Bookimed Clinic Ranking Policy

We strive to facilitate the process of choosing a clinic and provide patients with the most objective information, therefore medical centers in the catalogs on our website are sorted (ranked) automatically. Clinics do not have access to the ranking formula and the ability to choose places in the ratings. Thanks to this, clinics receive an objective assessment in the field of medical tourism from its key participants - patients.

How does clinic ranking work?

The algorithm works on the basis of scoring - each clinic scores points according to certain criteria. The system collects data on medical centers daily and once a week recounts points, therefore the information is always up to date.

Ratings are adapted to user preferences, including geographical ones. This means that for patients from Russia, the USA, Kazakhstan and other countries, the sequence of clinics in the catalogs is different.

Clinical ranking is not a medical recommendation, but a complex automatic algorithm in which there is no human factor.

Ranking criteria

The number of patients who went to the clinic for a particular medical field, disease or procedure. This criterion shows how the clinic is in demand and is ready to accept patients from abroad.
Average patient rating. It helps to evaluate the level of medical services and service.
The availability of relevant treatment programs and prices. Patients can compare conditions and costs at different medical centers and calculate the budget of the trip.
Clinic response speed to treatment. In many cases, treatment cannot be delayed, so the algorithm takes into account how quickly the medical center responds to patient requests.