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Bulgaria, Sofia
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AllDental Clinic is a private single-specialty medical center located in Sofia, Bulgaria that offers teeth straightening with metal braces. The team is dedicated to dental treatment and provides a fast and convenient process for patients. More than 1,000 patients visit the clinic every year.
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AllDental Clinic is a private single-specialty medical center located in Sofia, Bulgaria that offers teeth straightening with metal braces. The team is dedicated to dental treatment and provides a fast and convenient process for patients. More than 1,000 patients visit the clinic every year.
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How much does braces cost?

Updated: 2022-11-16
The average price of braces is $2550, the minimum price is $190, and the maximum price is $70000.
United States of America Turkey Mexico
Braces - from $625 from $1000
Metal braces (South Korea), 1 jaw - - from $1000
Ceramic braces (South Korea), 1 jaw - - from $1300
3М ESPE, ORMCO, DENTSPLY metal braces (USA, Germany), 1 jaw - - from $1000
Clarity сeramic braces (USA), 1 jaw - - from $1300
H4 self-ligating metal braces (USA), 1 jaw - - from $1500
Clarity self-ligating ceramic braces (USA), 1 jaw - - from $1500
Damon Clear self-ligating ceramic braces (USA), 1 jaw - - from $1650
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  • Above average
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Turkish Medical Association

Turkish Medical Association

The Turkish Medical Association (TMA) was established to improve public healthcare in Turkey. The association considers professional doctor competence, education, and training.

Straumann® Dental Implant System Official Provider

Straumann® Dental Implant System Official Provider

The certificates means the clinic is the official provider of the Swiss company and applies original Straumann® materials.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System





Joint Commission International

Joint Commission International

Joint Commission International (JCI) identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety in the world.

Patient choice in Pediatric Oncology & Hematology Oncology

Patient choice in Pediatric Oncology & Hematology Oncology

The Bookimed patients have ranked this clinic as the best one for pediatric cancer and blood disorders treatment in 2019.

Joint Commission International

Joint Commission International

Joint Commission International (JCI) identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety in the world.

Turkish Medical Association

Turkish Medical Association

The Turkish Medical Association (TMA) was established to improve public healthcare in Turkey. The association considers professional doctor competence, education, and training.

American Academy of Implant Dentistry

American Academy of Implant Dentistry

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) is the first specialized organization in the world. It consists of general dentists, surgeons, periodontists, orthopedists, and other dental specialists.

Best Quality Dental Centers

Best Quality Dental Centers

1-10 of 150 clinics

Best Braces Doctors

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Fulya Gülener
Istanbul , Turkey
Hair Clinic
( 79 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Istanbul, Turkey
Hair Clinic
She was borned in 1994.She graduated with honors from the faculty of dentistry of Medipol university in 2012She received his Doctorate in the Department of Prosthetic Dental Treatment at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 2018She has participated in various seminars and congresses on the su ...
Kerim Aktas
Dentist Implantologist
Istanbul , Turkey
Dental Bosphorus
( 21 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Istanbul, Turkey
Dental Bosphorus
Servet Akyildiz
Dentist Dental hygienist Pediatric dentist
Istanbul , Turkey
Dental Bosphorus
( 21 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Istanbul, Turkey
Dental Bosphorus
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Очень добросовестные и отзывчивые специалисты! Будут вести вас до пункта назначения! Помогут решить все ваши проблемы! Ответят на все вопросы!! Подберут подходящие рейсы если есть необходимость, посоветуют отели!!! Лично я безмерно благодарна Юлии Смолка, Дарье Лазаревой, Катерине Кочерган и всему коллективу компании Букимед!!! Спасибо что вы есть!!!
I needed to have a spinal mri in Italy, and couldn’t find any clinic that could do it. It was either a 4 month wait, clinic never called me back, or they hung up because my Italian wasn’t very good. I contacted Bookimed and within hours they responded and put me in touch with a lovely woman in Milan who got me an appointment at a private clinic in Milan in 2 days. She accompanied me throughout the appointment and translated when necessary. Something I dreaded ended up being a smooth and easy process. Thank you.
Mohammed Yousif
Thanksfull to bookimed for help me for my surgery in my brain they support me by one of best doctor in that section and he advised me many choices of surgery and hospital offers . I hope see them in top always they deserve 5 Stars. 😊
После предварительного собеседования. Предоставиди выбор из несскольких клиник. Связали с представителем выбранной клиники. Дали контакты. Все дальнейшее общении и информацию получал напрямую от представителя клиники. Никаки предоплат не требовалось. Все договоренности были выполнены по заранее договоренным датам, без каких либо накладок. Договор на мед обслуживани заключался в клинике непосредственно перед госпитализацией. Спасибо сайту за грамотную оценку необходимых услуг и быстрый выход на необходимую клинику.
I had to book 3 appointments in a hospital at Istanbul for my brother and his wife, both with serious health problems. I have contacted Bookimed who had reacted immediately and put me in touch with Dr Emad Hussein. After listening to the description of the sicknesses of my relatives, Dr Hussein explained very clearly what are the medical documents to have for the day of appointment as well as all administrative steps to follow. Then he put in touch with Mrs Farah from Liv Hospital for the appointments and she has been very efficient and helpful. I do not know how to thank Dr Hussein and bookimed for the excellent service provided. Nadia
Марі Сірик
Очень и очень довольна взаимодействием с Букимед. Прошла лечение от рака молочной железы. В ноябре 2018 года летала на обследование в Стамбул, клиники Медиполь и Анадолу. Помогли с билетами, организацией поездки, всегда оставались на связи. Координатор от Букимеда имеет медицинское образование, может качественно проконсультировать по поводу клиник, врачей. Лично для меня это большой плюс. До этого я лечилась в Израиле, организовывала все своими силами и потратила несравнимо больше времени, сил и нервов. Буду работать с Букимед в будущем и рекомендовать знакомым.
Very helpful and nice people. They’re quick on response, and they give the best recommendations.
My experience with bookimad was great; the thing that I appreciate is the high sense of humanity of the staff, especially Dr Farruk Ahmed. He answer all my questions in time, he read my poor English and make me feel comfortable, such thing is so important for someone that suffer. I know they do their best to help. Thank you Dr.

1 positive review on braces

Elina Aug 23, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent braces in Schill Dental Clinic

Hello. English speaking staff, no problems in communication. A high level of doctor's qualification, owns the skills of new techniques in orthodontics. I especially want to note the organization of the service. Здравствуйте. Англоязычный персонал, нет проблем в коммуникации . Высокий уровень квалификации врача, владеет навыками новых техник в ортадонтии.
Особо хочу отметить организацию сервиса.

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Malika-Marie-France OUARTI Feb 19, 2020
Medicover MDental Clinic

Je suis une amie de Solange TAIEB et Meyer BENHARROUS qui a fait 2 implants dans cette clinique et je poste cet avis suite à la réponse apportée à Solange TAIEB. Je confirme que mon ami Meyer a fait 4 séjours dans votre clinique et s''est fait accompagner 2 fois par Solange sa compagne. Il a de gros problèmes depuis le début avec ses implants. 1 couronne a été déposée et le 2ème est très instable. De plus il a très mal à 1 implant et ne souhaite plus être examiné par cette clinique dont il n 'a vraiment plus aucune confiance. Il n'a jamais eu de forte mastication puisqu'il n'a jamais pu manger avec ses implants. Donc comment la clinique a pu voir sur une radio panoramique, qu'il a une forte mastication ??? D'autant plus que mon ami n'a pas fait de radio panoramique dans cette clinique depuis longtemps !!!Il n'y a rien qui puisse expliquer les problèmes qu'il a rencontrés avec ses 2 implants depuis le début. Peut être qu'il n'a pas eu de chance !!! En tout cas, ne prenez pas de risques et évitez cette clinique autant que possible.

J G Feb 18, 2020
Medicover MDental Clinic

J ai fait mon premier séjour sur les 3 programmes. Le service est parfait le praticien très bon les traductrices parlent un français parfait et son d une gentillesse. Seul bemole mes gensives ont dégonflées il a fallut faire ajuster mon appareil provisoire.À bientot

Cassie Atkins Feb 10, 2020
SALUSS Medical Group

I would highly recommend Saluss to anyone I was looked after very well from start to finish 👍

Tugay Sincar Jan 6, 2020
SALUSS Medical Group

temiz güvenilir ve sağlam kadrosuyla saç ekiminin tek adresi saluss!

Murat Aydın Mar 18, 2020
Medipol Mega University Hospital

Bu hastanede Operasyon oldum doktor hatasından kaynaklı ameliyatın tekrar yapılmasına karar verildi ancak ameliyat eden doktor hastanelerinden ayrıldığı İçin tekrar operasyon ücreti almamız gerekiyor diyorlar! Ben giden doktor beni ilgilendirmez ben Medipol e geldim burda ameliyat oldum doktorun özel muayenesine gitmedim sonuçta diyincede yapıcak bişey yok bu kadar tutar çıkıyor diyorlar birde utanmadan indirim yapıcaz madur etmemeye çalışıcaz diye kaypak kaypak konuşuyorlar!

İbrahim Güzel Mar 18, 2020
Medipol Mega University Hospital

Otopark sorununu aşmalılar ve ücretsiz otopark olmalı...

Victorija mocarjova Mar 6, 2020
Kardiolita Hospital


GOOD Film Mar 6, 2020
Kardiolita Hospital

Pone,AUŠRA BERNOTIENĖ jeigu jus matot šita komenta jums turi but geda,sakau tik iš savo patirties,jokiu budu neaikit pas šita gydytoja na jaigu tiktai norit atsiminti ir pajausti aiforija koks buvo sovetmečio aptarnavimas ir gidimas ;).O jeigu sakiti apie tai kaip pone Aušra gido tai toks ispudis kad visa savo milžina klasifikacija gavo sovetu sajunguje ir metodika irgi pas ja senoviška-galima pasakiti autentiška,visiškai nenori klausitis paciento ir derintis del gidimo,, apie gripa išmano neblogau aštuntoko ir apie gidima irgi.Gieda kad mokomoj klinikoj yra tokie daktarai kaip pone Aušra,bet tikiesimes kad ponei Aušrai liko nedaug iki pensijos;).

FAQ about Braces

What are braces and what are they for?

Bracket system is a design for correcting bite and aligning teeth. It consists of an orthodontic arch and braces for each tooth. In order for the arch to fit as closely as possible to the braces, it is fixed with special rubber bands (ligatures) or locks.

What are bracket systems?

Familiarize yourself with all types of braces, weigh all the pros and cons in order to choose the best option for you during a consultation with an orthodontist.

Bracket systems by type of material:

  • Metal braces. This is the most common and budget design option. Braces are attached to the wires with colored ligatures, so every month you can choose their color to your taste. The disadvantage for such braces is unaesthetic, they are visible to others.
  • Titanium braces. Outwardly, they resemble metal, but they are stronger and lighter. Often they are installed in patients who are allergic to nickel. They are more expensive than metal braces.
  • Ceramic braces. Their main advantage is a translucent color, due to which they merge with the teeth and are more aesthetic. Such braces are more expensive than metal braces, and with poor care they can darken or break.
  • Sapphire braces. This is a transparent design (damon clear), which looks aesthetically pleasing on the teeth and is invisible to others. It does not stain and is stronger than ceramic braces. The downside is the high price.
  • Plastic braces. Colorless designs that are cheaper than metal braces. They are hypoallergenic and do not scratch the mucous membrane. At the same time, they are painted and often break. Orthodontists use them extremely rarely, as they help with minor malocclusion.
  • Combined braces. Often they are installed from two materials. For example, ceramic braces are placed on the front teeth, and metal braces are placed on the chewing teeth. Thanks to this, the smile will be more aesthetic, and the patient will spend less money.
  • Aligners (Invisalign). This is a transparent cap that is put on the dentition. It is worn all day or only at night during sleep, depending on the specific occasion. They help with minor irregularities of the teeth.

Types of braces by type of fixation:

  • Vestibular (external) braces. These are classic braces that are fixed on the outside of the teeth. They are cheaper than lingual ones and are easier to adjust and maintain.
  • Lingual (internal) braces. These are metal structures that are placed on the inside of the teeth. Thus, they are invisible to others. Cons of lingual braces: they are more expensive than vestibular braces and are difficult to clean.

Braces by design type:

  • Ligature braces. The orthodontic arch is attached to the braces using ligatures (special rubber bands).
  • Non-ligature braces (damon q). The orthodontic arch is fixed with the help of locks that are built into each bracket.

What should be done before getting braces?

First you need to make an appointment with the dentist . He, if necessary, will cure you caries and gum disease. After that, you need to make an orthopantomogram (panoramic picture of the teeth) so that the orthodontist installs the bracket systems as accurately as possible.

After that, the hygienist will give you a professional teeth cleaning so that the orthodontist can securely install the braces.

What are the steps for installing braces?

Installation of braces approximately takes 1-2 hours and consists of 4 stages:

Stage 1. The doctor conducts a professional cleaning of the teeth in order to fix the braces as securely as possible.

Stage 2. The orthodontist treats the surface of the teeth with a special solution to clean and protect the enamel. Dries out teeth.

Stage 3. Apply dental glue to each bracket and attach them to the teeth one by one, fix with an LED lamp until completely hardened.

Stage 4. Between the braces, an orthodontic arch is threaded , securing with ligatures or locks.

After the installation process, it is necessary to visit the orthodontist every month to adjust the bracket system, replace ligatures and wires. Treatment with a bracket system lasts about 1-3 years to achieve the desired result.

After removing the braces, the orthodontist installs a retainer (thin metal arc) on the inside of the teeth. This is done so that the teeth do not return to their original position.

How to care for braces?

After installing the braces, do not bite into hard foods (for example, lollipops, nuts and popcorn) - this will help to avoid breaking off the braces. Teeth must be thoroughly cleaned with a regular brush and an orthodontic brush, which cleans out small particles of food around the braces. Every month you need to visit an orthodontist , who will adjust the bracket system, change the ligatures and the arc.

Bookimed Beauty is a place where you can find special offers and discounts on aesthetic procedures, share your experience, learn about the experience of others, read reviews about clinics and doctors.

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What determines the cost of braces?

The exact price of orthodontic treatment is determined by the doctor after a detailed examination of the panoramic x-ray of your teeth. We have prepared for you a list with the main factors that affect the cost of installing braces.

  • bracket material. For example, metal braces are cheaper than ceramic braces by an average of $400-600.
  • Additional medical and non-medical services. The total cost is affected by diagnostics, treatment of caries and gum disease, tickets, transfer and accommodation. Some dental clinics include non-medical services in the price. The Bookimed medical coordinator will tell you more about this.
  • Selected country and dental center. The price of installing braces is due to the peculiarity of pricing in a particular state. For example, in Poland, the cost of installing braces is from $600, and in Mexico - from $1,000. At the same time, procedures in Poland are carried out just as safely and according to international standards.

What is the price of braces?

Our patients often ask themselves: how much does it cost to install braces . To answer this question, we have prepared a table with the minimum prices for braces in different countries of the world. Check it out to get an idea of the cost and plan your budget in advance.









Installation of a bracket system

from $614

from $1 126

from $600

from $1 705

from $220

from $1 175

from $1 000

Installation of ceramic braces

from $1 023

on request

on request

on request

from $838

from $1 774

from $1 300

Prices updated 04.08.2022

To find out more specific price, leave a request on our website. The Bookimed medical coordinator will select the most suitable option for you, taking into account your budget and wishes. Our services are free for you.

What are the special offers and discounts?

Some Bookimed partner clinics offer discounts for our patients . They include additional non-medical services in the total cost of treatment. Thanks to this, the patient pays less money and undergoes treatment with maximum comfort. These special offers often include:

  • panoramic radiography;
  • orthodontist consultation;
  • local anesthesia if necessary;
  • installation of braces;
  • transfer airport-clinic-airport;
  • accommodation in a 4-5* hotel;
  • translation services.

For example, such proposals include the installation of braces at the AllDental dental clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria. The procedure is performed by orthodontist Joanna Toneva with over 10 years of experience .

Which clinics do braces?

There are more than 80 clinics on the Bookimed platform where braces are installed. Of these, we have identified the TOP 5 best . When compiling the rating, the following were taken into account:

  • reviews and ratings of our patients;
  • effectiveness of treatment with braces;
  • qualifications and experience of orthodontists;
  • quality of medical service;
  • the speed of the organization of treatment.

Dental Bosphorus Dental and Oral Health Center in Turkey

Dental Bosphorus is a dental clinic in Istanbul that specializes in orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, implantology and surgery. Each year, the dental center receives more than 6,000 patients for treatment.

25 dentists with about 10 years of experience practice here. They regularly train and improve their skills in leading clinics in Europe.

Dental center Albusdent in Poland

Albusdent is a clinic in Krakow that specializes in functional and aesthetic dentistry. There are 11 narrow-profile departments where bite correction, prosthetics, tooth extraction, whitening and veneers are performed.

The clinic installs metal, ceramic, sapphire and removable braces. On average, orthodontic treatment takes 1.5-2 years.

Dental clinic MDental in Hungary

MDental is the center of dentistry in Budapest, where more than 45,000 patients are treated annually. Dentists of the clinic specialize in bite correction, installation of implants, veneers, crowns and maxillofacial surgery.

MDental holds 8 certifications for high quality dental treatments and services. The clinic has comprehensive treatment packages for international patients, which include transfer, consultation, procedure and medications.

Cancun Dental Center in Mexico

Dental Clinic Cancun is a clinic in Cancun that specializes in orthodontics, implantology, endodontics and periodontics. Dentists with more than 10 years of experience practice here , who annually treat about 30,000 patients . Doctors of the clinic every year undergo an internship in the USA, Brazil, Spain and other countries of the world.

Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand

Bumrungrad is a multidisciplinary hospital in Bangkok where more than 1,000,000 patients come for treatment every year. Here they perform bite correction, installation of implants, prosthetics, restoration and whitening of teeth.

The quality of treatment and the high level of medical service in the hospital are confirmed by international certificates GHA , JCI and DAISY . Bumrungrad is included in the ratings of the most technologically advanced and best clinics in the world according to the American magazine Newsweek.

Photo Before and After installation of braces

Check out photos of patients after their transformation. All of them have visited foreign dental clinics, which can also help you. By installing braces, in 1.5 years you will admire even and beautiful teeth, just like our patients.

Advanced Dental Solutions Dental Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

Фото пациента, брекеты

Dental clinic WestDent in Izmir, Turkey

Фото пациента до и после брекетов

Bookimed patient reviews

Check out the real stories of Bookimed patients who got braces. All of them are verified users who have booked a clinic through our platform or their companions. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that we publish positive and negative reviews . Therefore, you can make the most objective impression of doctors and clinics.

Anonymous user, Kazakhstan

Installation of braces in the dental clinic Evergreen Dental

I want to express my deep gratitude to the doctors of the clinic, my daughter came to them without an appointment with swelling of her face, her teeth became inflamed, the doctors provided qualified assistance, I wish Evergreen prosperity and success! Many thanks to the Bookimed team for organizing treatment abroad, they always take into account the preferences, the possibility of clients, I wish you success!

Natalia, USA

Dental treatment in the dental clinic Exclusive Dental Turkey

Everything went perfectly! Wonderful attentive and professional team of the clinic! I am very pleased. Thank you.

Irina, USA

Dental treatment at Sani Dental Group Playa del Carmen

We thank our Bookimed manager Aleksey for the attentive, professional solution of issues and organization of our trip. We are very satisfied with the clinic and plan to continue our treatment at Sunny Dental Playa del Karman.

Is it possible to put braces in adulthood?

Braces can be installed not only for a child, but also for an adult. Older patients will need more time to align the bite than children. In this case, the result will be equally successful if you turn to a highly qualified orthodontist .

Do I need to remove teeth for braces?

It is often necessary to remove wisdom teeth before installing braces, as they violate the correct position of other teeth. If you need surgery, the orthodontist will inform you after examining the panoramic x-ray of your teeth.

When do teeth start straightening after braces?

In most cases, the result is visible after 1.5-2 months, but to consolidate the effect, it is necessary to wear braces for about 1-3 years.

How long does it take to install braces?

The installation process of braces takes about 1-2 hours. It depends on the number of braces that the doctor will put in.

How long do teeth hurt after braces?

Your teeth may hurt for about 7-10 days, but the doctor will prescribe you an anesthetic that will relieve discomfort. After changing the archwire (every 2-3 months), some patients also experience toothache, depending on individual sensitivity.

When can't you get braces?

Contraindications to the installation of braces are:

  • inflammatory diseases in the oral cavity;
  • AIDS virus;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • blood diseases;
  • active tuberculosis;
  • diabetes;
  • osteopathy and osteoporosis;
  • acute mental illness.

How can Bookimed help you and your loved ones?

➤ Bookimed medical coordinators will select for you a clinic and doctors who specialize in braces . We will take into account the specifics of the medical case, your needs and wishes. You will receive an individual program of procedures with a cost and will be able to plan your travel budget in advance.

➤ Bookimed is an international service for the selection of medical solutions and the organization of treatment in more than 40 countries . Every month, our medical coordinators help 9,000 patients . Our mission is to provide everyone with the necessary medical solution and help at all stages: from choosing a clinic and organizing a trip to returning home. We stay in touch with you 24/7 so that your path to health is simple and comfortable.

➤ Bookimed services are free for patients. The selection of a solution and the organization of a trip do not affect your bill for treatment.

Leave a request to get a consultation from a Bookimed coordinating doctor.

Need help?

Medical coordinators consult you and help to make the right choice. Bookimed services are free for you and do not affect the clinic's bill.

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