145 hair transplant clinics located globally are listed on the Bookimed website. Our medical coordinators have picked the top 10 medical facilities globally, where you can get an affordable hair transplant and be satisfied with the result. The chosen clinics offer the best hair transplant deals and received positive reviews from patients. Prices for a hair transplant:

Clinic Deal price
Estetik International Clinic, Turkey $2,000-$3,200
Istanbul Aesthetic Center, Turkey $1,600-$1,900
Smile Hair Clinic, Turkey $2,140
Medeks Hair Center, Turkey $2,200
Hair In 1 Day Clinic, Mexico $2,600-$4,000
Hairplasis Clinic, UAE $4,500
ProHAIR Transplant Clinic, Hungary $1,250-$3,650
Sikos Clinic, Hungary $3,300
San Medical Hair Center, Poland $4,800
Dr. Turowski Clinic, Poland $6,600

The cost of a hair transplant may be a decisive criterion to have the procedure or not for some patients. In most of the cases, hair transplant is not covered by insurance, so all the expenses patients pay themselves. So, a high price of hair transplant operation forces people to look for cheaper options, often available overseas.

Because of this, Bookimed experts have analyzed the information provided by 145 hair transplant partner clinics in 18 countries, and chosen the cheapest places to have the procedure.

Table of Contents:

Bookimed provides free assistance in searching for clinics to get cheap hair transplant and arranging your medical trip. We have already helped 4,353 patients looking for a hair transplant abroad.

Submit a request on the platform to get all actual hair transplant deals.


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Turkey, Istanbul
General practitioner - Fuzun Erdogan
27 years of experience
  • Renowned Expertise: Dr. Fuzun Erdogan has been perfecting the art of Hair transplant since 1997, providing peace of mind with decades of experience.
  • All-Inclusive Package: The FUE hair transplant offer includes all necessary tests, post-op medications, a PRP session, and care essentials like shampoo and lotion.
  • Accommodation and Transfer: No need to worry about logistics with a 3-day stay in a 4-star hotel and regular transfers included in your treatment plan.
  • International Recognition: Adem and Havva Medical Center is a globally recognized facility, having successfully conducted over 16,000 procedures for patients from 45 countries.
  • Comprehensive Care: With no hospital stay required and a follow-up visit ensured, your comfort and recovery are prioritized in this seamless medical experience.
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Package price
Turkey, Istanbul
Hair transplant specialist - Oya Şişman
17 years of experience
  • Extensive Experience: Dr. Oya Şişman has been specializing in Hair transplant since 2007, offering over 15 years of expertise.
  • Comprehensive Package: The Premium Hair transplant includes post-op medications, blood tests, anesthesia, doctor consultation, 4* hotel, and VIP transfer.
  • Short Recovery Time: Patients enjoy a 1-day hospital stay followed by a 3-day rest in a quality hotel to ensure comfort during recovery.
  • Renowned Clinic: Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center attracts over 4,000 patients globally for Hair transplant and other aesthetic procedures.
  • Innovative Techniques: The clinic employs modern methods like FUE and DHI Hair transplants, and PRP therapy, ensuring cutting-edge treatment.
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Greece, Athens
Dermatologist - Dr Elza Todorova Bankovska-petkova
21 years of experience
  • 20 years of Hair transplant expertise by Dr Elza Todorova Bankovska-petkova, ensuring top-tier professional care.
  • Comprehensive Premium Hair transplant package includes consultations, PRP session, medications, and more.
  • International recognition with awards like International Business Excellence and Best Hair Clinic.
  • Patients receive full accommodation support with a 4* hotel and airport-clinic transfers included.
  • Global patient trust, with 800 patients annually from Europe, the Commonwealth, the USA, Canada, and Australia.
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United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dietitian - Prerna
12 years of experience
  • Extensive Experience: Dr. Prerna has been perfecting the art of Fillers injection since 2012, ensuring a wealth of experience and refined skills.
  • Reputable Clinic: Sunbird Clinic is a renowned multi-specialty medical center in Dubai, trusted by patients from Europe, the Commonwealth, Arab League States, and Asia.
  • All-Inclusive Offer: The Standard Head to Toe Package includes a comfortable 4-star hotel stay and convenient airport-clinic-airport transfers.
  • Minimal Downtime: Enjoy a brief but comprehensive 2-day hotel stay, with no hospital stay required, allowing for a quick return to daily activities.
  • International Standards: Sunbird Clinic employs modern equipment and treatment methods, ensuring you receive top-quality care for your Fillers injection.
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Package price
Highly reviewed
Turkey, Istanbul
Hair transplant specialist - Hakan Ikizoglu
10 years of experience
  • Extensive expertise of Dr. Hakan Ikizoglu, a renowned Sapphire, DHI Hybrid Hair Transplant specialist since 2014, with a patented technique ensuring maximal grafts without donor zone damage.
  • All-inclusive Hair Transplant Sapphire package includes consultation, post-op care, PRP session, medication, language assistance, 4* hotel stay for 2 days, and VIP transfers.
  • Patients receive a warranty certificate for peace of mind, guaranteeing the high standard and enduring results of their Hair Transplant procedure.
  • Dr. MED Clinic's international recognition with a diverse international clientele and high success rates in various cosmetic procedures, serving over 4,500 patients annually.
  • Benefit from a zero-day hospital stay with comprehensive post-op controls for 1 year, ensuring a comfortable and convenient recovery period.
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Package price
See more deals

Hair Transplant: Before and After

Istanbul Aesthetic Center, Turkey. Price: $1,850. Number of grafts: 4,000-4,500.

Hair Clinic, Turkey. Price: $2,000. Number of grafts: 3,500-4,500.

Estetik International Clinic, Turkey. Price: $2,000-$3,300. Number of grafts: 3,500-4,500.

Hairplasis, UAE. Price: $4,500. Number of grafts: 3,300.

The hair transplant procedure is getting more popular with men and women each year because it allows looking more attractive and young, becoming more confident. The competition between clinics is growing, so they are forced to attract new patients reducing hair transplant costs. Below you can find money-saving offers and book the best one in your case.

Hair Transplant Deals

Under $2,500

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
Turkey, Istanbul
100% patients recommend

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center is a renowned Turkish clinic specialized in aesthetic, plastic and dental procedures, as well as in Hair Transplant procedures. The clinic offers the newest methods such as Vaser liposuction, FUE and DHI hair transplants, PRP therapy for hair loss treatment. Over 4,000 patients from the UK, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, and Argentina have chosen İstanbul Aesthetics for plastic procedures, including Hair transplant in Turkey. The clinic is headed by experienced doctor Oya Şişman. The offer Premium Hair transplant (4000 Grafts) All Included includes post-op medications, medications, blood tests, local anesthesia, consultation with a doctor, 4* Hotel, VIP transfer, and a 1-day stay in the hospital and 3 days stay in the hotel.

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Latest review

Verified review.
Operation, Take care service, Hotel, Car Transfer all very good. Totally I satisfied this hospital and care team. Operation team had a good service mind and feeling has a good skill (Now I don’t know result. It will be known after 1year). Hotel also good quality hotel and good location. Transfer Car also very luxury car. Just One Point I want Improvement. When I arrival Airport and Waiting Meeting Point with Hospital Staff, I couldn’t use wifi (Airport wifi also couldn’t used) and couldn’t contact with hospital staff. I think Driver need to wait customer with name sign board. I was lucky and some tour company 2 staff help me and finally I met driver after 30mins later. Totally I appreciate doctor and operation team and Whats app take care team. Dr. Anna and Olga from Bookimed was good support me. When I asked and checked some detail, always reply soon and they did their best. I appreciate big support Thank you for your support and good service.
— Anonymous
Thailand, Feb 6, 2020
Feb 6, 2020 • Verified review.
Hair transplant:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results Hair transplant:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results Hair transplant:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results
Hair transplant $1784.25 - $2000.52
Estetik International - Istanbul
Turkey, Istanbul
88% patients recommend

Estetik International is among Top 10 hair transplant clinics in Turkey according to Bookimed because of:

  • unique hair plantation option — organic hair transplant — invented by Dr. Bulent Cihantimur to add special stem cells injections into the head skin for the better hair replantation result.
  • popular with international patients — people fromNear East consider Estetik International the best hospital in Turkey for hair transplant.
  • vast experience — this Turkish hair transplant clinic performs 3,000 procedures annually.
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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Best Plastic Surgery Center 2018 certificate for Estetik International - Istanbul Patient choice in Plastic surgery certificate for Estetik International - Istanbul

Latest review

Verified review.
The Medi-Cal team was amazing and the hospital stay was beyond expectations.. No words can express this journey, especially that I was alone and I have no-one to help, the medical team was the family that I didn't have in this hard time!! It started by arranging my fflight pickup from the airport, brought a luxurious van to take me from and to hospital, hotel and airport , they offered me the full support and successfuly completed a very complicated surgery, I owe them all my gratitude. My only complaint is that they didn't ask for an emergency number in case of a crisis .. I did that by informing my family with the number of the personal assistant who was occupied to assist me in my whole journey there.
— Anonymous
United Arab Emirates, Sep 8, 2022
Sep 8, 2022 • Verified review.
Thighs liposuction :  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results Thighs liposuction :  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results Thighs liposuction :  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results
Hair transplant $1990 - $3800
Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey
Turkey, Istanbul
97% patients recommend

Smile Hair Clinic is a specialized hair transplant center in Turkey, Istanbul. It was founded by Dr. Mehmet Erdogan and Dr. G. Bilgin, renowned plastic surgeons with years of experience in FUE hair transplantation techniques. Since then, the clinic has served over 10,000+ gentlemen and has been recognized by authorities such as BBC Healthcare Tourism Documentary Series. The team uses the Micro FUE method to transplant up to 4,000 grafts without any scars on the skin. Patients from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UAE choose this clinic for Hair Transplant in Turkey. Reviews from patients praise the clinic for its top-level medical service, attentive staff, and overall experience.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Turkish Medical Association certificate for Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery certificate for Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey

Latest review

Verified review.
The staff is simply gorgeous, you feel like a child that absolutely everyone takes care of, they were met at the Istanbul airport, escorted to the hotel, and from there to all the procedures. The cost of the hotel was already included in the final price list, which was discussed back in Russia. It took a very long time to decide on the transplant procedure, now I regret that I did not do it before (it is not clear why I was shy or afraid) I chose the Smile Hair clinic according to reviews and estimates, upon arrival I immediately won over to myself, they are also fed a delicious lunch after the operation, they conduct a care course for hair during rehabilitation + give all sorts of tools and a very detailed manual (after reading which all questions crawl away) Dr. Akhmedov is a professional in his field! Now I have the 9th day after the procedure, the recovery is perfect. Also thanks to my curator Anna from the bookimed service, instant answers to questions and incredibly fast provision of information
— Александр
Russian Federation, Apr 15, 2021
Apr 15, 2021 • Verified review.
Hair transplant $1890 - $2690
Medeks Hair Center
Turkey, Istanbul
100% patients recommend

Medeks Hair Center is a private single-specialty medical center located in Istanbul, Turkey. The team is focused on dental treatment and aesthetic medicine. Patients from Europe, CIS, the USA, and Canada visit the clinic most often. Doctor Gökhan Parlak, with more than 14 years of experience, offers the Premium FUE & DHI Hair Transplant with up to 6000 grafts included. The package includes a shampoo and lotion, follow-up visit, 1 PRP session, language assistance, anti-HCVAb test, anti-HBC test, anti-HIV test, AMH test, medications, blood tests, local anesthesia, consultation with a doctor, 5* hotel, VIP transfer and more. The procedure requires 1 day stay in the hospital and 3 days in the hotel.

Patients are very satisfied with the clinic. They appreciate the clean facility, professional doctors and staff and the manager who supervises the procedure. The staff at the clinic are very friendly and accommodating, providing quality services. Bookimed also supports patient by providing initial organization of the referral to the clinic and helping with the details.

Medeks Hair Center is a perfect choice for those looking for a Hair transplant in Turkey with quality services and experienced doctor Gökhan Parlak.

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Latest review

Verified review.
I was looking for Hair Transplant for a few years and a friend of mine told that Istanbul is hub for this procedure. I started looking on line and I contacted BOOKIMED. From there I finalized the MEDEKS HOSPITAL for hair transplant. MEDEKS is Very clean facility, The Doctors and staff are VERY PROFESSIONAL and Cooperative. Mr. Mohammed Manager supervises the procedure with an Eagle eye and Makes Sure that everything is done Perfectly. MEDEKS have done their job to their BEST . I am VERY MUCH SATISFIED with the procedure. I am of the view that MEDEKS have given a LOT MORE , than the money I paid to the facility . They have done a MARVELOUS JOB. I thank Doctors and Staff for their dedication and care. Especially, I thank Manager MUHAMMAD for the Extra Efforts he puts for the TOTAL SATISFACTION of the Client . RANJIT SINGH AUSTRALIA
— Ranjit
Australia, Aug 8, 2022
Aug 8, 2022 • Verified review.
Hair transplant $1730.18 - $2379

Under $4,500

Hair In 1 Day Guadalajara
Mexico, Guadalajara
100% patients recommend

The clinic in Guadalajara is an acknowledged facility for hair transplants of Hair 1 Day Group. The facility is highly recommended by patients — about 500 excellent confirmed reviews on TrustPilot, an independent and trustworthy platform for consumers' opinions. Hair 1 Day Guadalajara is the leader in FUE hair transplant technique and provides the Sapphire FUE technique, the latest method of hair surgery. The clinic is well-known in Latin America due to the high success rate of hair treatments — in 99% of cases, patients do away with baldness. Hair 1 Day in Guadalajara provides first-class medical services and VIP hair transplant surgery.

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Latest review

Verified review.
Hair In One Day proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I knew I wanted to have the procedure. Hair On One Day went a step further in its professionalism and expertise. From the very beginning, Hair In One Day reached out to me and made me feel like I was an important patient, and that it was important to them that I have an extremely satisfying experience. They helped me arrange my travel plans and let me know exactly what to expect. When I arrived at their facility i was impressed by their modern state of the art office. Then they assigned me a team who listened to what I wanted and collaborated with me to get the best hairline that fit my visual profile. It was clearly evident that the team was well trained and knew exactly what they were doing, and because of that, I achieved excellent results. Hair In One Day is by far the best service provider in the field of hair transplant procedures. I recommend them highly and without reservation.
— Georges
United States of America, Nov 21, 2021
Nov 21, 2021 • Verified review.
Hair transplant $2590 - $4000
Hairplasis Clinic
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
92% patients recommend

Hairplasis is an aesthetics center located in Dubai, UAE that specializes in hair transplant procedures and other hair loss treatments.

Hairplasis is the only hair clinic in Dubai that, along with using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, uses Artificial Intelligence to conduct astute analyses of our clients’ hair loss condition and plan a customized hair transplant strategy. The unique hair assessment technology powered by AI provides us with 11 important parameters of a client's hair. These hair statistics are crucial to plan the most effective hair loss treatment for each client. 

The team of Hairplasis consists of European plastic surgeons with decades of experience in hair transplant, top hair transplant technicians and customer care personal that will handhold you through your hair transplant journey with us. 

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Hair transplant $2200 - $6800
Prohair Transplant Clinic Budapest
Hungary, Budapest
100% patients recommend
ProHAIR Transplant Clinic is one of the well-known medical facilities in Budapest, Hungary. Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, Plastic Surgery are the strongest specialties. Patients from the United States, Canada, the UK, and other countries choose ProHAIR Transplant Clinic for healthcare.
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Hair transplant $1297.63 - $3892.9


Under $6,600

San-Medical Hair Transplant Center
Poland, Bielsko-Biała
100% patients recommend

San-Medical Hair Transplant Center, located in Bielsko-Biała in Poland, offers the latest FUE techniques for Hair transplantation. Doctor Artur Sandelewski is a top hair transplant specialist with over 1,600 hair transplant procedures performed. The Package price for Hair Transplantation includes the Hair transplant procedure, free shuttle from the airport, and two nights in the Hotel Debowiec. San-Medical Hair Transplant Center has earned a great reputation from patients from the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Russia for their Hair transplant in Poland.

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Latest review

Verified review.
Good day. I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Artur and his team, and to the coordinator who accompanied me to the operation. Due to an accident, I lost part of my eyebrow. But the clinic did the impossible for me. I liked how the doctor and his team encouraged. They talked all the time and asked if everything was okay. The operation itself was quick and painless, high-quality and accurate. And all thanks to the qualifications of the doctor and his assistants. I am very grateful to the clinic, they restored my beauty!
— Ольга
Poland, Apr 24, 2023
Apr 24, 2023 • Verified review.
Eyebrow transplantation:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results
Hair transplant $4595.79
Dr Turowski Hair restoration clinic
Poland, Katowice
92% patients recommend
  • Dr. Turowski Hair restoration clinic is among the best ones in Poland. The newest hair transplant options such as FUE and FUE-Artas robotic hair plantations are applied there.
  • Dr. Gregory Turowski is a founder and head of this Polish hair transplant clinic. He is the best hair transplant surgeon in Poland. Dr. Turowski was among first ones in the world to apply robotic Artas hair transplant. Hair plantation with robot is more accurate and allows transplanting a higher amount of grafts for one procedure.
  • The doctor is included in the national "USA Top Surgeons" guide that confirms his professionalism and experience. Dr. Turowski studied at Yale and Harvard Universities, practiced in the leading American hospitals.
  • Over 10,000 hair transplant procedures have been performed in the clinic. So, a patient can sure of receiving the best hair transplant in Poland.
  • The hair transplant cost in this Polish clinic is about 10-15% lower than in the countries of Western Europe, and about 30-50% than in the USA.
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Best Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey
starting $1,500

As IMTJ reports, 750,000+ medical tourists from 144 countries choose Turkey for treatment annually. The country attracts patients from over the world with:

Hair Transplant in Turkey Deal

  • Affordable prices. The cost of hair transplant in Turkish medical centers is one of the lowest among Bookimed partner clinics. For instance, the cost of the procedure in Turkish clinics starts from $1,500, in South Korean — $3,900, in German — $4,500, in Swiss — $9,100, in the US — up to $15,000.
  • Packages. The Turkish clinics offer not only affordable prices but also provide a patient with additional services (accommodation, transfer, language assistance) that are already included in the price.

Below you can find the cheapest offers for hair transplant according to the info provided by our partner clinics:

If you have any questions, you can always contact Bookimed medical coordinator to receive consultation regarding the procedure, prices, and trip arrangement.


Mexico: Get FUE Hair Transplant Cheaper
for $2,600

Mexico is a world hub for patients who want to experience their look changes. About 2,350 cosmetic procedures are performed here daily. And hair transplants take a significant part of this number. 

So what will you benefit from picking Mexico as a place for a hair transplant:

  • Lower prices. Hair transplant prices in Mexico fall between $2,500-$5,000, depending on the number of grafts transplanted. It is 2-4 times cheaper than in the USA, where the same procedure costs $10,000-$20,000.
  • Good quality. There are a lot of hair transplant clinics in Mexico. However, pick only those that hold licenses and certifications confirming their service and healthcare level. In this case, you can count on the great outcome and minimum of complications.
  • Favourable location. Mexico is a top choice among Americans due to its border close to the USA, so expenses for traveling here are low. So, for every customer from the USA having a transplant in Mexico even with travel charges is more profitable than getting this procedure in the United States.

Low-cost Hair Transplant in the UAE
starts from $1,360

Medical tourism in the UAE is rapidly growing. Only Dubai receives over 320,000 international patients annually. And this number is tending to grow. Hair transplant is among those procedures why inbound patients go to the UAE. The price of the procedure seems quite affordable — starting from $1,360 according to Bookimed partner clinic in Dubai.

However, note that this cost covers an only minimum number of grafts, so the price to correct advanced baldness may be much higher. You can specify it with Bookimed medical coordinator.


Cheap Hair Transplant in Hungary
approx. price $3,400

Hungary is a member of the European Union but the prices here are about 25% lower than in Western European countries. It concerns accommodation, food, and medical services.

For instance, the average price staying in Berlin (Germany) is $118, while in Budapest — about $65 according to Booking.com.

The hair transplant cost is also affordable. Just compare, according to Bookimed partner clinics data, the cost of the procedure in Hungarian is $3,500, in Germany — $4,500, in Switzerland is even more higher — up to $9,000.

The cheap flights is also among reasons to get a hair transplant in Hungary. According to Ryanair.com, the round-trip to Budapest from any European country costs about $20-60 depending on a date.

Affordable Hair Transplant in Poland
starting $4,700

One more country in Europe where you can find an affordable hair transplant cost is Poland. According to Bookimed partner clinics, the price for the hair plantation in Poland is from $4,800. It is 2 times cheaper than in Switzerland and the USA.

The travel expenses for patients within Europe are also affordable. You can get to Poland by bus or by plane. The round-trip cost from the majority of European countries is about $20-60 according Ryanair.


5 tips to choose the cheapest place for hair transplant

Often people think that cheap hair replacement means poor quality and are afraid to have the procedure at a lower price. Of course, it may take place. However, there are a lot of great offers that can save your money and bring the great result. Below you can find some recommendations, that may help you to choose the best place for cheap hair transplant and minimize risks:

  1. Check the clinic's certification. You need to get maximum information about a particular hair transplant center. It must have certifications and accreditation that approve the high standards of medical services.
  2. Doctor's experience. Always check a doctor's CV and find info about his/her education, experience, additional training, and international practice. Some highly-experienced doctors may have thousands of hair transplant on his/her account.
  3. Choose the most appropriate country. While selecting the cheapest country to get a hair transplant, it is important to understand which region is the most appropriate for you depending on travel time and budget. In some cases, the ticket charges to some countries can increase the total price of hair transplant significantly. Bookimed Care Department provides an assistance to book tickets and accommodation at the lowest price. So, you save time and money.
  4. Request before and after photos. Before choosing a clinic for hair transplant, it is important to understand what the result you can expect. Before and after photos of patients can help you with this task. If you do not like the outcome, better continue searching for another doctor or a clinic.
  5. Read patient's reviews. The experience of real people will help to choose the cheapest place for hair transplant without quality loss. You can also read verified feedbacks on Bookimed website.

What does the affordable hair transplant cost depend on?

The price for a hair transplant is individual. Some clinics (like Turkish ones) offer hair transplant package prices, so a patient does not need to worry about any additional charges. But other facilities often provide the initial hair transplant cost, so the final expenses are often higher. There are such factors which affect the hair transplant price:

  • Price policy of the country/clinic. If you want to find the cheapest hair transplant in the world, pay attention to countries with affordable price policies. Obviously, that the USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and other countries offer expensive medical services because the income of local citizens and social standards of living are very high. Choosing Turkish, Indian, Thai, or hospitals of Eastern Europe, you can save 20-50 % of your money.
  • The hair transplant technique. The most common hair transplant methods are FUE and FUT (or strip). The last one is cheaper than FUE because of scarring possibility and higher injury rate. The robotic FUE-ARTAS will be the most expensive one due to the high accuracy (up to 99%) and the greater number of grafts transplanted per one procedure.
  • Baldness stage. The higher hair loss grading is, the more grafts are required. The hair transplant will get much cheaper if your area of baldness is small. Only a doctor can say the volume of operation and calculate the final cost.
  • Plastic surgeon's experience. As a rule, reputable doctors ask for higher fees. You can choose a specialist with less outstanding reputation and get a cheap hair transplant. But previously, carefully read their CV and patient reviews.

What does the low-cost hair transplant include?

In most of the cases, the hair transplant price includes:

  • the procedure itself
  • doctor's fees
  • required medical consumable materials.

Some clinics offer hair transplant packages which cover expenses for transfer, language assistance, accommodation, and meals. Such "all-inclusive" offers allow saving 10-20% additionally and receiving low-cost hair transplant.

To sum up, the cheapest places for hair transplant without the quality loss are some clinics in India, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, and the UAE. They have all appropriate certificates that confirm the high level of medical standards available at affordable prices.

You can get more information on hair transplant and receive a personalized quote sending the request:

How Bookimed can help you

➤Bookimed managers are ready to help you and find the right medical center and doctor, specialized in hair transplant. Our team takes into account your case, needs, and requirements. You will get an individual program with costs to plan your budget for a trip in advance.


➤Bookimed is a platform of searching for the best medical solutions in over 25 countries. Every year our doctors-coordinators help 6,000 patients. Our mission is to provide a patient regarding the available offers and support a patient at every step: starting from the clinic selection and trip arrangement till a home return. We stay in touch 24/7 to make your trip easy and comfortable.


➤You don’t pay for Bookimed services. A trip arrangement is free of charge. Submit a request to get a consultation with Bookimed manager.