Bookimed finance policy

What is Bookimed?

Bookimed is an international clinic and treatment management platform worldwide. In our team works certified doctors to help find the best specialist or clinic and organize a trip for treatment in 28 countries.

In what matters can you count on us?

  • Choosing a clinic to effectively solve your medical problem. Our coordinators are qualified doctors who study your situation in detail to find the best clinics. The choice is always yours.
  • Getting an individual program from a medical center. Coordinating doctors check what data is needed for this and, if necessary, organize the translation of documents into the language of the clinic. Then they ask you for information from the clinics on a set of procedures and their cost, so that you can calculate the budget of the trip.
  • Travel arrangements. Our Care Department helps you arrange paperwork, buy tickets, book accommodation, book a transfer, etc.
  • Addressing unforeseen issues during the trip - for example, we called Uber for a patient who mixed up the address of the clinic in Poland, changed the coordinator that the patient didn’t like, handed over the biopsy units for review, organized a bank transfer for the patient when his ATM card was jammed in Turkey . Our Care Department is in touch with you 24/7: you will not be left alone with a problem in a foreign country.
  • Protecting your interests. If, in your opinion, the clinic has not provided the agreed services, has delayed medical statements or their transfer, or has inflated the cost, we are ready to help you.

What can not we answer for?
For the results of medical procedures. We select clinics and doctors based on objective criteria and the experience of our patients, but we do not guarantee results in each individual case. The quality of the procedures is the responsibility of the clinic where you go through them.
For changing the final price of treatment. All prices that are presented on the website or in the treatment program from the clinic are preliminary. The volume, and therefore the cost of the procedures, the medical center can change depending on the results of the examination or the reaction of the body to treatment.
For the absolute accuracy of the information on the site. We use the data that clinics or open sources provide, therefore we cannot be responsible for them.
How much do Bookimed services cost?
Selection of a clinic and a doctor, contacting a medical center through Bookimed, assistance in organizing trips for patients is free. We do not have any financial relations with you - you pay for consultations of doctors and procedures in the clinic on her account.
If services are free, how does Bookimed get paid?
We receive a commission from medical centers for taking on the functions of their international travel organization departments for foreign patients. At the same time, according to our agreements with clinics, neither Bookimed nor they add mark-ups to bills.
Does Bookimed receive money for hosting clinics on the site?
No, we are guided
which is based on the characteristics of medical centers and does not include financial criteria.
Does Bookimed receive money for the fact that the clinics occupy certain places in our catalogs?
No, medical centers cannot buy places in ratings. We strive to remain objective, because the clinics on our website are sorted automatically, and this eliminates the human factor.
Where do we get the prices for the site and how often do we update?
The site published prices provided by partner clinics Bookimed. We update them as new information becomes available.
Important: the cost is current at the time of its publication. If the clinic has changed prices, but did not notify us in a timely manner, they may be outdated. Leave a request on the site to get the most relevant information for your case.
Can the final price differ from the preliminary one?
Yes, both up and down. The main factor is the volume of procedures, which can vary depending on the results of the diagnosis or the reaction of the body to the procedures.
Prices are provided directly by the clinics. Bookimed does not add fees or hidden charges to them.
How is the treatment charge made?
You pay for the procedures passed directly to the cashier of the hospital. The conditions in different countries differ: for example, German clinics require a deposit before starting treatment. If the final cost of services is lower, the hospital returns the difference to the patient's account.
There are several payment methods: cash, bank transfer, card payment through the terminal. You can clarify the features of payment in a specific hospital at the Bookimed coordinator.
What is a clinic deposit?
Deposit - a preliminary bill issued by the hospital. In fact, this is a financial guarantee of your arrival. After making it, the clinic fixes the date and time of your visit and sends you an official invitation. If after the procedures their cost is lower than the paid deposit, the clinic returns the balance to your account.
Please note: you conduct all calculations directly with the clinic. Bookimed does not interact with your money. Our services do not affect your account.
Do you provide discounts?
We negotiate discounts with partners, therefore, for some procedures the prices are lower than when contacting the clinic directly. Promotional offers and discounts are available in the catalogs of clinics for the disease and procedures. Profitable offers from partners are marked with the \"Super Price\" icon.