San-Medical Hair Transplant Center San-Medical Hair Transplant Center San-Medical Hair Transplant Center San-Medical Hair Transplant Center San-Medical Hair Transplant Center
Poland, Bielsko-Biała

San-Medical Hair Transplant Center

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About San-Medical Hair Transplant Center

San-Med Hair Transplant Center is a single-specialty clinic located in a Polish city Bielsko-Biała near Katowice and Krakow.

Doctors apply the most advanced hair transplant techniques — FUE allowing to transplant up to 3,000 grafts (approx. 12,000 hairs) at 1 session leaving no scars.

San-Med Hair Transplant Center is popular with patients from the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Russia.

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San-Medical Hair Transplant Center
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San-Medical Hair Transplant Center Poland, Bielsko-Biała
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Updated 14.09.2020

Poland, Bielsko-Biała

Why do patients go to San-Medical for a hair transplant?

  • FUE. The most advanced hair transplant method which allows to transplant up to 3,000 grafts (each has 3-4 hairs). It leaves no scars, unlike the more dated method of FUT.
  • Price-quality ratio. The clinic offers more affordable costs for a hair transplant in comparison with German and Turkish centers.
  • Convenient location. The clinic is located in the center of Bielsko-Biała city. It’s an industrial and tourism hub in southern where you can easily travel by air or land.

Before-after photos

Before and after hair transplant in Poland

Before and after hair transplant

Hair transplant result in Poland

Hair transplant by San-Med team

Beard transplant in Poland

FUE hair transplant

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a modern hair transplant method leaving no wounds and scars. It doesn’t require shaving before a transplant.

How does it work?

A hair transplant specialist anesthetizes the donor area and the area requiring a transplant. The donor area can be any hairy part of the body; most often it’s the back of the head. The doctor extracts follicles and inserts them to the donor area of the head or beard. The procedure is performed with a tool which has 0.75-1mm point. Such a thing blade makes follicular units extraction and transplantation precise, not damaging the skin of the head significantly.

The procedure lasts 2-8 hours. During the process, a patient can watch movies, read, have a nap.

When do you see results?

The transplanted follicles fall out in the first months after the transplant — and it’s a natural process. In 6-12 months they will produce new hairs.

Beard transplant

Beard transplant is performed with FUE method and is similar to a hair transplant.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The donor area requires pre-shaving so the hair length should be 2-3mm.

Hair and beard transplant are performed with platelet-rich plasma therapy, which is one of the most effective hair loss treatments.

The San-med team applies the Angel system, a computer-controlled device which ensures precise cells separation. These cells boost follicles growth and speed up the result to come.

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