A perfect smile makes a person more attractive and younger. Even the best makeup or expensive dress cannot make much sense if a smile is far from ideal — crooked teeth are often a problem many people face. And often, it causes not only aesthetic issues but also functioning ones. But luckily, these orthodontic care concerns can be pretty easily solved nowadays. 

The dentistry market represents a wide range of oral teeth solutions and teeth aligners. However, not everyone can afford them due to their high prices. So many people postpone placing braces, thinking it is impossible to have this service cheaper.

Cheap dental braces overview

Bookimed team has served thousands of people requesting to place dental braces. And a top question they often ask is, ‘How much do braces cost?’. Almost everyone, especially patients from the USA, the UK, and Canada, wants to find cheaper options because this procedure costs $3,000-$10,000 per jaw in their native countries. At the same time, you can get the same service in Mexico, Turkey, or Poland just for $1,000-$2,000.


Due to the high demand of such patients looking for cheap braces, the Bookimed team has composed this affordable dental braces guide to provide patients with:

How Much Do Braces Cost Globally?

The cost of teeth braces varies drastically, depending on 2 major criteria:

  • Where do you want to get braces? One of the primary ways to get braces cheaper is to do this procedure in a country offering lower prices. Just compare: you pay for dental braces $3,000-$10,000 in the USA, $400-$2,000 in Turkey, about $1,000-$2,500 in Mexico, or $500-$1,500 in Poland. The dentist’s salary level explains the price gap: in mentioned countries, it can be achieved 2-3 times, while the quality of the procedure performed is the same. Of course, if an experienced dentist manages a procedure.
  • What materials are aligners made of? One more aspect affecting price is the type of dental braces. It is obvious that traditional metal ones cost cheaper than aesthetic-looking invisible aligners.

Check the table to compare braces cost globally:

Country Prices
Mexico $1,000-$3,000



Dominican Republic














You can book a schedule in clinics located in any of these countries via Bookimed. It is a free option — you submit a request, and the Bookimed coordinator contacts you back to tell you all details about a clinic, doctor, and prices. If everything is OK for you, pick a suitable date and visit a clinic to place braces. In case you need another few options — a cheaper deal or an alternative clinic’s location, the Bookimed coordinator will guide you to find the best offer.


Braces Types and Their Cost Overview

The type of braces significantly affects the ultimate cost of braces. Obviously, only a doctor can recommend you a particular teeth aligner type, according to your medical case and budget. But to know more about available options and their prices, check the brief braces types overview.

Dental braces type

Traditional metal braces

Traditional braces made of metal are the cheapest options among dental braces applied. This braces type is the oldest, but still, they are pretty popular with doctors and patients. They consist of wires and small brackets placed in front of your teeth. They are noticeable to other people, but despite the lack of aesthetics, they work well and show good results.

Price comparison for metal braces:

Country Prices
Turkey $500-$1,200
Mexico $1,000-$1,800
USA $3,000-$7,000
UK $2,500-$3,700

Clear braces

Clear braces function like metal brackets but with a more aesthetic design and are less invisible. The rubber you should wear can be white or transparent. The cost of clear braces is 15% higher than metal ones. The effectiveness of these two bracket types is the same.

Price comparison for clear braces:

Country Prices
Turkey $700-$1,500
Mexico $1,200-$2,000
USA $4,000-$8,000
UK $3,000-$4,000

Lingual braces

These braces are the most aesthetically looking braces: no one will find out you wear them as long as they are fixated on the back of the teeth. However, a patient must wear them longer than standard braces. Plus, some discomfort may occur because a tongue can get injuries when touching braces. 

Lingual braces are not cheap options, and their price exceeds 15-20% of clear braces.

Price comparison for lingual braces:

Country Prices
Turkey $1,000-$2,000
Mexico $1,500-$2,500
USA $7,000-$10,000
UK $3,500-$5,000

The most affordable braces are metal ones, while the most expensive — are lingual braces. Clear braces provide the best ratio regarding aesthetic look and pricing. However, do not limit yourself: just submit a request for a dental discount plan and pick the most profitable deal with Bookimed.

Dental Braces Deals

If you want to get affordable braces, consider dental savings plans offered by Bookimed partner clinics. You can book any of them for free, depending on your requirements about the country where you want to find affordable braces within your budget.

Tooth Braces: Before and After Photos

West Dent Clinic, Turkey


Saluss Medical Group, Turkey


Evergreen Dental, Hungary


Dental Bosphorus, Turkey

Advanced Dental Solutions, Mexico

Where to Get Cheap Braces?

Once you’ve decided to get cheaper braces to straighten your teeth, the next step is to decide what country to come to for this purpose. Please take into account these tips while picking a destination for your new smile makeover to receive from our journey maximum profit.

  1. Check the duration and cost of the trip. Pick a country where the flight or alternative travel option is short in time. Usually, less durable trips cost less. However, always check how much you pay for your round-way trip. It is obvious that your dental braces journey will be profitable if you pay for tickets $50-$300. But if more — there is a question of whether it is worth traveling somewhere even if teeth braces here are much cheaper. 
  2. Pick countries offering dental braces packages. Dental braces package is an option providing braces covered with additional services like accommodation, transfer, and language assistance in the price. It allows saving 20-30% extra. Such benefits are frequent in Turkish and some Mexican clinics.
  3. Find out about accommodation options cost. When you come to another country, you should book a night or 2 to stay in a hotel. Calculate the expenses and add them to all wastes related to dental braces installation. Some medical providers, especially those in Turkey and Mexico, frequently offer dental savings plans, including accommodation in their partner hotels. 
  4. If you do not have much time to analyze and decide where to get cheaper dental braces, you can submit a request on Bookimed medical platform. The medical coordinator will contact you to provide top variants in your case. You will receive info about the clinic, doctor, and prices to book the best deal and get an excellent experience.

Compare the prices offered in different countries for braces. You can do it on this https://us-uk.bookimed.com/clinics/procedure=braces/, where 135 dental clinics in 14 countries are located. Book the deal and make your smile perfect. 

Cheap Dental Aligners: Alternative Options Overview

Opting for dental braces in other countries like Poland, Turkey or Mexico may allow you to save 50-60% of the budget compared to options represented in the USA, Canada, and some Western countries. 

One more method to make your teeth straight is Invisalign clear aligners. They are transparent caps you put on your teeth. You can wear them while eating or drinking. They are less noticeable than braces, and treatment duration is shortened — by 1 year on average instead of 1.5-2 years with braces.

The cost of Invisalign is10-15% higher compared with traditional braces. So, you can get Invisalign costs t in countries with low-medium price level policies are $2,000-$3,000. If you have a limited budget, you can hardly find cheap Invisalign for a price like traditional braces. So the choice is yours.

How to Get Braces Cheaper?

For customers looking for cheaper dental braces, there are several ways out:

  1. Look for dental discount plans. If you do not want to travel to another country to place dental braces, you may try finding cheaper options in your current country. Check discount programs and special offers available, especially at newly open facilities interested in attracting new patients.
  2. Travel to other countries. It is the best solution as you can save up to 50-60% of your budget. All you need is to decide where to go, make a clinic’s reservation, and come at a scheduled date to place dental braces.
  3. Find cheaper alternatives to braces. You may consider some old-fashioned way to straighten teeth that will be cheaper than braces. They can work if you have hardly noticeable teeth imperfections. Otherwise, be prepared to get an outcome you do not expect. 

Need help in finding affordable dental braces? Just submit a request, and select the best deal.


Does Dental Insurance Compensate for Dental Brace Prices?

It drastically depends on your dental insurance provider. However, in most cases, insurance does not cover or partially covers expenses related to dental braces placement. So it is unlikely to place free braces. However, willingness to find braces at a lower price often takes place as far as not everyone can afford to pay for this service in the USA, the UK or Canada from their pocket.

How Can Bookimed Help You?

  1. Check dental braces offers on this page or click here to see all available ones.
  2. Choose the deal you like the most.
  3. Submit a request.
  4. The Bookimed medical contacts you back to tell all details about the booked deal or offer to consider other ones.
  5. With the Bookimed coordinator, you pick a clinic where you want to get dental braces.
  6. The coordinator books the date of your visit to a clinic and arranges flight tickets and a hotel.
  7. You arrive at the clinic for a procedure.
  8. The coordinator stays in touch with you to contact you whenever you need.
  9. Bookimed support and trip arrangement are free.