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Discover the Best Clinics and Costs for Dental Treatment in Colombia 2023

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What's the Cost for Dental Treatment procedures in Colombia? Find Out Now

updated 5/26/2023
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Colombia, Cartagena
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Bonilla Plastic Surgery: With over 21 years of experience, Bonilla Plastic Surgery provides comprehensive aesthetic and reconstructive surgical and medical interventions in Pereira, Colombia. The clinic offers a unique experience for patients, with programming that can be customized to the patient's needs, including tourist attractions and excursions. The team emphasizes aesthetic medicine and scar tissue concealment to achieve satisfying results. The clinic also offers new procedures that patients can learn more about on their website or by calling. Bonilla Plastic Surgery responds promptly to patient concerns and has two healthcare locations in Pereira.
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Yu - All-on-6 Dental Implants in Mavidenta Dental Clinic
United States of America

Mar 26, 2023
Verified review.
My dentist Dr Taha Atkas is very professional, soft talking, and walking me through the entire process, which makes me very comfortable to work with them. Dr Taha Atlas is a great asset for the clinic. I finished all on 7 for my upper and lower jaws. I just finished stage 1 so far so good and will come back in 6 months for stage 2. After operation, I had bleeding in the nose. The clinic helps me out in this regard and the receptionists and clinical staff are all friendly, and helpful along the line. It was a pleasure experience so far. I reviewed the 1 star review for this clinic on this website and understand the concerns raised by other patients. I understand the price is a sensitive topic. (e.g. the quote is different from initial agreement as the brand or treatment plan changes on site). My suggestion to avoid those 1 star review comments happened to individual patient is please to work with due diligence: (1) ask for the quotes with all the details and request all the brands and materials used in writing; (2) ask the virtual consultation to walk you through step by step. And for each step, ask for the price in writing. (3) provide your dental x ray and ask for the treatment plan based on the dental x ray as the x ray picture won’t change a lot and the treatment plan shouldn’t change significantly based on x ray. (4) you could request directly talk to the dentist and nailed the treatment plan before you leave. This would help mail down the price. The x ray won’t change so the treatment plan should not change significantly. (4) the bookimed should be your support system along the line. The bookimed has been very helpful and supportive for my case. Thus far, my experience is great.

Олег - Dental Implant in Mavidenta Dental Clinic

Dec 11, 2022
Verified review.
I definitely do not recommend the AEG clinic, nor the employees of the agency working there in Turkey (Karina). I had a contract with them to undergo dental implantation for 8,000 thousand dollars (12 implants, bone plastic and 28 zirconium crowns), this is the normal price for such a service in Turkey. it seemed to me that I agreed with them and flew))) When I arrived at the clinic, there was no translator (but they promised) After consulting a doctor (the one I was going to see was not available), we went to talk about the price with Naza (the clinic employee speaks English and Turkish, yes she would say the translator) She started to tell me that I needed a bone graft and it costs as much as 4,000 dollars (I emphasize that in Ukraine the price is a maximum of 1,200 dollars), so I had a broken bone and needed plastic surgery, but it was included in the total amount of 8,000 dollars. + I already had sinus lifting!!! After that, she started telling me that I need to twist 7 implants in the upper jaw at a price of 650 dollars, because I have a weak bone (this is a divorce), and six Megagen implants at a price of 320 dollars were enough, the ones that were promised under the contract, she just wanted to spin me for money , thought that I don't know anything about my illness and how much and what is needed!!! Also lower jaw 4 implants!!! It turned out like this from her words (1 procedure - removal of 6 teeth for 50 dollars ;) ;) ;) bone plastic of the upper jaw and 4 implants on the lower cost me 4350 dollars. 2 procedures after the healing of the upper jaw, I fly in and spin 7 implants for 650 dollars (this 4,550 dollars) and the third time I fly, they put 29 crowns instead of 28, so the price is also 4,000 dollars!!!!!!!! Conclusion: 13 thousand dollars came out, I remind you that there was an agreement with an employee of Bukimed, Karina, who works for the AEG clinic, $8,000, including bone plastic surgery and tooth extraction and implants!!! And the most interesting thing is that Naza, who works there, said that if I don't inform the employees of the Bookimed head office about the amount that came out, she will drop 2,000 dollars, it seemed very strange to me, and it immediately became clear that they are fraudsters and screw up the price to the maximum!!!
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Elena Bechart-Kovalenko - Dental Crown Installation in Hospitadent Dental Group - Mecidiyeköy Clinic

Apr 28, 2023
Verified review.
This was my first trip to Istanbul. Coordinator Tatyana contacted me through Bookimed. With great patience and understanding of the problem, taking into account my very specific needs and wishes, the program and clinic were selected for me. It was about the implantation of 3 teeth, and the removal of 2 complex roots. I was very worried about the trip, Tatyana reassured me, said that the clinic provides both a transfer and an interpreter, this is included in the program. They even sent me a photo of where they would meet me. The way from the airport was long (by the standards of the country from which I came), but comfortable, I even knew how to watch a movie on Netflix in a limousine, which I had noticed for a long time. I was greeted at the clinic by the friendly, nice and competent Zülal, the Russian speaking coordinator of the clinic. The problem with a little trouble was quickly resolved, and at my request, the extraction of teeth and implantation were performed under anesthesia, the so-called sedation. I was counting on terrible pain, swelling and bruising (these are not the first implants that I put in my country) ... Imagine my surprise when in the morning there was no pain, no bruising, or even swelling! I was given antibiotics, and rinses, painkillers, which I never needed because there was no pain. I ate soft and liquid food after 2 hours. And now I'm eating a whole meal! In 3 months I will come, we will put on crowns;)🌷🇹🇷😎 I highly recommend the clinic, it has really qualified and competent specialists. With gratitude, Elena 🇺🇦 Ukraine - 🇨🇭 Switzerland
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Лидия - Full dentures installation in Smile Dentica Clinic

Jan 23, 2023
Verified review.
"All the doctors who worked with my problem are just wonderful, with attention and kind attitude
I want to say thank you to all the employees of the clinic represented by doctor Vladimir (sorry, I didn’t indicate my last name, but you can see the photo in Viber), who was a guide in my situation, for participating in my situation. With a sincere desire, he told me what the clinic staff could provide, indicated the address of the clinic, the organization where to find an interpreter, worried if I could attend all the appointments with the doctors, specified the appointment time. All the doctors who worked with my problem are just wonderful, with attention and kind attitude. The operation on the gums with teeth was carried out painlessly, with excellent anesthesia. I was not in the ward, my relatives brought me with an interpreter and took me away. Many thanks to all of you, and if you have a problem with your teeth, you MUST visit this clinic and your problem will be solved
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Jeanine Tsobgny-Naoussi - Veneers in Karisoclinic
United Kingdom

Jan 16, 2023
Verified review.
The results are incredible, no more gap and my teeth are so much whiter
I wanted to reduce my gap and cover my yellow teeth. I contacted Bookimed and spoke with Sherif. He was absolutely fantastic!! I honestly cannot express how kind and resourceful he was. I asked to speak to a dentist and he organised the call. There was not a single question thst I had that he didn't find the answer to it. I didn't feel any pressure at all to make up my mind which was really important to me. He sent me links to various clinics and Kariso was the one I choose. The entire team at Kariso were absolutely
About Bookimed service
I'm 100% satisfied with the support.
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