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Beard Hair Transplantation


Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Turkey, Istanbul


Oya Şişman

15 years experience

Beard Hair Transplantation

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  • Beard transplant
  • Consultation with a doctor
  • Blood tests
  • Medications
  • Shampoo
  • 1 PRP session
  • Follow-up examination

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  • 4 days (3 nights hotel staying included) days in the hospital

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4* Hotel

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Transfer airport-clinic-airport

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1 review
Oct 15, 2021
Beard transplant

I used this clinic for a beard transplant. The medical team are wonderful! Such lovely and friendly people! I didnt feel uncomfortable at all and had all the confindence in them. The food at lunch wasn't great but i didnt go there to dine anyway. I'm just into week 2 post treatment and im happy with... Read more


What is a beard transplant?

A beard transplant is a procedure that restores hair growth in the area of the mustache, cheekbones and chin. In most cases, men resort to transplantation in order to:

  • look more masculine and attractive;
  • adjust the hairline;
  • to resume the growth of follicles in the damaged area (in the area of a scar or burn).

During the procedure, the doctor takes grafts (bundles of 1-4 follicles) from the donor site and implants the hair on the beard. The donor area can be the occipital part of the head. At the same time, only your own follicles can be transplanted, since strangers will not take root.

Interesting to know:

The beard is the second most popular area for hair transplantation by men (according to a report by the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery ISHRS ). More than 28,000 such procedures are performed annually in the world.

Where can I see a photo with the result of the procedure?

We have compiled Before and After beard transplant photos of men so that you can evaluate the result of the transformation and see how much more attractive you can become.

Результаты пересадки волос на бороду

Beard Hair Transplant Results at Smile Hair Clinic (Istanbul, Turkey)

Фото бороды после пересадки

Photos before and after facial hair transplant at Adam and Eve Clinic (Istanbul, Turkey)

Фото бороды после пересадки

Beard Hair Transplant at SALUSS Clinic (Antalya, Turkey)

What affects the cost of a beard transplant?

The cost of a beard transplant depends on the following factors:

  • Zone size. The larger it is, the more grafts need to be transplanted. This increases the cost of the procedure.
  • Selected country and clinic. The cost of a beard transplant service is determined by the general level of prices for medical services in the state. Prices in different clinics of the same country differ depending on the class of the medical institution - the higher it is, the more expensive beard extensions.
  • Additional medical services. The final cost of a beard transplant is affected by the cost of tickets, domestic transfers, accommodation, and translation services.

It is important to know! Most clinics in Turkey provide free transfer from / to the airport, translation services and accommodation. This allows you to reduce your overall travel costs. They also offer a transplant price for the maximum number of grafts. This means that the cost of the procedure will not be higher than originally declared, regardless of the size of the zone.

What does the price include?

Often the price of a beard transplant includes:

  • doctor's advice;
  • laboratory blood tests;
  • beard transplant;
  • medicines and consumables;
  • postoperative consultation.

You can find out about clinics that additionally include transfer, translation services and hotel accommodation in the cost of beard transplantation from the Bookimed coordinating doctor by leaving a message or ordering a call back.

How much does a beard transplant cost?

The average price of a beard hair transplant is about $1,895.






Beard transplant

from $825

from $913

from $3 241

from $2 599

Prices updated 04/01/2022

How to organize the procedure?

Do you want a beard transplant? Leave a request on our website, and a Bookimed coordinating doctor will contact you at a convenient time for you. He will answer your questions about the features of the procedure, leading clinics and specialists. The coordinating doctor will tell you how much a beard transplantation costs, what the price includes, and guide you through promotional and package offers. He will help you choose the best clinic that will meet your wishes in terms of cost, location and level of service.

If necessary, we will help you with booking tickets and accommodation. The coordinating doctor stays in touch 24/7 from the moment you apply and even upon returning home.

You do not pay for Bookimed services!

How to choose a beard transplant clinic?

In order for you to be 100% satisfied with the result of a beard transplant, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing a medical center. It is important to focus on:

  • Physician qualification. Check out his resume. Leading foreign specialists have at least 5 years of practical experience in hair transplantation, they have more than 5,000 implantation procedures on their account.
  • Patient reviews. Check out the stories of men who underwent beard transplant surgery in a particular center to understand whether they are satisfied with the effect, quality of medical care and service.
  • Photo result. From the Before and After photos, you will be able to assess whether implantation is performed in the clinic with high quality, how thick and natural the beard turns out.

How is a beard transplant done?

For hair transplantation in the beard and mustache area, specialists use methods that do not leave scars - FUE and HFE / DHI.

FUE (Follicular unit extraction) - FUE (follicular extraction technique)

During the procedure , the doctor, using a special FUE machine, removes grafts from the donor area. After that, he makes micro incisions in the beard area, and places the hairs in them.

Advanced types of FUE are available in some clinics:

  • Sapphire FUE (Sapphire FUE) - during the procedure, the doctor performs punctures in the beard area using an ultra-thin scalpel with a sapphire tip. It allows you to make smaller incisions, so recovery is faster. The result of Sapphire FUE is more natural than after a traditional FUE, since the doctor can plant the area more densely and set the hairs in the right direction.
  • Organic FUE transplantation is a technique that combines FUE and stem cell injections, which contribute to the restoration of hair density in the donor area and engraftment of follicles in the transplanted area.

HFE (Hand follicular extraction) or DHI (Direct Hair Transplant) - direct hair transplant

During this procedure , the grafts are taken manually by the doctor. To do this, he uses punch - a thin tube with sharp edges. The doctor performs implantation of follicles using a special tool - Choi (Implanter Pen). According to the principle of operation, it is similar to an automatic ballpoint pen: the doctor places a follicle in Choi and injects it under the skin by pressing a button. Thus, the doctor does not need to pre-make incisions. With the help of Choi, he simultaneously makes a puncture and leaves a graft in it, setting the hairs in a natural direction of growth. When placing a graft with a pen, its bulbs are not damaged, so more hairs take root than with FUE.

How does a beard implant work and how long does it take?

2-3 days is the average length of stay in the country for beard implantation. The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Training

Preparation includes a doctor's consultation and blood tests. This stage the patient passes on the eve of transplantation or on the day of the procedure.

  1. beard hair transplant surgery

Facial hair transplant surgery takes 2-5 hours (depending on the size of the area and the method of transplantation). The transplant does not require hospitalization, so after it the man goes to the hotel.

  1. Postoperative consultation

The next day, you need to come to the clinic for a consultation with the doctor, where he examines the area of the procedure and gives recommendations for care. After that, the patient can return home.

Interesting to know:

To increase the effectiveness of beard implantation, at the request of the man, in some centers, injections of stem cells or platelet -rich plasma (PRP therapy ) are performed before / after the procedure. Plasma promotes engraftment of follicles, stem cells - hair restoration at the donor site and engraftment of transplanted ones.

Life after a beard transplant: what recommendations should be followed and when will the result of the procedure be visible?


Edema and crusts last, on average, 5-10 days - it depends on the characteristics of skin regeneration. The final result of the procedure is visible after 6-12 months, when hair growth normalizes.

It is important to know! 3 weeks after the procedure, part of the implanted follicles may fall out - this is a normal process, which is due to the peculiarities of hair growth. New hairs appear in their place within 3-6 months.


Washing is allowed on day 3, while it is important to do it carefully and quickly. Immediately after the procedure, it is necessary to blot the face with a clean towel so that the skin does not get wet. Doctors recommend shaving not earlier than on the 10th day.

For about 2 weeks, sports and prolonged exposure to the sun should be avoided.

Patient Testimonials After Beard Transplant

Shamil from Russia underwent a beard transplant procedure at the Hair Clinic

Good day to all! I recently visited this clinic on 01/08/2022. While waiting for the result, only a week has passed. In general, I was met at the airport and taken to the hotel. The hotel was clean, the room was good with all amenities, with meals. The anesthesia was really a little painful, but it lasts a little 2-4 minutes, and then you don’t feel it, though the process is long, you have to lie down. In the process there were smoke breaks, and even fed. As a result, 3600 grafts were transplanted to me. There were enough people like me, one was from Kazakhstan, the second from Uzbekistan, there were even from Yugoslavia. Let's see what the result will be in a month. And a few days later they brought me back to the airport. I don’t regret that I flew, now I’m looking forward to the result .. I want to thank Olga separately, she cared a lot, she came to the hotel, she cared, she called 10 times every day, asked what she needed, how I felt. In general, I can safely recommend this clinic to everyone! The service is super.

Liam from the UK underwent a beard transplant procedure at the Smile Hair Clinic (Smile Hair)

My experience would not have been so amazing if not for Bakr on the Bookimed team. I have been contemplating for a while whether to promote hair transplant and they have always been on hand to answer any questions quickly. My decision was redundant, since I had a day off on vacation. Despite the fact that the clinic in Istanbul was busy, Bakr managed to find me in a couple of weeks. He arranged everything for me and even helped me find the best flight times, which were the only expenses I had to pay in advance. From the airport transfer to the hotel and clinic, everything was organized and flawless. I cannot thank Bakr enough, I am very pleased with the results of the transplant and very excited about the upcoming results. If you are thinking about a hair transplant, be sure to consult Bookimed so that you have the same good experience as I did!

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