Bookimed, an independent medical tourism platform, has composed a ranking of the best hair transplant doctors. It is based on our partner clinics data (38 clinics in 11 countries), 174 patient reviews, studying of the doctors' CVs.

According to Bookimed partner clinics data, you can find the the best hair transplant surgeons in:

This Best Doctors Ranking is composed by the Bookimed team based on our real patient reviews, specialists' experience, scientific achievements, and success rates in a particular specialty, use of the innovative diagnostic or treatment methods.

Bookimed represents data provided by clinics' representatives and official websites of the authoritative organizations and editions.

The Ranking aims to provide patients with comprehensive material to make an informed decision about skilled doctors carrying out inpatient care over the world. The Ranking isn't a call to action and does not force you to make a choice, it has information purposes only.

Do you want to know who the best hair transplant specialist in the world is according to Bookimed? See the ranking below.

Top hair transplant doctors in Turkey according to Bookimed version

Dr. Safiye Kurt

Why is Dr. Safiye Kurt among top hair transplant doctors in the world?

20 years of hair transplant experience Over 4,000 hair transplants performed A pioneer in conducting FUE hair plantation within countries of the Persian Gulf.
Dr. Safiye Kurt, hair transplant doctor

Dr. Safiye Kurt is considered one of the best hair transplant specialists in Turkey. She was the first certified specialist across the countries of the Persian Gulf who started conducting FUE hair transplant.

This top-rated hair transplant doctor has over 20 years of experience. Among her patients was the UAE Minister of Health — the doctor performed hair transplant to him in 2012.

Dr. Safiye Kurt has improved her skills outside Turkey — in Europe, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East.

Nowadays, Dr. Safiye Kurt heads Adem&Havva Medical Center in Turkey. She conducts hair transplant for international patients — people from 45 countries visit this clinic to have cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Safiye Kurt is a member of the European Society for Hair Research (ESHR), an independent organization that promotes new research in hair pathologies.

*The info is provided by Bookimed partner clinic.

Prof. Onur Gürcan Ergen, hair transplant doctorProf. Onur Gürcan Ergen

Why is Prof. Onur Gürcan Ergen among the best FUE hair transplant doctors?

Prof. Onur Gürcan Ergen is an owner and leading hair transplant surgeon in Clinista Hair Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Prof. Ergen specializes in bald spot removal, all available methods of hair transplants, scalp micropigmentation, eyelash and beard transplant, female pattern hair loss treatment. The Professor has about 10 years of experience. Cooperated with Prof.Dr. Luigi Catania, renowned Italian plastic surgeon and ISHRS board surgeon. Is a member of the World Trichology Society.

*The info is provided by Bookimed partner clinic.

Mehmet Erdogan

Why is Dr. Mehmet Erdogan one of the best-rated hair transplant doctors?

Over 5,000 hair transplants performed more than 8 years of experience up to 95% of success rate.

Dr. Mehmet ErdoganDr. Mehmet Erdogan is among the best hair transplant specialists in Turkey. He carries out manual FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) and medical treatment of alopecia (hair loss).

The doctor has been working since 2011 as a hair transplant surgeon. Now, Dr. Erdogan heads the private medical center for hair transplant — Smile Hair.

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Healthcare Travel Council that confirms doctor's expertise and professionalism.

Read an exclusive interview with Dr. Mehmet Erdogan here to find all answers regarding doctor's experience and hair transplant process.

*The info is provided by Bookimed clinic data.

Omer Alp

Why is Dr. Omer Alp is one of top-rated hair transplant specialists?

  • over 5,500 FUE and DHI hair transplants
  • 40 years of experience

Dr. Omer Alp hair transplant specialistDr. Omer Alp works in Turkiye Hospital Hair Clinic. More than 5,500 hair transplant operations are on his account. Patients from Europe, the UAE, Saudi Arabia choose the clinic and entrust their appearance to Dr. Omer Alp.

Dr. Alp is a member of:

  • European Association of Plastic Surgeons
  • Turkish Medical Association
  • Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

*The data is provided by the clinic.

Nihat Çiçek

Why is Dr. Nihat Çiçek among the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey?

over 10 years of experience specializes in all types of hair transplant applies PRP and laser therapy.

Dr. Nihat CicekDr. Nihat Çiçek has been performing hair transplant since 2010. He provides hair transplant to the head, beard, eyebrow. Now he operates in Transes Hair Clinic.

Dr. Nihat Çiçek applies such techniques for hair plantation as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), Sapphire FUE (a tip of the instrument made of sapphire), Gold FUE (the instrument made of gold), FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant). The doctor also performs a procedure on scar tissue to hide a defect.

This hair transplant specialist also perform PRP therapy to stimulate the growth of implanted hair. Dr. Nihat Çiçek speaks English, so international patients will feel comfortable having a consultation without the language barrier.

*The info is provided by Bookimed partner clinic.

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Oya Şişman

Why is Dr. Oya Şişman among the best FUE hair doctors?

over 4,000 hair transplants performed affordable prices for the procedure.

Dr. Oya ŞişmanDr. Oya Şişman is one of the leading hair transplant specialists working at Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center.

Patients from the UK, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, and Argentina visit the clinic to have hair transplant under Dr. Oya's Şişman management.

This hair transplant doctor has already performed about 3,500-4,000 procedures. According to the Dr. Oya's Şişman exclusive interview to Bookimed , almost 100% of patients are satisfied with the result. During her practice, only 8 patients among thousands had complains. However, everything was corrected to make people happy.

*The info is provided by Bookimed partner clinic.

Top FUE surgeon in Europe according to Bookimed version

Dr. Gregory Turowski

Why is Dr. Gregory Turowski among top FUE surgeons in the world?

One of the world pioneers in robotic FUE hair transplant Over 10,000 hair plantations performed 8 years of experience in robotic hair transplant Included to the national "USA Top surgeons" guide.

Dr. Gregory Turowski, hair transplant doctorDr. Gregory Turowski can be considered as the best hair transplant surgeon in Europe and the USA. He opened hair restoration clinics in Poland (Katowice and Warsaw) and America (Chicago). Among the best cost-effective centers is Dr. Turowski Hair Restoration Clinic in Poland.

Dr. Gregory Turowski graduated from Yale and Harvard Universities (USA). He became one among first hair transplant surgeons in the world who started applying robotic FUE hair transplant.

The hair transplant doctor uses the latest ARTAS robot. This is a device that transplants a hair under doctor's control. The main advantage of robotic FUE is the ability to replace a bigger amount of grafts per 1 procedure and achieve a better result compared to a manual FUE.

Dr. Gregory Turowski is included in "USA Top surgeons" guide proving his popularity within the country.

Gregory Turowski is a member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). This society gathers top plastic surgeons across the world.

*The info is provided by Bookimed partner clinic.

Best hair transplant surgeon in India according to Bookimed version

Dr. C Vijay Kumar

Why is Dr. C Vijay Kumar among the best-rated hair transplant doctors?

Over 35 years of experience Over 10,000 plastic surgeries international practice.

Dr. C Vijay Kumar, hair transplant doctorDr. C Vijay Kumar has over 35 years of experience in plastic surgery and hair transplant — he has performed over 10,000 cosmetic procedures. The doctor studied in the USA and Austria to get the best world experience and implement it in India.

Dr. Vijay opened his plastic surgery clinic — Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, famous across India. This hair transplant specialist performs 2 types of the procedure — FUE and Bio-FUE hair transplant.

The latest trinocular microscope is used during the hair transplant in the clinic. It allows transplanting grafts precisely and with minimal injury rate.

This hair transplant doctor offers affordable prices for the procedure.

*The info is provided by Bookimed partner clinic.

Best hair replacement specialist in Thailand according to Bookimed

Dr. Darmkerng Pathomvanich

Why is Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich among the best hair transplant doctors?

Over 20 years of experience A pioneer in LASER hairline design usage Golden Follicle Award winner from ISHRS

Dr. Darmkerng Pathomvanich, hair transplant doctorDr. Damkerng Pathomvanich has been performing hair transplant for about 20 years. He was the first hair transplant surgeon in Thailand who started using a LASER assist for hairline design. This allows a patient to choose a design of hairline before the hair transplant procedure.

This hair transplant doctor is certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery that confirms doctor's experience.

Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich is a member of ISHRS (the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery), the 1st independent international society to promote quality medical services for hair treatment. He has got the Golden Follicle Award for the outstanding clinical contributions related to the hair restoration field.

This top hair transplant specialist accepts patients at Bumrungrad Medical Center.

*The info is provided by Bookimed partner clinic.

Top-rated hair transplant surgeon in South Korea according to Bookimed

Kyoungku Lee

Why is Dr. Kyoungku Lee is among the best-rated hair transplant doctors?

a member of prestigious local and international hair transplant societies performs robotic hair transplant by ARTAS.

Dr. Kyoungku LeeDr. Kyoungku Lee performs hair transplant in Banobagi Clinic which serves more than 2,000 people from the USA, China, Vietnam. Banobagi is an official partner of Let Me In Show, one of the most popular in Asia.

Dr. Kyoungku Lee is a member of:

  • Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons
  • Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery.

The hair transplant specialist has been practicing in the leading Asian and US plastic surgery clinics.

*The info is provided by Bookimed partner clinic.

How to choose the best hair transplant surgeon in the world?

The choice of the highly-skilled doctor is a key factor to the successful outcome of the procedure. However, it is not always easy to find a real professional, especially when you hair transplant for the first time. Nowadays, a lot of people, who even do not have a medical education, can become a hair transplant specialist. In this case, nobody will guarantee the quality and safety of the procedure. So, you need to be very careful about choosing the best hair surgeon in the world. You can follow these simple recommendations and pay attention to minimize risks:

  • Hair transplant doctor's education. A top-rated specialist must have a medical education, improve the skills attending specialized courses, practice in the leading medical centers. So, also check the doctor's CV and search for the information on the reliable sources.
  • A number of performed hair transplants. A doctor's experience depends on the number of hair replacements he/she has performed. Some specialists have thousands of procedures on their account.
  • Membership in the prestigious organizations. The best hair transplant doctors in the world are often members of international specialized societies. It helps them to interchange the experience and keep up with the latest hair transplant techniques.
  • Patients' reviews. The experience of patients, who have already had hair transplant procedure, can help to make the right choice of FUE surgeon. You can find verified reviews regarding hair transplant on Bookimed website.
  • Before & after photos. This is one more helpful option to choose the best hair transplant doctor in the world. Always ask for a portfolio to understand what outcome you can expect.

If you have some doubts about choosing the best hair transplant specialist, you can submit a request on Bookimed website. Our medical coordinator will contact you to answer all questions and assist in choosing a hair transplant specialist. This option is free.

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How to find the best hair transplant surgeon?

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If you need, contact Bookimed medical coordinator to get required info about the doctor, his/her portfolio and cost of hair transplant.

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