A hair transplant is an effective option to treat hair loss, restore its growth, and make it denser. And what is important is that hair replacement surgery guarantees lifetimes and natural results, so no one even notices that they have done this procedure. Just imagine 600,000+ people have a hair transplant annually — like the whole population of one of the big cities in your country. 

However, despite the apparent procedure's efficacy and popularity, men and women often face such issues looking for a hair transplant overseas:

  • What is the best place for a hair transplant?
  • How much should I pay?
  • Does a low price mean I get a bad-performed procedure?

The Bookimed team has analyzed the preferences of 4,500+ customer requests received on our platform, and the 160+ clinics' service level listed on our website and located in 19 countries. And Bookimed coordinators have sorted the top 5 countries where you can get the best hair transplant experience in the world:


Turkey is one of the best places for a hair transplant overseas. Medical tourism in Turkey might be on its peak due to huge government investments in medicine and competitive prices.

Approx. 800,000 inbound patients choose Turkey for treatment annually.

At least 100,000 of them choose Turkey as the best place for hair transplant in the world each year. And this number is increasing.

Why Turkey?

  • Low cost. Turkey offers hair transplants 2-3 times lower than in the European countries and some Asian (such as South Korea or Thailand), and 5 times lower than in the USA. According to the provided data by partner clinics, the approx. cost of hair transplant in Turkey is $1,600, in South Korea — $3,900, in Thailand — $8,000, in Europe — $4,000-$9,000, in the USA — up to $15,000.
  • Safety. The Turkish clinics we cooperate with provide up to 98% of hair transplant success rate. The facilities that are allowed to serve international patients have to receive a proper certification. Submit a request on the Bookimed to find out where you can have a hair transplant fast and safely.
  • Fast treatment arrangement. Turkey is among the best countries to get a hair transplant for patients searching for immediate treatment, according to the Bookimed version. The arrangement of the travel to Turkey might take only several days, if a patient needs to have a procedure in the shortest term.
  • All-in-One price. Turkish clinics offer the cost of the procedure which also includes a transfer, accommodation, language assistance, and special cosmetic care products. In most of the cases, the clinics in other countries give the price that includes only the procedure, medical consumables, and doctor's fee. Other services a patient pays extra.

Hair Transplant Deals in Turkey

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Mexico remains one of the best destinations to have plastic surgery and hair transplants procedures as well. About 860,000 people improve their appearance in Mexican clinics annually. 

What do you benefit from picking Mexico as the best country for a hair transplant?

  • Affordable price. The cost for a hair transplant in Mexico falls between $2,600-$4,000. It is 20-30% more expensive than in Turkey but about 3-4 cheaper than in the USA. So, Americans frequently pick Mexican clinics because of its affordable price policy. 
  • Convenient location. Many Mexican clinics offering hair transplants are located near the US/Mexican border. It is because they are focused on serving patients coming from the USA. So Americans can just cross the border, get a procedure, and come back home.

Best Hair Transplant Deals in Mexico

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This country is less popular for hair plantation than Turkey or Mexico, for instance., and remains one of the underrated destinations. However Polish medical facilities offer affordable prices and provide highly-qualitative procedures. Some of them conduct the best hair plantation in the world (for example, Dr. Turowski Hair Restoration Clinic). So, Poland is also included in the Bookimed ranking of the best places for hair transplant.

Why Poland?

  • Best prices in Europe. Poland offers cheap costs of the medical procedure due to the general price policy within the country. The hair transplant operation here is about 20-40% lower than in the Western European countries. According to Bookimed partner clinics, the hair transplant price in Germany is $4,400, in Switzerland $9,000. Moreover, the accommodation and meals here are also cheap.
  • Top techniques for a hair transplant. The most innovative ARTAS robot is used in Polish medical facilities to conduct a FUE hair transplant. It is an updated FUE technique, when the procedure is performed by a robot with a higher accuracy.
  • Cheap flights. Poland is an easy to get country for a hair transplant almost from any other point of the world. There are a lot of low-cost flights that significantly decrease travel charges. So, patients from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and other countries can get to Poland for 1-3 hours paying just $20-$50
  • Mild climate. There are no extremely high or low temperatures, so people will feel comfortable during the recovery after a hair transplant in this country.

Top Places for a Hair Transplant in Poland

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Thailand is also among the top countries to get a hair transplant abroad. According to ISAPS, about 150,000 plastic surgery operations are performed annually at Thai clinics. A lot of people also consider Thailand as the best country for hair transplant overseas.

As Bookimed partner clinics in Thailand report, Thailand is a top destination among patients from the USA, Europe, the UAE, Canada, Australia.

Why to head to Thailand for a hair transplant?

  • Vast experience of doctors. A lot of local citizens get plastic surgeries that allow Thai doctors to achieve excellence in this field. Moreover, the specialists improve their skills of performing hair transplants abroad and then implement new knowledge in Thailand. Before picking a doctor, always read their patient reviews to be sure of receiving the best hair transplant in the world.
  • Affordable prices. Thailand offers reasonable hair plantation prices — they are about the same as in European countries or South Korea — $4,000-$6,000, but about 2-3 lower than in the USA (up to $15,000), Canada (about $16,000), Australia (up to $30,000). A lot of patients from these countries consider Thailand an alternative and the best place for a hair transplant in the world.
  • Get treatment during vacation. Thailand is not only a top destination for hair transplant but also is a world-renown resort. So patients can have a hair transplant and simultaneously visit the best Thai resorts.

Best Hair Transplant Deals in Thailand

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South Korea

About 50,000 international patients consider Korea as the best country for cosmetic surgery overseas, including hair transplant. It is the world capital for plastic surgeries regarding the number of performed operations and their quality.

Why South Korea?

  • The world capital for cosmetic surgeries regarding the number of performed operations and their quality.
  • Medium level prices. Korean clinics offer more expensive hair transplant services than Turkey (about $1,600) or India (approx. $1,300), but 2-3 times lower than the USA ($8,000-$15,000). The average cost here is $4,000-$7,000. So, South Korea is a great alternative place to get a hair transplant for international patients.
  • High success rate. Korean hair transplant clinics reach a 98% success rate for a procedure.

However note that when visiting clinics in South Korea you may face a language barrier, so interpreting services are paid additionally.

Top Deals for Hair Replacement in South Korea

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