More than 50% of women after childbirth and breastfeeding are not satisfied with their body. Most of them notice that their breasts have changed, the skin sags, extra pounds appear. Often, even hard physical exercising cannot help to get a previous body shape. Due to this, women from over the world look for cost-effective mommy-makeover, a popular set of plastic surgeries chosen individually to correct a body.

Turkey is often becomes a top choice for medical tourists to do plastic surgeries because of affordable prices, advanced healthcare, experienced doctors, and excellent services. Below you will find info where to get mommy makeover, how much it costs, and what the price includes.

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What is a mommy makeover?

"Mommy makeover" is a catch-all phrase that describes a set of body contouring procedures that are carried out at once to improve post-pregnancy changes.

The mommy makeover in Turkey includes:

  • tummy tuck
  • breast augmentation/reduction/lift
  • liposuction.

Mommy makeover: before-after

Only a woman together with a doctor decides what procedures must be included in her mommy makeover. Some additional surgeries as a Brazilian butt lift, arm lift, and thigh lift may be also added to your mommy makeover package. Depending on a number of procedures, mommy makeover can be conducted in one session, or divided into several ones for safety reasons.

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Why do women choose Turkey for a mommy makeover?

According to the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council, over 750,000 inbound patients from 144 countries choose Turkey for medical service annually. The popularity of mommy makeover in Turkey is also raising. Let's consider the reasons why women from over the world choose Turkey to do a mommy makeover.

Starting from 2003, the Turkish Ministry of Health launched the Program for Health Support Sector Transformation to increase the financing into the sector and improve the quality of healthcare.

This initiative gave a result, nowadays more than 50 medical centers in Turkey are JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited. This is confirmation that the hospital follows the strict world's standards in medicine.

Currently, Turkish hospitals have achieved the level of top facilities in the USA, Europe, Asia. The equipment is renovated every 1-3 years to provide accurate medical procedures. Due to this, a woman who wants to get a mommy makeover in Turkey can be sure of its high quality.

Affordable prices

The local government do everything possible to make Turkey a top destination for medical tourism in the world offering an advanced level of medicine at affordable prices. Moreover, the general price policy within the country is not high — accommodation, meals, transport are quite inexpensive in Turkey.

As a result, the prices for medical services in Turkey (including for mommy makeover) are 4-5 times lower than in the USA, and 2-3 times than in Germany, Austria, Spain, South Korea or Israel.

Experienced doctors

One more reason to get a mommy makeover in Turkey are expert doctors. Medical staff that work in the hospital serving international tourists regularly practice in the US and European medical facilities to interchange the experience and apply the newest technologies.

Moreover, many Turkish plastic surgeons are members of international organizations such as the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) which gathers top specialists from over the world.

Extra services

Turkey is a customer-friendly country. Local clinics for plastic surgery offer a wide range of additional services for free.

For instance, accommodation, transfer at the airport, language assistance are already included in the mommy makeover price. Some clinics are even more generous — they offer spa procedures, meals, and even excursion tours.

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Compare the approximate mommy makeover price around the world*:


Mommy makeover cost

India $6,000
Turkey $9,000
Mexico $9,000
Thailand $11,000
South Korea $13,000
USA $20,000

*The listed prices are approximate. They may range depending on the clinic, doctor's expertise, additional services.

How much does mommy makeover cost in Turkey?

The cost of mommy makeover in Turkey is considered affordable. The price ranges between $9,000-$15,000 for the full set of procedures, while in the USA it will cost about $20,000.

The price of the procedure may vary and be affected by the following factors:

  • the clinic's brand. Those clinics for mommy makeover in Turkey that are internationally certified and are popular with inbound patients, may offer 10-15% higher cost than average within the country.
  • Doctor's expertise. If your doctor is experienced in mommy makeover management, has decades of experience, is a member of international organizations for plastic surgery (the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, for instance), and patients' reviews are positive, he/she may ask for a higher fee.
  • A set of procedures. If a woman needs minimum correction of the body that involves less plastic surgeries, the mommy makeover cost in Turkey can be reduced.

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How to choose the best clinic for mommy makeover in Turkey?

The right choice of a clinic for mommy makeover in Turkey is a key factor to an excellent result and fast recovery. Take into account such factors while choosing the best medical center for mommy makeover in Turkey:

  • Clinic's certification. Pay attention whether a clinic has got international certificates (JCI or ISO, for instance) or accreditation that allows serving international patients. It ensures patients that the quality of medical services complies with strict international standards.
  • Doctor's experience. A specialist who performs a mommy makeover has to provide you with a "before-after" portfolio. It will help to understand what result you will receive. Also, pay attention to how many procedures a doctor has performed and whether he/she has international practice.
  • Patients' reviews. Read the patients' reviews on our website to choose the most suitable clinic for you. 100% of reviews on Bookimed are verified.
  • Additional services. If you need language assistance or a transfer from the airport, specify whether a clinic provides these services.

If you have any questions regarding the clinic for mommy makeover or the procedure itself, fill out a form on our website. Bookimed manager will contact you to answer all questions. This option is free.

Medical centers for mommy makeover in Turkey

Below you will find the info and prices for mommy makeover in Turkish clinics. You can schedule the appointment in any of them.

Estetik International

  • All inclusive package
  • Mommy makeover price: €12,990

Estetik International

Estetik International is one of the largest plastic surgery clinics for international patients in Turkey. Dr. Bulent Cihantimur, a founder of the clinic, is ranked among top 50 plastic surgeons in the world.

The doctor employs the best specialists from Europe and the Middle East to provide a set of plastic surgeries for mommy makeover at the highest level. They perform over 150 complex surgeries each year.

More than 1,000 inbound patients visit Estetik International annually.

The mommy makeover cost includes:

  • abdominoplasty
  • liposuction
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • breast lift.
  • transfer
  • accommodation
  • meals.

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Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center

  • All-inclusive package
  • Price for mommy makeover €8,000-8,300

Istanbul Aesthetics Center

Istanbul Aesthetic offers a wide range of plastic surgeries annually serving over 4,000 patients. The clinic is located in the center of Istanbul that allows patients to visit cafes, restaurants, and enjoy local sightseeing.

Istanbul Aesthetic regularly performs a survey among its customers to improve the services.

The cost of mommy makeover is affordable here compared to some other Turkish clinic.

The price includes:

  • abdominoplasty
  • liposuction for one area
  • breast lift/reduction
  • Brazilian butt lift

The cost also captures these additional services:

  • 7 nights of hotel accommodation
  • airport transfer
  • blood test
  • 2 nights staying in the hospital after procedures.

Compare the prices of mommy makeover in Turkish clinics:



Estetik International


Istanbul Aesthetics


Submit a request to get a personalized cost of mommy makeover in Turkey or schedule your appointment in the clinic. This option is free.

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If you want to return your body shape or even make it better as it was before pregnancy, mommy makeover is an affordable and fast option. Mommy makeover in Turkey will save up to 70% of the money and you will receive the perfect result. If you have some doubts, ask Bookimed manager and request a "before-after" portfolio of mommy makeovers to be sure of the right choice.

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