Bookimed is pleased to release the 2018 Best Hospitals ranking based on our patients’ experience and reviews, quality of medical services, treatment success, and overall value in the medical facilities. The Award is aimed to provide the honors in healthcare and assist patients in making an informed choice to receive care.

Each year, the Bookimed team analyzes patients' requests, preferences, needs, experience and reviews in a whole year and makes a ranking to thank medical facilities for their services and great job. The Bookimed Best Hospitals Award is based on our internal stats and includes such indexes as:

  • our patients’ experience and reviews
  • medical services quality and safety
  • treatment success rates
  • availability of innovative technologies.

The Award aims to provide the honors in healthcare and assist patients in making an informed choice to receive care. This ranking has information purposes only. It is not a call to action and does not force you to make a choice, it's up to you.

Read on to see a complete list of winners for the Bookimed Award 2018, and see why they have scored.

Best patient assistance

Memorial Health Group, Turkey

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best patient assistance

Memorial Health Group consists of 15 multi-specialty hospitals receiving 1.6 mln patients every year. Memorial hospitals are popular among medical tourists. Citizens from 92 countries choose them for healthcare services, and the staff make all possible to provide them with the service and assistance of the highest standard.

Memorial teams review medical records within 4-5 days, offer free airport-hospital-airport transfer and language assistance in English to make the patient’s stay as comfortable as possible.

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Best medical center in Europe according to Bookimed

Teknon Hospital, Spain

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best medical center in Europe

Teknon Hospital is the largest medical center in Spain and a part of Quironsalud Hospitals chain. According to their data, success rates, number of medical experts, and quality of medical equipment Quironsalud Hospitals take the 1st place in country and 3rd in Europe.

5 Teknon doctors have been ranked among 100 best doctors in Spain according to the Forbes edition in 2018. A prominent oncologist Prof. Raimon Miralbell, epileptologist Prof. Antonio Russi and neurosurgeon Dr. Bartolomé Oliver, plastic surgeon Dr. Vicente Paloma and cardiac surgeon Dr. Xavier Ruyra work here.

The hospital applies Digital Patient-Oriented Approach: every patient has medical tests, and doctors make a digital personal program based on their results to exclude a medical error.

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Best medical center in Asia according to Bookimed

Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best medical center in Asia

Bumrungrad International Hospital is a large multi-specialty hospital in Southwestern Asia. Over 1.1 mln patients choose Bumrungrad for medical services. 520,000 foreigners out of 190 countries are among them. It this the first hospital in Asia received Joint Commission International (JCI) certificate and was certified 5 more times since 2002.

The hospital has a supercomputer IBM Watson. It collects the data from cancer patients’ histories, scientific research and medical articles, analyzes them and defines the best treatment program for a patients. The digital platform is a result of collaboration between information technology company IBM and leading cancer hospital in the USA — Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Bumrungrad is ranked Top 10 hospitals in the world and Top 30 the most advanced medical facilities according to international rankings of Top Master's in Healthcare and OnTopList.

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Best children's hospital

Sant Joan de Déu, Spain

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best children's hospital

Sant Joan de Déu is a multi-specialty hospital with a focus on pediatric oncology, bone marrow transplant in children, treatment of rare and hereditary diseases. The hospital is one of the oldest in Spain counting 150 years and is ranked among Top 5 pediatric hospitals in Europe.

The hospital has own research center Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu. This means all the developments and medicines are integrated into the treatment process.

The hospital is child-friendly — small patients live in cozy wards with toys, professional animators and tutors work with them.

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Best cancer treatment center according to Bookimed patients

Anadolu Medical Center, Turkey

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best cancer treatment center

For the second consecutive year, Anadolu Medical Center claimed the No. 1 spot for cancer patients treatment. Anadolu Cancer Center has 5 subdivisions: Oncology Diagnosis, Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Cancer Treatment, Hematologic Oncology, and Oncocardiology to provide a cancer patient with all existing treatment methods. Anadolu’s cooperation with No.3 in the USA Johns Hopkins Hospital makes it possible to implement all the latest developments in the world to fight against cancer at Anadolu.

The Anadolu Cancer Center is one of 31 centers in the world and the only in Turkey with the accreditation issued by the Organization of European Cancer Institutes. The certification confirms excellent cancer care and research.

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Best pediatric hematology & oncology center

Medipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi, Turkey

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best pediatric hematology & oncology center

The Bone Marrow-Stem Cell Transplantation Center at Medipol is awarded for a special approach to little patients. The hospital is among a very few medical institutions receiving children for BMT and ready to provide patients with all the necessary procedures including pediatric intensive care. The success rate of the procedure reaches up to 91.5%.

The medical center offers spacious and modern wards equipped with multimedia services and meal service. So both a child and their companions feel comfortable in the hospital. The medical team is ready to take patients in the shortest possible term.

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Best sarcoma treatment center

Navarra Hospital, Spain

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best sarcoma treatment center

The award goes to Universidad De Navarra due to the highest limb preservation index for patients with sarcoma in Europe — 95%. It is among pioneers in developing conservative limb surgery programs.

Since the 1980s, Navarra medical team has received over 1,500 patients with sarcoma. Local experts pay special attention to the diagnostic tests. The diagnostic tests are the key to successful treatment, so the complete examination is performed within 24 hours.

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Best lymphoma doctor

Professor Zafer Gülbaş, Anadolu Medical Center (Turkey)

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best lymphoma doctor

Professor Zafer Gülbaş is honored for his achievement in lymphoma treatment. Professor Gülbaş has dedicated over 30 years to the development of bone marrow transplant as an option for lymphoma patients to overcome the disease. He founded the Bone Marrow Transplant Center at Anadolu Medical Center, provided research on bone marrow transplant from only partially compatible family members.

In 2017, Prof. Gülbaş gathered lymphoma patients treated at Anadolu for the event "Patients with Lymphoma" to bring hope to all patients still waiting for a bone marrow transplant.

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Best oncologist

Professor Serdar Turhal, Anadolu Medical Center (Turkey)

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best cancer specialist

Professor Serdar Turhal is a leading medical oncologist in Turkey with over 20 years of successful experience in cancer treatment. Professor Turhal specializes in chemo-, targeted and immunotherapies making the best treatment treatment for a patient.

He provides research work in molecular and genetic studies to find new approaches to cancer testing and prevention. Professor Serdar Turhal is the President of the Turkish Society of Medical Oncology aimed to exchange experience with experts worldwide.

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Best robotic prostate surgery cost

St. Zdislava Hospital, Czech Republic

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best robotic prostate surgery cost

St. Zdislava Hospital ranked No. 1 as the quality-price option for Da Vinci prostate robotic surgery. The hospital reaches high efficiency of the procedure up to 90%. The cost is €12,000. Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek heads the medical team. He is a specialist with 30 years of experience and certified expert by the Da Vinci robots manufacturer.

Zdislava medical team provides over 240 prostatectomies per year and preserves patients’ sexual and urinating functions. A patient stays for 5-7 days in a modern completely reconstructed surgical department.

In November 2018, St. Zdislava Hospital received accreditation from a local committee Spojená akreditační komise for high quality and safety of health care provided.

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Best prostate cancer doctor

Professor Sebastian Melchior, Bremen-Mitte Clinic (Germany)

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best prostate cancer specialist

Professor Sebastian Melchior heads the Urology and Nephrology Department at Bremen Mitte (Germany), one of the leading departments in the country. Prof. Sebastian Melchior is ranked among 100 best doctors in Germany according to Focus magazine (2015-2016).

Prof. Melchior provides diagnostic tests and treatment measures for prostate and bladder tumors, male reproductive organs. The Professor provides scientific research in metastatic prostate cancer treatment and informational campaigns for prostate cancer prevention. The last one took place in December 2018, in the Weser Stadium.

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Best head & neck surgeon

Professor Andreas Sesterhenn, Solingen Academic Hospital of the University of Cologne (Germany)

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best head & neck surgeon

Professor Andreas Sesterhenn is the Chief Physician of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology in Solingen Academic Hospital. Professor has approx. 20 years of experience in surgery. Professor’s team provides a full care package starting from a patient’s initial examination to treatment with drugs and modern surgical techniques.

Professor Sesterhenn is the winner of the Prize by the German Society of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery for the advancement of scientific and clinical knowledge in the fields.

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Best abdominal surgeon

Dr. Antonio de Lacy Fortuny, Hospital Quiron Barcelona (Spain)

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best abdominal surgeon

Dr. Antonio de Lacy Fortuny took the No.1 spot for the second year in a row. Dr. de Lacy Fortuny specializes in in general, gastrointestinal, colorectal, bariatric surgeries and metastasis removal.

The doctor is an owner of awards for high success rates in robotic and laparoscopic surgeries, achievements and techniques he has developed. The methods of microlaparoscopy assisted surgeries through the body's natural openings and transanal total mesorectal excision (taTME) are used worldwide as the options with the best outcome.

Dr. Antonio de Lacy Fortuny has found The Lacy Surgical Institute (IQL) to treat patients with minimally invasive surgeries in 90% of all cases. The institute’s winter event “The Future of Colorectal Cancer Surgery 2018” showed record-breaking attendance with over 27,000 live participants around the globe.

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Best epileptologist

Professor Antonio Russi, Teknon Hospital (Spain)

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best epileptologist

Professor Antonio Russi specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of epilepsy, serving patients of any age and even in most severe conditions. 35 years of experience and hundreds of cured patients make Prof. Russi the most experienced and reputable neurologist in Europe.

Professor Russi is a founder and head of the Institute of Epileptology at Teknon Medical Center, President of the Spanish Epilepsy Association, a developer of new antiepileptic medications and approaches.

In 2018, he was ranked among 100 best doctors in Spain according to Forbes España edition.

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Best pediatric neurosurgery center

Liv Hospital Group, Turkey

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best pediatric neurosurgery center

The Neurosurgery Departments in Liv Hospitals receive children with all neurosurgical conditions. The medical team takes even severe patients and is ready to provide brain operations of different complexity. They use the stereotactic systems of Leksell® and guidance of fluorescence imaging. These advanced techniques help a neurosurgeon to reach a tumor even if it is located deeply in the brain tissue causing a minimal injury.

100% surgeries are successful with no complications and infections. Liv hospital is child-oriented: the pediatric wards are designed in a way a little patient doesn’t feel like in a hospital. A pediatric specialist pays particular attention to a post-operative follow-up.

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Best spine surgeon

Professor Jürgen Kiwit, Helios Berlin Buch (Germany)

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best spine surgeon

Professor Kiwit is the Chief physician in the Neurosurgery and Pain Therapy Department at Helios Berlin Buch. Prof. Jürgen Kiwit has over 30 years of experience. He applies minimally-invasive spinal surgeries to stabilize the vertebral bones and spinal joints, relieve pressure on spinal nerves. Among them is TESSYS technique. This endoscopic surgery makes it possible to provide an intervention not damaging nerves and reducing the patient’s recovery period to only a few hours.

Professor Kiwit takes part in brain research and is a winner of numerous awards including the Marie Curie Award and Prize of the Neurosurgical Research Foundation for developments in spine and brain treatments. Since 2003, Professor Kiwit has been representing Germany at the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.

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Best neurosurgeon

Doctor Bartolomé Oliver, Teknon Hospital (Spain)

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best neurosurgeon

Dr. Bartolomé Oliver is a prominent Spanish surgeon with over 35 years of experience in neurosurgery. Doctor Oliver heads the Neurosurgery Department at Teknon Medical Center, the 5th best private hospital in Spain and the 1st in Catalonia, according to the Merco Health Reputation Monitor 2018.

He is one among the pioneers in applying and developing robotic minimally invasive techniques and non-invasive radiosurgery. These methods help plan the surgery with submillimeter accuracy, so a patient benefits greater security.

The strong educational and training background the doctor obtained in Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, and the USA conduces Dr. Bartolomé Oliver to provide 200 neurosurgeries per year.

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Best transplant center

Gleneagles Global Health City Chennai, India

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best transplant center

Gleneagles Global Health City (Global Hospital) in Chennai is a leading transplant medical facility in India according to the number of transplants and in the world for successful liver transplants.

Gleneagles team in Chennai has provided 210 successful heart-lung transplants and over 1,000 liver transplants. It is the first team ever performed unique surgeries of a minimally invasive lung transplant and combined heart-kidney transplantation.

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Best hospital for cardiology & heart surgery in Europe

Kardiolita Private Hospital, Lithuania

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best cardiac hospital

Kardiolita Private Hospital is an international patients-friendly specialized cardiac medical center. Annually, Kardiolita receives approx. 2,000 foreigners for diagnostic and treatment.

The Kardiolita team has provided over 5,000 heart surgeries, some of the doctors have 40 years of experience.

The hospital is a top choice for medical tourists as meets the standards of the Treatment Abroad Code of Practice for Medical Tourism and offers the full services required for foreigners.

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Best arrhytmologist

Professor Carlo Pappone, Policlinico San Donato (Italy)

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best arrhytmologist

Professor Carlo Pappone is a chief physician in the Department of the Arrhythmology and Electrophysiology in San Donato Hospital (Italy), member of international cardiac societies (AHA, ESC, ACC). Prof. Pappone has carried out over 130,000 radiofrequency ablations and 100,000 pacemaker implants.

Doctor Pappone developed a new catheter ablation method named after him — Pappone approach.

Over 3,000 patients visit the doctor for a consultation and treatment every year. According to the San-Donato’s data, the success rate of therapy by Professor Carlo Pappone is 95%.

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Best rehab center

Abromiskes Rehabilitation Center, Lithuаnia

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best rehab center

Abromiskes Rehabilitation Center specialized in restoration of patients with cardiovascular, neurological disorders, after joint replacements and with postoperative traumas. Over 6,000 patients choose Abromiskes annually due to 40 years long experience, modern equipment, and excellent environment.

The medical center has the Pediatric Department and ready to take small patients even with early mental, behavioral, and developmental disorders. The hospital shows high performances: 97% patients are satisfied with the cardiac rehabilitation at Abromiskes, 80% children receive improvements after the rehab, 90% patients have the neurological recovery.

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Best check up center

Kyung Hee University Hospital (KUIMS), South Korea

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best check up center

Kyung Hee University International Medical Services (KUIMS) serves over 14,000 international patients per year. Checkups are especially popular among medical tourists due to approach local experts call Smart Check Up — when a patient has only tests required by his condition and age.

The hospital is oriented on the patient’s comfort. The Fast Track system allows patients to schedule an appointment in the appropriate time, have all exams in a day and immediately obtain the results. If required, a patient can have additional consultations and/or treatment.

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Best joint replacement center

Malvazinky Hospital, Czech Republic

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best joint replacement center

Malvazinky Hospital is a top choice of Bookimed patients due to the 95% success rate of orthopedic surgeries and affordable price policy. Patients prefer the hospital to provide the knee, hip, and shoulder replacements under the supervision of Prof. Vladislav Hospodar, an orthopedist with over 25 years of experience.

A patient goes through all steps of joint replacement — from diagnostic test to post replacement rehabilitation here. Over 1,200 people entrust their health to Malvazinky specialists. Hollywood celebrities as Orlando Bloom and Noomi Rapace are among them.

In 2018, the hospital was ranked first as the safest hospital in the Czech Republic with the highest rate of hospitalized patients satisfaction.

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Best IVF clinic

Gyncentrum Fertility Clinic, Poland

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best IVF clinic

Gyncentrum Fertility Clinic specializes in endocrinology, gynecology, and embryology. The clinic has own sperm and egg bank that makes it possible to have the procedure in the shortest term.

Gyncentrum specialists carry out over 1,000 fertilizations per year with advanced methods of IMSI — Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection, and ICSI — Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. The average success rate is 43-61%. The clinic is the only one in Poland and among few in Europe to offer an innovative procedure of embryo fertilization and development in the woman’s womb called Anevivo.

The quality of medical services at Gyncentrum is approved by international assessments, including UK NEQAS Reproductive Science and Quality Control Programme of the German Society of Andrology.

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Best dental implant clinic

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC), Thailand

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best dental implant clinic

Bangkok International Dental Center is a dental service provider chosen by 20,000 medical tourists from 43 countries annually. BIDC’s team provides over 1,000 dental implants every year working with reliable implant manufacturers from Switzerland and Sweden exclusively.

The dental center focuses on advanced dental care — it was the first place in Thailand to offer the newest implant system Roxolid® and SLActive® Bone Level implants approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).

In 2018, BIDC received the JCI accreditation and was ranked No.1 dental center in Thailand by Global Credit Ratings.

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Best plastic surgery centers

In Asia: JK Plastic Surgery Center, South Korea

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best plastic surgery center

JK Plastic Surgery Center is a specialized medical facility located in South Korea having a special governmental license to serve foreign patients. JK doctors have over 20 years of experience, and provided over 85,000 successful plastic surgeries.

The medical center has 10 national and international awards for excellent services including the Best Hospital for medical tourists in South Korea and Global Medical Grand Prize.

The hospital has own stem cell lab, aesthetic center, and spa center.

Read more about JK Plastic Surgery Center

In Europe and the Near East: Estetik International Clinic, Turkey

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best plastic surgery clinic

Estetik International Clinic is one of the largest aesthetic and plastic surgery centers in Turkey. Over 1,000 patients choose it to change their appearance. Based on Bookimed patients' assessments.

The clinic specialists use an innovative approach — patient’s chemical-free adipose tissue-derived stem cells are inserted in the skin which takes of transplanted grafts faster. According to the clinic’s data, the transplanted hair starts to grow in 3 months, and the final outcome is observable in 6-9 months.

Read more about Estetik International Clinic

Best bariatric surgery center

Zulekha Hospital Sharjah, UAE

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best bariatric surgery center

Zulekha Hospital in Sharjah is a part of Zulekha Healthcare Group, renowned medical brand in the UAE for over 25 years. The hospital is founded by Dr. Zulekha Daud, included in the list of 100 influential Indian medical experts according to Forbes Middle East.

Zulekha Hospital Sharjah has received the European Council Accreditation as the Center of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and takes patients from all over the world for weight loss surgeries.

Zulekha Healthcare Group proceeds on achieving operational excellence and in 2018, the hospital started to collaborate with SAP Company to run a real-time end-to-end digital platform for the best patient care.

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Best hair transplant clinic according to Bookimed patients

Adem&Havva Medical Center, Turkey

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best hair transplant clinic

Adem&Havva Medical Center specializes in plastic surgery and reconstructive medicine. The Turkish Ministry of Healthcare has certified the center as the institution oriented on international patients. Patients from over 45 countries choose the medical center. Adem&Havva team has provided over 16,000 plastic surgeries and hair transplants.

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Best hair transplant doctor

Doctor Safiye Kurt, Adem&Havva Medical Center (Turkey)

Bookimed Awards 2018: Best hair transplant doctor

Doctor Safiye Kurt is a founder of Adem&Havva Medical Center a specialist in aesthetic medicine with 23 years of experience. Doctor Kurt is considered No.1 hair transplant doctor in Turkey. The doctor was the first in country to implement FUE procedure, the latest affordable technique for restoring patient’s hair. The doctor has over 500 such procedures provided on her account.

Doctor Safiye Kurt is the only one Turkish expert certified for hair transplant in the states of the Persian Gulf. In 2012, she performed the transplant to the Minister of Health and Prevention in the UAE.

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We’ve resumed 2018 and it has been a great year. We’re delighted that our partners have achieved such results in patient’s care. Bookimed team proceeds working for every patient to find the best treatment possible. And we are looking ahead in 2019 to find even more medical centers and experts so to provide our patients with new medical possibilities. Stay healthy, stay with Bookimed!