How much is a hair transplant in Turkey? This is the main question worrying people who are looking for cost-effective hair replacement options. The price for a hair transplant surgery starts at $900, but you will usually find that offers are in the range of $2,000-$2,800. What’s important to note is that for these fees, you will be able to obtain treatment at top hair transplant clinics. For about $2,500 you will acquire a procedure to transplant up to 4,500 grafts, with accommodation, transfer, and language assistance included. You can only find such a comprehensive and affordable deal in Turkey.

More than 4,300 patients from the USA, UK, UAE, and other countries have already used Bookimed to arrange the best hair transplant journey for them and the number of requests for this service is increasing every year. Bookimed does not charge for the arrangement of your trip and does everything it can to make sure you are completely satisfied. Explore the article to book deals provided for Bookimed patients exclusively, find out how to pick a hair transplant clinic in Turkey, and who are best hair transplant doctors.

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Highly reviewed
Turkey, Istanbul
General practitioner - Fuzun Erdogan
27 years of experience
  • Renowned Expertise: Dr. Fuzun Erdogan has been perfecting the art of Hair transplant since 1997, providing peace of mind with decades of experience.
  • All-Inclusive Package: The FUE hair transplant offer includes all necessary tests, post-op medications, a PRP session, and care essentials like shampoo and lotion.
  • Accommodation and Transfer: No need to worry about logistics with a 3-day stay in a 4-star hotel and regular transfers included in your treatment plan.
  • International Recognition: Adem and Havva Medical Center is a globally recognized facility, having successfully conducted over 16,000 procedures for patients from 45 countries.
  • Comprehensive Care: With no hospital stay required and a follow-up visit ensured, your comfort and recovery are prioritized in this seamless medical experience.
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Package price
Turkey, Istanbul
Hair transplant specialist - Oya Şişman
17 years of experience
  • Extensive Experience: Dr. Oya Şişman has been specializing in Hair transplant since 2007, offering over 15 years of expertise.
  • Comprehensive Package: The Premium Hair transplant includes post-op medications, blood tests, anesthesia, doctor consultation, 4* hotel, and VIP transfer.
  • Short Recovery Time: Patients enjoy a 1-day hospital stay followed by a 3-day rest in a quality hotel to ensure comfort during recovery.
  • Renowned Clinic: Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center attracts over 4,000 patients globally for Hair transplant and other aesthetic procedures.
  • Innovative Techniques: The clinic employs modern methods like FUE and DHI Hair transplants, and PRP therapy, ensuring cutting-edge treatment.
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Package price
Highly reviewed
Turkey, Istanbul
Hair transplant specialist - Hakan Ikizoglu
10 years of experience
  • Extensive expertise of Dr. Hakan Ikizoglu, a renowned Sapphire, DHI Hybrid Hair Transplant specialist since 2014, with a patented technique ensuring maximal grafts without donor zone damage.
  • All-inclusive Hair Transplant Sapphire package includes consultation, post-op care, PRP session, medication, language assistance, 4* hotel stay for 2 days, and VIP transfers.
  • Patients receive a warranty certificate for peace of mind, guaranteeing the high standard and enduring results of their Hair Transplant procedure.
  • Dr. MED Clinic's international recognition with a diverse international clientele and high success rates in various cosmetic procedures, serving over 4,500 patients annually.
  • Benefit from a zero-day hospital stay with comprehensive post-op controls for 1 year, ensuring a comfortable and convenient recovery period.
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Package price
Limited-time deal
Turkey, Istanbul
Hair transplant specialist - Leyla Arvas
26 years of experience
  • Extensive Expertise of Dr. Leyla Arvas: With a medical career starting in 1998, Dr. Arvas has honed her skills in prestigious institutions globally, including microsurgery in Taiwan and laser treatments in Tokyo.
  • Comprehensive Inclusions in the Premium Package: The offer covers lifetime warranty, language assistance, post-op and all necessary medications, consultations, 4-star hotel accommodation, and VIP transfers.
  • International Recognition of Quartz Clinique: Annually, 6,500 patients from Europe, the Arab League, and the CIS choose Quartz Clinique for its renowned medical care.
  • State-of-the-Art DHI Techniques: Dr. Arvas's proficiency in advanced technologies like VASER and LASER liposuction ensures top-tier results for DHI hair transplantation.
  • Convenient Stay with No Hospital Overnight: Patients enjoy a comfortable 3-day stay in a 4-star hotel, with no overnight hospital stay required post-treatment.
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Package price
Get a $400 discount
Best price
Turkey, Istanbul
Hair transplant specialist - G Ergen
10 years of experience
  • Renowned Alopecia Specialist: Dr. G Ergen, with 9 years of experience, offers comprehensive micro-FUE transplants for hair, beard, eyebrows, and scar zones since 2014.
  • Advanced Treatment Options: Clinista is equipped with modern technology for FUE hair transplantation, mesotherapy, and PRP therapies to address hair loss effectively.
  • Global Patient Trust: C L I N I S T A ® attracts patients from Italy, Spain, Great Britain, and the Middle Eastern and North African regions for its expertise in Alopecia treatments.
  • Convenient Services: The Alopecia Markers Laboratory Diagnostics offer includes VIP transfer, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience for the patient.
  • Strategic Location: Located in Istanbul, Turkey, within Baskent University Hospital and Medical Park Florya Hospital, Clinista provides easy access to high-quality medical care.
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Package price
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Table of Contents

Hair Transplant in Turkey: Before and After Photos

Hair transplant in Turkey: before and after photos

Hair transplant in Turkey: before and after photos

Hair transplant in Turkey: before and after photos

Hair Transplant Prices Overview in Turkey

Hair transplant is a procedure aimed at replacing healthy follicles from the donor area to the hairless zone. As a result, transferred follicles compensate for absent ones, so new hair starts to grow. The result is that the individual obtains the hairstyle they have been dreaming of, makes baldness a thing of the past, and starts feeling self-confident and attractive. Sounds good. Check how much it costs to improve your appearance for the better. 

Bookimed cooperates with 56 hair transplant clinics in Turkey. The minimum price starts at $850. The average cost is $2,100. In rare cases, it may reach $4,800. Below you can check the costs of different hair implants types offered by Turkish clinics:

Type Price
FUE hair transplant $1,500
Organic hair transplant $1,400
Unshaven hair transplant $1,300
Female hair transplant $850
Afro hair transplant $1,100

Please note that the represented prices are the initial treatment costs. They are provided for a minimum number of grafts or with a discount. Usually, the cost for 4,000-4,500 grafts is 30-40% higher than the listed prices above. You can submit a request on the Bookimed website, and our assistant will provide you with the ultimate cost in your case, offer deals, and pick a clinic.


46-year-old Niko from the USA shares his hair transplant experience in Turkey with Bookimed:

Sadeq Zghair"The hair transplant clinic in Turkey impressed us: nice, clean, and modern. Both doctors and nurses were very helpful and friendly with us. We stayed at the Ibis hotel near the medical center, which is very convenient. But we didn't even have to walk anywhere, as the clinic provided a private taxi with a personal driver — Zafar.

For me, the hair transplant experience was worth every cent spent. And if necessary, I am ready to repeat it". Read Niko’s story to find all the details.


Average Hair Transplant Cost Per Country

Hair transplant fees drastically fluctuate in different countries. For instance, the price for this procedure in the USA is about $4,000-$15,000, while the same operation in Turkey will cost $2,500 on average, in Mexico — $3,400, and in Thailand — about $4,000. The price range emphasizes traveling to another country to experience hair transplantation, you can save up to $10,000-$12,000.

Check the table below to compare average hair transplant prices globally and find out where you can do a hair transplant cheaper:

Type Price
Turkey $2,100
Mexico $2,600
Ukraine $3,200
Czech Republic $4,500
Poland $4,500
Thailand $5,600
Lithuania $5,600
South Korea $6,600
Germany $7,400
UK $12,000
USA $12,000

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey vs. UK, USA, and Europe

Hair transplant in Turkey is the most affordable compared to similar offers in the USA, the UK, and some European countries. The main reason for the considerably higher prices is that most US, British, and European clinics provide a price per graft, while Turkish clinics determine the cost for a maximum number of grafts. So, a patient pays a fixed price regardless of how many hairs they need to transplant. 

Below you can check how much you can save by choosing Turkish clinics instead of medical facilities in the USA, the UK, or Europe.


Prices in Turkey

Prices in the UK

Prices in the USA

Prices in Western Europe
















What Is the Cost per Graft in Turkey?

An average cost per graft in Turkey is about $0,8-$1,2 or £0,9 and €1 (the price may change depending on currency rate). However, most Turkish clinics provide package prices that cover the cost of up to 4,500 grafts. It means that the price for 2,000 or 4,000 grafts will be the same.

However, some medical centers can calculate the total price, depending on the number of hair units you need to replace. Below you can find approximate prices for different quantities of grafts.

How much do 2,000 grafts cost?

The price for 2,000 is about $800-$1,500. The price may vary, depending on the hair restoration surgery technique and the doctor’s experience.

How Much Do 3,000 Grafts Cost in Turkey?

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey for 3,000 grafts fluctuates within $1,800-$2,100. Local facilities usually offer a fixed price for minimum and maximum hair implants.

How much do 4,000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

A hair transplant procedure of 4,000 will cost about $2,200-$3,500. Some medical centers offer limited-time deals, so it is possible to replace 4,000-4,500 hair implants even cheaper. 

What is the cost of 5,000 grafts in Turkey?

A hair transplant cost for 5,000 hair grafts may range between $2,500-$4,300. However, experienced doctors usually replace a maximum of 4,500 grafts in one procedure. So, if you need to transfer more follicles, you should discuss it with your doctor to find the best option.

Price for a Pointed Number of Grafts in Turkey

Number of grafts


2,000 $800-$1,500
3,000 $1,800-$2,100
4,000 $2,200-$3,500
6,000 $2,300-$4,000

Price per Graft Comparison Globally

Turkey offers one of the lowest prices per 1 graft in the world. Below you can compare an average price per 1 unit in Turkey and other countries to decide where you can get the most attractive deal*.


Cost per 1 graft











South Korea




Dominican Republic








The pointed prices are for informational purposes. They may differ, depending on the clinic and currency change. You can get the final cost of a hair transplant for you by submitting a request on our website.

You can approximately count the number of grafts required after checking the image below that demonstrates degrees of hair loss.

baldness stages

What Is an All-Inclusive Package?

A hair transplant package is a complete set of services you receive together with an operation at a price provided by a Turkish clinic. In other words, for the cost you see on the Bookimed website, you obtain not only a hair replacement procedure but also some extra arrangements. This approach saves money for a patient: you receive the total fixed price independently of how many grafts you need — 2,000 or 4,500. Check below what components are usually included in the hair transplant package in Turkey and what you receive for $2,200- $3,500 on average.

The hair replacement package price in Turkey includes:

  • A hair transplant surgery

The costs are given for the maximum number of grafts transplanted at once — 4,500+. It means that the cost will not increase if you have advanced hair loss and require a great number of hair units to transfer. All medical consumables, including local anesthesia, are also priced.

  • Transfer

Once you have landed in Turkey, a clinic's representative will be ready to meet you at the airport – you do not need to look for a taxi or other options to get to a clinic. You will be delivered directly to the medical center to receive a preoperative consultation with a doctor.

  • Accommodation

The expenses for accommodation are included in the hair transplant price. You can stay in a 4 or 5-star hotel (depending on package) for 2-3 days after an operation.

  • Language maintenance 

The interpreter’s service is also included in the price. Usually, the clinic assists in English, Arab, German, etc. So, during consultations with a doctor or other staff, you won’t experience a linguistic divide and will feel completely comfortable.

  • Aftercare services

On the 3rd day after a hair transplant, you will have a post-op consultation with a doctor. He/she will estimate how the recovery process is going and will give some recommendations for further rehab. Also, a specialist will show you how to wash your head so as not to disrupt the healing process.

With the packages available in Turkish clinics, you save 30-40% of your money because you receive accommodation, transfer, and interpreter’s services for free. You won’t need to worry about these arrangements and can focus on the operation and its future results.

Note that you can also buy Premium packages that additionally offer meals, city and shopping tours, spa, and even a private driver. The cost of these hair transplant packages is usually 15-20% higher than the standard one.

Other Costs Related to a Hair Transplant in Turkey

When you pay for a hair transplant package, you do not need to worry about how to get to a clinic, where to stay, and how to understand someone when you speak a different language. However, to understand how much you will spend in total, you need to budget for additional expenses to the cost of a hair transplant price, such as:

  • flight tickets
  • meal.

These 2 things can significantly impact the total bill, so you should count everything in advance to plan your budget correctly. 

What Factors Affect Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Turkish hair transplant centers offer pretty affordable costs for a procedure. However, the price may range 20-30% in different clinics across the country and even the city. Let’s consider the primary reasons for this:

  • Clinic’s reputation: The medical centers with proper local and international certificates permanently work on improving their services and the equipment. It requires additional investments, so the prices are usually 10-20% higher than in less reputable clinics.
  • Doctor’s expertise: The experience of a hair transplant surgeon is the no.1 factor for many patients when choosing a place where to get a procedure. Such doctors improve their skills and practice overseas, so this will be reflected in their service prices. Be ready to pay 20-40% for a doctor with vast experience.
  • Discounts: Hair replacement clinics in Turkey frequently provide time-limited discounts. By monitoring them, it is possible to obtain a hair transplant in an authoritative clinic performed by a top surgeon. You can also submit a request on this page, and a Bookimed assistant will provide a list of discounts available in our 56 partner hair restoration clinics in Turkey.

Price Comparison for Hair Transplant


Istanbul $2,050
Bursa $1,950
Antalya $1,650
Izmir $2,100
Kayseri $1,400

Deals on Hair Transplant in Turkey

We have checked the deals provided by our partner clinics and picked the best to make your choice easier. Compare the prices in the list and contact us to book a procedure at a special price.

Estetik International - Istanbul
Turkey, Istanbul
89% patients recommend

Estetik International is among Top 10 hair transplant clinics in Turkey according to Bookimed because of:

  • unique hair plantation option — organic hair transplant — invented by Dr. Bulent Cihantimur to add special stem cells injections into the head skin for the better hair replantation result.
  • popular with international patients — people fromNear East consider Estetik International the best hospital in Turkey for hair transplant.
  • vast experience — this Turkish hair transplant clinic performs 3,000 procedures annually.
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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Best Plastic Surgery Center 2018 certificate for Estetik International - Istanbul Patient choice in Plastic surgery certificate for Estetik International - Istanbul

Latest review

Verified review.
The Medi-Cal team was amazing and the hospital stay was beyond expectations.. No words can express this journey, especially that I was alone and I have no-one to help, the medical team was the family that I didn't have in this hard time!! It started by arranging my fflight pickup from the airport, brought a luxurious van to take me from and to hospital, hotel and airport , they offered me the full support and successfuly completed a very complicated surgery, I owe them all my gratitude. My only complaint is that they didn't ask for an emergency number in case of a crisis .. I did that by informing my family with the number of the personal assistant who was occupied to assist me in my whole journey there.
— Anonymous
United Arab Emirates, Sep 8, 2022
Sep 8, 2022 • Verified review.
Thighs liposuction :  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results Thighs liposuction :  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results Thighs liposuction :  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results
Hair transplant $1990 - $3800

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
Turkey, Istanbul
99% patients recommend

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center is a renowned Turkish clinic specialized in aesthetic, plastic and dental procedures, as well as in Hair Transplant procedures. The clinic offers the newest methods such as Vaser liposuction, FUE and DHI hair transplants, PRP therapy for hair loss treatment. Over 4,000 patients from the UK, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, and Argentina have chosen İstanbul Aesthetics for plastic procedures, including Hair transplant in Turkey. The clinic is headed by experienced doctor Oya Şişman. The offer Premium Hair transplant (4000 Grafts) All Included includes post-op medications, medications, blood tests, local anesthesia, consultation with a doctor, 4* Hotel, VIP transfer, and a 1-day stay in the hospital and 3 days stay in the hotel.

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Latest review

Verified review.
Operation, Take care service, Hotel, Car Transfer all very good. Totally I satisfied this hospital and care team. Operation team had a good service mind and feeling has a good skill (Now I don’t know result. It will be known after 1year). Hotel also good quality hotel and good location. Transfer Car also very luxury car. Just One Point I want Improvement. When I arrival Airport and Waiting Meeting Point with Hospital Staff, I couldn’t use wifi (Airport wifi also couldn’t used) and couldn’t contact with hospital staff. I think Driver need to wait customer with name sign board. I was lucky and some tour company 2 staff help me and finally I met driver after 30mins later. Totally I appreciate doctor and operation team and Whats app take care team. Dr. Anna and Olga from Bookimed was good support me. When I asked and checked some detail, always reply soon and they did their best. I appreciate big support Thank you for your support and good service.
— Anonymous
Thailand, Feb 6, 2020
Feb 6, 2020 • Verified review.
Hair transplant:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results Hair transplant:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results Hair transplant:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results
Hair transplant $1758.14 - $1971.25

SALUSS Medical Group
Turkey, Antalya
90% patients recommend

Saluss Medical Group is an award-winning health tourism organization based in Istanbul and Antalya, Turkey, which offers an all-inclusive DHI Hair Transplantation (VIP Package), with a doctor, Huseyin Can Kaya, with first working year in 2009. The package includes 1 PRP session, sightseeing tour, language assistance, neck pillow, medications, preoperative tests, consultation with a doctor, 5* hotel, VIP transfer and more. Patients from 5 different continents and 52 countries have chosen Saluss for hair transplants, aesthetic surgeries, dental treatments, obesity surgeries, eye surgeries and more. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, praising the customer service and professionalism of the staff and providers at Saluss Medical Group. Hair transplant in Turkey is an ideal solution for those looking for a perfect result.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Turkish Medical Association certificate for SALUSS Medical Group Straumann® Dental Implant System Official Provider certificate for SALUSS Medical Group

Latest review

Verified review.
I welcome everyone! Excellent clinic. The transplant was done by the doctor Seda. At first, when I saw the doctor, I was very surprised that such a young girl would conduct an operation. There were doubts. After the conversation it became calmer. And during the operation, all doubts disappeared. Now I can say for sure that if I had a choice, I would ask to sign me up with her. Perfectionist. For such procedures, this is ideal. Plus, during the operation, I felt a very good experience and diligence. With their work schedule, this is very worthy. The procedure for beauty and in this matter you need trust. It is difficult for men to trust someone, but here the doctor and his team did an excellent job. They planted everything down to the last hair. I had a transplant of 5000 grafts. Honestly, I don’t know who sleeps there during the operation) it was hard for me) or I’m too tender or it’s really not sweet. Now I understand that it's worth it, but lying in a chair there was a desire to finish at least somehow. But maybe that's my impression. All the same, the amount of work was large and apparently that's why I was so tired. Fortunately, the staff tried to make the atmosphere relaxed and it saved. It's been 4.5 months now. The result is visible. Obviously worth it. For those who doubt, I can say for sure: make up your mind! One day of torment and that's it. Yes, then it heals, it is also not sugar, but not fatal. After the operation, edema descends on the face for about 4-5 days. Don't worry, it goes by quickly. In addition, after a month, the hair begins to break off, this is also the norm, everything grows back. After the operation, no one forgets anyone, the doctor controls the recovery qualitatively. In general, I liked the service. They treat you like a relative. After the operation, a month later, he began to do prp therapy. Recommended once a month, did once every 2 weeks. The first time, the scalp is still soft and does not hurt at all. Then each time it hurts more, but 5-10 minutes can be tolerated. In general, now I can definitely say that I recommend it. Many thanks to Inna (coordinator) and the doctor.
— Дмитрий
Russian Federation, Jan 14, 2022
Jan 14, 2022 • Verified review.

Hair Clinic
Turkey, Istanbul
93% patients recommend
  • Boasting a 99% success rate for FUE and DHI hair transplants, our clinic stands out for its exceptional outcomes in hair restoration.
  • The clinic is the exclusive provider in Turkey of oxygenated hair transplantation with Comfort-in Device, offering a less painful experience.
  • Annually, over 5,000 patients, including international visitors from the CIS, Europe, the USA, and Canada, choose our clinic for their medical needs.
  • The clinic has received the Mood Award for Best Hair Transplant Clinic in both 2018 and 2019, underscoring its reputation for excellence.
  • Dr. Cengiz Yaylaci, a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, leads hair transplant procedures, ensuring high-quality results.
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Latest review

Verified review.
My wife made a surprise - a trip to Turkey and a hair transplant. I found out about this within a few hours. I liked the clinic. We met at the airport. True, there was a tire puncture and we sold it in about 40 minutes. We were given 5 stars. Quite good with a good breakfast. It is not located in the very center, but getting there by taxi is no problem. About 20 minutes. The transplant took about 6 hours. First, they take blood for analysis. AIDS and all that. Then they shave. Next, a lot of anesthesia is injected into the donor area. 30 injections. More unpleasant than painful. Then they begin to shave and pull out the follicles. They said they took 4500. I didn’t count. Next, about 30 injections into the transplant area. Well, they start planting follicles like mushrooms. It feels like you're piercing cardboard with a pen. No pain. Between procedures they provide excellent food. Then bandage and go home. This is the most unpleasant and painful topic an hour before the end. The painkillers began to wear off and this was much worse than the injections themselves. But everything is tolerable. Childbirth is probably more painful. I liked everything except the woman doctor. She addressed me not as a patient, but as a bad boss addressing a subordinate. Always twice, but that was enough for me. "Mister, stand up!" the tone of the German officer is not exactly what I would like to hear. But the translator Olga worked 200%. She still supervises me and is always in touch. The director is a great guy. By the way, the assistant is also great. I recommend the clinic. The wife is smart. A good choice and most importantly, they didn’t try to bully me about the need for two trips for an amount many times more than I paid. I will see the result only in a year. In the meantime, only 12 days have passed. And, for the first time, it will be very difficult to sleep on your back. It's not a dream. You need to make sure you don’t scratch your head, lie down on it, and so on. But it's worth it. Good luck.
— Anastasia Markova
Israel, Aug 17, 2023
Aug 17, 2023 • Verified review.
Hair transplant $2000

Madame Safiye Clinic
Turkey, Istanbul
96% patients recommend

Madame Safiye Health Group, a private clinic in Turkey Istanbul, is a renowned destination for Hair transplant in Turkey. It is the first Turkish hair transplant expert with the license to practice in the United Arab Emirates. The clinic is founded and headed by Dr. Safiye Kurt, an Imagemaker, dermatologist, successful businesswoman and an expert in hair transplant. The main specialist of the clinic is its founder, Dr. Safiye Kurt, who has been providing hair transplantation and aesthetical services for more than 16 years with 25,000+ successful operations. The clinic applies FUE (follicular unit extraction) and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) transplantation methods along with the no-cut method. The offer includes accommodation in a 5-star hotel, transfer from the airport to the hotel and clinic and back, along with the services of an experienced coordinator.

The reviews of the clients are highly positive, praising the transfer, hotel, clinic and the doctors. According to the reviews, the staff is very friendly and helpful, they respond immediately and take care of their clients as if they are their own. The clients have experienced great peace of mind, with everything organized at the highest level. The patients have also experienced excellent communication with the staff, pleasant atmosphere and great care.

Madame Safiye Health Group offers a unique opportunity to experience the best Hair transplant in Turkey with the help of Dr. Safiye Kurt. The clinic is highly recommended for its services and customer experience. For more information, please visit: Dr. Safiye Kurt and Hair transplant in Turkey offer.

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Latest review

Verified review.
Good afternoon Never wrote a review but this time I decided to write a few words. I will not describe all the details, others have already done it. I arranged for December 21-24 and flew home just yesterday. I am still impressed. I have not experienced such peace of mind for the last 10 years. Everything was organized at the highest level. On Monday night, I flew from Brussels to Istanbul, where I was met and taken to a five-star hotel. We settled in a beautiful room on the 8th floor. On the second day, Hakan (coordinator) came for me and took me to the clinic. The staff of the clinic, headed by Madame Safia, greeted me very warmly. Translated by a Russian woman Katya, who actually works there in the field of finance, is very beautiful and friendly. Mostly assistants worked, under the supervision of Safia. The operation lasted 8-9 hours with a lunch break. All this time, Katya came up, encouraged and, if necessary, translated my many thanks to her. I will not go on to describe all the details, everything went well. On the second day, I asked Dilara to show me the old city and the chauffeur, for a small fee, took me to the historical center of Istanbul, where I had time to walk and take pictures. The result on the fourth day of the operation is good, as they predicted for me. I would like to express my gratitude to Madame Safiye, the assistants who worked directly and the entire staff of the clinic. I want to mention Katya (translated), thank you very much. Special thanks to Hakan, who simply exuded kindness and friendliness. And finally Dilyara, who, from beginning to end, seemed to be leading me by the hand, thank you so much! May the Almighty reward you with all the best for everything !!!
— Verigov Alikhan
Belgium, Dec 25, 2020
Dec 25, 2020 • Verified review.
Hair transplant $1598.31 - $2131.08

Adem and Havva Medical Center
Turkey, Istanbul
96% patients recommend

Adem&Havva is among the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey due to:

  • package price — procedure + accommodation + transfer. Click more for details.
  • top hair transplant center choice for international patients from 45 countries.
  • comfortable conditions of stay — in a 4-star hotel near the clinic.
Read more details Hide details

Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

International Organization for Standardization certificate for Adem and Havva Medical Center Turkish Medical Association certificate for Adem and Havva Medical Center Patient choice for Hair transplant certificate for Adem and Havva Medical Center

Latest review

Verified review.
Good afternoon I would like to share feedback about this platform and clinic. Let's begin. I was interested in hair transplantation, because I don’t have any friends or acquaintances in this topic, I started searching for information on the Internet, and then this wonderful site came up to me. I came in, read, was interested, wrote, and coordinator Anna responded. Several countries were suggested for this operation, Anna suggested considering Turkey, namely the Adam and Eve clinic. I know from hearsay that in Turkey doctors and prices are very good, I agreed. The next day they sent me a program from this clinic, I read it, agreed to make an appointment, specified a date convenient for me, offered it in two weeks, to which they replied that they would clarify whether it was possible to perform the operation on the date I wanted. To my surprise, the registration was successful; I was counting on a few months of waiting. That’s when doubts began to arise that everything was going too well, and he began bombarding Anna with questions about everything that came to mind and how he could check the reliability of the site and all the information. Thanks to Anna for her patience and professionalism, she described everything clearly and clearly! I made up my mind, bought tickets and waited for the day of departure. On the day of departure I was constantly thinking about how everything would happen, because you are flying to a foreign country, it is not clear what you signed up for, even without knowing the language, so it was the first flight in my life, the excitement was constantly with me! At the airport itself, translator Biba wrote to me and asked me to send my photo so that it would be easier for the driver to find me. The flight was wonderful, Istanbul was stunning from above (flying late in the evening), I had to walk around the airport a little and find the exit where the driver was waiting, but thanks to Biba I managed the task. The driver Zafer was waiting at the 9th entrance - a polite and courteous guy, thank him very much for waiting and for his help in everything, it’s a pity that I couldn’t talk to him, I think he’s a very interesting conversationalist! I drove the whole way and the smile never left my face, because the feeling of anxiety was passing. Zafer brought him to the hotel, there were no problems with booking a room, because Anna did it and you just need to tell the reception your first and last name. Entering the room, the feeling of danger and anxiety has completely deteriorated and you realize that this is all true and that there is no reason to panic! everything is going just fine! You are in Istanbul, in a beautiful hotel, and tomorrow your little dream will come true! I went to bed in a pleasant shock! In the morning, after a hearty breakfast, Zafer took me to the clinic, where I was met by the wonderful translator Biba! She spent the whole day with me, explained everything, described it and supported me. We signed the necessary papers, met and talked with the doctor (a good guy). We went to the operating room, met the amazing assistants there, took blood samples for analysis and began the procedure. Let me say briefly... only the anesthesia injections are painful, the transplant process itself is very gentle. The doctor did everything in the best possible way, as he said earlier, he carried out the operation with restraint and confidence! The assistants are tougher in terms of processing and assistance, but the main thing is that there are no mistakes. The girls maintained a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere, they were constantly talking about something and having a conversation, it was interesting to listen to them, it was a pity that I could not join the conversation. The support was great! After a 7-hour operation, my head felt like cast iron, from anesthesia and other procedures... the plus is a break, which helps a lot, go to the restroom, stretch your limbs, and of course, lunch, which is very filling! At the end of all the procedures, they give you a very nice head care kit (shampoo, foam) and they will offer ointment for treating the donor area, don’t skimp, it’s better to take it right away! Panama for wearing in hot weather and for those who have complexes. I still haven’t worn it, I’m not in the sun for long, but I got used to the look on the third day and I like it! A pack of tablets, painkillers, antipyretic and anti-edema. Listen to everything they tell you, it’s very useful and everything will come in handy. The first week will be difficult, especially sleeping, you will have a special pillow, cool! but not comfortable) you will have to be patient) I advise you to sleep sitting, fortunately the hotel has a very good chair and a table of the same height, you can sit comfortably, because... Lying down you will feel numb, especially your head, which will make you sleep for a couple of hours a day. Sitting and only sitting, listen to my advice! Just don’t forget about the pillow, any friction in the transplanted area is detrimental to your hair! And by the way, on the 3rd day I will explain to you about leaving! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for that day and I flew away, but it’s hard to do it yourself, especially the first day, later you get better at it. At the moment, the 2nd week is coming to an end, I’m happy with the result, like everything I’ve gone through) There’s still a long, but interesting journey ahead of my new hair! The conclusion is this: don’t think for long, make up your mind, do it and this platform will help you 100%, especially for those who don’t know where to start and where to look. Here are excellent specialists whom you can confidently trust, who will take you to the end from the dissatisfaction of receding hairline to the status of Rapunzel!) Be brave and everything will work out for you! I would like to express special gratitude to Anna for the information provided, patience, and support for taking a step forward! Zafer - for respectful treatment and help for pleasant trips around the beautiful city! Bebe - for her support, her sincerity, sincerity, a wonderful person, in a beautiful appearance! To the doctor (unfortunately I don’t remember his name) - for his professionalism, accuracy, and attentiveness! Girls assistants - for the positive atmosphere, coordinated, amazing work with my grafts! They are great! The head doctor of the clinic for the warm welcome and for such employees! I hope that I will be as pleased with the final result as you are! Thank you very much everyone for your attention! I am sure that my review will help someone!
— Денис
Poland, Sep 28, 2023
Sep 28, 2023 • Verified review.
Hair transplant $1842 - $1958

Why Are the Prices for Hair Transplants so Low in Turkey? 

In 2020, Turkey hosted more than 662,000 medical tourists from the USA, Europe, Great Britain, and the Arab countries, and it is likely that this trend will continue to grow after the travel-industry crisis. The national government receives more than $1billion of income from Turkish medical centers annually, and it's a crucial stimulus to develop healthcare and invest in the growing popularity of Turkey’s hair transplant services.

Istanbul itself has around 350 hair transplant clinics. The competition is very high, and the easiest way to obtain clients is to reduce the price and offer the best conditions. For this reason, Turkish hospitals have developed an all-inclusive package, which helps international patients to save money and get a complete set of services at once.

This approach works: now Turkey is among the top destinations to get a hair transplant. 

Benefits of Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Price. Hair transplant in Turkey is one of the most affordable globally due to all-inclusive packages for international patients. Clinics offer low-cost hair transplant services in Turkey and provide special deals to attract more patients. The package price is usually fixed, so you won’t get an unexpected bill after the surgery.

Newest technologies. Local clinics use the best equipment, such as Sapphire tips for the FUE hair transplant, to achieve better results. Medical centers also provide the latest and unique treatment methods, such as organic hair transplant and PRP therapy.

Doctors. Turkish doctors follow the latest standards in hair transplant techniques; they are members of international organizations and communities. Some of them, such as Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan, Sr. Safiye Kurt and Dr. Bulent Cihantimur have more than 10 years of experience and performed over 5,000 hair transplants.

Guarantee. There are hundreds of hair transplant clinics in Turkey. To stay competitive, they have to ensure patients receive the best outcome. As a result, reputable doctors and clinics in Turkey provide a lifetime warranty for transplanted hair.

Safety. The Ministry of Health in Turkey invests in developing the healthcare industry. The hospitals used by Bookimed need to match all the national criteria to obtain the Ministry's accreditation. Bookimed cooperates only with certified hair transplant clinics in Turkey, most of which offer their services in an all-in-one package.

Confidentiality. Turkish hospitals respect patients’ privacy and keep all information about their treatment confidential. For a comfortable stay, all clinics provide a separate ward and transfer for each patient.

Opportunity to combine healthcare and vacation. Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. While undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey, patients get the chance to spend time in a beautiful place by the sea and travel after the procedure.

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey to Get a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Hair transplant is considered a well-tolerated cosmetic surgery procedure with a smooth recovery. Usually, it takes 3-5 days to undergo all medical tests, complete a hair transplant procedure, and visit a doctor for a follow-up. As a bonus, plastic surgery clinics in Turkey usually provide accommodation in a 4-star hotel without additional costs.

Is It Safe to Get a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

More than 1,500 people do hair transplant surgery in Turkey every month. The competition between hospitals is high, and the already excellent clinic service and technological level improves every year.

Moreover, the local Ministry of Health controls all types of hospitals that provide medical services in the country and invests a significant amount of money in technical equipment and the training of its doctors.

Every hospital is audited by the government twice a year, so rest-assured that the level of service, technologies, and knowledge of its medical practitioners is high.

For the best experience in hair transplant in Turkey at an affordable price, conduct thorough research, and choose the clinic and the doctor carefully. Check the provided information, statistics of successful operations, patients’ reviews, and before-after photos.

Fill in the form on, and our support team will help you to pick the best option for hair transplant in Turkey and provide full information about the clinics, doctors, and the cost of the services in 2022.

Citizens of Which Countries Prefer Getting Hair Transplant Operations in Turkey?

Turkey is frequently a top choice to get plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. According to Bookimed data, the primary inbound patient flow for a hair transplant in Turkey is from:

  • the UK
  • the USA
  • Arab world
  • Europe.

People choose to go to Turkey in order to get quality hair transplant procedures at a cheaper cost. Even with travel charges, a hair transplant journey to Turkey will cost less than having the procedure at home. If an average hair surgery price in Turkey is $2,000-$2,800, the same procedure in the UK or the USA is about $10,000-$12,000.

Hair Transplant in Turkey: Reviews

Hair Transplant Types Available in Turkey 

Turkish clinics apply the same hair transplant techniques as the US or British medical centers, including:

Hair transplant process

FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) 

This is the most popular hair transplant option in Turkey and globally. A specialist takes out follicles one by one from the donor area, creates a bunch of 2-3 hairs with roots (grafts), and then places them into a zone with receding hair. Usually, no scars usually remain, and the process and post-op recovery typically go smoothly.

FUE procedure starts at $850 in Turkey.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

DHI hair transplant is one of the newest methods of hair transplant and is getting more popular. The doctor uses a special implant tool called the CHOI pen for the DHI procedure. This device allows for the combining of graft collection and planting simultaneously, thus reducing the procedure time. Also, the DHI procedure gives the patient an opportunity not to shave – the doctor plants new hair grafts among the patient’s existing hair. .

DHI operation costs from $1,150 in Turkey. 

Sapphire FUE

The Sapphire option is a kind of FUE procedure. The main difference is that during Sapphire FUE, a doctor uses a punch with a sapphire tip: it makes more minor punctures in size than punches made of steel. Sapphire FUE costs 10-15% more than a regular FUE but gives better recovery options.

The initial price of Sapphire FUE is $1,300 in Turkey.

Robotic Hair Transplant

A robotic hair transplant is an intervention performed by the robotic ARTAS system. The doctor applies the device to collect and insert follicles. The ARTAS system has robotic arms and cameras, its movements are accurate, so human error is almost excluded. The robot does not get tired, so it is possible to replace a greater amount of grafts at once. 

The price for a robotic hair plantation starts from $1,500 in Turkey.

Organic Hair Transplant

Organic hair transplant is an option developed by Dr. Bulent Cihanimur, the founder of Dr. B Clinic. The technology combines traditional FUE methods with stem cell injections derived from the patient’s fat tissue. The doctor administers the collected liquid into the transplanted area to make the procedure easier and increase the adherence rate of transferred follicles. As a result, recovery is boosted and the hair transplant success rate reaches 96%.

The starting price for organic FUE is $1,400 in Turkey.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is the most invasive method of hair transplant and is becoming less popular these days. For the FUT hair transplant, the doctor uses the linear strip from the donor site (commonly the back of the head). It's the cheapest hair transplant method, but it leaves scars on the donor area, and the recovery period after the surgery takes around 2 weeks.

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