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Indian miracle for Ukrainian sailor

Every day Bookimed assists hundreds of people from all over the world. Every case is particular to us. So we are ready to do everything possible and impossible to help patients. We want to tell you the incredible story, an example of never giving up! Igor Kravchenko, a Ukrainian sailor, cannot return to the sea anymore. But he will live. After 7 long years of pain and despair, this 46-aged calm lean man can breathe again after the heart and lung transplant. In 2009, Odessa citizen Igor Kravc...


500,000 Bookimed Patients: Stories Embracing Hope

Bookimed, a global platform for hospital search and treatment arrangement, is proud to share a new record: over 500,000 people have requested our services. Half a million — it means the world for us. Every new request means a new person with a unique story behind. It brings new experiences and challenges for us. We remember everyone. Keep reading the article to find out about the most inspiring cases.   The Power of Hope: 3 Life-Affirming Stories Most of our patients are people who...


Hair Transplant Success Story, ‘It took 7 hours with a lunch break. An anesthetic injection was the most painful part of the procedure.’

The US resident, Niko, challenged himself. He fulfilled his old dream and visited Istanbul to get a hair transplant. Niko is a Bookimed patient requested to arrange his journey to Turkey for gair surgery. And now he shares his hair transplant story. At 46 years of age, the US citizen, Niko, did what many men of his age think about but hesitate to do. For long, Niko didn't want to admit that the prospect of losing his hair worried him either, even to himself. But looking in the mirror o...


How revision rhinoplasty changes lives. A happy story of our patient

Zahra Abed had been suffering from the consequences of a poorly performed surgery for 8 years. And only in September of 2021, thanks to Bookimed, she became happy again. Today, Zahra admires her reflection in the mirror and smiles when someone takes her photo. Looking at this beautiful young woman, you would never have thought that a few months ago she suffered so much because of the way she looked. The reason for her insecurities was the unsuccessful septoplasty and rhinoplasty surgery perform...


Gastric Sleeve Surgery: How Our Patient Became Slimmer and Healthier

Gastric sleeve surgery became the last chance for Irene to get rid of excess fat. She was trying different types of dieting. All of them brought only a short-term or zero effect. Having gained 132 kilograms, Irene realized that she needed more effective options. Irene decided to have gastric sleeve surgery. Only a little time has passed, but Irene already feels her life has drastically changed: she resumes work and moves easier. Finally, Irene has got energy that equaled zero before surgery. U...


Lymphoma Survivor Story: How Little Carolina Got Over Burkitt Lymphoma

There are 2 main types of lymphomas: Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin. They develop and respond to the treatment in different ways. Hodgkin lymphoma is a rarely diagnosed disease, while non-Hodgkin often occurs and is represented by 30 subtypes. One of its most aggressive types is Burkitt lymphoma. However, even with this diagnosis, it is possible to become healthy again and return to the usual lifestyle. Is Lymphoma Curable in a Child? According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), 86% is a survival...


Gastric sleeve success story, “I’ve lost 70 kg and became the happiest person ever”

"I’ve lost almost 70 kg and became the happiest person ever" – Jasmine from Great Britain shares her sleeve gastrectomy experience. 28-years old Jasmine struggled trying to lose weight all her life. All the diets and restrictions did not work. The woman decided to make a sleeve gastrectomy – a bariatric procedure that removes 75-80% of the stomach and helps induce weight loss by restricting food intake. Jasmine lost almost 70 kg after a procedure, and her life has ...


"I Just Fell Asleep and Woke up with Beautiful Breasts," — Mariam's Breast Lift Experience

Loving yourself and enjoying life is the philosophy of 41-year-old Mariam from Denmark. After the giving birth of five children, the woman's body changed. However, this fact did not stop her on the way to the body of her dreams. Even though it required the plastic surgeon's intervention. Mariam shared how she decided to have surgery, why she chose a plastic surgeon abroad, and how her life has changed after the mammoplasty.   I really wanted to enjoy my body I am a cosmetologist...


“My Teeth Fell Out the Day After the Implantation. But Bookimed Helped Me Fix Everything“

Michael Capuano, a 64-year-old retired New Yorker, ate a sandwich on his flight from Istanbul to New York and felt two of his dental crowns fall out. The day before, he got two dental implants in one of the Turkish dental clinics. The trip was arranged by Bookimed, the service for treatment abroad. Six months later, Michael's new teeth are in place. He is pleased with the result and advises Bookimed to all his friends in the USA. We asked Michael to tell in detail about his unfortunate den...


Breaking Free: Yaroslav's Inspiring Triumph Over Epileptic Seizures

Real-life Experience Shared by Patient Treated by Dr. Antonio Russi Yaroslav's first epileptic seizure occurred at the age of 1.5, then the doctors decided that the seizures were caused by a lack of calcium in the body. Preparations containing a microelement did not bring relief, on the contrary, the number of attacks began to reach 30 per day. After consultations in medical institutions in different cities of Ukraine, the child was diagnosed with West's syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. To...