinic

I would like to say huge thank You to Dr. Ertan Etemoglu and all lovely staff for their amazing job.I was trying to save my front teeth and get veneers to smile confidently. But all the clinics I contacted they told me it should be extraction. I travelled from the UK to visit this Clinic and they were so lovely for all aspects of my treatment ❤ They saved my teeth and now, I can smile without any shy feels. And I am so happy with my Hollywood Smile design!I will recommend this clinic for everyone as the best way if you have any dental problems!

Malika-Marie-France OUARTI Feb 19, 2020
Medicover MDental Clinic

Je suis une amie de Solange TAIEB et Meyer BENHARROUS qui a fait 2 implants dans cette clinique et je poste cet avis suite à la réponse apportée à Solange TAIEB. Je confirme que mon ami Meyer a fait 4 séjours dans votre clinique et s''est fait accompagner 2 fois par Solange sa compagne. Il a de gros problèmes depuis le début avec ses implants. 1 couronne a été déposée et le 2ème est très instable. De plus il a très mal à 1 implant et ne souhaite plus être examiné par cette clinique dont il n 'a vraiment plus aucune confiance. Il n'a jamais eu de forte mastication puisqu'il n'a jamais pu manger avec ses implants. Donc comment la clinique a pu voir sur une radio panoramique, qu'il a une forte mastication ??? D'autant plus que mon ami n'a pas fait de radio panoramique dans cette clinique depuis longtemps !!!Il n'y a rien qui puisse expliquer les problèmes qu'il a rencontrés avec ses 2 implants depuis le début. Peut être qu'il n'a pas eu de chance !!! En tout cas, ne prenez pas de risques et évitez cette clinique autant que possible.

J G Feb 18, 2020
Medicover MDental Clinic

J ai fait mon premier séjour sur les 3 programmes. Le service est parfait le praticien très bon les traductrices parlent un français parfait et son d une gentillesse. Seul bemole mes gensives ont dégonflées il a fallut faire ajuster mon appareil provisoire.À bientot

FAQ about Dental Treatment

What сlinics are considered the best ones by international patients?

Top dental clinics in the world are listed below. The ranking is based on patient reviews and Bookimed expert opinion. International patients consider these best dental clinics in the world due to such reasons:

  • High-quality procedures. Specialists apply advanced dental services for treating teeth, for example, All-on-4 procedure to solve tooth loss issue. Doctors apply 3D modeling to show the patients the supposed result.
  • Experienced dentists. Qualified specialists with over 20 years of experience practice at the centers presented below. They improve their skills overseas mainly in the USA.
  • Cost-effective dentistry. Prices for dental services in these centers are affordable due to each country price policy and local citizens’ living wage. Despite cheap prices, dental work quality meets international healthcare standards approved by the American Dental Association.

Submit a request on Bookimed website — our manager will give you all the info regarding a particular center. This consultation is FREE. Together we’ll choose the best dental clinic right for you. Learn more about Bookimed here.

How to choose the best dental clinic?

To pick the most appropriate dental care hospital, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Clinic’s reputation. Most dental clinics have obtained numerous certificates confirming the safety and top quality of dental services.
  • Dentists’ experience. Check specialists’ CVs. Doctors with years of experience improve their skills in the international medical institutions and continue their practice in top dental clinics.
  • Wide range of dental options. In the best dental clinics, all possible services are provided — from teeth whitening to dental implant surgeries.
  • Patients’ reviews. Check out the before & after photos that patients have sent to our website. This may help you to evaluate the result you can get after a dental procedure.

What procedures are applied in the best dental clinics in the world?

  • Dental implants — lifetime prostheses used to fill toothless jaws. All on 4/6/8 implant technique is also applied for patients with no teeth. A dentist inserts 4-8 dental implants into a jaw and a patient gets immediate result after implantation.
  • Veneers — porcelain and composite materials to cover the front side of the teeth. If a patient has gaps or discolored teeth, veneers are the best solution.
  • Crowns — dental caps to restore the teeth that have been damaged due to decay or after root canal treatment.
  • Root canal treatment — a procedure to save an infected or decayed tooth. A dentist removes a nerve and cleans the root canal. Such a treatment helps to avoid more severe dental diseases as endodontitis.
  • Tooth whitening — a technique to make the teeth whiter with UV/LED light or laser.

To get any of these treatments in the world’s best dental clinics, submit a request on Bookimed.

What diagnostics are used in top dental clinics in the world?

In the leading dental clinics listed on the page, you can find the following kinds of diagnostic systems:

  • Dental Cone Beam CT is used to produce 3-dimensional images of soft tissues, teeth, nerves, bone to provide a more precise treatment.
  • Panorex, an X-ray machine which provides precise panoramic images of the upper and lower jaws.
  • 3D modeling is used to create the most precise model of the patient’s jaws to assign the most accurate treatment.

Get more info about teeth diagnostics — submit a request on Bookimed. Our manager will contact you shortly.

What are top 3 dental clinics in the world?

  • Dentakademi

The hospital is a leading center among dental clinics around the world according to Global Clinic Rating. This organization evaluates world-class dental institutions worldwide. The clinic’s main services are dental implants, maxillofacial surgery (wisdom teeth extraction), pediatric dentistry. Over 5,000 crowns, 1,200 dental implants, and 2,800 root canal treatments have been performed at Dentakademi.

  • Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)

The clinic has got the certificates from JCI and ISO for safe and high-quality dental services. Patients from 43 countries come here to get teeth treatment. Over 4,000 dental implants procedures have been performed at BIDC — about 1,000 implantations each year. The medical team consists of 73 certified dentists. Specialists use only qualitative material produced in Switzerland or Sweden.

  • Bokanova

The clinic is a leading dental center for American and Canadian patients. They come here to get dental implants, veneers, crowns cheaper than in the USA. At Bokanova, dentists specialize in All-on-four, All-on-six dental implantations which can solve the issue of toothless jaws. Such techniques boost the recovery and improve the quality of life. A 5-year warranty for such services is provided.

How to book top dental care hospital with Bookimed?

  • Submit a request on our website — Bookimed manager contacts you shortly and helps you to select a dental center.
  • Your medical records will be sent to a chosen clinic.
  • A doctor makes the initial treatment plan and invoice.
  • If you approve the treatment and bill, Bookimed manager arranges your dental trip. We support you 24/7 till the moment you come back home.

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