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Discover the Best Clinics and Costs for FUE hair transplant in Mexico 2023

Content meets the Bookimed Editorial Policy and is medically reviewed by
Fahad Mawlood - General practitioner. Winner of 4 scientific awards. Served in Western Asia. Former Team Leader of a medical team supporting Arabic-speaking patients. Now responsible for data processing and medical content accuracy.

FUE hair transplant Overview in Mexico

Related procedures & Costs
How it works
What to expect
Pros & Cons
Surgery Time - 4 hours
Stay in the country - 3 days
Rehabilitation - 14 days
Anesthesia - Local anesthesia
Verified patient reviews - 31
Requests processed - 110449
Bookimed fees - $0
Types of Hair transplant
  • Hair transplant - from 2590$

    The procedure restores growth through implantation of hair follicles, ensuring a natural appearance and permanent solution.

  • The procedure uses body"s own stem cells to enhance hair growth, ensuring natural, long-lasting results with no scars.

  • Beard transplant - from 2000$

    This operation restores facial hair growth by grafting healthy follicles into balder areas, offering natural-looking results.

  • The procedure restores sparse brows using your hair, offering a natural look with permanent, customizable results.

  • This therapy nourishes scalp, promotes hair growth, fights hair loss via vitamins and minerals injections into scalp.

  • This therapy uses your own blood to stimulate hair growth, using platelet-rich plasma injections, offering natural-looking results.

  • This therapy enhances hair growth through precise hair follicle implantation, ensuring natural-looking, scar-free results.

  • This procedure transfers hair follicles without shaving, retaining a natural look during healing, ideal for immediate post-surgery social events.

  • This procedure transplants tightly curled locks, enhancing appearance and boosting self-esteem with unique, specialized techniques.

  • The procedure restores hair in women, transplanting follicles from dense to thinning areas, promoting natural growth and confidence.

  • FUT Hair Transplant - from 3000$

    This therapy involves moving strips of scalp hair to bald areas, providing natural-looking, permanent re-growth solutions.

  • This procedure enhances lash thickness through implanting donor hairs. It is a permanent, natural-looking solution to sparse or missing lashes.

  • The procedure restores hair growth in the upper lip area, using follicles from other body parts, guaranteeing natural look.

  • The procedure uses advanced robotics to extract hair follicles, offering precise, minimally invasive, and scar-free hair restoration.

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Step-by-Step Roadmap

Day 1 - Arrival

  • Arrive in the country.
  • Take a VIP transfer to the accommodation.

Day 2 - Pre-operation

  • Consultation with the hair transplant specialist.
  • Undergo necessary medical tests for evaluation.
  • Receive a briefing on the FUE hair transplant process.

Day 3 - FUE Hair Transplant

  • Arrive at the clinic early morning.
  • Undergo local anesthesia.
  • Start the FUE hair transplant procedure.
  • The procedure lasts for 6-8 hours.

Day 4 - Post-operation

  • Stay at the clinic for post-operative care.
  • Undergo a 1 PRP session for enhanced recovery.

Day 5 - Discharge

  • Receive post-operative care instructions.
  • Discharge from the clinic and return to accommodation.

Week 1-2 - Rehabilitation

  • Avoid strenuous activities.
  • Follow post-operative care instructions.

Week 3-4 - Rehabilitation

  • Return to work with limited physical activities.
  • Continue following post-operative care instructions.

Week 5-8 - Rehabilitation

  • Return to normal physical activities.
  • Start noticing the new hair growth.

Please note that each patient"s recovery may vary based on individual health conditions. This is a general guide and the detailed plan will be provided by the clinic based on your specific case.

What patients like:

  1. Cost.The FUE hair transplant cost in Mexico ranges from 2000$ to 4000$. This price is significantly lower compared to the average cost in the United States, which is approximately $10,000.
  2. Doctor’s professionalism.. Patients appreciate the high level of professionalism and expertise demonstrated by Mexican hair transplant surgeons, many of whom are members of international medical organizations and have performed thousands of procedures.
  3. Service level. Patients often comment on the excellent customer service, noting the staff's responsiveness, attentiveness, and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction.
  4. FUE hair transplant efficacy. Many patients report successful outcomes from their FUE hair transplants in Mexico, noting visible improvements in hair density and coverage.
  5. Logistics. Patients like the all-inclusive packages offered by many Mexican clinics, which often take care of travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, and airport transfers, in addition to the procedure itself.

What patients don't like:

  1. Waiting time. Some patients have mentioned long waiting times for their procedure, due to high demand for services.
  2. Language barrier. Some patients have reported communication difficulties due to language barriers with staff or surgeons.
  3. Post-surgery swelling. Patients often mention the discomfort and swelling experienced post-surgery, which can be intense and require time off from regular activities.

Discover the Hottest FUE hair transplant Packages of the Season

clinic image
clinic image clinic image
Tap to see more about package
Turkey, Istanbul
Bellus Clinic
Basic Hair transplant - All Included (economy package with 3 starts hotel and regular transfer)
5.0 Excellent score 2 reviews
12 • Before & after photos
All Inclusive Package
clinic image
clinic image clinic image
Tap to see more about package
Turkey, Istanbul
Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey
Gold Package- All-Inclusive Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation
4.7 Excellent score 41 reviews
All Inclusive Package
clinic image
clinic image clinic image
Tap to see more about package
Turkey, Istanbul
Academic Hospital
Standard FUE Hair Transplant (5000 Grafts) All Included
New clinic
12 • Before & after photos
All Inclusive Package
clinic image
clinic image clinic image
Tap to see more about package
Turkey, Istanbul
Hair Clinic
Premium FUE hair transplant (maximum grafts) All Included
4.7 Excellent score 103 reviews
16 • Before & after photos
All Inclusive Package
clinic image
clinic image clinic image
Tap to see more about package
Turkey, Istanbul
Bellus Clinic
Standard FUE hair transplant (Maximum Grafts) All Included
5.0 Excellent score 2 reviews
24 • Before & after photos
All Inclusive Package
clinic image
clinic image clinic image
Tap to see more about package
Turkey, Istanbul
Estetik International - Istanbul
All inclusive Package for Pain Free FUE Hair Transplantation
4.5 Good 204 reviews
3 • Before & after photos
All Inclusive Package
Get a free quote
-30% OFF Today
clinic image
clinic image clinic image
Tap to see more about package
Turkey, Istanbul
Private Akif Mehmetoglu Clinic
Premium Hair transplant! All Included
New clinic
19 • Before & after photos
All Inclusive Package
clinic image
clinic image clinic image
Tap to see more about package
Turkey, Eskisehir
Fizyomer Terapia Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation & Aesthetic & Dental Medical Center
Special Price of FUE Hair Transplant , Maximum Graft, All Included
4.7 Excellent score 10 reviews
All Inclusive Package
Get a free quote
-11% OFF Today
clinic image
clinic image clinic image
Tap to see more about package
Turkey, Istanbul
MCAN Health
All Inclusive Package for FUE Hair Transplantation (Up to 5000 Grafts)
New clinic
20 • Before & after photos
All Inclusive Package
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-20% OFF Today

Don't Miss Out On Exclusive FUE hair transplant Deals in Mexico for September 2023

Best price
Mexico, Cancun

Standard FUE Hair Transplant (3000 Grafts) All Included with Dr. Alejandro Ortega


  • Highly experienced doctor with a Medical Degree (M.D.) obtained with 91.0 average and a member of Mexican Board of Surgery (CMCG), Mexican Association of Surgery (AMCG), Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery (AMCE) and Mexican College of Obesity Surgery (CMCO)
  • Award-winning clinic - Cancun Hair Restoration, founded in 2016 in Cancún
  • All-inclusive offer includes Complete blood count (CBC), 1 PRP session, Neck pillow, Anti-HIV test, Post-op medications, Medications, Blood tests, Consultation with a doctor, 4* Hotel and Transfer airport-hotel-clinic-airport.
  • Fast procedure - 0 Days stay in the hospital and 2 Days stay in the hotel.
  • Safe and effective hair transplant, with no scarring or stiches.
Read more
Package price

The best FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant clinics are listed on this page. The rating is based on patients' reviews, doctors' experience, and equipment level.

The average costs of FUE hair transplant are represented in the listing.

Compare FUE clinics and their prices. Submit a request to schedule a date for hair transplant at a chosen center.

What's the Cost for FUE hair transplant in Mexico? Find Out Now

updated 9/25/2023
The average price of FUE hair transplant in Mexico is $2940, the minimum price is $2000, and the maximum price is $4000.
Request the price
United States of America
FUE hair transplant from $4000 from $950 from $2599
The total cost is calculated individually. It may range depending on your medical issue, doctor's qualification, procedure complexity and related complications (if they occur). You’ll get the exact price for a plastic surgery procedure after a consultation with a doctor.
Below average
Above average
According to 7 clinics presented in the ranking
Discover the Best FUE hair transplant Clinics in Mexico: 7 Verified Options and Prices
Check the hospital ranking based on requests and 31 reviews to pick the right FUE hair transplant clinic for you.
Hair In 1 Day Mexico City
Mexico, Mexico City
92% patients recommend

Hair in 1 Day Network is a group of 5 clinics located in Mexico and Brazil. It's the most highly rated group in Latin America according to TrustPilot. The team of Hair in 1 Day in Guadalajara provides Sapphire FUE hair transplant, beard, and eyebrow transplants. Hair in 1 Day in Guadalajara offers a package price with a hotel accommodation. Patients from the USA and Europe choose clinics for appearance improvement.

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FUE hair transplant $2599 - $4000
Hair In 1 Day Monterrey
Mexico, Monterrey
92% patients recommend

Hair in 1 Day Group of 5 clinics located in located in Mexico and Brazil. It's one of the most reliable groups on TrustPilot. The team of Hair in 1 Day in Monterrey provides hair transplant, beard and eyebrow transplant with a patented H1D XtraCare technique with 99% successful result. Hair in 1 Day in Monterrey is chosen by patients from the USA and Canada. The clinic offers a package with a hotel accommodation and airport transfer included.

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FUE hair transplant $2599 - $4000
Gilenis Surgical Center
Mexico, Tijuana
66% patients recommend

Gilenis Surgical Center is a private multi-specialty medical center located in Tijuana, Mexico. The team is dedicated to dental treatment, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and weight loss surgery. Gilenis Surgical Center serves only adults. Patients from Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia visit the clinic most often.

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FUE hair transplant Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
Amazing service and was taken care of by Dr. Ana and the Bookimed team. I booked two services - dental crowns with Dr Ana and rhinoplasty with Dr Deborah at Gilenis. Easy process, and I am so so happy with the results. My new emax crowns and dental work are perfect, Dr Ana did a thorough job and guaranteed the work and did a follow up check with any revisions. Dr Deborah did my rhinoplasty. And I just sent her the biggest thank you note, as I was the most nervous on this procedure. I am at day 8, and my nose swelling is looking better and better everyday AND perfect!!!! I cannot wait to see the final final results, but I am so happy. It is still my nose and natural like I wanted, but so much better. My dorsal hump is gone, and my nostrils and tip are smaller and a little less round. And the profile - that is the biggest positive change immediately! I was on zoom today on day 8, and no one noticed but mentioned how good I looked (exactly what I wanted!). My dental work as well as my amazing nose job - natural and perfect. I plan to refer anyone who needs work done, and go back in a couple weeks for a lip lift as my nose is healing so well.
— Anonymous
United States of America, Dec 24, 2022
Dec 24, 2022 • Verified review.
Cancun Hair Restoration
Best price
Mexico, Cancun
92% patients recommend

Cancun Hair Restoration is a top-notch hair transplant clinic located in Cancun, Mexico. Since 2016, our highly skilled team of 2 doctors, 2 technicians, and 4 nurses, some with over 20 years of experience, have been providing exceptional services to clients seeking FUT, FUE, ARTAS robotic, PRP, and Scalp Micropigmentation procedures. The clinic welcomes both men and women looking for hair restoration services, including facial hair transplants, eyebrow hair transplants, and beard transplants. The medical center is situated in the beautiful city of Cancun, which is well-known for its scenic beaches and crystal-clear waters. 

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

American Society of Plastic Surgeons certificate for Cancun Hair Restoration
FUE hair transplant
Package price
Hair In 1 Day Guadalajara
Mexico, Guadalajara
100% patients recommend

Hair in 1 Day Network is a group of 5 clinics located in Mexico and Brazil. It's the most highly rated group in Latin America according to TrustPilot. The team of Hair in 1 Day in Guadalajara provides Sapphire FUE hair transplant, beard and eyebrow transplants. Hair in 1 Day in Guadalajara offers a package price with a hotel accommodation. Patients from the USA and Europe choose clinics for appearance improvement.

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FUE hair transplant Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
Hair In One Day proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I knew I wanted to have the procedure. Hair On One Day went a step further in its professionalism and expertise. From the very beginning, Hair In One Day reached out to me and made me feel like I was an important patient, and that it was important to them that I have an extremely satisfying experience. They helped me arrange my travel plans and let me know exactly what to expect. When I arrived at their facility i was impressed by their modern state of the art office. Then they assigned me a team who listened to what I wanted and collaborated with me to get the best hairline that fit my visual profile. It was clearly evident that the team was well trained and knew exactly what they were doing, and because of that, I achieved excellent results. Hair In One Day is by far the best service provider in the field of hair transplant procedures. I recommend them highly and without reservation.
— Georges
United States of America, Nov 21, 2021
Nov 21, 2021 • Verified review.
FUE hair transplant $2599 - $4000

3 Before & after photos

Browse FUE hair transplant before & after photos shared by doctors from different clinics.
Panama Plastic Surgery
Mexico, Cancun
92% patients recommend
Panama Plastic Surgery is one of the well-known medical facilities in Cancun, Mexico. Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, Diagnostics, Dermatology are the strongest specialties. The quality of medical services and treatment is confirmed by Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Consejo Mexicano de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva. Patients from the United States, Canada, the UK, and other countries choose Panama Plastic Surgery for healthcare.
Read more details Hide details

Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva certificate for Panama Plastic Surgery American Society of Plastic Surgeons certificate for Panama Plastic Surgery Consejo Mexicano de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva certificate for Panama Plastic Surgery
PLASTIKS Plastic Surgery Center
Mexico, Tijuana
92% patients recommend

PLASTIKS Plastic Surgery Center in Tijuana is a specialized medical facility in Mexico. The clinic was founded by Dr. Rafael Camberos Solis, a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 10 years of practice.

The center offers cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedure for women and men and welcomes international patients.

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Your Medical Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Advice

How many days do I need to stay in Mexico?
3 days
How much extra money do I need (additional to the procedure)?
A night in a 5-star hotel breakfast included — $110. A night in a 4-star hotel breakfast included — $50. A night in a 3-star hotel breakfast included — $40. Lunch & dinner — $20.
Do I need a visa?
For citizens of the UK and the USA: visa is not required. An entry permit is required — you may get it online for $20.
For citizens of other countries — please visit to find more details on entry requirements to Mexico.
What payment options are available?
PayPal, cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).
Flight tickets to Mexico: are not included in the price.
Transfer: some clinics offer an airport-clinic-airport transfer.

Get a Medical Assessment for FUE hair transplant in Mexico: Consult with 2 Experienced Doctors Now

Ileana Martinez
Mexico, Guadalajara
Ileana Martinez
Hair transplant specialist
9 years of experience
Hair In 1 Day Guadalajara
Dr. Ileana Martinez is a specialist in hair, beard and eyebrow transplant. She h... Read more
FUE hair transplant
$2599 - $4000
More treatments
Uriel Munoz
Mexico, Puerto Vallarta
Uriel Munoz
Hair transplant specialist
4 years of experience

Related Articles

FAQ about FUE hair transplant in Mexico

What is included in the FUE hair transplant surgery package in Mexico?

The procedure includes the design of the transplant area, preparation, handling and application of follicles using the H1D Xtra Care technique. It also includes disposable materials to carry out the treatment, application with last-generation instruments like a sapphire tip, and the development of digital archives to document evolution. The package includes post-procedure control appointments, free follow-ups, free aftercare washes, and clinical follow-ups.

What is the cost of the FUE hair transplant in Mexico?

The FUE hair transplant procedure varies, depending on the clinic and exchange rate.

What is the payment method for the FUE hair transplant procedure in Mexico?

A patient can pay for the FUE hair transplant procedure on a single exhibition with a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or cash.

What is the booking amount for the FUE hair transplant procedure?

You are required to book your reservation with 10-20% of the whole cost.

What is the cancellation policy for the FUE hair transplant procedure?

If there is a need to change the date, it must be notified at least 10 days in advance. Otherwise, you will lose your reservation amount. If there is a cancellation, the advance is not refundable.

When should the full payment be made?

A patient must pay the same day of the procedure.

What is the H1D Xtra Care technique used in the FUE hair transplant procedure?

The H1D Xtra Care technique used in the FUE hair transplant procedure helps preserve the vitality of the follicles for a longer time, improves healing in the donor area, and increases the graft"s acceptance in the area to be implanted.

What are the post-procedure services included?

The post-procedure services included are control appointments at no cost, free follow-ups, free aftercare washes, and clinical follow-ups.

Are there any aftercare services included in the FUE hair transplant procedure?

Yes, the FUE hair transplant procedure includes free aftercare washes and clinical follow-ups.

What happens if I miss my appointment for the FUE hair transplant procedure?

If you miss your appointment and fail to notify at least 10 days in advance, you would lose your reservation amount.

Is there any flexibility in changing the date of the FUE hair transplant procedure?

Yes, you can change the date of the procedure. However, you must notify us at least 10 days in advance to avoid losing your reservation amount.

What instruments are used in the FUE hair transplant procedure?

Last-generation instruments like a sapphire tip are used in the FUE hair transplant procedure.

This page may feature information relating to various medical conditions, treatments, and healthcare services available in different countries. Please be advised that the content is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or guidance. Please consult with your doctor or a qualified medical professional before starting or changing medical treatment.

31 Recent FUE hair transplant Reviews in Mexico: Check Real Patient Experience

All reviews are checked by Bookimed team to ensure they are real. Clinics or doctors cannot add, edit, or delete reviews.

See What Others Are Saying: Reviews of Life-Changing FUE hair transplant in Mexico


Chad K - FUE hair transplant in Smile Hair Clinic | Hair Transplant In Turkey
United States of America

Nov 5, 2022
Verified review.
"All in all I’m really glad I went to Smile Hair Clinic
Smile was great happy I went there. I know I was super nervous because it was my first time in a new country all the time zones were you know seven hours or eight hours difference from where I live Michigan and I knew it was gonna be a little bit painful but I had no idea what to expect and what they say you know it’s a little cheaper if you pay cash but I wasn’t willing to take that much cash with me because I didn’t know what to expect so I paid the extra 10% with my card but I’m really happy I went to the specific clinic it was very professional and they take your blood they put in a little IV thing in your arm they test you for HIV hepatitis B and hepatitis see and as long as you’re clean and good to go you get the procedure when they administer the Novocain in the back of the head it was fucking painful painful as fuck like on a scale of one to 210 it was 10 on a scale of one to 10 pain scale it was probably a 9 1/2 but it only lasts you squirm you know like I flexed my arms and I sat there and I just just took it you know like they did it quick and before you know it your endorphins are kicking in and your your your head is numb completely numb and as soon as your head is completely numb the they pump in a little bit of saline to swell it up a little bit I think that’s what they were doing I don’t know I took a video while they were doing it but I couldn’t even feel what they were doing that point it was completely numb and then there’s like five or 10 minutes of pain in the beginning after that it’s you feeling you can just hear like will you be be be like these little noises cutting into your scalp but it doesn’t hurt it is it was actually quite relaxing and they gave me some kind of anti-anxiety which was great and then after the extraction part of the procedure was done you roll over and lay on your backThen they gave me some intravenous painkillers but almost just put me to sleep basically but it was kind of enjoyable and you know before all that we went back-and-forth a few times on what I wanted to hairline to be they wanted it to be a little more conservative than I wanted it to be a little more aggressive on and we kind of met in the middle we decided on a hairline that would’ve been good that was good I mean anyway they weren’t as for going to the hotel I recommend getting the five get the five star hotel pay the extra money for her four-star hotel was just like any other hotel I could’ve been in it was I didn’t like it and so I actually transitioned over to the five star hotel which was fantastic fantastic it had just those huge buffet the breakfast potatoes amazing the dish the whole house the hotel experience was great go with a five star hotel pay the extra money get the premium package and if they had any issues I just text them over WhatsApp and they were great at communicating sometimes it took like an hour or so to communicate so you know make sure you do you know let them know in advance if you need to change anything sorry I just give them a little bit of a heads up before you change anything I changed my flights a few different times on the way home because there was an issue with the Turkish airline and so I went with Lusitania I’m doing speech to text so there’s probably a bunch of weird little typos in here but you get the gist of it anyway yeah I know I am I got to the airport at like 5 o’clock took me like an hour to kind of navigate how to get out of the airport him and then at the soon as you get out of the airport there’s a little spot like with a number mine was number 35 and you walk over there andAnd they have a list of names on it and you just show them and tell them your name and they bring you a walk you to the van and there was one other guy from the hair clinic I’m waiting in the van and then the traffic was kind of crazy took us like two hours to get to the hotel or at least that was the first hotel and once I saw the first hotel which was a five star one I knew that was the one I wanted to stay in fired up calling and making a reservation there the next day and then I told the hair clinic that I wanted that bad place because I felt more comfortable there when they were cool they just added it into the price of my procedure because I was already paying for extra hotel days if I was gonna stay an extra day so they just gave me that five star hotel for free and you know the day they pick me up at the airport we went in we had our consultation which was pretty quick it was more just like test to make sure you don’t have any disease figure out your hairline and then start All in all I’m really glad I went to smile hair clinic I’ve got good recommendation so far I’ve it’s only been a week since I’ve had my procedure and I could barely tell that I had it done I mean except where the hairline is all new and there’s some scabs but yeah very professional but yeah very professional gosh darn speech to text doesn’t pick up all the words and I’m too lazy to text them all right now so you’re getting the little bit of a scramble text version but yeah great clinic I would recommend it to more people and if I could redo everything and start over I would probably still choose the same path I would just get the five star hotel right away and an extra night because it’s nice to spend an extra night
image image image image
About Bookimed service

Yevhenii Khomenko - FUE hair transplant in Hair Clinic

Jan 14, 2023
Verified review.
I had 4500 grafts transplanted
Honest review. Preparation before the operation first took place online with the manager (Yulia) . 24/7 in touch, Julia provided assistance in all matters that interest me regarding the operation. Having chosen the date of the operation, having bought tickets, I flew to Istanbul. There I was met by a transfer and taken to the hotel, which, accordingly, was reserved even earlier for me. The hotel is 5 stars, the room is very decent. Polite staff. Breakfast is also included. The next day, the operation (hair transplant) in the morning a car comes for me and we go to the clinic. First, I sign an agreement and they take a blood test from me. The haircut is already in the clinic, photographs are taken (as it was before and after) and we proceed to the operation itself. The clinic looks ordinary, not to say that it is super clean or very dirty. And now it's time for the operation itself. I will call it Turkish series. During the whole operation, employees talk about everything in the world. If only I had a couple more days like this and I would have learned Turkish (and this all happens above your head (30 cm). Anyone could come into the office at that time and some other doctors, employees, cleaning lady. The doctors themselves allow themselves to pick up the phone, talk. And this is all during the operation. Singing songs. Discussing series. Family problems. At some point, I would not be surprised if friends with a barbecue came to them, started making a barbecue, brought a toastmaster and played a wedding there. What can I say .... Turks (but in general, nice guys) I accepted it all, because I was worried about one thing - a good result. I had 4500 grafts transplanted. Now it’s too early to say, since only 10 days have passed after the transplant. I will write the 2nd review when there will be a 100% result. I was put on an almost tight bandage on the place of the donor zone, and taken to the hotel. The 2nd day is a rest. Having received all the recommendations, I of course (did not listen) and walked all day around Istanbul. On the 2nd day after the operation, I strongly recommend as much as possible o walk less. And then later you will look as if your head has been in evidence with bees. Strong puffiness. And the body really needs rest. 3rd day check out from the hotel, control head washing and then transfer to the airport. Everything is simple here, I checked out, they came and took me and took me to the clinic. They washed my hair (first lotion, then shampoo) and told in detail how it would be done at home and further care. They also gave lotion and shampoo as a gift)))) this procedure took half an hour maximum. And the last stage is transfer to the airport. The manager is in touch to the last, even after arriving home. This is not so that you came, paid - did the operation and you are no longer interesting to anyone. Attention, help, support at a high level) I recommend
image image image image
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Андрей - Alopecia in Health Point World Clinic (former Dr. Soho Clinic)

Jan 10, 2022
Verified review.
"Recommend! :)"
I hesitated when choosing a clinic: On the one hand, there was a clinic with a large number of reviews, but a template proposal, where it seemed that my name was entered into a standard form. On the other was Dr. Soho, a new clinic, no reviews, but with a good price and a detailed analysis of my case with the presumptive diagnosis and the number of grafts. Although reliability and feedback are very important for such a choice, my doubts disappeared during personal communication with my coordinator from the clinic - Anastasia. I made a list of questions, told about my doubts. Anastasia did her best to give me information about the doctor, clinic and other information that convinced me to choose them. In general, I had the opportunity to compare the communication of different clinics, and in this Anastasia was noticeably distinguished by empathy, sincere interest and a desire to help. About the process itself. Everything went as promised: 1. All transfers from the airport, to the hotel and clinic were organized for me by good transport. 2. The operation itself went well. The doctor consulted me, answered all the questions, and during the operation itself I felt the care of the staff and the support of Anastasia 3. You are provided with everything you need during rehabilitation - medicines, a pillow, consultations. the hotel (by the way, quite good) has a restaurant where you can have lunch and dinner regularly. This is my first experience of such an operation, I have nothing to compare with. Also, it is still difficult to talk about objective results - everything will be good or bad in the end. But at the same time, I can share what I saw - the clinic fulfills all the obligations it undertakes and the staff treats you very well. Recommend! :) Also thanks to Maria, Bookimed coordinator, for answering all my questions and helping me quickly choose a clinic.
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Ерик - FUE hair transplant in Adem and Havva Medical Center

Mar 8, 2020
Verified review.
The results of the hair transplant exceeded my expectations
Good day to all! Clinic "Adam and Eve" left very warm memories of being in Turkey. The price for a hair transplant includes: transfer from and to the airport, 3-night hotel accommodation (breakfast included), hair transplant consultation, testing, hair transplant procedure itself, lunch at the clinic on the day of surgery, anti-inflammatory pills , a postoperative hair care kit, as well as a daily transfer to the clinic and back for dressing and shampooing. On the last day of your stay in the clinic, a guarantee certificate and a hair care certificate are issued. The clinic staff is very responsive and attentive, especially the clinic coordinator - Dilyara, who was always in touch with me 24/7. In general, they are great fellows, professionals in their field. Perhaps, of course, there are clinics in Istanbul with a higher service, but the Adam and Eve clinic is the best for a reasonable price.
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Mircea - FUE hair transplant in Estetik International - Istanbul

Dec 24, 2019
Verified review.
The planning team was really on point
Overall good experience in need of tweaking. Will revise feedback based on final result (approx. dec 2020) What was good: -Bookimed team was very professional and ready to answer all questions -The Estetik medical team with the doctor were courteous and professional. I cannot comment on the results until after December 2020. -The concierge team was very courteous and ready to answer any questions -The planning team was really on point. Keep it up! What needs to be improved: -instructions with aftercare (right now it’s by word of mouth which is sub-standard these days) -a more detailed description of the doctors success stories and his team -concierge team to have a checklist system for themselves to ensure that they do not forget anything -better hotel selection packages (divan hotel had a 4* lobby and a 2* room): ie 3,5,7,10 days
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