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Medical coordinator

2 years working for you at Bookimed

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About me
A psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and medical psychologist. At Bookimed she assists Russian-speaking patients who want to have plastic surgery treatments.
My expertise
Graduated from the university with a degree in Medical Psychology and obtained the qualification of a medical psychologist. During her studies, she worked as a nurse. And then as a psychologist at a medical association, a psychiatric-narcological medical association, and a neurorehabilitation center. When the pandemic started, she began to work in the COVID-19 department. She took special courses: “Post-covid syndrome. Demonstration of readiness”, “Complications of COVID-19 in pediatric practice: Kawasaki-like syndrome and MIS-C”, and took part in the conference “Modern medical equipment in the hands of an anesthesiologist in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic”. She also took courses on “Sepsis and septic shock in adults and children”, and “Kinesio taping”.
My Bookimed
We don’t just code, write or consult — we help our patients to solve their medical issue with no undue effort supporting them at every step of their journey — from the first click on the website to the arrival at the hospital and back home.
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