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How much does liver cancer treatment cost?

On this page: Which country is the best for liver cancer treatment? Prices for cancer treatment in Turkey — Anadolu Medical Center How much does liver cancer treatment cost in Germany? — Bremen Mitte Clinic Cost of liver cancer treatment in India — Global Hospital Price for liver cancer treatment in Israel — Sourasky Medical Center Cost of liver cancer treatment in Thailand — Bumrungrad International hospital How much does liver cancer treatment cost in So...


Turkey: health tourism in 2020

The very first things you think of when you hear about Turkey are probably the sea, coffee, Turkish airlines, and…medical tourism! Exactly! The inbound medical tourists flow increased to 1M patients in 2019 — with a rise of 370% for the last 4 years. Read on to find out why a million people go to Turkey for treatment!   Why do patients prefer Turkey for treatment? Popular specialties Top hospitals for health tourism Top doctors in country Costs for healthcare in Turkey...


5 Best Countries to Get a Tummy Tuck Abroad  

Are you tired of sagging skin and feeling unconfident? There is a way out — tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). It is a chance to correct your stomach area fast without exhausting physical exercises. As the International Society for Plastic Surgery reports, more than 800,000 people have tummy tuck every year, and you can become one among these lucky beggars. All you need is to decide where you want to get a tummy tuck and how much you are ready to pay. To make your decision easier, Bookimed (an ...


We’re here to assist you with getting a nose job (rhinoplasty) surgery

Bookimed is an international platform that helps you find hospitals and arrange treatments. We've already helped 654,699 patients since 2014. We`ve already helped 654,699 patients since 2014. Every patient request is handled by certified doctors who assist with hospital selection, paperwork, and medical trip arrangements. Please let us know how we can help you today. 1. Get personalized offers. If you want tailored offers from the best plastic surgeons, press the button below: Get per...


5 Best Places to Get Cheap Breast Implants in 2023

Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular plastic operation globally. According to ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), over 1,800,000 breast implant operations are performed annually. It means that about 5,000 women improve their breast shape every day. Sounds good. However, health insurance does not compensate for breast enhancement operations, so a patient must cover all expenses from own pocket. This fact forces people to postpone or even cancel an interventio...


Top 9 countries for medical tourism — best destinations for treatment

Which country is the best for medical treatment? The quality level and the cost of healthcare in countries around the globe vary. This makes medical tourism quite popular with the growing number of patients who prefer to treat their conditions abroad. According to Patients Beyond Borders and its medical tourism statistics 2019, over 14 million people choose healthcare destinations abroad to receive medical services. In this article, we focus on medical tourism trends and describe the speci...


Medical Tourism Trends among Americans in 2023: Top Destinations

Why do Americans choose treatment abroad? Top medical destinations among Americans What diseases do Americans treat abroad?   The material shows medical tourism trends and describes the leading expert-opinion-based specialties in the country. This information relies on the Bookimed statistics, patient reviews, analysis of the health tourism characteristics in 28 countries, data compiled from multiple variable sources: IMTJ, the Ministry of Health, NCBI.  The report aims to spec...


Сheap Mommy Makeover Packages Prices: Top Deals Overview

Bookimed recommends having medical travel and medical complications insurance during your trip, with coverage valid in a host country. Affordable mommy makeover packages: Turkey — $8,200-$9,500 Mexico — $6,500-$7,100 Dominican — $8,900 Poland — $5,800-$7,200 So what do you do? Mommy makeover is the best answer for getting rid of complexes and resumes or improving pre-birth body shape. A mommy makeover is a plastic surgery operation that combines such procedur...


TOP 10 IVF Clinics in the World: Bookimed Patients Ranking

Where did we get these facts and figures? Our sources were15-20% of people worldwide suffer from infertility and cannot have or father a baby. It's almost 1.2 billion people — equates with the population of the whole India, the second most inhabited country in the world. This data is impressive, isn't it? During the treatment, some women face IVF failure and the condition becomes even more unbearable. The overwhelming desire to have a baby and frustration when IVF doesn't work out become ...


Best places to get plastic surgery for Britons: Top 7 countries

Plastic surgery is considered not a treatment in most of the cases, so the insurance does not cover the expenses. So, more and more British people go outside the native country to search for the cheaper place for plastic surgery. They want to have high-quality medical procedure shortly and at a reasonable price. For instance, Turkey, the Western European countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, etc.), and even the UAE provide cosmetic surgeries 2-3 times cheaper than in the UK. For instance, rhino...


Smile makeover prices worldwide

All we know that a beautiful smile not only attracts attention and disposes to its owner, but even helps to solve many omissions and avoid problems. Our smile is a calling card. More than half of the world's population suffer from aesthetic defects or dental diseases. And if we are reading this article, we are among them. To get a brilliant smile, we spend a lot of money and time. But what if we can save both of them and get a smile of our dream at the same time? While reading this article, we...


Best countries for dental work

The person’s smile is the best weapon. It’s ironic, but you should protect “your weapon” as well. On the page, you can find the best country for dental tourism, compare prices and clinics across the world to get cheaper dental care and treat your teeth with a big variety of modern options.   The material shows medical tourism trends and describes the leading expert-opinion-based specialties in the country. This information relies on the Bookimed statistics, patient...


All-on-four dental implants cost from $2,600

When you lose the teeth, you lose your self-confidence. It’s impossible to smile and live a normal life with that issue. All-on-4 dental implants can solve the problem of the toothless jaws only in one procedure. How this article will help you? You will: find out who is indicated to get all-on-4 dentures discover what countries provide the cheapest all-on-four dental implants get answer on all essential questions realize how to get the cheapest all-on-4 tooth implants without quali...


Where to Get Cheap Gynecomastia Surgery: Top 5 Places

Gynecomastia is a condition when male mammary gland volume is increased. Due to this, men often feel unconfident and shy of their body. The primary option to get rid of excess gland tissues and build a proper breast shape is gynecomastia surgery. This operation is widespread across the world — 270,000 men improve their bodies experiencing male breast reduction surgery annually. However, not everyone can afford this procedure: health insurance does not cover the expenses, and the price for...


Dental Veneers Review: Key Pros and Cons

What are veneers? Why are they even required? What are the dental veneers' primary benefits and drawbacks? These inquiries are being made by thousands of individuals worldwide. Meanwhile, 600,000 patients have veneers each year around the world. Apparently, these patients seem to be well aware of the benefits associated with such cosmetic procedures. The Bookimed team has investigated the key advantages and disadvantages of teeth veneers and is prepared to inform you about them right now. The B...


Top 5 Countries to Get Affordable Hernia Surgery

Cheap hernia surgery prices: Turkey — starts at $5,500 Mexico — starts at $6,000 India — starts at $4,500 Poland — starts at $3,500 Czech Republic — starts at $8,000 Pain, numbness or movement limitations are frequent patient complaints who suffer herniated discs. Sometimes, this condition can be managed with conservative treatment. However, sooner or later, herniated disc surgery may be prescribed to relieve patient well-being eventually.  GET A FR...


How much does the herniated disc treatment cost?

Cost of the herniated disc treatment Where should a patient treat the herniated disc? How much does the herniated disc treatment cost at Malvazinky Hospital (the Czech Republic)? How much does the spinal disk herniation treatment at Medipol University Hospital (Turkey) cost? What is the cost of herniated disc treatment at Kang Dong Clinic (Korea)? How much does the treatment of herniated disc at Assuta Hospital (Israel) cost? What is the price of spinal disc herniation treatment at Re...


Is body contouring worth it?

What is body contouring, and what result should I expect? What body contouring methods do patients choose most often? And what are the benefits? How much does body contouring cost? How to save money? What are the benefits of body sculpting? What are the results of other patients? What should I ask a plastic surgeon? Where to begin? Body contouring and its effect Body sculpting (also called modeling and contouring) is a technology to grind out beautiful bends and roundnesses, thereby ...


Liposuction at any budget — get your body into perfect shape in 2022

Disclaimer: Due to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling abroad can require more effort from the patients, however, it is still possible. Please, check out the official regulations on medical tourism for the country of your choice, and don't hesitate to contact Bookimed coordinators if any questions occur. This material has informational purposes only and aims to tell about the most cost-effective skilled inpatient care. It isn't a call to action. The choice is yours. A...


“My Teeth Fell Out the Day After the Implantation. But Bookimed Helped Me Fix Everything“

Michael Capuano, a 64-year-old retired New Yorker, ate a sandwich on his flight from Istanbul to New York and felt two of his dental crowns fall out. The day before, he got two dental implants in one of the Turkish dental clinics. The trip was arranged by Bookimed, the service for treatment abroad. Six months later, Michael's new teeth are in place. He is pleased with the result and advises Bookimed to all his friends in the USA. We asked Michael to tell in detail about his unfortunate den...