Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan is a specialist in hair transplant, a cofounder of Smile Hair Clinic.

Smile Hair Clinic is a hair transplant center in Istanbul which receives patients from the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, the UAE.

In his interview, doctor Erdogan tells about approaches, prices and own experience of hair transplants.

What is your work experience?

We have been working for 8 years already.

How many hair transplants have you already performed?

We have performed around 5,000 hair transplants so far.

What is the average success rate of hair transplant?

The average success of a hair transplant in Smile Hair Clinic is 90-95%. The rate depends from different factors.

How long should a patient stay in the country before and after the procedure?

In order to go through all the procedure with successful outcome, the patient should stay in Istanbul for 2-3 days.

Do PRP injections improve the result of hair transplant?

Yes, PRP treatment is a very important step during the hair transplant and of course it boosts cytokines release and improves a growth factor.

How a patient can be sure of the hair transplant procedure result and safety?

We do provide all the required files with the results of the previous operations that we have done so he can be sure in the quality of our work. When a patient comes to the clinic, he re

Do you provide warranty?

Yes, the warranty is included.

Which hair transplant option do you usually apply?

Depending on the patient's hair situation, there are many methods that can be used for a better result:

FUE Sapphire and DHI are used for hair transplant, beard transplant and body extraction is a method used to achieve the best number of grafts.

Bookimed note:


  • FUE hair transplant is a technique of one by one follicular transfer from the donor area into the recipient one with a micro-needle. The grafts are implanted in previously made holes. Leaves no scars. Allows returning to work in around 6 days.
  • DHI is a FUE method when the transplant is performed with implanter pen which has more control of the implant depth and angle than in FUE. Leaves no scars. Allows returning to work the same day.
  • FUE Sapphire is the same FUE method but performed with a sapphire knife which has a thinner blade and makes a smaller and cleaner cut than a traditional one.

What factors should a patient pay attention to choosing a doctor?

Pay attention to professionality service starting from the consultation and the treatment way, the information provided and the previous results to find a good doctor.

What areas do you usually use as donor ones?

We use the back part of the head, the beard, the chest as donor areas.

What is a maximum number of grafts you transplant during 1 operation?

In order to provide a good supply circulation we don’t exceed 5,000 grafts in one session.

What affects the cost of hair transplant?

We offer the package program with a fixed price. We don’t change price from patient to patient or for the same patient we don’t give different offers. By the time that the patient does the reservation, we send an email confirmation with all the details and the price included. That price doesn’t change. Unless the patient asks for body extraction of graphts, which costs of extra 300 €.

Do you perform hair transplant for women?

Yes, we do perform hair transplant for women too. It is indicated every time when the hair loss is advanced.

How long will the result last?

The results change from person to person. In general, the patient can see 80% of the result in 12 months and the final result in 18 months.

Before and after the hair transplant the doctors provide patients with consultations in order to give all the recommendations.

What is the difference between FUE and DHI hair transplant processes?

The difference is that FUE Method allows transplanting a bigger number of grafts as allows to do a dense hair transplant. And if the patient has a big receiving area, FUE technique is the best option.

Which option is more effective?

FUE Hair Transplant is more effective as it can be used for receiving a better result.

Is DHI less painful than FUE?

No, because both processes are been realized under anesthesia and then the patient takes painkillers to feel comfortable.

Which option is more preferable among patients?

FUE technique is more preferable as it gives the possibility to cover more spaces as sometimes DHI has a limited number of grafts that can be extracted and implanted.

What method do you usually recommend?

For the mentioned reason, we do recommend the Sapphire FUE method that allows having a very successful results without scars.

What anesthesia type is usually applied during hair transplant?

Local anesthesia: needle-free jet injection (diffusion with high pressure) and by the traditional injection technique.

Which one — FUE or DHI — is more expensive and why?

DHI is more expensive as it takes a longer time to process, the technique is different and the doctors are specialized for this kind of process.

From the experience we can say that the most favorable and chosen technique is Sapphire FUE technique.

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