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Turkey Istanbul

COCHLEAR & MEDEL (nucleus, rondo, kanso, sonnet, baha) Implant Surgery

Memorial Şişli Hospital Turkey Istanbul
90% Clients recommended this clinic
Excellent score based on 263 patient reviews Read reviews

ENT doctor

Mustafa Akarcay
27 years of experience

Program details

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Medical Procedures

  • Cochlear implant placement
  • 3D CT scan
  • MRI of one area
  • Consultation with a surgeon


  • 2 days in the hospital
  • 2 days in the hotel


VIP transfer

24/7 Bookimed assistance

Personal medical coordinator

Medical travel arrangements — booking of air tickets and hotel rooms at special partner prices

Patient advocacy during medical travel

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Kaptan Paşa Mah, Halit Ziya Türkkan Sok Famas Plaza No:19 D:C, 34385 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

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Turkey, Istanbul
ENT doctor - Yavuz Selim Yildirim
17 years of experience
  • Internationally-trained expert: Dr. Yavuz Selim Yildirim has extensive experience since 2007, with international training at prestigious institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, Tufts University, and Cleveland Clinic.
  • Comprehensive Cochlear Implant Surgery package: The offer includes preoperative consultations, blood tests, general anesthesia, post-op medications, hospital and hotel stays, plus VIP transfers.
  • Extended medical stay: Patients benefit from a 2-day hospital stay for close monitoring and a 21-day hotel stay for recovery, ensuring a comfortable healing process.
  • Renowned medical center: Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is JCI-certified, catering to 250,000 patients annually, including international patients from CIS, Balkans, and African countries.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: The hospital is equipped with modern technology and follows international standards, ensuring high-quality care for Cochlear implant placement.
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Turkey, Istanbul
ENT doctor - Serkan Orhan
21 years of experience
  • Extensive Experience: Dr. Cihat Sen has been providing expert care since 1980, showcasing over four decades of experience in the medical field.
  • Renowned Medical Facility: Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical center known for its eco-friendly design and specialization in various medical fields including Cochlear implant placement.
  • Comprehensive Offer: The Cochlear Implant Surgery package includes a consultation with Dr. Cihat Sen, accommodation in an individual chamber, and VIP transfer services.
  • International Recognition: The clinic's European-level wards and constant monitoring by medical staff have earned it high praise from international patients.
  • Additional Comforts: Patients and their companions receive attentive care, with amenities like meals and refreshments, contributing to a comfortable stay.
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Turkey, Istanbul
ENT doctor - Abdulkadir Ozgur
17 years of experience
  • Extensive Experience: Dr. Abdulkadir Ozgur has been performing Cochlear implant placements since 2007, bringing over 15 years of expertise to his patients.
  • Comprehensive Care Package: The Cochlear Implant offer includes initial otolaryngologist consultation, necessary blood tests, doctor consultations, hospitalization, and convenient airport-hotel-clinic transfers.
  • Accommodating Duration: Patients are provided with a 4-day hospital stay for the procedure and a 15-day hotel accommodation to ensure a comfortable recovery period.
  • International Recognition: Biruni University Hospital is a renowned private medical center in Istanbul, serving a diverse international patient base from the CIS, Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia.
  • Specialized Medical Center: As a multi-specialty hospital with a strong focus on neurosurgery, Biruni University Hospital is equipped with modern technology and treatment methods for Cochlear implant placement.
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Package price
Limited-time deal
Turkey, Istanbul
ENT doctor - Ismet Aslan
34 years of experience
  • Over 30 years of expertise in the medical field by Dr. Ismet Aslan, ensuring a wealth of experience for your Cochlear implant placement.
  • Comprehensive care package includes preoperative tests, consultation with an otolaryngologist, follow-up examination and visit, hospitalization, and airport-hotel-clinic transfers.
  • Short hospital stay of just 1 day for the procedure, plus a 6-day hotel accommodation ensuring a comfortable recovery period.
  • Liv Hospital Ulus is a multi-specialized medical center with state-of-the-art technology such as the da Vinci robotic system, contributing to precise and effective Cochlear implant placement.
  • While there is no specific patient review provided for Cochlear implant surgery, Liv Hospital's innovative approach and international recognition in various specialties reflect its commitment to high-quality medical care.
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Get a $2000 discount
Turkey, Istanbul
ENT doctor - Engin Acioglu
16 years of experience
  • Extensive Neurosurgical Expertise: Dr. Zafer Orkun Toktas has been a practicing neurosurgeon since 2009, amassing over a decade of experience in the field.
  • Renowned Medical Facility: Memorial Ataşehir Hospital is part of the Memorial Healthcare Group, known for its high success rates in organ transplants and other complex medical procedures.
  • Internationally Certified Care: The hospital boasts a Joint Commission International (JCI) certificate, ensuring adherence to the highest international standards for Cochlear Implant Surgery.
  • Comprehensive Service Package: The offer for Cochlear Implant Surgery includes a consultation, a private room, and VIP transfer for the utmost comfort and convenience.
  • No Extended Stay Required: The treatment does not necessitate any hospital or hotel stay, allowing for a streamlined and efficient medical experience.
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