The cost of hair transplant ranges from country to country. It means that the same procedure can cost more or less just depending on the state. To make your decision easier, Bookimed experts selected hot deals for hair transplant in different countries and discovered what each offer includes. Note that a pointed price covers not only the hair transplant procedure but also some additional services as transfer, accommodation language assistance.

This material has information purposes only and aims to tell about the most cost-effective skilled inpatient care. It isn't a call to action. The choice is yours.

All prices, saving rates, and other cost information given below have 3 independent sources:

  1. hospital representatives, who are responsible for price relevance and other info on the clinic
  2. the Bookimed medical team, which calculates saving rates according to data submitted by the rated medical facilities to make comparison and decision more comfortable
  3. official websites of authoritative organizations that provide cost peculiarities, facts, and figures.

Prices are approximate and may change according to the clinic's internal price policy and exchange rates. Note that the final cost is estimated by treating physician.

Bookimed experts have picked clinics for hair transplant, which they would definitely recommend to their relatives. The ranking of the clinics listed below contains only the best centers providing up to 98% success rates of a hair transplant. Over 1,000 patients have already requested to Bookimed and received consultation on hair transplant!

The optimal price for hair transplant ranges between $1,600-$3,400. This is a PACKAGE PRICE. This is like to a have vacation in Turkey (the accommodation, transfer, and even interpreter are included) but additionally, you receive a hair transplant.

Just paying $1,600, you can change your life forever like this guy:


Elon Musk

Compare hair transplant prices in:



How much transplant costs in Turkey — $1,600-2,300

Istanbul Aesthetics
hair transplant cost — $1,600

✔️ Over 4,000 patients choose the clinic annually

The clinic offers package prices for esthetic procedures, including hair transplant.

Here are available FUE and DHI hair plantation options. Sapphire FUE is applied here. This is a seamless method of hair transplant using a microsurgical instrument with a sapphire blade. It is very thin, so a doctor extracts grafts (a set of 1-4 hairs) very easily and transplants them on the hairless area.

DHI is the analog to FUE option, but there is a difference — hairs are implanted using a special instrument that works like a retractable pen. A doctor puts hairs in this instrument, and then quickly inserts them into the skin.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections are also used to stimulate hair growth, recover shine and natural color. It is applied as an option for baldness treatment at an early stage.

The cost of hair transplant includes:

  • the procedure itself
  • transfer
  • admission
  • 6 nights in a hotel
  • all medicines

Submit a request to schedule your hair transplant at Istanbul Aesthetics. This option is absolutely free.


Estetik International
hair transplant price $2,250

✔️ World's leading plastic surgeon heads the clinic

Estetik International is one of the largest centers for plastic surgery in Istanbul.

There are available a seamless FUE and FUE organic hair transplant.

During the FUE procedure, a doctor extracts the follicles and places them in a special solution. When a doctor receives a required number of grafts, he/she implants them into the hairless area. During and after the procedure, a hair transplant surgeon conducts PRP-therapy (platelet-rich plasma injections). It helps transplanted follicles to take roots fast and makes hair healthier.

Dr. Bülent Cihantimur, the head of Estetik International, developed organic hair transplant. This is a combination of a traditional seamless FUE technique with stem cells injections in skin on the head. Stem cells increase the success rate of the procedure and restore the hair density shortly. According to the clinic's data, 96% is a success rate of organic hair transplant here.

Hair plantation price at Estetik International includes:

  • transplantation (the price can vary depending on area size)
  • consumable materials and medications
  • special shampoo for a recovery period.
  • anesthesia
  • admission
  • transfer

If you need a consultation on the clinic, see before & after photos, get a personalized price of hair plantation, just submit a request. This option is free.


Adem & Havva Clinic
hair transplant cost $1,600

✔️ The head of the clinic performed hair transplant for the UAE Minister of Health

Adem & Havva is a center for esthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery in Istanbul. This is a top choice of patients from 45 countries.

16,000 of procedures for appearance correction have been performed in the clinic.

The head of the medical center is Dr. Safiye Kurt who is the 1st certified hair transplant specialist in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. In 2012, she conducted a hair replacement for the UAE Minister of Health.

Hair transplant at Adem & Havva is performed applying a seamless FUE technique which does not leave scars. Doctors combine a transplant with PRP-therapy (platelet-rich plasma injections) to increase the implanted grafts survival rate.

The price for hair replacement includes:

  • blood test
  • transplantation (a maximum number of grafts)
  • PRP-therapy
  • medications during the recovery period (3 days)
  • shampoo that stimulates the healing process of the head skin
  • 3 days in a 5-star hotel
  • transfer (airport — hotel — clinic — hotel — airport)

If you need consultation regarding the clinic, see before & after photos, get a personalized cost of hair plantation, just submit a request. This option is free.


Smile Hair Clinic
hair plantation cost $2,050

✔️ Over 5,000 hair transplant procedures performed

Smile Hair Clinic is specialized in hair plantation only. The founders of the clinic are doctors Mehmet Erdogan and Gökay Bilkin.

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan has performed over 5,000 hair transplant procedures for 8 years of practice. Dr. Gökay Bilkin specializes not only in esthetic hair plantation but also in follicles transplant after injuries and burns on the head skin.

The clinic serves patients from 18 to 65 years old. Smile Hair Clinic offers one of the best package prices for hair plantation in Turkey.

Hair implants transplant cost covers

  • examination, consultation with a doctor before and after the procedure
  • blood test
  • transplantation of a maximum number of follicles grafts
  • painkillers during and after the procedure
  • special shampoo which a patient uses during a month after the procedure
  • 2 nights in a 4-hotel with breakfasts
  • transfer (airport — hotel — clinic — hotel — airport)
  • interpreter services.

If you need consultation regarding the clinic, see before & after photos, get a personalized cost of hair plantation, just submit a request. This option is free.

Hair transplant surgery cost in India — about $750

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

✔️ The best price for hair transplant among the listed clinics

Dr. VJs Plastic Surgery Clinic is a medical center that specializes in performing hair transplant and esthetic operations.

Doctors in the clinic carry out FUE and Bio-FUE hair transplants. Bio-FUE differs from the standard one by using hair growth stimulants. They are injected in the skin on the head to speed up the recovery and improve the result.

The head of this Indian clinic is Dr. C. Vijay Kumar who has performed over 10,000 plastic surgeries. He studied cosmetic surgery in the universities of the USA and Austria. Patients from the UK, UAE, USA, Malaysia choose Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery Clinic due to the affordable hair replacement cost without quality loss.

Hair plantation cost is $750

It includes:

  • a consultation with a doctor
  • hair transplant itself
  • admission.

If you need consultation regarding the clinic, see before & after photos, get a personalized cost of hair transplant, just submit a request. This option is free.


Hair grafting cost in Poland — approx. $3,400

Dr. Turowski Restoration Clinic

✔️ Top world's specialist in hair transplant founded the clinic

Dr. Turowski Hair Restoration Clinic is a specialized center for hair transplant and recovery, located in Katowice. The clinic is a filial facility of Hair Restoration Center (Chicago, USA).

Dr. Turowski, the 1st doctor in Poland and one among the first in the world who has started performing robotic hair transplant, heads the clinic. Dr. Turowski practiced in top US medical facilities and brought the experience to Poland.

There are 2 options for hair transplant — a manual and robotic FUE techniques. During manual FUE, a doctor extracts follicles and transplants them into the hairless area. Robotic transplantation is performed using ARTAS 9x robotic system. It is equipped with artificial intelligence. The system analyzes a donor's area, selects the best follicles and extracts them under the doctor's control. Then a robot makes punctures on the hairless area taking into account a natural hairline growth and its density to implant follicles accurately.

A robotic hair transplant goes faster than a manual one. During such a procedure, less implanted hairs are damaged, and the result is more natural.

The hair transplant price in Dr. Turowski Restoration Clinic —from $3,400

The cost includes:

  • a procedure itself
  • consumable materials.

If you need consultation regarding the clinic, see before & after photos, get a personalized cost of hair plantation, just submit a request. This option is free.


How much does hair transplant cost in Lithuania? — starting $2,500

Kardiolita Private Clinic

✔️ Up to 30% discount for hair transplant

Lithuania offers quite affordable hair transplant prices compared to other European countries due to low general price policy within the state. The cost of hair transplant here is 10-15% lower than in Poland, and about 40-50% than in Germany or Switzerland.

Kardiolita Private Clinic offers one of the most affordable hair transplants in Lithuania. Despite the best price, the clinic is among the leading medical centers within the country. Kardiolita is the 1st clinic among the Baltic States that has received Joint Commission International accreditation. It confirms the high quality of medical services complied with the world standards.

There are 2 main options applied for hair transplant — FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation).

Kardiolita Clinic offers up to 30% discount for a hair transplant till 1 of August 2019.

The hair plantation cost depends on the number of transplanted grafts:

  • up to 1,500 grafts — $2,500
  • 1,500-2,000 — $3,000
  • 2,000-2,500 — $3,500
  • 2,500-3,000 — $4,200
  • 3,000-4,000 — $5,300
  • 4,000-7,000 — $8,700

Note that the clinic provides prices in EURO. If some currency fluctuations occur, the hair transplant price in USD may be changed.

Submit a request to get a personalized price for hair transplant in your case.


Hair plantation cost in South Korea — starting $3,900

Seoul Queen Plastic Surgery Center

✔️ Premium level plastic surgery center

Patients from Asia, the USA, and Europe entrust their appearance change to doctors at this center.

The specialists apply the latest techniques in plastic surgery to achieve the best result.

After having hair transplant at Queen, you receive a personal coordinator for consultation. This person stays in touch with you and remotely controls how your recovery goes.

The cost for hair operation at Queen is from $3,900

It covers:

  • the procedure itself
  • doctor's fee
  • language assistance.

The transfer, accommodation, language assistance are not included in the hair transplant price and are paid additionally.


Hair transplant cost in Germany — approx. $4,500

Meoclinic Hospital

German healthcare is considered of medium-high level price policy. Due to this, the cost of hair transplant here is 10-15% higher than in Poland, and about 30% than in Turkey. However, in comparison with South Korea or Switzerland, the cost of hair transplant in Germany seems fair price.

Among the clinics that offer hair transplant in Germany is Meoclinic located in Berlin. This medical facility works according to ISO 9001:2008 that means a procedure is performed at the highest standard level.

The cost of hair grafting at Meoclinic — $4,500

It includes:

  • the procedure itself
  • consumable materials.

To get personalized cost of hair transplant, submit a request. This option is free.


How much does it cost to have a hair transplant in Switzerland? — approx. $9,000

Lemanic Clinic

✔️ Premium class services

Switzerland is considered as an expensive country. The prices here are high for everything — accommodation, meals, medical services. However, paying more, a patient receives the highest standards of healthcare and assistance.

Lemanic Clinic is a pure example of Swiss quality and high standards in plastic surgery. The clinic has been working in this field for over 20 years and achieved excellent results. Lemanic got the Crystal Trophy as the best plastic surgery clinic in Europe. It was also awarded by UNESCO as "Merit for Development of Technology in Aesthetic Medicine."

Lemanic doctors perform hair transplant similar to FUE, but the hairs are transplanted one by one to achieve the most natural result and perfect hairline growth. There is an alternative option — bio hair implants (BHI) plantation. In this case, artificial hairs that look like natural ones are transplanted instead of patient's ones.

A patient stays in a luxury hotel with an amazing view of the Alps.

The hair plantation cost at Lemanic is from $9,000

The price includes:

  • the hair transplant procedure
  • consumable materials.

Submit a request to get a personalized hair transplant surgery cost and find out what charges you need to cover additionally. This option is free.


Compare the hair replacement cost in the countries around the globe represented below*:


Hair transplant cost starts from

India $750
Turkey $1,800
Poland $3,500
South Korea $4,000
Thailand $4,500
Germany $4,500
USA $9,500

*The given hair transplant price is approximate. It can differ depending on a clinic or exchange rate. If you want to know how much a hair transplant is in your particular case, submit a request.


Does an insurance cover hair transplant charges

The cost of the hair transplant may vary from $1,500 in India or Turkey to $20,000 and over in the USA. Usually, the hair transplant is out-of-pocket. Insurance companies consider the procedure as a cosmetic one, so do not cover the hair transplant cost.

That’s why the hair plantation cost is one of the key factors why people decide to do this procedure not at home, but in other countries.

The approximate number of grafts required for every case.

What does the hair transplant price depend on?

Worth saying that only a doctor can calculate the hair transplant price during the consultation. But there are such factors that significantly influence the hair transplant cost:

  • The country. The average hair transplant cost varies from country to country. For instance, the price in Europe may be up to 2 times lower than in the USA. The price policy in Europe, Korea, Israel is approximately at the same level. The best hair transplant prices are in Turkey, India, and Malaysia. They are 20-50% lower than in Europe.
  • The clinic. The hair replacement cost may vary within the country in different medical facilities. Some centers offer special prices for a hair transplant. But it is better to avoid clinics with suspiciously low hair transplant costs.
  • The hair transplant type. FUE (seamless) hair transplant cost is usually higher than the FUT hair transplant price. Learn more about these techniques below.
  • The hair transplant cost per graft and its quantity. It is difficult to determine the average hair transplant cost because it depends on a number of grafts a patient needs. From 1,000 to 7,000 grafts may be required. The bigger number of grafts is necessary, the higher hair grafting cost is.
  • The size of a hairless area. The hair transplant cost for beard, head, eyebrows differs due to the size of these areas. The same concerns the hairline transplant cost.
  • Surgeon’s skills and experience. Doctors with vast experience and positive patients’ reviews may ask for a higher fee increasing the hair transplant price. The choice of a highly-skilled doctor is a key factor to the procedure success. It is better to pay a higher hair plantation price and be sure of the result.

Except for the above-mentioned factors, it is necessary to calculate the travel charges. For instance, people who want combine treatment and vacation will spend more money. Also, the hair replacement cost may be affected with airport-clinic transfer or taxi, accommodation for 5 days (a compulsory duration of stay in a country to gave a hair transplant).

You can find the hair implants cost in different countries below:

Hair transplant cost for 1,000 grafts















2,000 grafts hair transplant cost















3,000 grafts hair transplant cost















4,000 grafts hair transplant cost















5,000 grafts hair transplant cost















*The hair transplant prices may vary depending on the chosen clinic, doctor’s experience. Also, majority of medical facilities offer a lower cost per grafts, if their number is over 2,000.

The prices are updated for 31.10.2018.


Special hair transplant prices

Some clinics offer the hair transplant package prices. It allows saving 20-30% of your money.

The special hair transplant cost already includes transfer, language assistance, accommodation.

You can find special hair transplant prices in different clinics and countries here.

Submit a request to know how much grafts you need and how much hair implants cost in your particular case.

Calculate the hair transplant cost

Hair transplant step-by-step

Hair transplant is one of the most effective ways to restore the hair on the head, beard, mustache, eyebrow. It is prescribed in case of baldness (alopecia) and to hide scars or injuries. Over 350,000 people have hair transplant annually.

90% is an average world success rate for a hair transplant. It means that at least 9 out 10 transplanted hairs are successfully replanted.

The transplanted hair looks natural, so nobody notices the difference between transplanted and origin hair.


Fast facts about hair transplant

1. Hair transplant result is permanent.

2. Hair plantation may be performed for men and women.

3. Only own hair may be transplanted, donor's one is rejected.

4. Hair transplant procedure takes 4-7 hours.

5. Hair transplant is a very popular procedure among the world-renowned people. Among them are Elon Musk, John Travolta, Jude Law, Matthew McConaughey, etc.

6. Hair transplant cost may differ by 20 (!) times depending on the country. About the hair transplant surgery cost read below.


Nowadays, doctors apply 2 main hair transplant techniques:

  • FUE (follicular unit extraction)
  • FUT (follicular unit transplantation), or Strip method.


FUE hair transplant technique

FUE is a minimally invasive seamless hair transplant type. During the procedure, a doctor extracts hair follicles and creates grafts (a group of 3-4 follicles). The follicles are taken from the nape area or other parts — the breast, legs, beard. Then, these grafts are transplanted to the hairless area without incisions or stitches.

FUE hair transplant steps:

Step. 1. “Drilling-out” the follicles with a special microsurgical instrument, their extraction, and preparation.

Step. 2. Creating the channels for a hair transplant in the hairless area.

Step. 3. Single-piece implantation of grafts in the prepared channels.

FUE technique is performed in 2 ways:

  • Manual. A doctor transplants the grafts using a special tube. This is a time-taking process — up to 6 hours. During this period, a doctor may get tired and become less attentive. That is why only up to 3,000 grafts can be transplanted for 1 session. The number of sessions also influences the hair plantation cost.
  • Robotic. Some clinics are equipped with robotic units. The devices do not ‘get tired’ and can perform a hair transplant as long as necessary. The hair transplant cost with a robot is higher than a manual one.

Duration of the FUE hair transplant procedure: 5-8 hours.

FUE hair transplant technique

Advantages of the FUE hair transplant: no scarring, fast recovery period.

Disadvantages of the FUE hair transplant: it is not applied for patients with the large hairless area, the hair transplant operation takes more time than FUT one.

The FUE hair transplant cost is more expensive than FUT one due to its low-injury rate and accelerated recovery.

FUT hair transplant technique

FUT is a hair transplant method when a doctor takes a hairy strip from the donor area and then divides it into grafts.

FUT hair transplant steps:

Step. 1. A doctor marks the donor’s skin area (strip). Its length is 20-25 cm, width — 1.5 cm.

Step. 2. A doctor carefully cuts out the marked skin area with a lancet. Then the injury is stitched.

Step. 3. The received strip is divided into grafts (a group of 3-4 follicles).

Step. 4. A doctor creates the channels in the recipient area with a special instrument.

Step. 5. The grafts are implanted into the prepared channels.

Duration of the FUT hair procedure: 3-4 hours.

FUT hair transplant technique

Advantages of the FUT hair transplant: it is applied for patients with a big in size hairless area, shorter operation time.

Disadvantages of the hair transplant: high injury-rate and scaring.

The FUT hair transplant cost is cheaper than the FUE one. It does not require such an accuracy than the FUE transplant.

Choose the hair transplant clinic now

Recovery after the procedure

The rehab duration after a hair transplant is individual; it depends on personal features.

A patient does not need admission after the procedure. After the operation, a doctor applies a bandage on the donor area, prescribes painkiller (if necessary) and special shampoo to boost the healing process. A patient needs to visit a doctor on the 5th day after the operation.

The result after a hair transplant is visible in 6-10 months. Before this, a patient needs to pass the following steps:


1 month after a hair transplant


The healing process after a hair transplant takes 5-10 days. A special shampoo is used to wash the head. A patient can wash the hair as usual in 2-3 weeks. This shampoo is usually included in the hair transplant cost.

As a rule, in 20-25 days after the procedure, transplanted hair starts to fall out. This is a normal condition. The process takes about 2 months.


2 months after a hair transplant


Within the 2nd month, a patient can see a growth of a new hair. It is thin but soon becomes denser.


3-6 months after a hair transplant


The growth of transplanted hair is active. A patient notices that it becomes thicker.


6-10 months after a hair transplant


During this period a patient observes the most impressive ‘before-after’ difference.


1 year after a hair transplant


It takes a year to estimate the final hair transplant result. In rare cases, it may take a little longer.


How much does hair transplant recovery cost?

The previously calculated hair transplant you should pay in the clinic changes rarely. But additional charges may appear during the rehab period. However, they won’t affect the hair transplant surgery cost significantly. Among them are:

  • painkillers to make the recovery period more comfortable
  • antibiotics to prevent infection
  • anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce post-surgical swelling.

If the recovery period is complicated, additional visits to doctor may be required. It also influences the hair transplant surgery cost.


Hair transplant: results

People who suffer from hair loss or baldness often consider a hair transplant as the most effective solution of their problem. After the procedure they receive:

  • The perfect visual result. Transplanted hair grows the same way as patient’s own.
  • Transplanted hairs do not fall out.
  • Scars are absent or almost invisible (if the FUE technique is applied).
  • A patient feels confident and looks great.


Hair transplant with Bookimed: best options

Bookimed International Patients Support Center cooperates with the best hair transplant clinics around the globe. If you want to arrange the hair transplant procedure in the shortest term, submit a request on Bookimed. Our medical doctor will contact you to answer all your questions and assist in:

  • Selecting a doctor. Bookimed medical doctor will provide you with the “before-after” portfolio of a particular specialist to make you sure in a perfect result.
  • Choosing a clinic. Bookimed requests the hair plantation price in the clinics you are interested in. You compare the hair transplant surgery costs and choose the most suitable for you.
  • Arranging your medical trip. Bookimed team arranges the hospital stay, airport-hospital transfer.

Bookimed services do not affect the hair replacement cost. You pay the hair transplant surgery price right in the chosen hospital.


  • Will the transplanted hair fall out?
  • After the procedure, you may see that transplanted hair is falling out. It is absolutely normal process. Soon, instead of the fallen grafts, new hair will start growing.


  • Why does the hair transplant cost significantly vary from country to country?
  • The hair transplant cost in India, Malaysia or Turkey is 2-3 times lower than in Europe, and 5-10 times lower than in America or Canada. The hair transplant price difference is significant. Still, the low hair plantation cost does not mean a poor result. Most of Indian, Malaysian, Turkish clinics are the same internationally certified as American or European ones. So, if you want to save money and receive the same quality, choose the best hair transplant cost for you.



  • What does the hair replacement cost usually includes?
  • In most of the cases, the hair transplant charges are already included in the cost: hair transplant procedure, doctor's fee, accommodation, anesthesia, special shampoo to wash the hair after operation. Some hospitals also include transfer and language assistance in the hair transplant cost.



  • How to know how many grafts do I need and what is the hair implants cost?
  • The hair transplant total cost can be calculated only by a specialist. A doctor calculates the hair implants (grafts) price and their number. You can send a photo to the chosen clinic and a doctor will determine the hair grafting cost. Submit a request on Bookimed to know the exact hair transplant total cost.



  • How will I choose a hair transplant surgeon?
  • Before choosing a doctor, read on the patients’ reviews. A doctor must apply innovative technologies and have the hair transplant portfolio. Submit a request on Bookimed to receive a hair transplant portfolio.



  • How quickly will a new hair grow?
  • First hairs will appear in 5-6 months after the procedure. The final result you will estimate in 9-12 months.



  • When can I start washing my head after the hair transplant?
  • After the hair transplant, a doctor washes your head. Then you receive a special shampoo (already included in the hair transplant cost), and you wash the head yourself in 4-5 days after the procedure.



  • Is a hair transplant painful?
  • During the hair transplant, a patient is under general anesthesia. You won’t feel any pain. The following 5 days after the operation, you will have painful sensations, but they will disappear soon.



  • Is it possible to perform a hair transplant for women?
  • Yes, it is possible to perform a hair transplant for women. But firstly, it is necessary to determine the causes of alopecia. If it is related with hormone imbalance, a hair transplant is not indicated. The hair transplant shows good results for women with baldness of “men’s” areas — the pate or crown. It is usually caused by hereditary predisposition. The women hair transplant cost is the same as men’s one.



  • Can I make a hair transplant for beard, moustache or eyebrows?
  • Yes, the hair transplant is performed to make beard, mustache or eyebrows thicker.