Facial neuritis is a lesion of a branch of the facial nerve, inflammatory or ischemic in nature. Neuritis is characterized by loss of nerve function. Accordingly, the process of innervation of mimic muscles and glands is lost. Also, the sensitivity of these muscles is lost. This is a serious disease, which can lead to a permanent loss of sensation in the entire area of the face and the loss of the ability to carry out facial expressions. The cost of diagnosing neuritis is usually limited to a set of standard diagnostic procedures, and the price of therapy can fluctuate depending on the treatment (methods and manipulations) required.

The price of treatment of facial neuritis will be much higher if the patient needs treatment of a neglected stage. If the problem was diagnosed in time, the cost of therapy will be significantly lower. The approximate price can be found on the Bukimed portal, making a request on this issue. In addition to the stage of the disease, the price also depends:

  • On the necessary diagnostic procedures.
  • The method of treatment and rehabilitation.
  • The clinic, country and from the chosen specialist.
  • The duration of therapy.

Where is the best place to treat facial neuritis?

Portal Bukimed allows you to choose from the provided clinics to choose the one that will suit the patient in terms of price/quality ratio most fully. When choosing a clinic, it is necessary to remember:

  • Prices for treatment of facial neuritis in different countries can differ significantly.
  • The set of diagnostic procedures to confirm the diagnosis may not be identical in different countries.
  • There are different medical practices and treatment traditions, which may also differ from country to country. Accordingly, the price of therapy may vary.

If a person knows about the conditions of treatment in a particular country - it is easier for him to choose a clinic abroad and make a treatment budget. Therefore, the portal Bukimed works to help in choosing the necessary clinic, helps to make the right decision.