Gastric sleeve surgery became the last chance for Irene to get rid of excess fat. She was trying different types of dieting. All of them brought only a short-term or zero effect. Having gained 132 kilograms, Irene realized that she needed more effective options. Irene decided to have gastric sleeve surgery. Only a little time has passed, but Irene already feels her life has drastically changed: she resumes work and moves easier. Finally, Irene has got energy that equaled zero before surgery.

Useless diets

All Irene’s life, she was lively, active, and mobile. She was always in a good mood, liked joking and laughing, so Irene attracted people. In her youth, she was engaged in kayaking. Then she got married and had three sons. And everything seemed to be going well. But extra weight appeared extremely fast. At first, Irene started noticing excess kilos after her third son’s birth at 36. Then Irene managed to gain weight for a while, but it returned again. It coincided with her moving from Latvia to the UK. After some time, she divorced her husband. Against the backdrop of stress, she began to gain weight again. In addition, after breaking up with her husband, Irene decided to live for her pleasure: to eat what she wanted, not to deny herself anything. Gradually, the weight reached a critical point of 132 kg. And one day, Irene found that... she could not put on her socks. She couldn’t manage simple routine things anymore.

Irene in a ward

“6 years ago, I injured my leg,” says Irene. “After that, I had surgery on my knee. But doctors said that it would help for a year and a half, and then it would be necessary to change the knee joint. Soon, she had intense pain. It tormented her permanently. Irene could manage pain only with painkillers. I almost couldn't walk on my own. Doctors in Great Britain refused joint knee replacement surgery because of being overweight. They explained that there was no cause to perform surgery until I lost weight up to 100 kg”.

Irene’s son suggested she have gastric sleeve surgery. He shared his friend's story, who recently had such an operation performed, and the results were impressive.

Irene got excited about this idea, especially since she knew firsthand about such treatment. “In our family, obesity is a hereditary condition transmitted through a female line. My mother gained 160 kg. And 32 years ago, at Moscow's Sechenov Medical University, she underwent gastric bypass surgery. I think it was a kind of experimental surgical intervention. After that, my mother really lost weight, but another problem arose: a blood clot formed during the bypass surgery, and she had clinical death. Luckily, doctors saved my mother. So because of her experience, I already knew about such an operation.”

Luckily, modern gastric bypass surgeries are not as highly injury-rated as 30 years ago. Gastrectomy is typically performed to manage surgical obesity treatment. Surgeons operate it under general anesthesia by using a laparoscope. This approach allows resecting stomach parts through small incisions. As a result, a patient recovers for about 4-6 days. Doctors remove that part of the stomach during gastric sleeve surgery where ghrelin, an appetite-stimulation hormone, is produced. It enhances an effect after surgery.

Looking for Gastric Sleeve Options

Irene in a ward

Irene started googling possible gastric sleeve surgery options. While searching, she found a Bookimed website and submitted her request. Maria, the Bookimed medical coordinator, contacted Irene soon. “Maria suggested to me a Turkish clinic. The price was €2,900. This cost covered not only surgery and post-op stay in a hospital but also a hotel stay for me and my accompanying person (2 days in a hospital, 4 days in a hotel), meals, medications. Plus, a transfer and city trips fell in the pointed price.”

Irene was excited about a well-arranged journey. “Everything was great. I didn't even expect such a service level and attitude. A clinic representative met my accompanying person and me at the airport. The medical staff was very attentive. The clinic was modern and comfortable. The hotel was good as well. It is essential for me not to stay alone during such an experience. A Bookimed medical was in touch with me 24/7 to answer all questions. Even now, we keep in touch. I can write them anytime. They promised to contact me for a year.

Why Is Turkey a Top Option For Patients?

Dr. HE Clinic located in Istanbul, was recommended as a place for getting gastrectomy surgery. When Irene arrived at the clinic, she underwent a complete medical evaluation: doctors checked her liver, kidneys, lungs, and female reproductive organs. A precise cardiac examination was carried out, too. After two medical board meetings, doctors gave allowance to perform a gastrectomy.



Just right before surgery, Irene’s stomach was examined one more time. Then she has gastric sleeve surgery under anesthesia. Irene was worried that the operation was painful. However, she did not feel anything. Only several small punctures on her belly were left after surgery. She was surprised that no visible scars remained.

“I was afraid to take a sip of water. But it turned out that it is painless to eat and drink after surgery. However, at first, I drank only a little water. On the second day, I tried apple juice. On the third day, we got a lecture on how to eat properly. Specialists gave us protein cocktails, vitamins for a month, shakers, diets, and recipes, which we must follow. First, the food must be liquid and mushy. Then, I can eat what I want. When I came back from Turkey, I ate the same food as in Turkey: actimel, ayran, broth”.

Life’s Changes

Just after surgery, everything changed in Irene’s life. She has already lost 13 kg, and hopes it is just the beginning. Doctors promise that she will reach a weight of 100 kg in 2 months. Irene is preparing now for knee joint replacement.

Irene near a church

“I eat 3 times a day and have 2-3 snacks. Turkish doctors recommend not to limit portions much: they advise eating until you are full. I noticed that I eat less per one sitting, and I can control food consumption.”

The more important thing is that Irene has started eating healthier and stopped overeating. She became full of energy, always smiling, and easy-going.“I couldn't do anything. But now I notice that my youth habits have returned: I clean my flat, order things in my room. I believe that I will become slim soon.”

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