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Turkey, Istanbul

Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey

Doctor 4.8
Facilities 4.6
staff 4.8
Language assistance 4.5
Support 4.9
2 accreditations
hospital certificates of quality
97% Patients
recommended this clinic
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The medical center is a Bookimed Official Partner. Thus, we arrange treatment for international patients as a hospital representative with no intermediaries and extra charges.

About the clinic

Smile Hair Clinic is a specialized hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Istanbul. It all started with Dr. M. Erdogan and Dr. G. Bilgin's passion for advancement in hair transplantation. Devoting years of experience to FUE hair transplantation techniques, led them to introduce their difference in medical aesthetics by establishing Smile Hair Clinic in 2018.

Since then, Smile Hair Clinic has been a global benchmark for best-in-class medical hair transplantation clinics in the region, which has served over 10,000+ gentlemen. The clinic’s reputation has been recognized by many authorities including BBC Healthcare Tourism Documentary Series.

The Smile Hair team uses the Micro FUE method for hair transplantation of 4,000 grafts without any scars on the skin. Patients from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, the UAE choose this hospital for hair transplant.


2018 Year of foundation
6 doctors
5000 patients per year
2000 Operations per year
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Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey
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Treatments prices in the clinic

Last price update — 29.04.2022. Prices can be changed depending on the medical case and doctor's recommendations.
Plastic Surgery
Eyebrow transplantation Price on request
DHI hair transplantation Price on request
Beard transplant Price on request
Hair transplant $1890 - $2690
FUE hair transplant $1890 - $2690

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hospital accreditations of quality

Turkish Medical Association certificate for Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey
Turkish Medical Association
TR, Turkish Medical Association certificate for Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery certificate for Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery certificate for Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey

Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey: more details about the clinic

Turkey, Istanbul

Smile Hair Clinic is re-located to the financial district of East Istanbul and continues its operation in its 10-floor, elegantly designed, high–tech clinic building where a team of 100+ well-trained staff is working. The quality and excellence of hair transplantation operations performed at Smile depend on intensive training procedures. Every team member at Smile is well-trained and tested by TrueTM Philosophy success criteria.

Founders' top priority consists of three critical components:

  1. aesthetics — an extremely natural-looking hair is one of the top pursuits at the operations;
  2. the ultimate comfort of the patient during and after the operation;
  3. the total transformation of the patient in the long run.

Approach & Techniques

The aesthetics is sustained by up-to-date scientific advancements. Extraction of correct grafts from the donor area is the first and key step in the techniques. True Planning helps determine the exact number of grafts needed and select them carefully and avoid over-harvesting. A common myth in transplantation is that extracting a higher number of grafts from donor areas does means that the operation will result in success, the Smile Hair team believes that's wrong. The key principle at Smile Hair is planning the ability to select the correct grafts from the donor area in the first place. True Planning also allows securing that your donor area stays resourceful if you need another transplantation operation in the long run. At our extraction process, we always monitor the fractal rates to ensure that extracted graft is high quality and healthy.

Another key step is planning the transplantation area, by arranging single, double, and triple grafts to sustain the natural and thick look. In the light of scientific studies, it's unnecessary to transplant high numbers in specific areas. Therefore, planning correct angles, and planting correct grafts to certain areas is much more effective than just trying to transplant the high number of grafts.

Considering that every patient has a different type of facial structure and different colored skin, it's essential to conduct planning concerning the patient's facial features.

At this step, the parameters of the canals are essential for success. These parameters are direction, angle, and the depth of the canal. These parameters should be in harmony with patients' existing hair. Determining the correct depth of the canal results in healthy growing new hair.

Hair transplantation surgery is all about sustaining a natural look, transitions, and correct shadows. Local experts combine this art with scientific physics and mathematics.

Highest Grade Medical Operation Standards

Smile Hair Clinic stands for the patient's benefit first, therefore Smile never promises surrealistic results in advance and never creates an unreachable expectation.

Smile Hair Clinic practitioners are there to understand the expectation of the patient and find out solutions in the best way possible and be ready for all possible complications. Periodically, the entire team receives recurrent training on emergency life support, according to the AHA (American Heart Association) guidelines.

Smile Gentle Care

Specialized Smile Hair assistants are assigned to you when you first contact the clinic via and there's always someone with you to support you during the entire process. The services you'll be assisted including but are not limited to translation services in all languages, hotel reservations, airport pick-up and drop-off, visa consultancy, transfer services, and total guidance support on the operation day.

Step-by-step guide of the future journey:

  • Every hair transplant inquiry is assigned to Bookimed and Smile Hair Clinic case managers and the whole process is being executed under the control of your case managers.
  • Your case manager sends the Medical Evaluation Survey and collects your information and expectation, (including photos from the patient)
  • The case manager and your surgeon overview demands and expectations, execute pre-planning, and prepare the Evaluation Report.
  • The case manager submits the treatment plan to the patient and concludes the commercial agreement with the patient.
  • The case manager supports the patient about every step up until the operation day in the Clinic in İstanbul. Travel information, visa, booking, hotel, transfer included.
  • Operation day: You will be welcomed by your bi-lingual guest relations specialists who will guide you all day during each step of your operation.
  • Pre-operation briefing: your doctor will be briefing you early in the morning about the procedures that you're going to go through.
  • True Planning before the operation: your hairline planning is conducted by the hair transplant surgeon.
  • Operation: all operations at Smile Hair are performed under the supervision of the hair transplant surgeons or hair transplant surgical assistants.
  • Post-operation: the team controls your final check-up.
  • After your discharge, you will be assigned to and introduced to the Smile patient care specialist who will be responsible for your hair growth in the coming 18 months. They are experts in hair growth observation and closely work with doctors to monitor healthy growth.

Smile Gentle CareProgram is managed by Patient Experience Department under Smile Hair Clinic Corporate Management Standards. Smile Hair Patients' Satisfaction is guaranteed by Smile Hair Clinic's patient-first attitude.

TrueTM Philosophy

Smile Hair Clinic has disciplined its way of performing hair transplantation around the TRUE Philosophy, which consists of three elements which are the three main values of the brand. When the founders were first established Smile back then, their driving values were Analysis, Accomplishment, and Advancement. They believed that those values help them become the region's most recognized hair transplantation clinic. Not long after, in the light of those values, Smile Hair Clinic introduced its way of doing and its philosophy as a hair transplantation standard.

TrueTM Philosophy consists of four key aspects:

True Planning

At Smile, it always starts with analysis. True Planning technique enlightens the way to achieve natural-looking transplantation results. Examining the data before making a decision is a key step in hair transplantation. So that, Smile recognizes patient's inputs and strives to make the maximum.

At the True Planning step, our doctors examine the donor area in de. Smile believes that defining the most appropriate numbers of grafts for the patient's need depends on the doctor's capability and gusto in designing hair. After donor area examination, the transplantation area is being planned under the prior examination data.

Then the hairline is drawn with the help of special tools which ensure optimal and natural results.

True Hair Line Design

We believe that hairline design is key for natural-looking hair transplantation results. The True Hair Line Design procedures prioritize single hair follicular units to be positioned on the front lines to maintain aesthetic proportions and look. The front-line drawing considers angles to grow hair in a natural-looking way, sustaining the masculinity of the hairline. This approach is combined with sensitive calculations of the facial proportions. Designing a hairline concerning age is another critical factor, aging is a natural process so natural-looking hair transplantation should be in harmony with the patient's age.

True Execution

The operation day is the key milestone for a successful result in the whole transformation process. To sustain it, Smile recruits, trains, and manages highly skilled medical experts controlled by the criteria of ISHRS.

True Innovation

Smile medical experts and medical consultants are always searching to find more effective ways to perform the most effective hair transplant operations. Having the Sapphire Transplantation technique as a must-have for all operations is one the brightest manifestation of True Innovation.

All team members at Smile Hair Clinic are trained following TrueTM Philosophy and regularly tested by its success criteria. All three elements of True Philosophy ensure that all the processes at Smile are controlled and run by higher standards than the industry authorities required.

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Requirements for admission
Payment methods
Credit cards
18 - 65
What procedures do patients have most often?
The most common procedures in the hospital are:
  • Beard transplant
  • Eyebrow transplantation
  • Early detection of malignant diseases for women
  • FUE hair transplant
  • Hair transplant

Patient reviews

1 star
2 stars
3 stars
4 stars
5 stars
Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey overall rate includes
Language assistance

john • Hair transplant
United States of America

Nov 25, 2021
Verified review.
Verified review.
It's almost unbelievable that I was able to get such high quality work for a very low cost
Went from america to have hair transplant and i was nervous because it was my first time over seas. everything went very well, Smile Clinic has friendly and professional staff. I am one week post surgery and the transplant looks promising. It's almost unbelievable that I was able to get such high quality work for a very low cost
About Bookimed service
Very satisfied so far

Chad K • FUE hair transplant
United States of America

Nov 5, 2022
Verified review.
Verified review.
"All in all I’m really glad I went to Smile Hair Clinic
image image image image
Smile was great happy I went there. I know I was super nervous because it was my first time in a new country all the time zones were you know seven hours or eight hours difference from where I live Michigan and I knew it was gonna be a little bit painful but I had no idea what to expect and what they say you know it’s a little cheaper if you pay cash but I wasn’t willing to take that much cash with me because I didn’t know what to expect so I paid the extra 10% with my card but I’m really happy I went to the specific clinic it was very professional and they take your blood they put in a little IV thing in your arm they test you for HIV hepatitis B and hepatitis see and as long as you’re clean and good to go you get the procedure when they administer the Novocain in the back of the head it was fucking painful painful as fuck like on a scale of one to 210 it was 10 on a scale of one to 10 pain scale it was probably a 9 1/2 but it only lasts you squirm you know like I flexed my arms and I sat there and I just just took it you know like they did it quick and before you know it your endorphins are kicking in and your your your head is numb completely numb and as soon as your head is completely numb the they pump in a little bit of saline to swell it up a little bit I think that’s what they were doing I don’t know I took a video while they were doing it but I couldn’t even feel what they were doing that point it was completely numb and then there’s like five or 10 minutes of pain in the beginning after that it’s you feeling you can just hear like will you be be be like these little noises cutting into your scalp but it doesn’t hurt it is it was actually quite relaxing and they gave me some kind of anti-anxiety which was great and then after the extraction part of the procedure was done you roll over and lay on your backThen they gave me some intravenous painkillers but almost just put me to sleep basically but it was kind of enjoyable and you know before all that we went back-and-forth a few times on what I wanted to hairline to be they wanted it to be a little more conservative than I wanted it to be a little more aggressive on and we kind of met in the middle we decided on a hairline that would’ve been good that was good I mean anyway they weren’t as for going to the hotel I recommend getting the five get the five star hotel pay the extra money for her four-star hotel was just like any other hotel I could’ve been in it was I didn’t like it and so I actually transitioned over to the five star hotel which was fantastic fantastic it had just those huge buffet the breakfast potatoes amazing the dish the whole house the hotel experience was great go with a five star hotel pay the extra money get the premium package and if they had any issues I just text them over WhatsApp and they were great at communicating sometimes it took like an hour or so to communicate so you know make sure you do you know let them know in advance if you need to change anything sorry I just give them a little bit of a heads up before you change anything I changed my flights a few different times on the way home because there was an issue with the Turkish airline and so I went with Lusitania I’m doing speech to text so there’s probably a bunch of weird little typos in here but you get the gist of it anyway yeah I know I am I got to the airport at like 5 o’clock took me like an hour to kind of navigate how to get out of the airport him and then at the soon as you get out of the airport there’s a little spot like with a number mine was number 35 and you walk over there andAnd they have a list of names on it and you just show them and tell them your name and they bring you a walk you to the van and there was one other guy from the hair clinic I’m waiting in the van and then the traffic was kind of crazy took us like two hours to get to the hotel or at least that was the first hotel and once I saw the first hotel which was a five star one I knew that was the one I wanted to stay in fired up calling and making a reservation there the next day and then I told the hair clinic that I wanted that bad place because I felt more comfortable there when they were cool they just added it into the price of my procedure because I was already paying for extra hotel days if I was gonna stay an extra day so they just gave me that five star hotel for free and you know the day they pick me up at the airport we went in we had our consultation which was pretty quick it was more just like test to make sure you don’t have any disease figure out your hairline and then start All in all I’m really glad I went to smile hair clinic I’ve got good recommendation so far I’ve it’s only been a week since I’ve had my procedure and I could barely tell that I had it done I mean except where the hairline is all new and there’s some scabs but yeah very professional but yeah very professional gosh darn speech to text doesn’t pick up all the words and I’m too lazy to text them all right now so you’re getting the little bit of a scramble text version but yeah great clinic I would recommend it to more people and if I could redo everything and start over I would probably still choose the same path I would just get the five star hotel right away and an extra night because it’s nice to spend an extra night
About Bookimed service

Salah ellaz • Hair transplant

Sep 13, 2019
Verified review.
Verified review.
Thank you so much for looking after me guys Sal from Sydney Australia
I am a business Man And the way Smile Clinic looked after me So extremely professional I would like to thank every single one of the staff on the professionality they showed I am so happy with the result of my hair transplant I would certainly recommend them to anyone Thank you so much for looking after me guys Sal from Sydney Australia
About Bookimed service
Yes I was very satisfied with their service very very professional

Jozef • Hair transplant

Feb 13, 2020
Verified review.
Verified review.
The doctor was very thorough and knowledgeable
image image image image
Everything was ok very nice people

Сергей • Hair transplant

Jun 15, 2022
Verified review.
Verified review.
All liked it
All liked it. The doctor and staff are trustworthy. The room was comfortable. The operation took place under pleasant music, which was turned on by one of the girls of the staff (my team).
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Tatlısu Mah. Arif Ay Sok. No:3B Umraniye/İstanbul
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