A hemangioma (or infantile hemangioma) is a benign vascular tumor that can damage external and mucosal tissues, bones and internal organs (liver, kidneys, uterus, spleen). Most often, hemangioma occurs within a few months after birth, but there are cases when the disease is found in older people.

The most common types of hemangioma:

  • capillary - affects only the outer tissues and looks like a red or burgundy spot of a definite shape;
  • cavernous - is formed under the skin or on the organs (the external skin becomes reddish-blue);
  • combined - a combination of capillary and cavernous hemangiomas;
  • mixed - is formed from tissues and tumor cells.

The main danger of a hemangioma of any kind is severe bleeding, which is difficult to stop at home.

If the disease develops on the skin, it has a significant effect on the person's appearance. An advanced hemangioma disrupts the body systems functioning, pressing internal organs.

Cost of hemangioma treatment

An infantile hemangioma can disappear over time. This form of the disease requires only initial diagnostics and continuous monitoring.

If a hemangioma continues to develop, it can sprout into the tissues or grow in size. In this case, a hemangioma requires treatment and continuous examination.

The cost of hemangioma treatment depends on:

  • the age and health condition of a patient;
  • the type of tumor;
  • the tumor size and its location;
  • the growth speed of hemangioma;
  • the effect of the disease on other functions of the body.

Doctors use medication, radial and cryotherapy, and surgery to treat hemangioma. The appropriate method is based on the survey and also affects the overall cost of treatment.

What is the best hospital to treat hemangioma?

Despite the possibility of stopping the growth and even self-healing of the hemangioma, the disease remains unpredictable and requires constant medical supervision. Otherwise, the disease can lead to the severe consequences.

Bookimed International Center for Patient Support offers you to find more about the methods and costs of hemangioma treatment in hospitals in Germany, Israel, Turkey and the USA. For more information, you can contact our medical doctors.

Cost of hemangioma treatment in Germany – Solingen Academic Hospital

Solingen Academic Hospital (Städtisches Klinikum Solingen) is one of the best medical centers in Germany. The Hospital has 15 specialized units that ensured an integrated approach in the treatment of hemangioma.

The cost for hemangioma diagnostics in Germany :

Blood test

starting $500-600

Vessels angiography

starting $1,000


starting $300-500


starting $1,300

German specialists use a minimally invasive surgical method to treat hemangiomas. It allows blocking of vessels inside the formation. Thus, hemangioma is not surgically removed but passes by itself without getting the proper nutrition.

The cost of surgical treatment of hemangiomas depends entirely on the size of the hemangioma and its location.

Cost of hemangioma treatment in Israel – Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)

Sourasky Medical Center is located in the heart of Tel Aviv and is one of the top 10 clinics in the world for the treatment of foreign patients.

Due to high-precision equipment and innovative methods, the specialists in the Hospital have achieved high results in the treatment of hemangioma. Doctors apply particular attention to the diagnostics that should be done shortly.

The cost of hemangioma examination in Israeli clinics:

Consultation with a specialist

starting $400

Complete blood counts

starting $380


starting $500


starting $1,200

Biopsy revision

starting $650

At the initial stages of hemangioma development, Ichilov specialists apply medication therapy. Adequately selected drugs can quickly get rid of the disease without cosmetic defects or other adverse reactions. Doctors also apply minimally invasive surgical operations and cryodestruction.

Cost of hemangioma treatment in Turkey – Memorial Hospital

The network of Memorial hospitals consists of 8 multidisciplinary hospitals located in different regions of Turkey. Annually the medical center is accredited by JCI guaranteeing the medical assistance compliance with international standards.

For the hemangioma diagnostics at Memorial, doctors conduct:

Consultation with a general physician

starting $65

Consultation with a surgeon (neurosurgeon)

starting $70


(contrast agent and anesthesia are paid additionally)

starting $330

Vessels angioography

starting $550

The results of a medical examination define the best treatment for hemangioma and the price for it. The cost of surgery on hemangioma removing starts from $2,500 and depends on the size of formation.

What is the cost for hemangioma treatment in the USA - Johns Hopkins Hospital

Center for the treatment of hemangiomas at the Johns Hopkins Hospital is one of the largest in the US to treat this disease. The most effective option is selected on the basis of a medical tests and exam, which involves surgeons, hematologists and oncologists.

The cost of examination in the Johns Hopkins Hospital:

Consultation with a specialist

starting $500

Lab tests

starting $350


starting $1,800

Also the patients with hemangioma can take part in various programs on experimental methods of treatment.