It seems like a liver transplant is a compulsory procedure for adults who have cirrhosis and other liver pathologies mostly caused by unhealthy lifestyle. But it does not always concern adults...

Taking a risk

This story happened in the Schuttke’s family in 1997. Jurgen and Ita Schuttke from Ireland were expecting a baby. Their previous two babies Lucas and Reuben died just a week after birth because of a rare genetic disorder of neonatal hemochromatosis. The parents were afraid their newborn daughter Baebhen had the same pathology. Unfortunately, they were right.

Ita and Jurgen were shocked and didn’t even hope for a child recovery. They appealed for help to the clinic in Dublin. Local doctors couldn’t save a kid’s life and consulted with specialists in London’s King’s College Hospital. A little Baebhen was transferred to London.

On the photo: Baebhen at the hospital

Young doctor Mohammed Rela worked there, understood that nothing could help but an infant liver transplant. However, Dr. Mohammed Rela couldn’t let the Schuttke’s family go through the pain of a child's loss again. So, Dr. Rela took a risk and prescribed an urgent unique pediatric liver transplant using an organ of a deceased donor. Previously in the world nobody performed this procedure.

Two medical teams performed a liver transplant for a 5-day child under management of Dr. Rela. The first team of surgeons was removing the Baebhen’s liver, while the second one was preparing a small piece of a donor’s liver. Dr. Rela used microsurgical instruments to connect tiny Baebhen’s blood vessels with a donor’s organ. Thanks to the efforts of doctors, the surgery was successful.

On the photo: Baebhen Schuttke with her mother after surgery

This occasion has led off to other liver transplant recovery stories. But not only. Dr. Mohammed Rela got into the Guinness Book Record for this 1st infant liver transplant in the world. Since then, the doctor didn’t stop and continued to save thousands of people’s life and multiply liver transplant survive stories.

On the photo: Dr. Mohammed Rela

Now, Dr. Rela is a recognized top liver transplant doctor in the world - he has performed over 4,000 liver transplant surgeries. The average success rate for these procedures is up to 95%. He provides scientific research and has made over 500 publications in this field.

But a tragedy happened first

This liver success story wouldn’t been possible without Dr. Mohammed Rela’s and...a donor’s family courage. This happy story happened to the Schuttke’s family because of tragedy in another one. A donor was a 10 years old boy who died in the accident. His parents agreed to donate his liver to save Baebhen’s life. The Schuttke does not know this family because it was anonymous donation. And they cannot thank in person.

This tragic case helped not only to save Baebhen, but thousands of other children.

Meeting with a rescuer

Two decades passed after the first meeting of tiny Baebhen and young Dr. Rela. Nowadays, Prof. Mohammed Rela is the best liver transplant surgeon in the world. He works in two medical centers Global Hospital (India) and London’s King’s College Hospital (Great Britain) performing liver transplant procedures of any complexity.

Today 21 years old Baebhen Schuttke is a healthy girl. She studies law, travels, likes snowboarding and dreams to visit all the countries in the world. One more her dreams was to meet her rescuer Prof. Mohammed Rela. And it happened last year in London’s King’s College Hospital. For both of them it was a significant meeting.

Mohammed Rela is an “author” of a big number of liver transplant success stories. The Baebhen's story he remembers in details.

‘This is an ­operation I will never forget. If we had not have operated, she would have died. I didn’t have any time to think about the risks,’ - comments Dr. Rela.

Now Baebhen Schutkke admits: 'I always think how lucky I was to have that ­remarkable ­operation. Coming back to the ward where I stayed after the transplant was amazing.'

On the photo: Baebhen with a team which operated her 21 years ago

Baebhen also got acquainted with other people who had a liver transplant by Prof. Rela in a childhood. Now they are healthy adults who live a normal life full of emotions and interests.

Best pediatric liver transplant centers

Luckily, this case with Baebhen is not an exception anymore. Best pediatric liver transplant centers perform this procedure with the highest recovery rate and such patients as Baebhen receive a great chance to live a normal life.

Among centers providing pediatric liver transplant are those located in:

  • India
  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • Israel.

Currently Prof. Mohammed Rela operates both children and adults with liver pathologies in Global Hospital in Chennai (India) London’s King’s College Hospital (Great Britain). He has performed the biggest quantity of such surgeries in the world. Most of his patients receive a chance for a second life becoming a new liver transplant success story.

Dr. Rela accepts patients from different countries. Bookimed helps people worldwide to make an appointment with Dr. Mohammed Rela Submit your request:

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