The person’s smile is the best weapon. It’s ironic, but you should protect “your weapon” as well. On the page, you can find the best country for dental tourism, compare prices and clinics across the world to get cheaper dental care and treat your teeth with a big variety of modern options.

The material shows medical tourism trends and describes the leading expert-opinion-based specialties in the country. This information relies on the Bookimed statistics, patient reviews, analysis of the health tourism characteristics in 28 countries, data compiled from multiple variable sources: IMTJ, the Ministry of Health, NCBI.

The report aims to specify health care peculiarities for international patients in a particular country, patients' preferences and factors that affect their choice. It is not a call to action — use it for informational purposes only.

Choose among TOP 5 countries to get cheap dental care. The rating of the best countries for dental tourism is based on Bookimed expertise, dentists qualification, and patient reviews:

Why is Thailand the best country for dental tourism?

According to the IMTJ, patients from the USA, the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, the UAE come to Thailand for the cheapest and high-quality service. Speaking about dental tourism prices, you can save up to 50% having implants, crowns, and cleaning. For instance, in the USA, veneers cost approximately $1,800, and in Thai, the price starts from $250.

To get the best overseas dental implants, patients come to Thailand and obtain their confidence with a perfect smile. For some Americans, it’s even not difficult to spend almost a day on a flight to get white and healthy teeth in the result.

In Thailand, patients can get All-on-4 implants which are 2-3 times cheaper than in the USA or Canada. Moreover, in the United States, insurance does not cover dentistry services and that is why people seek a cheaper place to treat teeth.

When it is over with teeth work, a patient can relax a bit on a beach or enjoy the beauty of palaces and temples.

Check it out through the example of the following Thai clinic.

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)

Bangkok International Dental Center
Thailand, Bangkok
100% patients recommend

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is one of the largest and most reputable dental clinic in Thailand, treating over 20,000 worldwide patients per year according to the international standards and approved by JCI and ISO 9001:2008 UKAS. The list of provided treatment includes all possible dental care services from cosmetic dentistry to dental surgeries and dental implant replacements.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

International Organization for Standardization certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center Joint Commission International  certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center American Dental Association certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center American Academy of Implant Dentistry certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center American Board of Prosthodontics certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center Dental Association of Thailand certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center Ivoclar Vivadent Official Partner certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center International Team for Implantology certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center Straumann® Dental Implant System Official Provider certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center American Association of Orthodontists certificate for Bangkok International Dental Center

Latest review

Verified review.
It is a clean hospital and the wisdom teeth extraction was done so fast with utmost care. The dentist and dental personnel can speak fluent English which is important for most people like I. For wisdom teeth extraction the cost was 20000 baht for 4 teeth( including medication and nurse charge), but it all depends if the teeth has impacted. I would highly recommend the clinic.
— Noel Julie
United States of America, Feb 21, 2023
Feb 21, 2023 • Verified review.

The clinic has certificates from the JCI and ISO, authoritative international organizations confirming hospitals’ compliance with healthcare quality and safety.

BIDC provides the most advanced equipment as panoramic and cephalometric X-rays, 3D scan, intra-oral cameras, laser systems for the most accurate diagnostics, and even advanced chairs.

Over 1,000 tooth implant replacements are performed here annually. Specialists apply high-quality Swiss and Swedish implants. Bangkok International Dental Center is the first to use Roxolid and SLActive Bone Level implants — the latest implant system approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).

The clinic offers many dental implant packages to save up the patient’s money. Their specialists use implants of different manufacturers, for example, Straumann or SIC (Switzerland) and Nobel Biocare — these materials are the most requested in the USA, Europe, and Japan.



Root Canal Treatment from $250
Installation of a dental implant from $1,800
Tooth Whitening from $139
Wisdom tooth removal from $56
Tooth Extraction from $28

See more clinics for dentistry in Thailand

How to find the best place for dental tourism in Hungary?

Among the best countries for dental work Hungary has become a leading destination for medical tourists. Every year, patients from the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, and the US come here to get teeth restoration, implants, and oral surgeries.

70% is a saving rate for teeth treatment in Hungary.

Hungary is among the best countries for dental implants. International patients come to this country to have the procedure due to the following reasons:

  • Low costs. Just compare, in the USA, 1 tooth implant cost is from $1,000-$3,000, and in Hungary — it’s from $777.
  • High-quality service and materials. Hungarian clinics comply with strict medical protocols and use only top-quality titanium implants, which are compatible with the bone and not allergenic.
  • Dentists with high expertise. Hungary is rich in qualified dentists per capita in comparison with other countries as the Patients Beyond Borders reports.

It is possible to combine your treatment with Budapest investigation, admiring the ancient architecture of palaces, visiting famous spas, or having some promenade along the Danube river.

Now find out where you can treat your teeth in Hungary.

Evergreen Dental

Evergreen Dental
Hungary, Budapest
91% patients recommend

Evergreen Dental is a Hungarian-American dental clinic in the heart of Budapest. It specializes in solving all dental issues from aesthetics to complex bone graft operations. The clinic was rated by Global Clinic Rating as the best one in service from almost 500 dental clinics in Budapest and was ranked No. 3 worldwide among 127,000 facilities.The clinic provides dental implants, fillings, crowns, and veneers warranty.

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Latest review

Verified review.
I have traveled twice to udapest from Odessa ,Texas to visit this clinic. Dr Grumming replaced 9 filling that were old and such a gentle job I fell asleep in the dental chair several times over 3 days during which she did a fantasic job replacing the old dental work. On my second visit, Dr. Soma Vesprime extracted one tooth and installed 3 implant bases. One implant required that he repair the jaw bone following the poor work done by my former dentist in Texas. This required a sinus lift and bone graph before he could install the base, which was considerably more difficult than just installing the ase. This clinic has state of the art equipment with highly trained dentist who, although young, are very proficient. I doubt that a clinic anywhere is better than Evergreen. Their support staff, including Tamara, are proficient in German and English and they provide many extra services to help their patients.
— George Long
United States of America, Mar 2, 2020
Mar 2, 2020 • Verified review.
Dental Implant:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results Dental Implant:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results

Evergreen is among Top 10 clinics in Budapest according to the GCR, Global Clinic Rating International Standards which ensures patients with safety and medical team’s professionalism.

It’s possible to save up to 67% with Hungarian Evergreen Dental. The center provides patients with great special offers packages for examination, free professional cleaning, and discounts fr implants.

The clinic has all possible services — from whitening and veneers to oral surgery and implantation. Evergreen gives 5-7 years of guarantee on its options and a lifetime guarantee on implants.



Root Canal Treatment from €100
Installation of a dental implant from €690
Tooth Whitening from €150
Tooth Extraction from €40
Installation of a veneer from €350

The center provides patients with great special offers — dental vacation packages. They are the following:

  • Consultation package for $223 — it includes examination, flight tickets (if it’s cheaper than $134), transfer, accommodation, digital panoramic X-ray, and consultation.
  • Discount for implants — you pay $1,074 for a titanium implant, an abutment (connecting item between the implant and a tooth crown), and a porcelain crown.
  • Supersmile special offer — a patient can get professional teeth cleaning with ultrasound or laser techniques.

The prices for overseas dental packages depend on the materials, producer, doctor's fee, and a patient’s case. Request for a package price at Evergreen on Bookimed website.

How to get cheap Mexican dental vacation?

Mexico is the best place for dental tourism among American patients. High-priced dental care services in North America are the reasons for people to treat teeth cheaper in Mexico not losing the quality. In the USA, medical insurance does not cover teeth services, that is why most Americans come to Mexico for cost-effective dentistry with the same great quality as the US clinics provide.

It is possible to save up to at least 20% in comparison to American clinics.

Mexico has a lot of amazing things to see and try. There you will find the most picturesque beaches for surfing and relax. Ancient Maya culture intrigues tourists by its mystery, wonderful mountains and UNESCO sites charm those who are interested in active holidays.

See what services you can get in the following center in Mexico.

Bokanova Dental Center

Bokanova Dental Center
Mexico, Playa del Carmen
92% patients recommend

Bokanova Dental Center is a modern medical facility located in Riviera Maya, coastal Mexican resort. It’s specialized in dental implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, veneers, crowns, and Smile Design. Bokanova dentists have over 30 years of experience. Their skills allow providing patients with the 5-year warranty for implants. Bokanova Riviera Maya is popular with international patients, in particular, from the USA and Canada.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

American Dental Association certificate for Bokanova Dental Center

Over 36 years, Bokanova offers dental services for patients from all over the world, particularly from the US. Bokanova’s healthcare complies with ISO standards and the American Dental Association that ensure patients in safety and exceptional service quality

Specialists apply the All-on-4, All-on-6, All-on-8 techniques — it’s a set of crowns for upper or lower jaws hold by several implants. This solution is used in case of teeth loss. The more implants are applied, the stronger the teeth become. Such techniques help to avoid additional surgeries.

The clinic provides a 5-year warranty for teeth implants.

Specialists also apply 3D surgery modeling — when a patient can see the result before a procedure. Patients come to Bokanova to have snow-white smile with veneers and lumineers.



Installation of a veneer from $250
Wisdom tooth removal from $250
Root Canal Treatment from $350
Tooth Whitening from $180
Tooth Extraction from $100

The center is situated near the popular Mexican resort, along the Caribbean Sea — the patients can solve their dental issues and relax on the beach admiring incredible nature views

Why do people pick Turkey for dental holidays

Patients from Germany, the UK, the UAE, the Netherlands, Spain find Turkey as the best country for dental work due to cheap options and the best quality. Low costs depend on the local population income and the country’s price policy.

Medical travelers can combine treatment with an investigation of Turkish historical places and delightful sceneries.

Check the clinic in Turkey where you can have great dentistry goods.

Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center

Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center
Turkey, Istanbul
100% patients recommend

Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center is the first licensed top-class dental hospital in Turkey. Dentakademi Hospital is the 1st in Turkey and 6th of 126,000 evaluated dental clinics in the world according to GCR (Global Clinic Rating). Dentakademi specializes in the treatment of all dental specialties providing patients with the high-level service. The success rate for the advanced dental procedures is 97%.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Patient choice in Dentistry certificate for Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center

Latest review

Verified review.
The staff were first class The Hospital is first class The driver was helpful and first class They made you feel welcome and did their best to answer any fears you might have The coordinator found time to assist in any appointments, travel or location to make your stay as pleasant and trouble free as possible. With out a doubt they made you feel welcome. The procedures and treatment for the amount of work in my case was surprisingly far from as painful as I feared. Yes you will feel some soreness but it's well worth the little discomfort. I would fully recommend using bookimed in Eastanbul for your Dental care.
— Anonymous
United Kingdom, Sep 27, 2019
Sep 27, 2019 • Verified review.

The hospital is the 1st in Turkey and 6th among 126,000 evaluated world centers according to Global Clinic Rating, a famous organization evaluating dental clinics across the world.

98% is the success rate for dental implantation at Dentakademi.

Specialists apply the latest “All-on-4” restoration procedure — such a technique allows putting implants on the toothless jaw. The technique speeds up the recovery and shows the immediate result.At Dentakademi, dentists specialize in wisdom teeth removal — these surgeries are painless due to anesthesia use. The clinic provides safe and qualitative treatment for children.



Tooth Whitening from €240
Root Canal Treatment from €50
Installation of a dental implant from €360
Tooth Extraction from €25
Treatment of caries from €3

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Check top 4 countries for the cheapest dental implants

Why do patients prefer dental tourism?

Low-cost offers.

Most patients from the USA who do not have medical insurance prefer going overseas (for example, to Mexico) for treating their teeth to save their money.

85% is a saving rate for the best overseas dental treatment.

A lot of countries with best teeth care provide a wide range of services as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) dentistry, etc.

All of them are cheaper abroad due to general country’s price policy and population’s living wage. Moreover, most clinics provide special offers and cheap dental vacation packages abroad to solve teeth issues.

Safe & qualitative dental care.

All of the clinics abroad comply with international treatment standards. That is confirmed by certificates (ISO, the American Dental Association) and international accreditations as the Joint Commission International. Abroad clinics offer secure and high-class healthcare.

Experienced specialists.

A lot of dentists have completed internships in Europe and the USA. Specialists have over 10 years of practice. They participate in numerous conferences for dental care to improve their skills.

Variety of dental options.

Clinics abroad provide all possible treatments for teeth. From simple fillings to complex surgeries and cosmetic dentistry. Specialists apply advanced techniques for implantation, extraction, root canals, crowns, etc.

Friendly clinics to tourists.

Most international centers are medical tourism-oriented. They offer transfer, accommodation in hotels, meals for international patients. Doctors and clinic staff speak English and other languages fluently — that makes treatment easier and do not provoke extra difficulties.

Combining treatment with a holiday.

Besides treating, patients can visit new places. For example, in Mexico, patients plunge into the colorful culture, see historical places. In Turkey, beach vacations are widespread among medical tourists from various countries. Thailand is also famous for magical beaches and great culture — after procedures, medical tourists can spend their free time sunbathing and swimming.

Dental vacation packages

Most clinics abroad provide special offers which include, for example, examination, the procedure itself, transfer, flight tickets, and accommodation. A patient can save up hundreds of dollars and get effective dental holidays abroad.

Other things to know about dental tourism

Why do I need to go to another country for dental treatment?

Most clinics abroad provide a wide range of quality services which are cheaper than in your country. If you are not ready to pay for expensive implants, come overseas and get high-quality dental work at affordable cost without quality loss.

Why are the prices for teeth services differ from country to country?

In most countries, prices for dentistry are cheaper due to government price policy and the living wage of the population. In spite of low costs, services do not lose their quality.

How long does it take to treat my teeth abroad?

It depends on the service you need. Usually, it takes up to 10 days. For example, If you need to install All-on-4 implants, a surgery lasts 2.5 hours per arch. That means you do not need to stay in a country the whole week. However, if you want to visit some new places, museums, monuments, then you can stay longer after treatment.

Decide what is the best dental tourism country in your case. Check the prices and plan your budget to get dental medical tourism in Thailand, Mexico, Hungary, Turkey, or Ukraine. Take care of your teeth and stay smiling!

How to get cheap dentistry abroad with Bookimed?

  • Submit a request on our website — Bookimed doctor-coordinator contacts you shortly.
  • Choose a clinic — together you compare the clinics and check dental tourism prices for the procedure you need.
  • Get a bill. Your medical records will be sent to a chosen center. After that, you receive the preliminary treatment plan and invoice.
  • Trip arrangement. If you do not require a visa, Bookimed manager helps you to solve transfer and accommodation issues (most clinics offer such services for additional payment).
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