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10 best hair transplant surgeons in the world: Bookimed Patient Ranking

Bookimed, an independent medical tourism platform, has composed a ranking of the best hair transplant doctors. It is based on our partner clinics data (38 clinics in 11 countries), 174 patient reviews, studying of the doctors' CVs. According to Bookimed partner clinics data, you can find the the best hair transplant surgeons in: Turkey Europe India Thailand South Korea   This Best Doctors Ranking is composed by the Bookimed team based on our real patient reviews, specialists' ...


5 Top Countries to Get the Best Hair Transplant in the World

A hair transplant is an effective option to treat hair loss, restore its growth, and make it denser. And what is important is that hair replacement surgery guarantees lifetimes and natural results, so no one even notices that they have done this procedure. Just imagine 600,000+ people have a hair transplant annually — like the whole population of one of the big cities in your country.  However, despite the apparent procedure's efficacy and popularity, men and women often face such is...


How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey in 2022 [Prices, Packages and Deals]

How much is a hair transplant in Turkey? This is the main question worrying people who are looking for cost-effective hair replacement options. The price for a hair transplant surgery starts at $900, but you will usually find that offers are in the range of $2,000-$2,800. What’s important to note is that for these fees, you will be able to obtain treatment at top hair transplant clinics. For about $2,500 you will acquire a procedure to transplant up to 4,500 grafts, with accommodation, tra...


Top 5 Cheapest Countries for Hair Transplant — Deals Overview

145 hair transplant clinics located globally are listed on the Bookimed website. Our medical coordinators have picked the top 10 medical facilities globally, where you can get an affordable hair transplant and be satisfied with the result. The chosen clinics offer the best hair transplant deals and received positive reviews from patients. Prices for a hair transplant: Clinic Deal price Estetik International Clinic, Turkey $2,000-$3,200 Istanbul Aesthetic Center...


Women's hair transplant cost — compare prices worldwide

About 1 out of 10 women will suffer hair loss because of hereditary issues, hormonal imbalance, menopause, aging, etc. In most of cases, female baldness can be corrected by medicines and cosmetic procedures. However, sometimes, only hair transplant can help to restore density and return hair health. A lot of women think that a hair transplant is a common option for men. But according to Estetik International Clinic representative's data, about 20% of such procedures are performed for women. So...


Hair plantation cost guide: hot offers around the world

The cost of hair transplant ranges from country to country. It means that the same procedure can cost more or less just depending on the state. To make your decision easier, Bookimed experts selected hot deals for hair transplant in different countries and discovered what each offer includes. Note that a pointed price covers not only the hair transplant procedure but also some additional services as transfer, accommodation language assistance. This material has information purposes only and aim...


Hair Transplant: Before and After Photo Gallery

Celebrities after hair transplant Hair transplant results in Turkey Before and after hair transplant in Poland Hair transplant result in India Are you still in doubts to have hair transplant or not? Just look at the pictures of celebs and other people who have become more attractive and younger after hair transplant. Imagine that you can forget about hair loss, and look like you are 18 again! Celebrities after hair transplant Before and after hair transplant photos of Elon Musk, a co-fo...


Hair Transplant Success Story, ‘It took 7 hours with a lunch break. An anesthetic injection was the most painful part of the procedure.’

The US resident, Niko, challenged himself. He fulfilled his old dream and visited Istanbul to get a hair transplant. Niko is a Bookimed patient requested to arrange his journey to Turkey for gair surgery. And now he shares his hair transplant story. At 46 years of age, the US citizen, Niko, did what many men of his age think about but hesitate to do. For long, Niko didn't want to admit that the prospect of losing his hair worried him either, even to himself. But looking in the mirror o...


Dr. Aziz Aksöz from Estetik International shares which hair transplant option is the best

Dr. Aziz Aksöz, a leading hair transplant specialist and researcher in Turkey, answers the most frequently asked questions by Bookimed patients. The doctor has over 15 years of experience and has performed more than 5,000 hair transplants! This is a real sign of doctor's professionalism and expertise in this field. Nowadays, Dr. Aziz Aksöz operates at Estetik International, one of the largest plastic surgery and cosmetology centers in Turkey. Every year, over 1,000 patients impro...