Where to undergo IVF procedure?

This question bothers a lot of couples who want to have a child, but the only way to do it is in vitro fertilization. IVF is one of the most demanded medical procedure.

A lot of clinics around the world offer this medical service, promising the result after the first attempt. Having so many options, it becomes challenging to choose. Many couples faced with the fact that they are simply lost and do not know who to trust. Because in this situation you trust not only your money but the most intimate - the dream of having a child.

We composed our guide to the best countries and clinics for IVF. It is based on real results, comfortable conditions, experienced doctors, and cost.


The high quality of the medical services and affordable price - what you can expect from a clinic in this country. Medical services here are 20-30% cheaper than in the UK or USA. The procedure for IVF comprises diagnosis of the infertility causes, the stimulation of the ovulation, the collection of eggs and sperm, their in vitro fusion in the incubator, the implantation of embryos, the control of their growth and development, the pregnancy monitoring.

In addition to the procedure itself, couples are treated for infertility, including genetic testing. An important thing to know is that according to the state legislation, only couples who are officially married can undergo IVF procedure, and the gender choosing option is unavailable too.

Memorial Healthcare Group

Memorial Healthcare Group

The Memorial IVF Center is one of the largest in Turkey. Annually the center receives more than 3 000 couples from all over the world.

The IVF procedure in the Center follows the standards of world medicine.

Memorial offers quite profitable in the financial plan of the program. For example, an IVF program in the "all-inclusive" format was created especially for Bookimed patients: starting from $2,900 for a full complex of examinations, tests, procedures, as well as services of an interpreter and even accommodation.


Israel is a world leader in IVF, but the prices here are among the highest in the world. Clinics here are the top choice those for whom the result is more important than price. The percentage of success reaches 70% regardless of the infertility causes. The peculiarity of IVF in Israel, as well as in Turkey, is the fact that only married couples can go through the procedure.

Herzliya Medical Center

Herzliya Medical Center

Herzliya Medical Center is the leading medical center in Israel.

It works since 1983 and follows international standards of medicine.

There are highly experienced infertility treatment specialists in the clinic. During the first consultation, you will get a personal success forecast. Therefore, you`ll know what to expect. At the same time, the success rate of such a procedure in the clinic is very high - on average 67%.

The price for a full IVF package starts from $8,000.


Poland is a favorite place of medical tourism for citizens of European countries. It is not surprising, because the price of treatment in Poland is affordable, while the medical services quality is at a very high level.

Gyncentrum Fertility Clinic

Gyncentrum provides a full range of medical services for artificial insemination and prenatal diagnosis. The Clinic offers access to the International Gyncentrum International Bank of Sperm and Eggs. The clinic has been implementing the state IVF programs in Poland.

artificial fertilization

The success rate of IVF is 43%, with the use of donors egg - 63%.

The age of patients for artificial insemination is not limited: the possibility of IVF depends on a patient's overall health. Some patients had successful IVF at the age of 52-53.

It is possible to choose the gender of the child for medical reasons in the clinic (to avoid genetically transmitted diseases).

Specialists of the clinic were the first in the country to use the innovative technology of Anevivo - fertilization in a natural environment. Insemination is performed in the womb and stimulated by natural substances. The method increases the chance of pregnancy and is acceptable for religious people.

North Cyprus

In this country, a donation of eggs and sperm is available along with some unique options of IVF procedure.

North Cyprus IVF Centre

The Clinic is accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) and is the first and largest center with its donor egg base. IVF success rate is higher than in the world’s IVF centers. Many times the Center has been awarded numerous international prizes in the field of infertility treatment.

IVF with a donated egg in North Cyprus IVF Clinic will cost 4,500€, IVF with donated sperm - 3,500€. Moreover, this Clinic offers future parents to choose the gender of a child and a lot of other IVF options.