The material shows medical tourism trends and describes the leading expert-opinion-based specialties in the country. This information relies on the Bookimed statistics, patient reviews, analysis of the health tourism characteristics in 28 countries, data compiled from multiple variable sources: IMTJ, the Ministry of Health, NCBI. 

The report aims to specify health care peculiarities for international patients in a particular country, patients' preferences and factors that affect their choice. It is not a call to action — use it for informational purposes only.

Every year, more and more people over the globe prefer treatment abroad. Medical tourism is developing very fast — about by 25% annually according to IMTJ (International Medical Tourism Journal). The tendency is explained by:

  • more affordable health care in other countries
  • innovative technologies and treatment options unavailable in a native country.

Americans are among those nations which form a significant part of medical tourists. American medical tourism statistics show that 1,500,000 US citizens have crossed the borders to receive treatment abroad for the last year according to Patients Beyond Borders.

Bookimed, the providers of medical tourism services, arranged the treatment worldwide for record number of Americans in 2018. So, we determined American patients’ preferences and trends conforming to requests on In keeping with the collected statistics, Bookimed managers describe the most popular countries for treatment among Americans and what diseases they have cured in 2018.

Why do Americans choose treatment abroad?

American healthcare is considered one of the most advanced but expensive in the world. It leads to 3 primary reasons why Americans look for the treatment options outside the USA:

1. Lower prices for medical procedures

Countries of Eastern Europe (Poland, the Czech Republic), Thailand, India, Turkey offer a world-class service for 2-5 times cheaper than in the USA. The potential saving of money can reach 90% even if including the charges for tickets and accommodation during the treatment.

For instance, the IVF (in vitro fertilization) cost in the USA is $25,000-35,000 on average. While in Spain, Poland, Thailand, Turkey, the price ranges between $2,500-5,000 according to data. Such a difference in the cost is explained by the price policy in these countries and the average income of local citizens.

Hair transplant in Turkey will cost about $1,800, but in the USA — $7,000 on average. American patient can save about 60-65% of money even with ticket charges.

Below you can see how much money an American patient saves for treatment in a particular country:

Country for treatment Amount of your savings







South Korea




Czech Republic




2. Access to therapies unavailable in the USA

Despite the state-of-the-art therapeutic technologies applied in the USA, some of the unique treatment options are not available here. For instance, therapy with stem cells. It is a new treatment option with fetal, fat, umbilical cord or bone marrow immature cells that can transform into any other cell of the body. This therapy restores organs, improves body functions and stops aging. The therapy is available in Poland, Malaysia, Ukraine, Turkey, the Czech Republic. So, searching for alternative treatment is one one more reason for American medical tourism.

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3. Long waiting time

This issue mostly concerns organ transplant procedures. Often, Americans wait for years to receive a donor organ for transplantation. For instance, it takes 4 years to get a donor kidney on average. That’s why, patients are forced to travel outside the USA to have an organ transplant in the shortest term. Their primary choices are Indian and Turkish hospitals according to data.

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Top medical destinations among Americans

Currently, Bookimed cooperates with 301 hospitals in 27 countries. In 2018, patients from the USA have chosen Germany, Turkey, Israel, Thailand, Austria, etc.

The diagram below shows the preferences of American patients in 2018:

American medical tourism statistics

Top countries for medical tourism among the US patients in 2018 according to Bookimed data

Germany and Israel are the most popular among American patients because of the advanced medicine that is confirmed by numerous accreditations, high success rates, and conducted clinical trials. The level of medicine in these countries reaches the American one, but the price for treatment is 2-3 times lower.

Some Turkish and Thai hospitals (for instance Anadolu, Bumrungrad medical centers) work according to strict American treatment protocols applying the latest technologies. Despite such a high quality of medical services, the cost here is 3-5 times cheaper than in the US medical facilities due to the price policy in these countries.

What diseases do Americans treat abroad?

According to Bookimed statistics, medical tourists from the USA go to other countries with medical problems of any complexity — from treating a toothache to cancer.

Patients, who want to have plastic surgery or dental care, go to Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, South Korea or the Czech Republic. Neurological, gynecological, gastroenterological, orthopedic pathologies can be successfully treated within Europe and Asia. Cancer patients go to Germany, Israel, Austria, and Korea. The primary destination for organ transplant is Turkey and India.

Below you can see which medical specialties are popular among American patients who requested to Bookimed for help in 2018:

  • Oncology 11%
  • Neurosurgery 9.5%
  • Plastic surgery 9%
  • Neurology 8.4%
  • Gastroenterology 7%
  • Gynecology 5.5%
  • Transplantation 5%
  • Oncology-Hematology 4.5%
  • Orthopedics 4%.

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The number of patients from the US and other countries looking for treatment outside their place of residence, is getting higher each year by 10-25%. The medical boarders are erasing, and this is a great news. Everyone gets access to a world medicine and can find the most effective treatment option for a reasonable price.