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Hair transplant in Thailand 2023: Find Best Clinics and Costs

Medically reviewed by
Fahad Mawlood
Medical Editor & Data Scientist

Ready to find best Hair transplant clinics in Thailand? Browse a smart ranking of Hair transplant clinics and 2 doctors based on real patient reviews and multiple criteria to provide relevant results. Make your choice and submit a request to get free assistance. Our medically trained customer support is here for you 24/7.

Trending Hair transplant Packages

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Turkey • Turkeyana Clinic
DHI Hair Transplant Full Package
4.0 Good 6 reviews
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clinic image clinic image
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Turkey • Hair Clinic
Look Younger and Feel Better with FUE Sapphire Hair Transplantation
4.7 Excellent score 90 reviews
16 • Before & after photos
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how much does hair transplant cost?

updated 3/31/2023
The average price of Hair transplant in Thailand is $1125, the minimum price is $900, and the maximum price is $1350.
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United States of America
FUE hair transplant from $4000 from $900 from $2599
Hair transplant from $4000 from $900 from $2590
Organic hair transplantation - from $993 -
Eyebrow transplantation - from $497 from $1500
DHI hair transplantation from $4100 from $900 -
Unshaven hair transplant - from $993 -
Afro hair transplant from $4250 from $1192 -
Female Hair Transplant - from $900 -
FUT Hair Transplant - from $850 -
ARTAS robotic hair transplant - - -
The total cost is calculated individually. It may range depending on your medical issue, doctor's qualification, procedure complexity and related complications (if they occur). You’ll get the exact price for a plastic surgery procedure after a consultation with a doctor.
Below average
Above average
According to clinics presented in the ranking
Explore Verified Hair transplant Clinics and Prices in Thailand
Check the hospital ranking based on requests and 380 reviews to pick the right Hair transplant clinic for you.

What do you need to know about medical travel?

How many days do I need to stay in Thailand?
3 days
How much extra money do I need (additional to the procedure)?
A night in a 5-star hotel breakfast included — $70. A night in a 4-star hotel breakfast included — $50. A night in a 3-star hotel breakfast included — $40. Lunch & dinner — $20.
Do I need a visa?
For citizens of the UK and the USA: visa is not required.
For citizens of other countries — please visit to find more details on entry requirements to Thailand.
What payment options are available?
Cash, credit сards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).
Flight tickets to Thailand: are not included in the price.
Transfer: some clinics offer an airport-clinic-airport transfer.

2 Hair transplant Doctors in Thailand: Inquire to Get a Free Medical Assessment

Damkerng Pathomvanich

Damkerng Pathomvanich

2023 years of experience
106 reviews
Thailand, Bangkok
Bumrungrad International Hospital

Damkerng Pathomvanich

2023 years of experience
Hair transplant specialist
106 reviews
Mathavadee Noonpugdee

Mathavadee Noonpugdee

2023 years of experience
Thailand, Pattaya
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Mathavadee Noonpugdee

2023 years of experience
Hair transplant surgeon
Hair transplant

FAQ about Hair transplant in Thailand

How much does a hair transplant in Thailand cost?

An affordable hair transplant surgery cost is among primary reasons why people from over the world choose Thailand. The hair transplant cost in Thailand is 2-3 times lower than in the USA, Canada, Australia, some European countries, and 1.5-2 times lower than in South Korea or Israel.

Such an affordable cost is explained by general price policy in Thailand and high competition between medical facilities that provide hair transplant in Bangkok, Pattaya, and other Thai cities.

The price for hair replacement is calculated individually for each case. Note that average cost if hair implant (graft) in Thailand is about $4. Only a doctor can determine how many grafts a patient needs.

What does a hair transplant price in Thailand depend on?

The hair transplant cost in Thailand depends on the following factors:

  • Doctors’ qualification and clinic’s certification. Internationally certified clinics and experienced doctors may ask a higher price for their service. This affects hair transplant price in Thailand.
  • Applied options for a procedure. The robotic hair transplant cost in Thailand is about 20% more expensive than a standard FUE due to higher accuracy and ability to transplant for grafts per one procedure.
  • Number of hair implants (grafts). The more grafts are needed for a hair transplantation, the higher price is.
  • Additional charges. Transfer, language assistance, flight tickets, accommodation are not included in the hair transplant surgery cost in Thailand. You need to pay these additionally.
  • The location of a hair transplant clinic in Thailand. The cost of hair transplant in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, can be 5-10% higher than in other less popular cities.

What does a hair transplant surgery in Thailand include?

Some hair transplant clinics in Thailand offer a package price for the procedure which includes:

  • preoperative tests
  • consultation with a specialist
  • hair transplant procedure itself
  • postoperative care
  • transfer (optional)
  • language assistance (optional).

A package hair transplant price in Thailand may include more or fewer services. It depends on a particular clinic.

How to choose a hair transplant center in Thailand?

When a patient chooses a clinic for hair transplant in Thailand, it is necessary to pay attention to:

  • Doctor's experience. If you want to get the best hair transplant in Thailand, carefully choose a doctor who will manage this procedure. Learn their CV — places of education and practice. Also, read patients reviews about a doctor. Ask for a "before-after" hair transplant portfolio of a doctor to make sure you will like a result.
  • The clinic’s location. It is better to choose centers for hair transplant in Bangkok or Pattaya. They are more expensive than in other smaller cities but offer high-quality medical services. Bangkok hair solutions are represented by numerous clinics with high standards of medical care, experienced doctors and innovative equipment.
  • Hair transplant cost in Thailand. Learn how much is the average cost of hair transplant in Thailand. It is better to avoid clinics which offer extremely low prices — the result of the procedure may be unforeseen. Choose facilities with international certificates and average hair transplant prices.
  • Reviews about hair transplant in Thailand. Real patients' reviews give very useful information about the success of the procedure, doctors qualification, and level of a center for hair transplant in Thailand.
  • Hair transplant methods applied in Thai clinics. Top specialists perform seamless FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique for hair replacement. It can be conducted in a manual way or by the robotic system with up to 100% accuracy, so there are no scars after the procedure.

How a hair transplant in Thailand is processed?

For the hair transplant, a patient needs to stay in Thailand for 7 days to:

  • undergo blood tests to detect hormonal levels
  • consult with a doctor and choose of the most suitable hair transplant option
  • make hair transplant procedure
  • to get a consultation with a doctor to estimate a recovery process.

Then a patient returns home.

The first results are visible in 6 months and after.

How to get the best hair transplant in Thailand?

To receive a cost-effective and safe hair transplant in Thailand, follow these steps:

  1. Learn the info about Thai hair transplant clinics listed on this page.
  2. Submit a request on the website to choose the best hair center for you.
  3. Bookimed manager will contact you to answer all questions and schedule a hair transplant procedure in a chosen hair replacement center in Thailand.
  4. If you approve the hair plantation cost and the clinic, a Bookimed manager arranges your trip to Thailand within several days.

Bookimed services are free for patients. We cooperate with the best hair transplant clinics in Thailand directly.

380 Recent Hair transplant Reviews in Thailand: Check Real Patient Experience

All reviews are checked by Bookimed team to ensure they are real. Clinics or doctors cannot add, edit, or delete reviews.

380 Hair transplant Reviews in Thailand


Aleksandr Ovcinikov - Hair transplant in HWT Clinic

Nov 11, 2022
Verified review.
If for any reasons I would need any kind of operations abroad, Bookimed will be first place to visit
First of all, would like to thank Bookimed team for a arranging connection with HWT clinic. About their team Drivers: from transfer to the hotel and clinic all was good (usually I expect drivers to be late, but for all period they were always on time) Medical personal: have nothing to compare them with since it was first this kind of operation, but they asked about pain level periodically to make sure, that it isn’t high enough, which I find good and appreciate. Medical equipment: also hard to judge, only one problem for me was that their chair on which I had been several hours, was some kind of little for me (1,91m my height). After operation: they provide all information and prescriptions, but even with all knowledge I still curious was it possible to do something with disturbed sleeping (it's side affect of anesthesia but still) Additional: little disturbance were caused by payment. For paying by card they asked additional percent, and for me it was unpleasant surprise since I haven’t seen any info about it. Overall: it is nice place to do operation, but for more honest review we need to wait for 4+ months to see results If for any reasons I would need any kind of operations abroad, Bookimed will be first place to visit
About Bookimed service
Yes, if for any reasons I would need any kind of operations abroad, Bookimed will be first place to visit

Nicholas Wood - Hair transplant in Karisoclinic
United States of America

Nov 3, 2022
Verified review.
"I highly recommend these good people
I had a very professional experience with the team at the clinic. I'm from the UK and they provided me with a translator and all the staff were friendly and professional. I'm a week after the hair transplant and it seems very high quality. They provided me with good after care advice and medication. I returned for my check up a few days after and completed my treatment. As someone coming to Istanbul to get a hair transplant I would recommend the team. They provided a high quality service for a good price. I had a quick reponse with any questions both prior and after the treatment and I have appreciated meeting the hardworking and talented professional of this growing clinic. I trust they will make sure your experience is smooth and we'll managed from your hotel to the clinic and then through the post opp period when your body is recovering from the significance of the surgery. I highly recommend these good people.
About Bookimed service
I have been satisfied yes.

Syed Ahmed - Hair transplant in Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

Dec 15, 2022
Verified review.
"Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my experience at Istanbul aesthetic and highly recommend them to anyone looking to get high quality hair transplantation
The team was excellent and work well together. Ege coordinated the whole trip including pickup from airport to the hotel and back. The physician who performed the procedure was very helpful and helped me understand the whole process. She was thorough and efficient and was able to do 4000 grafts using the latest DHI technology for transplant in one day. They brought me back the next day to remove the bandages and ancillary staff cleaned the scalp. I was also provided with all necessary supplies for post-op care including compression band to reduce swelling, special shampoo and moisturizer. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my experience at Istanbul aesthetic and highly recommend them to anyone looking to get high quality hair transplantation.

Gary Engelbrecht - Hair transplant in Hair Clinic

Nov 15, 2022
Verified review.
The medical team was efficient but the language barrier means that there is little to no communication with them. All communication is via the marketing/ contact person who, of course, cannot be with you during the entire day of the procedure. I think it would be helpful for all patients to receive a written breakdown of the day and follow-up day, prior to arriving at the clinic to help them to mentally prepare themselves but also to better understand what to expect during, and also in the days and weeks following the procedure.

Aleksandr YAng - Hair transplant in Medeks Hair Center

Nov 28, 2022
Verified review.
"I advise everyone!"
I am very satisfied with the clinic. I flew from Estonia to Istanbul in the evening, I was met at the airport, then sent to the hotel. In the morning after breakfast I went to the clinic. The guys are professionals in their field, they did everything step by step, consulted, discussed the details, carried out the procedures and made a transplant in 6 hours! Everything is very fast and high quality. The doctors are all sociable, sweet, kind, if I had questions, they quickly solved them. I advise everyone!
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