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  3. official websites of authoritative organizations that provide cost peculiarities, facts, and figures.

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Compare the average cost of veneers around the world*


Price starts from

India $70
Thailand $130
Ukraine $200
Turkey $320
Hungary $390
Russia $530
USA $990

*The prices are based on composite veneers costs in hospitals listed on Bookimed.

Learn more how much are lumineers below.

Dental veneers are porcelain or composite shells coating the surface of the teeth to correct the shape, color, and to protect in a smile vision.

Veneers aim to restore teeth making them solid and not differing from the rest of teeth.

In contrast to the crowns, veneers cover not the whole tooth but only its anterior part. They are 0.5-0.6 mm thick (approximately 2 times thicker than an egg shell).

There is a special kind of veneers of 0.2-0.3 mm — lumineers. Lumineers do not require removal of a tooth layer.

Fast facts about veneers

  • Veneers can be composite, porcelain and lumineers
  • They are made according to the patient’s wishes, tooth shape&colour
  • The installing procedure is outpatient and painless
  • Good veneers look like the best version of natural ones having the structure and translucency of a real tooth
  • Almost all perfect smiles of celebrities are because of veneers

Affordable veneers in Hungary

Am I a good candidate to place a veneer?

Yes, if I have:

  • tooth chipping or fracture
  • wedge-shaped defect
  • not straight dental arch
    (which does not require orthodontology)
  • progressive teeth abrasion
  • the unattractive colour of teeth that cannot be improved by whitening
  • diastema (space between front central teeth)
  • not attractive shape of a dental crown.

No, if there is/are:

  • many teeth fillings on the front teeth
  • no grinder (chewing) teeth
  • teeth-grinding
  • abnormal bite
  • harmful habits (bottles opening with teeth, nails gnawing)
  • teeth treatment with Resorcinol-Formalin
  • extremal kinds of sports (box and other contact sports).

Veneers price in Thailand

Differences between composite (direct) veneers, porcelain and lumineers

How much are veneers in India

Having composite veneers step-by-step

Step 1. A dentist examines teeth condition and chooses the shade for the composite material according to the specified Vita scale grade.


Vita scale

Step 2. A tooth (teeth) is milled with dental drills approx. on 0.3-0.7 mm to be replaced by a veneer.

Step 3. A veneer is formed on the tooth surface layer of the composite material.

Step 4. A finished veneer is milled and polished.

Having porcelain (ceramic) veneers step-by-step

Step 1. A dentist provides dental exam and selects the colour according to the patient’s preferences.

Step 2. A tooth is milled on 0.5-1.5 mm depending on individual patient’s peculiarities and condition of the teeth.


Step 3. A dentist makes a dental impression.

Step 4. A temporary plastic veneer is installed on the milled tooth.


Step 5. A dental laboratory technician makes a precise stone model using tooth impression and a veneer for the stone model.

Step 6. At the second visit, a dentist changes temporary crown into the veneer with the help of compound glue.


Dental veneers price in Mexico

Having lumineers step-by-step

Step 1. A dentist makes impressions for 2 jaws.

Step 2. A dentist creates smile modelling with the help of a computer program.

Step 3. All data are sent to the lab where lumineers will be manufactured.

Step 4. At the second visit to the dentist, a patient fits the lumineers. If they completely match, a dentist installs them. A patient can return home.

What to expect after veneers? Before and after

A person receives a smile with healthy teeth which look natural and aesthetically. As a result — you’ll feel more self-confident, get an opportunity to live a full life and enjoying your new beautiful smile.


Cost to get veneers in Turkey

Veneers price factors

It is important to remember that teeth veneers cost depends on the following:

  • Material

Veneers cost depends mainly on substance used — composite, porcelain or Cerinate porcelain substance. Porcelain veneers cost cheaper than composite and have longer life-span. A lumineer is the most expensive and has the longest time of service.

Lumineers cost


Lumineer cost per tooth starts from

India $111
Ukraine $410
Thailand $600
Turkey $650
Hungary $650
Russia $1,154
USA $2,200

Reasonable lumineers teeth cost

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Veneers frequently asked questions

  • Is a procedure painful?
  • No, it is not. The procedure of placing veneers or lumineers is comfortable for a patient.

  • Can I have a preview of how will I look like with veneers?
  • Typically, a dentist can make a preview of your future smile using your photo with edited teeth. This digital preview will be charged additionally to veneers price.

  • Do veneers require aftercare?
  • Dental veneers do not require special care. Dentists recommend not eat solid food, carefully brush and floss teeth, choose a non-abrasive toothpaste, regularly visit a dentist, do not eat nuts, avoid risky activities that can lead to accidents, falls etc.
    If a patient takes care after the veneers, they can be on service during its service life.

  • Can I break a veneer?
  • A veneer can be chipped or broken if it is under pressure. Dentists recommend not to chew on things like pencils, ice, solid food, be careful with nuts. You should avoid biting your fingernails as well.

  • Can I have veneers only for front teeth?
  • Yes, you can. You can have as many veneers as you need — from 1 piece to a full month placing. The cost of veneers for front teeth is calculated individually.

  • Can veneers be taken off?
  • Yes, they can according to their predictable end of service life. In this case, you need to make the procedure once more.

  • Can I remove veneers?
  • You can remove composite veneers and lumineers. And you can replace porcelain ones.

  • What else should I know about veneers?
  • You may feel a little awkward after having veneers and may need some time to get used to it. However, if you feel discomfort with your bite, inform your dentist.