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Rhinoplasty is among the top 5 most sought-after plastic surgery procedures globally — 830,000 nose jobs are performed every year. Just imagine: 94 people per hour make their dream of a perfect nose come true. And this number of operations should be even more significant if more patients could afford rhinoplasty.

The price factor is crucial for many people — a nose job made for an esthetic purpose is not covered by insurance. If you just want to improve your appearance, you will most likely pay for all expenses on your own. So, it makes sense to look for the cheapest place to get a nose job and save money.

Note that, a nose job can be made for an esthetic or functional purpose, and depending on it, the procedure can be covered by insurance or not. If you need to correct a nose shape just to improve the appearance, most likely you will pay for all expenses on your own. So, there is a sense to look for the cheapest place to get a nose job to save money.

Bookimed, a #1 medical tourism platform globally, has chosen the top 5 cheapest countries for rhinoplasty. The ranking is based on our 220+ partner clinics data and 62 patient reviews:

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Nose Job Prices Comparison In ‘Cheap’ and ‘Expensive’ Countries

The ‘cheap’ countries provide the prices for rhinoplasty 2-3 times lower than ‘expensive’ states such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America, for instance. The cost range is caused by different internal price policies within the countries and the average income of local citizens.

Note that you will pay for accommodation during the follow-up and for sutures removal except for the rhino cost. Usually, you should stay in the country for 5-6 days. Below you can compare the starting nose job prices in different locations and an average per night to count needed expenses*:

Prices are approximate and may change according to the clinic's internal price policy and exchange rates. Note that the final cost is estimated by treating physician.


Rhino price

Hotel room per night


from $1,750

often included in the price


from $2,400



from $850


Czech Republic

from $2,250



from $2,200



from $2,400



from $5,500



from $6,000


*The prices are initial. The cost may be increased due to surgery complexity and clinic’s reputation.


rhinoplasty from $1,750

According to Bookimed partner clinics data, Turkey is among the countries offering one of the cheapest rhinoplasties globally. Due to affordable prices, over 800,000 medical tourists choose this country for receiving treatment and getting cosmetic operations.

Why is Turkey so attractive to foreigners?

  • Low prices

The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey is 2-5 times lower than in other countries. For instance, a nose job price in Turkey ranges between $1,750-$4,000, in South Korea — $3,000-$6,000, in Spain — about $9,000, in the UK — $5,500-$9,600, in the USA — $6,000-$10,000. Turkish plastic surgery clinics compete with each other to offer the best nose job cost and attract more patients. As a result, the prices reduce while the quality of the procedure remains at a high level.

  • Experienced plastic surgeons

Turkish rhinoplasty surgeons serving international patients have 10+ years of experience, stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in plastic surgery, and practice overseas to promote their skills. However, you should always check out a doctor’s CV in case a clinic offers a suspiciously cheap rhinoplasty price.

  • All-inclusive service

The main benefit of picking Turkish plastic surgery clinics is that they offer package prices for a nose job.

The cost covers all expenses related to a procedure:

  • rhinoplasty operation
  • medical exams
  • pre- and post-op consultations with a doctor
  • anesthesiologist’s fee
  • hotel stay (optional)
  • transfer.

So, if you see a certain rhinoplasty cost in Turkey, it means that you will probably not pay extra for some additional services. So, a nose job is considered as a cheap one cheap for a patient.

Check out the best rhinoplasty deals and schedule your appointment:

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nose job from $2,400

Mexico is one more place where you can find cheap rhinoplasty. The cost for nose reshaping here is 2-3 times lower than in the neighboring United States. Mexico is among Top 5 most sought-after places to get plastic surgery procedures, according to the ISAPS. Mexican doctors carry out over 1,200,000 esthetic operations annually, and this number is growing year by year. Mexico attracts patients mostly from the USA and Canada due to the following reasons:

  • Cheap prices

A nose job cost in Mexico starts at $2,500. You will pay for the same procedure at least $6,000 in the USA, and $5,500 — in the UK. Such a price policy makes Mexico one of the cheapest countries in the world for rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures.

  • Easy to reach

Many plastic surgery clinics are located in Tijuana, a city standing just on the US border. So, customers from the USA can quickly get to Mexico by plane and even by car. The journey will take about 2-7 hours and is pretty affordable: the round-trip ticket from Los Angeles, for instance, to Tijuana, will cost about $200-300.

  • Affordable accommodation

Some Mexican clinics can include 1 night of admission after a nose job and 4 nights of a hotel stay into the rhinoplasty price. However, this option is rare, and patients should think about where to stay in advance. The average cost of hotels in Tijuana is $40-$60 per night.

A nose job price for rhinoplasty in Mexico typically includes:

  • rhinoplasty surgery
  • consultation with a doctor
  • anesthesiologist’s fee
  • medical tests
  • medical consumables
  • transfer (optional).

Check out the best prices for rhinoplasty below and hurry up to schedule the procedure date:

Czech Republic
nose reshaping from $2,250

The Czech Republic is not as popular medical tourism destination for plastic surgery as Turkey or Mexico, for instance. However, this country has a lot to offer. Patients from Western Europe, the UK, and even the USA heads to the Czech Republic in order to obtain:

  • Cut Prices

Czech plastic surgery clinics offer one of the cheapest rhinoplasty among Bookimed partners. The cost of a nose reshaping procedure here is for $2,250. For this price, you will do rhinoplasty in the clinics that follow strict European demands of quality.

  • Convenient Location

The Czech Republic belongs to the European Union, so the transport connection within its territory is well-developed. You can get to the Czech Republic from any country of the European Union by bus or by plane, paying just $20-$50 for a round trip. The travel time is also shortened: European citizens can get to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, for 1-3 hours.

  • Low-cost apartments and hotel rooms

Except for the cheap rhinoplasty, it is easy to find hotels or apartments at a reasonable price in Prague’s downtown. You can book a cozy and new room in a hotel just for $40-$60.

A rhinoplasty cost in the Czech Republic usually includes:

  • rhinoplasty surgery
  • consultation with a doctor
  • anesthesiologist’s fee
  • medical tests
  • medical consumables

Check out the rhinoplasty offer in the Czech Republic below:

rhinoplasty price from $2,200

Poland is one more European country where you can get a cheap and qualitative rhinoplasty. Polish plastic surgery clinics follow strict European medical standards, so a patient can be sure of procedure safety performed here. Patients from the UK, Germany, Switzerland jet out in Poland to change their nose shapes and not to waste a fortune.

So, what benefits a patient receives choosing Poland as the best place for rhinoplasty:

  • Cheap Prices

The rhinoplasty cost in Poland is starting from $2,200, and the average one is about $3,300. The same procedure will cost $8,200 in Germany, $15,200 in Switzerland, and about $6,000 in Spain. The difference is huge, so it is nothing surprising that citizens from Western European countries head to Poland to get plastic surgery procedures cheaper.

  • Favorable Location

Poland has a well-developed transport infrastructure: you can get here from any country of the European Union and other countries fast and easily. The average flight duration from London to Krakow, for instance, is 2 hours, and its price is pretty low — from $10.

  • Affordable Accommodation

Poland is a popular destination for tourism, so you can find hundreds of cozy hotels on any budget. The average cost of a hotel room per night in Krakow, for instance, is around $40-$70.

A rhinoplasty price in Poland usually includes:

  • rhinoplasty surgery
  • plastic surgeon's fee
  • medical consumables

How to Choose the Cheapest Place for a Nose Job without Quality Loss?

People looking for cheap rhinoplasty want not only to save their money but also get a desired result without complications or side effects. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve both these aims: a lot of frauds and under-qualified doctors can attract patients with affordable prices but provide poor or even dangerous service instead. The Bookimed team prepared tips to help you to pick a place where you can have qualitative but cheap nose job:

  • Pick well-reputable clinics. Carefully read the info about the clinic you want to choose. Check out whether it has got international awards, accreditations, certificates.
  • Check out a plastic surgeon’s CV. The right choice of a doctor is a key factor in receiving a good rhinoplasty result. Pay attention to how long a doctor practices, their education, how many nose job surgeries they have performed. Do not entrust your appearance to those doctors who cannot confirm their experience.
  • See before and after photos. It is better to see once than to hear 100 times. So, always request before-and-after photos to see whether you like the result. If the outcome does not satisfy you, it is worth searching for another option.
  • Read patients' reviews. The experience of real patients who have already been in a particular clinic will also help you understand the level of medical assistance and what result you will receive. You can find verified reviews regarding rhinoplasty on the Bookimed website.
  • Check Bookimed partner clinics list. We cooperate with 220+ plastic surgery clinics located worldwide. We check every medical facility to make sure a patient will receive qualitative and safe plastic surgery operations.

Rhinoplasty: before and after photos

*All photos are provided by Bookimed partner clinics.

Before and after rhinoplasty photos at Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center

Before and after photos of rhinoplasty at Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery

Before and after photos of a nose job at Estetik International

Before and after photos of a nose job at Estetik International

Before and after photos of a nose job at Estetik International

Before and after photos of a nose job at Estetik International

Before and after photos of a nose job at Estetik International

Before and after photos of a nose job at Forme

Before and after photos of a nose job at FORME

Before & after photos of rhinoplasty at FORME Clinic

Before & after photos at Dr. Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery Center

Before & after photos of a nose job at Dr. Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery Center

Before and after photos of rhinoplasty at JK

Before & after photos of a nose job at JK Plastic Surgery Center


What country is the cheapest for rhinoplasty?

According to the Bookimed partner clinics data, the cheapest places for rhinoplasty are Turkey, Mexico, India, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

How much does a cheap nose job cost?

The cheap nose job cost is starting at $850. Note that the price may increase, depending on the surgery complexity and some related expenses such as anesthesia, some medical consumables, accommodation.

Which country is best for rhinoplasty?

According to Bookimed patient reviews, the best place to have rhinoplasty is Turkey. Local plastic surgery clinics offer rhino jobs at a low price starting from $1,750 plus excellent service: transfer, language assistance, and even accommodation. The main benefit is that mentioned services are often included in the price, and you do not need to pay anything extra.

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