Bookimed Hospital Ranking Policy

We strive to simplify the process of matching a hospital by providing our patients with the most objective information. It is the reason why medical centers in the listings on our website are ranked automatically. Hospitals do not have access to the ranking formula and cannot choose a ranking position as well.

How does the ranking work?

The algorithm works through scoring — each medical center gains scores according to specific criteria. The system collects the data daily and recounts scores once a week; therefore, the ranking information is always up to date.

Our rankings are user-oriented and take into account their preferences, including geographical ones. It means that patients from the UK, USA, UAE, and other countries have various hospital listings.

A hospital ranking is not a medical recommendation, but a complex automatic algorithm with no human factor.

The ranking criteria

  1. The number of patients who visited a hospital to get a treatment in a specific specialty, of a particular disease, or undergo a procedure. This criterion shows demand for the hospital and the hospital's experience in serving international patients.
  2. The average patient rating. It helps to evaluate the level of medical assistance and service.
  3. Relevant treatment programs and prices available. Patients can compare conditions and costs at different medical centers and calculate the approximate budget of the medical trip.
  4. The hospital response speed to patient request. In many cases, treatment cannot be delayed, so the algorithm takes into account how quickly the medical center responds to the requests.

We have developed this algorithm so that the rankings are as objective and useful as possible. However, we are always ready to improve it, and if you have ideas on adding any other criteria, contact us.