Dr. Aziz Aksöz, a leading hair transplant specialist and researcher in Turkey, answers the most frequently asked questions by Bookimed patients.

The doctor has over 15 years of experience and has performed more than 5,000 hair transplants! This is a real sign of doctor's professionalism and expertise in this field.

Nowadays, Dr. Aziz Aksöz operates at Estetik International, one of the largest plastic surgery and cosmetology centers in Turkey. Every year, over 1,000 patients improve their appearance at the center.

Keep reading to find out the answers regarding a hair transplant bothered you.

Dr. Aziz Aksoz

How many hair transplants have you already performed?

I have performed around 5,500 procedures.

What is your work experience?

More than 15 years.

What is the average success rate of a hair transplant in the clinic?

98%, a patient doesn't have the best results in some hard cases, such as burn skin, etc.

How long should a patient stay in the country before and after the procedure?

3 days totally in Istanbul, 1 day before and 1 day after the surgery day.

Do PRP injections improve the result of hair transplant? How?

PRP is a non-surgical therapy in the treatment of hair loss. It can be applied additionally to hair transplant operation. Highly concentrated growth factors in the form of platelets have been shown to stimulate new hair growth, thicken thinned out hair, and make hair transplants grow thicker and healthier.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, the warranty is provided.

Which hair transplant option do you usually apply?

Depends on the case. FUE or Organic HT.

What factors should a patient pay attention to choosing a doctor?

The patient has to check the doctor’s work, reviews, before/after pictures and the place where he/she works.

What areas do you usually use as donor ones?

Back of the head and between the ears.

What affects the cost of a hair transplant?

The price at Estetik International doesn't depend on the number of grafts, etc.

What is the maximum number of grafts you transplant during 1 operation?

It is possible to transplant up to 4,600 grafts at once.

Do you perform hair transplant for women?

Yes, we do. 20% of our patients are women.

How long will the result last? Should a patient follow any recommendations to preserve the outcome?

The patient follows some special recommendations just first 1-3 months; then it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What is the difference between FUE and DHI hair transplant processes?

FUE technique is used in our clinic to collect grafts in two hair transplantation methods, and grafts are collected one by one through micro motors from the area (donor area) and there are no scars after the procedure. During FUE method, it is necessary to open the holes where these grafts are placed in the area to be implanted.

For this, very small cutters are used. In the area to be planted, these small cutters are drilled depending on the number of grafts necessary to be planted. Then, grafts are inserted into these holes one by one with a special tool. In order for the grafts to be placed in these holes, the micro-holes must be slightly larger than the grafts.

The grafts collected in the DHI technique are placed with an individual implanter tool (CHOI-PEN).

We do not recommend the DHI as it does not give the same results as FUE.

Which option is more effective?

Organic Hair Transplantation is the most effective option.

Stem cell-rich liquid prepared from the patient’s own fat tissue is injected to the transplantation area. This way, we avoid chemical injections that damage the follicles in conventional during hair transplantation procedure. Healthy hair follicles collected from the donor site are transferred to the hairless area by a surgeon.

Bookimed note:

Advantages of Organic Hair Transplant:

  • Transplant area is rendered efficient.
  • Hair transplant procedure becomes easier
  • Enables non-chemical work
  • Feeds the newly transferred hair follicles and increases their adherence rate.
  • Provides up to 96% successful results in the hair transplant procedure.
  • Facilitates the growth of more lively, healthier and longer-lasting hair.

Organic Hair Transplant provides very important advantages at that point. Stem cell-rich fat injection prepared from patient’s own fat makes hair transplantation easier and leads to a healthier scalp in the hairless area.

Is DHI less painful than FUE?

It is the same level of pain as both hair transplantations should be performed under sedation.

Which option is more preferable among patients?

FUE or Organic Hair Transplantation.

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