How much is a hair transplant in Turkey? This is the main question worrying people who are looking for cost-effective hair replacement options. The price for a hair transplant surgery starts at $900, but you will usually find that offers are in the range of $2,000-$2,800. What’s important to note is that for these fees, you will be able to obtain treatment at top hair transplant clinics. For about $2,500 you will acquire a procedure to transplant up to 4,500 grafts, with accommodation, transfer, and language assistance included. You can only find such a comprehensive and affordable deal in Turkey.

More than 4,300 patients from the USA, UK, UAE, and other countries have already used Bookimed to arrange the best hair transplant journey for them and the number of requests for this service is increasing every year. Bookimed does not charge for the arrangement of your trip and does everything it can to make sure you are completely satisfied. Explore the article to book deals provided for Bookimed patients exclusively, find out how to pick a hair transplant clinic in Turkey, and who are best hair transplant doctors.

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Included in package:
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This hospital ranking is based on various factors, such as:

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— review score

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Hair transplant
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Table of Contents


Hair Transplant in Turkey: Before and After Photos

Hair transplant in Turkey: before and after photos

Hair transplant in Turkey: before and after photos

Hair transplant in Turkey: before and after photos

Hair Transplant Prices Overview in Turkey


Hair transplant is a procedure aimed at replacing healthy follicles from the donor area to the hairless zone. As a result, transferred follicles compensate for absent ones, so new hair starts to grow. The result is that the individual obtains the hairstyle they have been dreaming of, makes baldness a thing of the past, and starts feeling self-confident and attractive. Sounds good. Check how much it costs to improve your appearance for the better. 

Bookimed cooperates with 56 hair transplant clinics in Turkey. The minimum price starts at $850. The average cost is $2,100. In rare cases, it may reach $4,800. Below you can check the costs of different hair implants types offered by Turkish clinics:

Type Price
FUE hair transplant $1,500
Organic hair transplant $1,400
Unshaven hair transplant $1,300
Female hair transplant $850
Afro hair transplant $1,100

Please note that the represented prices are the initial treatment costs. They are provided for a minimum number of grafts or with a discount. Usually, the cost for 4,000-4,500 grafts is 30-40% higher than the listed prices above. You can submit a request on the Bookimed website, and our assistant will provide you with the ultimate cost in your case, offer deals, and pick a clinic.



46-year-old Niko from the USA shares his hair transplant experience in Turkey with Bookimed:

Sadeq Zghair"The hair transplant clinic in Turkey impressed us: nice, clean, and modern. Both doctors and nurses were very helpful and friendly with us. We stayed at the Ibis hotel near the medical center, which is very convenient. But we didn't even have to walk anywhere, as the clinic provided a private taxi with a personal driver — Zafar.

For me, the hair transplant experience was worth every cent spent. And if necessary, I am ready to repeat it". Read Niko’s story to find all the details.


Average Hair Transplant Cost Per Country

Hair transplant fees drastically fluctuate in different countries. For instance, the price for this procedure in the USA is about $4,000-$15,000, while the same operation in Turkey will cost $2,500 on average, in Mexico — $3,400, and in Thailand — about $4,000. The price range emphasizes traveling to another country to experience hair transplantation, you can save up to $10,000-$12,000.

Check the table below to compare average hair transplant prices globally and find out where you can do a hair transplant cheaper:

Type Price
Turkey $2,100
Mexico $2,600
Ukraine $3,200
Czech Republic $4,500
Poland $4,500
Thailand $5,600
Lithuania $5,600
South Korea $6,600
Germany $7,400
UK $12,000
USA $12,000

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey vs. UK, USA, and Europe

Hair transplant in Turkey is the most affordable compared to similar offers in the USA, the UK, and some European countries. The main reason for the considerably higher prices is that most US, British, and European clinics provide a price per graft, while Turkish clinics determine the cost for a maximum number of grafts. So, a patient pays a fixed price regardless of how many hairs they need to transplant. 

Below you can check how much you can save by choosing Turkish clinics instead of medical facilities in the USA, the UK, or Europe.


Prices in Turkey

Prices in the UK

Prices in the USA

Prices in Western Europe
















What Is the Cost per Graft in Turkey?

An average cost per graft in Turkey is about $0,8-$1,2 or £0,9 and €1 (the price may change depending on currency rate). However, most Turkish clinics provide package prices that cover the cost of up to 4,500 grafts. It means that the price for 2,000 or 4,000 grafts will be the same.

However, some medical centers can calculate the total price, depending on the number of hair units you need to replace. Below you can find approximate prices for different quantities of grafts.

How much do 2,000 grafts cost?

The price for 2,000 is about $800-$1,500. The price may vary, depending on the hair restoration surgery technique and the doctor’s experience.

How Much Do 3,000 Grafts Cost in Turkey?

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey for 3,000 grafts fluctuates within $1,800-$2,100. Local facilities usually offer a fixed price for minimum and maximum hair implants.

How much do 4,000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

A hair transplant procedure of 4,000 will cost about $2,200-$3,500. Some medical centers offer limited-time deals, so it is possible to replace 4,000-4,500 hair implants even cheaper. 

What is the cost of 5,000 grafts in Turkey?

A hair transplant cost for 5,000 hair grafts may range between $2,500-$4,300. However, experienced doctors usually replace a maximum of 4,500 grafts in one procedure. So, if you need to transfer more follicles, you should discuss it with your doctor to find the best option.

Price for a Pointed Number of Grafts in Turkey

Number of grafts


2,000 $800-$1,500
3,000 $1,800-$2,100
4,000 $2,200-$3,500
6,000 $2,300-$4,000

Price per Graft Comparison Globally

Turkey offers one of the lowest prices per 1 graft in the world. Below you can compare an average price per 1 unit in Turkey and other countries to decide where you can get the most attractive deal*.


Cost per 1 graft











South Korea




Dominican Republic








The pointed prices are for informational purposes. They may differ, depending on the clinic and currency change. You can get the final cost of a hair transplant for you by submitting a request on our website.

You can approximately count the number of grafts required after checking the image below that demonstrates degrees of hair loss.

baldness stages


What Is an All-Inclusive Package?

A hair transplant package is a complete set of services you receive together with an operation at a price provided by a Turkish clinic. In other words, for the cost you see on the Bookimed website, you obtain not only a hair replacement procedure but also some extra arrangements. This approach saves money for a patient: you receive the total fixed price independently of how many grafts you need — 2,000 or 4,500. Check below what components are usually included in the hair transplant package in Turkey and what you receive for $2,200- $3,500 on average.

The hair replacement package price in Turkey includes:

  • A hair transplant surgery

The costs are given for the maximum number of grafts transplanted at once — 4,500+. It means that the cost will not increase if you have advanced hair loss and require a great number of hair units to transfer. All medical consumables, including local anesthesia, are also priced.

  • Transfer

Once you have landed in Turkey, a clinic's representative will be ready to meet you at the airport – you do not need to look for a taxi or other options to get to a clinic. You will be delivered directly to the medical center to receive a preoperative consultation with a doctor.

  • Accommodation

The expenses for accommodation are included in the hair transplant price. You can stay in a 4 or 5-star hotel (depending on package) for 2-3 days after an operation.

  • Language maintenance 

The interpreter’s service is also included in the price. Usually, the clinic assists in English, Arab, German, etc. So, during consultations with a doctor or other staff, you won’t experience a linguistic divide and will feel completely comfortable.

  • Aftercare services

On the 3rd day after a hair transplant, you will have a post-op consultation with a doctor. He/she will estimate how the recovery process is going and will give some recommendations for further rehab. Also, a specialist will show you how to wash your head so as not to disrupt the healing process.

With the packages available in Turkish clinics, you save 30-40% of your money because you receive accommodation, transfer, and interpreter’s services for free. You won’t need to worry about these arrangements and can focus on the operation and its future results.

Note that you can also buy Premium packages that additionally offer meals, city and shopping tours, spa, and even a private driver. The cost of these hair transplant packages is usually 15-20% higher than the standard one.


Other Costs Related to a Hair Transplant in Turkey

When you pay for a hair transplant package, you do not need to worry about how to get to a clinic, where to stay, and how to understand someone when you speak a different language. However, to understand how much you will spend in total, you need to budget for additional expenses to the cost of a hair transplant price, such as:

  • flight tickets
  • meal.

These 2 things can significantly impact the total bill, so you should count everything in advance to plan your budget correctly. 

What Factors Affect Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Turkish hair transplant centers offer pretty affordable costs for a procedure. However, the price may range 20-30% in different clinics across the country and even the city. Let’s consider the primary reasons for this:

  • Clinic’s reputation: The medical centers with proper local and international certificates permanently work on improving their services and the equipment. It requires additional investments, so the prices are usually 10-20% higher than in less reputable clinics.
  • Doctor’s expertise: The experience of a hair transplant surgeon is the no.1 factor for many patients when choosing a place where to get a procedure. Such doctors improve their skills and practice overseas, so this will be reflected in their service prices. Be ready to pay 20-40% for a doctor with vast experience.
  • Discounts: Hair replacement clinics in Turkey frequently provide time-limited discounts. By monitoring them, it is possible to obtain a hair transplant in an authoritative clinic performed by a top surgeon. You can also submit a request on this page, and a Bookimed assistant will provide a list of discounts available in our 56 partner hair restoration clinics in Turkey.


Price Comparison for Hair Transplant



Istanbul $2,050
Bursa $1,950
Antalya $1,650
Izmir $2,100
Kayseri $1,400

Deals on Hair Transplant in Turkey

We have checked the deals provided by our partner clinics and picked the best to make your choice easier. Compare the prices in the list and contact us to book a procedure at a special price.

Why Are the Prices for Hair Transplants so Low in Turkey? 

In 2020, Turkey hosted more than 662,000 medical tourists from the USA, Europe, Great Britain, and the Arab countries, and it is likely that this trend will continue to grow after the travel-industry crisis. The national government receives more than $1billion of income from Turkish medical centers annually, and it's a crucial stimulus to develop healthcare and invest in the growing popularity of Turkey’s hair transplant services.


Istanbul itself has around 350 hair transplant clinics. The competition is very high, and the easiest way to obtain clients is to reduce the price and offer the best conditions. For this reason, Turkish hospitals have developed an all-inclusive package, which helps international patients to save money and get a complete set of services at once.

This approach works: now Turkey is among the top destinations to get a hair transplant. 

Benefits of Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Price. Hair transplant in Turkey is one of the most affordable globally due to all-inclusive packages for international patients. Clinics offer low-cost hair transplant services in Turkey and provide special deals to attract more patients. The package price is usually fixed, so you won’t get an unexpected bill after the surgery.

Newest technologies. Local clinics use the best equipment, such as Sapphire tips for the FUE hair transplant, to achieve better results. Medical centers also provide the latest and unique treatment methods, such as organic hair transplant and PRP therapy.

Doctors. Turkish doctors follow the latest standards in hair transplant techniques; they are members of international organizations and communities. Some of them, such as Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan, Sr. Safiye Kurt and Dr. Bulent Cihantimur have more than 10 years of experience and performed over 5,000 hair transplants.

Guarantee. There are hundreds of hair transplant clinics in Turkey. To stay competitive, they have to ensure patients receive the best outcome. As a result, reputable doctors and clinics in Turkey provide a lifetime warranty for transplanted hair.

Safety. The Ministry of Health in Turkey invests in developing the healthcare industry. The hospitals used by Bookimed need to match all the national criteria to obtain the Ministry's accreditation. Bookimed cooperates only with certified hair transplant clinics in Turkey, most of which offer their services in an all-in-one package.

Confidentiality. Turkish hospitals respect patients’ privacy and keep all information about their treatment confidential. For a comfortable stay, all clinics provide a separate ward and transfer for each patient.

Opportunity to combine healthcare and vacation. Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. While undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey, patients get the chance to spend time in a beautiful place by the sea and travel after the procedure.

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey to Get a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Hair transplant is considered a well-tolerated cosmetic surgery procedure with a smooth recovery. Usually, it takes 3-5 days to undergo all medical tests, complete a hair transplant procedure, and visit a doctor for a follow-up. As a bonus, plastic surgery clinics in Turkey usually provide accommodation in a 4-star hotel without additional costs.

Is It Safe to Get a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

More than 1,500 people do hair transplant surgery in Turkey every month. The competition between hospitals is high, and the already excellent clinic service and technological level improves every year.

Moreover, the local Ministry of Health controls all types of hospitals that provide medical services in the country and invests a significant amount of money in technical equipment and the training of its doctors.

Every hospital is audited by the government twice a year, so rest-assured that the level of service, technologies, and knowledge of its medical practitioners is high.

For the best experience in hair transplant in Turkey at an affordable price, conduct thorough research, and choose the clinic and the doctor carefully. Check the provided information, statistics of successful operations, patients’ reviews, and before-after photos.

Fill in the form on, and our support team will help you to pick the best option for hair transplant in Turkey and provide full information about the clinics, doctors, and the cost of the services in 2022.

Citizens of Which Countries Prefer Getting Hair Transplant Operations in Turkey?

Turkey is frequently a top choice to get plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. According to Bookimed data, the primary inbound patient flow for a hair transplant in Turkey is from:

  • the UK
  • the USA
  • Arab world
  • Europe.

People choose to go to Turkey in order to get quality hair transplant procedures at a cheaper cost. Even with travel charges, a hair transplant journey to Turkey will cost less than having the procedure at home. If an average hair surgery price in Turkey is $2,000-$2,800, the same procedure in the UK or the USA is about $10,000-$12,000.

Hair Transplant in Turkey: Reviews

Hair Transplant Types Available in Turkey 

Turkish clinics apply the same hair transplant techniques as the US or British medical centers, including:

Hair transplant process

FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) 

This is the most popular hair transplant option in Turkey and globally. A specialist takes out follicles one by one from the donor area, creates a bunch of 2-3 hairs with roots (grafts), and then places them into a zone with receding hair. Usually, no scars usually remain, and the process and post-op recovery typically go smoothly.

FUE procedure starts at $850 in Turkey.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

DHI hair transplant is one of the newest methods of hair transplant and is getting more popular. The doctor uses a special implant tool called the CHOI pen for the DHI procedure. This device allows for the combining of graft collection and planting simultaneously, thus reducing the procedure time. Also, the DHI procedure gives the patient an opportunity not to shave – the doctor plants new hair grafts among the patient’s existing hair. .

DHI operation costs from $1,150 in Turkey. 

Sapphire FUE

The Sapphire option is a kind of FUE procedure. The main difference is that during Sapphire FUE, a doctor uses a punch with a sapphire tip: it makes more minor punctures in size than punches made of steel. Sapphire FUE costs 10-15% more than a regular FUE but gives better recovery options.

The initial price of Sapphire FUE is $1,300 in Turkey.

Robotic Hair Transplant

A robotic hair transplant is an intervention performed by the robotic ARTAS system. The doctor applies the device to collect and insert follicles. The ARTAS system has robotic arms and cameras, its movements are accurate, so human error is almost excluded. The robot does not get tired, so it is possible to replace a greater amount of grafts at once. 

The price for a robotic hair plantation starts from $1,500 in Turkey.

Organic Hair Transplant

Organic hair transplant is an option developed by Dr. Bulent Cihanimur, the founder of Dr. B Clinic. The technology combines traditional FUE methods with stem cell injections derived from the patient’s fat tissue. The doctor administers the collected liquid into the transplanted area to make the procedure easier and increase the adherence rate of transferred follicles. As a result, recovery is boosted and the hair transplant success rate reaches 96%.

The starting price for organic FUE is $1,400 in Turkey.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is the most invasive method of hair transplant and is becoming less popular these days. For the FUT hair transplant, the doctor uses the linear strip from the donor site (commonly the back of the head). It's the cheapest hair transplant method, but it leaves scars on the donor area, and the recovery period after the surgery takes around 2 weeks.

Why Choose Bookimed for Your Hair Transplant Journey?

  • Bookimed has been a trusted medical tourism platform since 2014: we have already assisted 820,000+ customers
  • Over 67 medically -trained Bookimed assistants are ready to help you and pick the best medical solution according to your budget.
  • Submit a request on the website, and a Bookimed medical coordinator will call you back to answer any questions you may have and find the best clinic and doctor to manage a hair transplant.
  • You will receive hair transplant deals available in our partner clinics. Simply choose the one that is right for you and we will start arranging your trip.
  • Your personal Bookimed assistant will stay in touch 24/7: from your 1st request to your return home after an operation.
  • Bookimed services are free. You will pay the same price for a hair transplant with Bookimed as you would if you contact a clinic directly.