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Robotic da Vinci Prostatectomy

Hospital Quiron Barcelona Spain Barcelona
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Transplant surgeon

Antonio Alcaraz
Global pioneer in robotic and laparoscopic surgery. First in the world performed NOTES transvaginal nephrectomy.
35 years of experience
Dr. Antonio Alcaraz is a Spanish uro-oncologist and transplantologist with over 30 years of experience and 500 successful operations, specializing in the treatment of prostate cancer, kidney, bladder, and other urogenital system pathologies using minimally invasive and robotic systems, as well as congenital pathologies in children. He is a member of several prestigious urological societies.

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  • Robotic da Vinci prostatectomy
  • Consultation with a urologist
  • Consumable materials
  • Follow-up examination
  • Medications
  • Preoperative tests

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Why choose this program?

  • Experience: With over 30 years of experience and 500 successful operations, Dr. Antonio Alcaraz is a highly experienced and skilled surgeon.
  • Expertise: Dr. Antonio Alcaraz is a leading Spanish surgeon, uro-oncologist, and transplantologist, specializing in the treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Technology: The clinic uses the latest equipment and the most experienced doctors in Spain, ensuring maximum accuracy and efficiency in diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations.
  • Reputation: Dr. Antonio Alcaraz is a member of several prestigious urological societies, including the American Urological Confederation, the Urological Association of Spain, and the European Urological Society.
  • Comprehensive Care: The Robotic da Vinci Prostatectomy offer includes consultation with a urologist, consumable materials, follow-up examination, medications, preoperative tests, an individual chamber, and a surgeon fee, providing patients with comprehensive care throughout the entire process.


Plaça d'Alfonso Comín, 5-7, 08023 Barcelona, Spain


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Da Vinci prostatectomy

The main advantages of prostatectomy robotic surgery:

  • Accuracy. The robot is controlled by a surgeon and makes the tiny incisions. 3-dimensional visualization of tissues detects possible bleeding and a doctor can quickly eliminate it.
  • Short hospitalization period. A patient recovers within 3-5 days. After a traditional prostatectomy the rehabilitation period lasts 1-2 weeks.
  • Low blood loss. During Da Vinci prostatectomy a patient loses about 100 ml of blood, laparoscopic - 400 ml, traditional - 1,300 ml. Such an index is achieved by filling the patient’s abdominal cavity with a special gas, which is removed immediately after the robotic prostatectomy.
  • Reduced period of catheterization. The urinary catheter is removed after 5-7 days. In the case of a traditional abdominal operation, this period lasts about 10 days;
  • Improvement of the urine continence. The surgical treatment by Da Vinci robot makes possible to save most of the ureter.
The erectile function is preserved in the most of cases.

Open vs. Da Vinci prostatectomy

Open vs. Da Vinci prostatectomy

The disadvantages of robotic prostatectomy:

  • Da Vinci prostatectomy is not used to treat advanced prostate cancer.
  • It is impossible to remove large prostate tumors using Da Vinci.
  • High cost compared to traditional prostatectomy.
What factors influence the robotic prostate surgery cost?

The cost of Da Vinci prostatectomy depends on:

  • A country for robotic prostatectomy. The price for prostate gland removal surgery differs from country to country. For instance, the robotic prostatectomy cost in Western Europe is 2 times lower than in the USA, Australia or Canada. The hospitals in East Europe offer even lower prices. Turkey and India are among the cheapest places to get robotic prostatectomy. Such a difference is explained by general price policy within countries and income of local citizens.
  • A hospital for robotic prostate cancer surgery. Some hospitals due to world-renown name may increase the average cost of robotic prostate surgery by 10-15% within the country.
  • Doctor's qualification. If a doctor has performed hundreds of robotic prostatectomy, has trained in top prostate cancer centers, has numerous certificates, they can ask for a higher fee due to vast experience.
  • Modification of Da Vinci robot. The average robotic prostate surgery cost may be higher if it is performed on the latest Da Vinci Xi system. So, if you search for a cheaper procedure, pay attention to centers where previous Da Vinci Si model is used. They do not differ much, but you can save 10-15% of your money.
How to choose a hospital for robotic prostatectomy?

To choose the medical center for robotic prostate removal, take into account:

  • Hospital's recognition. The hospital where you are going to have a prostatectomy, must be certified by international or local organizations (such as JCI, ESMO, etc.) that confirm the high-quality medical services.
  • Doctor's qualification. Specialist in robotic prostatectomy must have a vast experience confirmed by a significant number of such surgeries, international certificates. Patients' reviews will also help to choose the best doctor.
  • Cost of robotic prostatectomy. The cost of robotic surgery for prostate cancer may vary 2-3 times depending on the country. For instance, the cost of the Da Vinci prostatectomy in India is $11,200, in the Czech Republic and Turkey is about $14,000, and in Germany or Spain — $21,000-26,000. The quality of the procedure remains at the same level.
How is Da Vinci robotic prostatectomy performed?

Doctors perform the Da Vinci prostatectomy through 5 incisions 1-1.5 cm in size. In the case of open prostatectomy, the incision is 12 cm. A surgeon manages the robot remotely at the special control panel.

A computer analyzes a doctor's movements and transfers them into smooth robot's ones. It excludes trembling or wrong actions that can damage healthy tissues.

The robotic prostate surgery lasts 2-2.5 hours on average.

A surgeon places a catheter to withdraw the urine after surgery.

What does the robotic prostatectomy cost include?

The cost of Da Vinci prostatectomy includes:

  • doctor's fee
  • admission
  • medicines
  • anesthesia.

In most of the cases, language assistance, meals, and services are paid additionally.

How to get a personalized cost of Da Vinci prostatectomy?
  1. Compare the info about hospitals in the listing and the Da Vinci prostatectomy costs.
  2. Choose the best option for you and fill out a form on the Bookimed website.
  3. Bookimed manager will call you back to answer all questions and book a chosen hospital.
  4. You will receive a personalized Da Vinci prostatectomy cost according to your test results and medical records.
  5. Then a Bookimed manager schedules the date of operation and arranges your medical trip.

Bookimed services are free of charge.

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