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Dt Fulya Gulener
9 years of experience

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Anonymous - Dental Implant
United States of America

Sep 7, 2022
Verified review.
"I love you guys, With great respect, Irina
Good day to those who wish to come to hospitable Turkey in solving problems ... .. in dental treatment, and for someone in implantation (like me). When I was looking for a clinic, I think, like many others, I wanted to choose the best of all that were on this page. For some reason, my eyes fell on the Hair clinic. Which I have absolutely no regrets about. A little about myself, girl I am ... demanding and the truth is harmful (it's true). I will say one thing. The team that worked with me is great, they work smoothly and professionally. Thank you so much. I'll tell you from the beginning. From the moment of correspondence, as everyone will be asked to send a picture of the oral cavity (which I did), based on this picture, they sent me a step-by-step work and, accordingly, the amount for the work. Everything suited me. And I went ... for the anticipation of a Hollywood smile. I was met, arranged in a hotel ... Our Dear Olenka did not leave me for a moment, everything went under her strict guidance. I arrived in the evening, the next day, we went to the office to take a picture of my jaw, and then it turned out that I had a cyst that needs to be removed, I don’t remember how it’s called from fear)) in short, such a complex of work was added that the boys themselves Ofanoreli, well me too. They comforted me, but I couldn't. I asked that the operation be done to me in the evening, so that I could sleep through the night after the operation, so as not to walk for half a day with a plowed jaw. The operation was very, very difficult. In addition to implantation and bone augmentation, initially, the affected teeth (molars) were naturally removed, and then the whole cymus began, as it turned out, I needed to clean the entire upper jaw, they drilled it from the side, not where the implantation was, but from the side, to rinse (it turns out ECHO of sinusitis). I live in developed America, and no one even told me about it (although they took pictures) They cleaned everything for me before implantation, the work was meticulously complex and long, despite this, although it took place under local anesthesia (twice pricked), the operation took a lot time, I note, I did not feel pain. The entire team... WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS... was with me. I rolled them all up there, including the doctor (I said harmful). The doctor, good, worked efficiently, now after a while I understand, then out of fear it seemed to me that something was wrong. They brought me to the hotel at 12:30 at night, in addition to antibiotics, painkillers, ice, I asked myself for dream books to pass out, they did not refuse. The doctor, looking at me and my scrupulousness, prescribed me injections (painkillers), not pills. Everything was Feng Shui. The next morning, Olga called right away, probably when she woke up for work at 7-8 in the morning, she wondered about my condition. I can immediately notice that I had a jaw done on top, 4 teeth remained in front like a rabbit ...), and the rest of the gums are all sewn up, of course, swelling (the work front is very large), but I didn’t experience such pain, as it could be, I went down for breakfast, somehow it turned out to eat an omelette and melted sons, it turned out. By 12 o'clock Olga arrived with the guys and went to the medical office to take a picture, how implants were put in, the bone was the son of the case, they showed that everything was exactly, perfectly. For a moment, the healing process is going on, the threads are slowly dissolving, the gums are shrinking to a normal state, and I will wait, dear ones arriving for Beauty, the second invasion of hospitable Turkey, already behind a smile. This is March. I would like to express MANY THANKS to the team that worked with me, they work efficiently, no matter who writes, the guys are trying, trying very hard, Thank you so much, you don’t have to worry, they will do their job. Olenka, my dear Olenka, I already told you without offense, I don’t have a stone in my bosom ... I am harmful and demanding ... I love you guys, With great respect, Irina. PS. Dear Russian-speakers, I’ll add to the team this does not apply, the sockets in the hotels are not European, I don’t know everywhere or not, but I got used to it on the last day, just in case, take a small tee with you for your comfort. Good luck everyone
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Anonymous - Porcelain Veneer
Russian Federation

Aug 25, 2021
Verified review.
"A month has passed since my trip, everything is going as it should, I have not noticed any anomalies with teeth and hair ☺️
Hello everyone! To begin with, before flying to the procedures, they gave me excellent advice, put everything on the shelves, explained what would be included in the price, after that all my questions were removed. Of course, I experienced it like everyone else, but it was in vain. They explained to me how the procedures for teeth and hair would be carried out, and with more or less peace of mind I went to buy tickets to Istanbul. I recommend everyone to ask what you need to take with you, it depends on the operations that you will be doing. After I flew in, I was met, an interpreter was assigned to me, who helped me to explain myself in Turkish, and the procedure for my transformation began. Your translator is present at all procedures, so you don't have to worry about this. I heard that some companies do not have a transfer during your stay in Turkey, here they drove me on blades, the car was excellent, in general it was comfortable. You will have time for a walk, you can not worry. After the procedures ended, they did everything neatly, it was painful, of course, but it was worth it, they also gave extra cosmetics for hair and teeth, and explained what would happen to my hair so that I would not be scared. I was again provided with a transfer back and I flew back with a sense of accomplishment. A month has passed since my trip, everything is going as it should, I have not noticed any anomalies with teeth and hair ☺️. Thanks to all the staff and special thanks to Olga, my translator for the work done, I am happy that I turned to you, I wish you further prosperity!
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Роман - Veneers

Jul 10, 2022
Verified review.
I flew to have my teeth done at the hair clinic, as a result, I had my teeth done in some kind of underground dentistry, where a doctor of 27 years old took only 1 picture at the very beginning, although the pictures should be taken constantly, especially after cleaning the canals, of which I had 2. After that, I put on crowns and goodbye, although I told him that it hurts a lot. As a result, I've been suffering here for 5 days on painkillers, my liver hurts from them, but everyone has a barrier, they hammered a bolt. The teeth on the inside were made thick, gums cannot cover them. My whole mouth aches, I can't exist without painkillers. I consulted with a dentist from another country, he said that this should not be so. At 6 o'clock in the morning already transfer. I arrived, only my health was undermined, I would have to look for a normal clinic and redo everything. If you are dragged somewhere past the hair clinic, refuse for a cut, because they do it on the back, after which they will send you to ... I do not recommend it! Outcome: Money down the drain / undermined health.
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Inna - Dental Implant

Sep 22, 2023
Verified review.
Individual approach 100%
Wonderful doctors, professional and at the same time listening to the patient. Individual approach 100%. Meeting at the airport, transfer, hotel check-in, escort - everything is great. Special thanks to my curator-translator Olga, simply a person with a capital P. She helped not only with medical issues 24/7, but also with her stay in Turkey, always in touch, always ready to help, always friendly and supportive.
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Наталия - Porcelain crown installation
United States of America

Dec 22, 2022
Verified review.
"In general, even on my extremely picky character, I put a solid five
The staff is very attentive, I especially want to mention my curator and now my friend Olya, who helped in everything, was always present at all procedures. My smile with new teeth is such a joy. Doctors are qualified and very attentive to details. Which is especially important when you're older. Good hotel in a convenient location. In general, even on my extremely picky character, I put a solid five.
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Dikilitas Mah. Omur Sk. No:8/A Besiktas - Istanbul

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