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Gastric Sleeve Surgery: How Our Patient Became Slimmer and Healthier

Gastric sleeve surgery became the last chance for Irene to get rid of excess fat. She was trying different types of dieting. All of them brought only a short-term or zero effect. Having gained 132 kilograms, Irene realized that she needed more effective options. Irene decided to have gastric sleeve surgery. Only a little time has passed, but Irene already feels her life has drastically changed: she resumes work and moves easier. Finally, Irene has got energy that equaled zero before surgery. U...


Gastric sleeve success story, “I’ve lost 70 kg and became the happiest person ever”

"I’ve lost almost 70 kg and became the happiest person ever" – Jasmine from Great Britain shares her sleeve gastrectomy experience. 28-years old Jasmine struggled trying to lose weight all her life. All the diets and restrictions did not work. The woman decided to make a sleeve gastrectomy – a bariatric procedure that removes 75-80% of the stomach and helps induce weight loss by restricting food intake. Jasmine lost almost 70 kg after a procedure, and her life has ...


Where to Get Cheap Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Top 5 Countries

Get -100 kg with gastric sleeve surgery at an affordable price! When a person has +100 kg above normal, they also have 100 problems. Obese people suffer not only from the overweight but from related diseases and mobility limitations as well. And because of the slim and nice-looking body cult, obese people feel awkward and insecure. Almost 2 billion adults aged 18+ over the world are overweight or obese according to WHO statistics. This number is even higher than the whole population of China, ...