There are a lot of articles on the Internet which give tips how to save money or find the best hotel. The topic of touristic lifehacks is very popular.

But what about medical travels abroad? Are there any useful tips or lifehacks?

Bookimed has thousands of stories from patients, which can be useful for those who are going for treatment in another countries.

The first story is about a patient who went to treat hepatitis in India. She combined travel for diagnostics and treatment, rested on the Indian coast, and saved money.

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“‘I want to tell about my adventure.’

In June 2015, I was diagnosed with hepatitis C (doctors supposed that I had been infected during a blood transfusion in 1998). When I knew about it, I was shocked, then - a fear, and I started to read about this disease, its causes, and treatment. Several times I flew to Moscow to know about new drugs.

Then I understood that there were no much treatment options in Russia, and the were quite expensive. But once I found out that Sovaldi Sofosbuvir is 3 times cheaper in India.’

Is it worth buying drugs for the treatment of hepatitis online?

‘Of course, I could buy Indian drugs online, but I didn’t have any guarantee that medication was original…’

Generics from India and Egypt are sold online (cost of 1 package item from $250). It is possible to order them, but there is a risk to be cheated and get the low-quality drug.

Getting to know Bookimed

‘In October 2016, while searching information, I found a Bookimed site which specializes in medical tourism, submitted a request there, and in several minutes they called me back. And in December 2016, thanks to a Bookimed recommendation I got to Manipal Hospital (India, Goa)’.

Bookimed helps patients to find the best treatment abroad. Treatment of hepatitis in India is a possibility to get a quick and accurate diagnostics, and also required a cycle of drugs of the last generation (Sofosbuvir generic) for the price starting from $3,750.
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Lifehack from a patient: how to buy tickets?

‘I took a tour because it appeared cheaper than buying tickets and booking a hotel by myself. I chose a hotel nearby the hospital. It took 30 minutes to get from an airport to a hotel. The room in a hotel was spacious and clean. Then I appointed a meeting with the Bookimed doctor, who brought me from a hotel to a hospital for 3-day examination.’

The tours are organized from a range of cities. That is why tours can be used as a cheap option for tickets.

Why did you choose Manipal in Goa?

‘When I arrived at a hospital, after all the organizational issues, I got into the hospital ward. Doctors took blood several times, asked about my condition.’

Manipal is a network of hospitals through India. So, each patient can choose an appropriate city.

Complex examination and treatment for a week

‘The second day I underwent fluorographic examination and some other tests. Except for hepatitis, doctors also detected ulcus. The third day they sent me to relax in a hotel. I was waiting for results of tests and consultation with a doctor.

The whole week I swam, sunbathed, attended 2 excursions. It was great.

An examination takes 2-3 days; there are departments of gastroenterology, cardiology, oncology, dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopedics, etc. in a hospital. That is why treatment of hepatitis is possible to combine with the examination and treatment of other diseases.

Treatment and results

‘So, in the process of rest, I waited for all the results of the tests, doctor's consultations, the assignment of treatment. The treatment I spend at home with drugs I received in India. I hope for a quick recovery. I did the first analysis after 4 weeks of therapy; I wait for the result.

I want to say special thanks to the Bookimed medical doctor for the organization of treatment, the recommendation of the clinic and the supervision during the whole treatment, the interpreter from the Manipal Hospital, for the huge help and all the personnel of the Clinic.

P.S. I flew from India in the most positive mood with the hope for a bright future J Goa, forever!!! I won’t write about the disadvantages. If a person wants something negative, they will always find the reason."

Bookimed received from a patient the results of her tests after undergoing a course of treatment - she no longer has hepatitis. Now she plans to bring his daughter to India for treatment.

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