Teeth health is obligatory thing every person should care about. In the article, you can see the reasons why dental tourism in Europe attracts people and choose the most appropriate clinic to obtain high-quality treatment of the teeth.

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Benefits of dental tourism in Europe

According to PraguePost, dental tourism in Europe grows at 15% annually. Patients from the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia prefer dentistry in European countries due to the following reasons:

Cheap prices.

Dental clinics in some European countries offer really low prices for their services but its quality has the same high level. For instance, dental implant cost in the UK is approximately $4,000 and in Poland it’s from $600. Cheap dental treatment in Europe is explained by general price policy and average local citizens living wage.

Advanced equipment.

Only latest dental devices are applied in European dental clinics. For example, 3D Cone Beam, a diagnostic system helps to examine patients’ jaws before implantation, root canal treatment, extractions, etc. and make dental procedures more accurate and precise.

Experienced specialists.

Dentists in Europe are well-qualified and have numerous certificates that confirm their expertise. Most of Hungarian, Polish, Italian specialists improve their skills overseas, mainly in the USA and Canada.

Medical trip in short distances.

Except American patients, people from Germany or Austria find dental services in the neighboring countries more attractive due to short distances. For example, from Germany to Poland it takes about 1 hour to arrive.

Vacations combined with dental tourism in Europe

Besides treating teeth, patients can enjoy seeing new cities and unique sights. For example, Poland and Hungary are real findings for inexperienced tourists — amazing historical buildings and cozy colorful streets will impress anybody. In Italy, especially in Milan, shopping lovers can find a big number of luxury stores, and history fans will get crazy about magnificent historical museums, castles, and churches.

See more information about the most popular destinations for dental tourism.


This country is one of the most popular among dental tourists from the USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany. International patients save up to 70% for dental services in Hungarian dental clinics. Here you can find many experienced dentists and wide range of services with twice lower prices than at home. Moreover, Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is rich in historical attractions as castles, Old Town, museums, monuments which are worth seeing. See more details concerning Hungarian clinic for teeth treatments.

MDental Clinic

Patients from the USA, UK choose this European dental clinic for the following reasons:

At MDental, prices for dentistry are 40-50% lower than, for example, in the US clinics. The medical center provides a long-term guarantee for dental implants as/of Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) and AlphaBio (Israel), which are over 20 years on the international market. The clinic gives special offers as packages that include transfer, the procedure itself, medical drugs, and consultation.

98% is a success rate for dental implantation at MDental center.



Installation of a veneer from $367
Braces from $725
Root Canal Treatment from $195
Tooth Whitening from $ 307
Tooth Extraction from $61


Patients from Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland think the best dental care in Europe is in Polish clinics. Moreover, patients can cut the teeth treatment cost —saving for dentistry in Poland is 70%. Local specialists have completed their internships overseas. The Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists arranges trainings and memberships for dentists to improve their professional skills. The Ministry of Health controls local clinics to comply with international dental care standards as ISO 1900.

This country is full of wonderful sights. If you treat teeth in Krakow, for example, visit local basilicas, castles, historical museums, local markets, and squares. You will not regret!

Albusdent Clinic

The hospital is one of the best dental clinics in Europe specialized in braces, crowns, implants, bridges, veneers, and dental surgery.

Dentists at Albusdent provide implants which last a lifetime and function like own natural teeth. Moreover, a patient can make smile brighter with laser whitening system BEYOND applied in the clinic. Such a whitening does not damage enamel and teeth become smooth and strong after the procedure.

The clinic is located in Krakow, one of the most picturesque historical cities in Europe. It attracts tourists by its fancy buildings and old streets. After a dental procedure, Krakow is a real must-see for those who appreciate architectural beauty.



Tooth Extraction from $55
Installation of a dental implant from $670
Sinus-lifting from $1,451

Czech Republic

Patients from the UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden choose the Czech Republic as the best dental treatment in Europe. In this country, patients may find dental services as dental implants, crowns, veneers, and dental surgery at reasonable prices without quality loss.

Czech dentists upgrade their skills overseas, mainly in the United States where dentistry develops all the time. They apply advanced technologies as laser systems to treat tooth decay, digital panoramic radiography to make a full examination of the mouth and detect patient’s issue accurately. Below you may see more details about Czech clinic.

Lazurit Dental Clinic

The main clinic’s specialties are installation of implants, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, etc.

Lazurit is equipped with advanced digital X-Ray systems as, for instance, 3D Cone Beam, a computed tomography (CT) provides more precise images than conventional dental or facial X-rays. This device helps to make 3D images of the teeth, soft tissues, nerves, and bones with high precision.

The clinic provides whitening system Beyond Polus, fast procedure (it lasts 30 min — less than traditional 60 min procedure), which makes teeth whiter and less sensitive.

The clinic located in Prague, so it will be inexcusable mistake to avoid visiting Prague Castle (Pražský hrad), Old Town, numerous historical castles, palaces, and cathedrals.



Teeth Whitening Beyond Polus from $300
Ceramic crown from $410
Installation of dental implant from $865


Many patients from the USA who do not have medical insurance come to Germany for qualitative dental services which are cheap. 60% is a saving in German clinics for dental services. German dentists are trustworthy not only at home but beyond the country borders.

They develop their skills in implantation, aesthetic and prosthetic dental care to provide patients with the latest techniques and methods. Only advanced technologies are applied in German dental clinics. Read more about European dental clinic of Germany.

Bremen-Mitte Hospital

This is a multidisciplinary hospital which provides oral and maxillofacial surgeries for patients from the USA, UK, Austria. Bremen-Mitte Hospital is certified by ISO which confirms safety and quality of medical facilities. The hospital has been included in Top 100 clinics according to Focus magazine, a prestigious edition. Specialists at Bremen-Mitte provide dental surgery (tooth extraction, root removal), implantation (artificial teeth implant) and orthognathic surgery (correction of jaws).



Dental implant from $3,348
Teeth Whitening from $558
Teeth Prosthetics from $1,674


Patients from the UK and Sweden pick Italy for cosmetic dentistry that includes dental implants and crowns. It is possible to save up to 30% for teeth procedures and get qualitative and immediate result. Italian dentists complete their internships overseas and they are involved in clinical trials to develop new techniques in dentistry. Dental clinics in Italy provide special offers for their foreign patients which include transfer, accommodation, language assistance.

San Raffaele Hospital

The hospital provides any possible dental service — rehabilitation of the impaired chewing function, aesthetic surgery, oral cavity services, early diagnostics of the mouth tumors.

The hospital provides preventive, restorative, periodontal and prosthetic dentistry. The clinic uses the most modern technologies of instruments sterilization to provide safety and reliability of dental care.

At San Raffaele, specialists apply CAM-CAD technology (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacture) that helps to create prostheses and crowns with the help of computer.

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