Are you still dreaming about volume and taut butt? Your efforts in the gym do not bring the desired result? Are you jealous of Instagram girls who demonstrate their "Kim Kardashian" like buttocks? There is an easy way to get the butt shape of your dream — Brazilian butt lift (BBL). This procedure changes the lives of thousands of girls every year.

Brazilian butt lift is a unique surgery enabling you to get both at once — defined volume buttocks together with slim back and stomach. During a BBL, undesired fat from the problem areas is suctioned out and put into the butts shaping them properly. 

Sounds well. However the price issue still remains as the primary one. Patients from the USA or the UK where BBL cost falls between $8,500-$14,500 cannot afford this procedure and frequently postpone their chance to improve the body and become sexier. 

Due to this, it is time to consider Mexico’s plastic surgery centers offering affordable Brazilian butt lift prices ranging between $3,500-$4,500, which is 2-3 times cheaper in the USA, for instance.

So, explore this article to find out how much Brazilian buttocks lift costs in Mexico, where you can get it cheaper but qualitatively, check before and after BBL photos to make the right clinic’s choice. And then, submit a request to arrange your BBL trip fast and safely, without paying extra.

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What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift is a surgery to enhance the buttocks with fat transferred from other body parts (stomach, thighs, hips, etc.). 

This procedure allows for making butts full and juicy. BBL surgery achieves fast and permanent results compared to exhausting physical exercises.

Brazilian butt lift in Mexico

BBL Surgery: Step-by-Step

The BBL surgery goes through the following processes.

Step 1

You land in the destination country and arrive at a clinic for pre-op consultation and medical tests. Then you stay for a night in a hotel.

Step 2

On the surgery day. It consists of such stages:

  • Anesthesia infusion. A BBL surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia, depending on surgery complexity and intervention depth.
  • Liposuction. A plastic surgeon performs liposuction to collect enough fat for your butts reshaping. 'Donor' fat cells are taken from hips, thighs, and stomach to make these body parts slimmer.
  • Butt modeling. Collected fat material is stored in specific conditions, purified, and inserted into the buttocks. A doctor administers a solution to create a proper butt shape according to patient preferences.
  • Stitching. A plastic surgeon closes incisions after lipo and injections, then puts compression to avoid swelling and reduce the possible occurrence of hematomas.

Step 3

A patient spends 2-3 nights in a hotel for rest and recovery.

Step 4

Follow-up. A patient visits a doctor to estimate the recovery progression. If everything goes smoothly, it is time to go back home and follow the doctor's recommendations.

Recovery after BBL Surgery

Once a procedure is over, you should wear compression garments to stabilize your silhouette and avoid swelling and bruises. It is necessary to limit sitting to prevent complications for several weeks. You also must sleep on the stomach until full healing of incisions. 

You can see your buttocks swollen after BBL surgery, but they will almost disappear in 2-3 weeks.

You can resume your work activity in 1-2 weeks if your recovery goes smoothly without unexpected side effects.

Note that it takes about 6-9 months to see the final outcome. If you desire a more defined butt shape, you should undergo one more procedure.

Why Do People Choose Mexico for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Mexico is among the Top most popular countries for plastic surgery in the world. According to ISAPS statistics, over 1 mln plastic surgeries are performed here annually. This amount of procedures would be enough to make over a big city like Barcelona.

So, people choose this country for the BBL due to the following reasons:

  • Low price. The cost of Brazilian butt lift in Mexico is about 2 times lower than in the USA. The price starts from $4,500 in Mexico and about $8,000 in the USA. Such a low cost is explained by general price policy within the country and high competition between the local plastic surgery clinics.
  • Experienced doctors. A lot of highly-professional doctors work in Mexico. They have decades of experience, practice in the leading world's clinics, and are members of the international organizations to interchange the experience and find out about new techniques in plastic surgery.
  • Convenient location. It takes about 2 hours to get to Mexico by plane from the USA. So, American patients often choose Mexico for plastic surgery due to low prices and favorable location.

If you have any questions on receiving Brazilian butt lift in Mexico, submit a request to get consultation. This option is free.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Mexico vs. Other Countries

The cost of BBL in Mexico is considered low due to its general price policy and a living wage of local citizens. Let's compare the prices in Mexico and other countries. The given prices are approximate; they can change depending on a clinic or currency fluctuations.







Czech Republic






South Korea


Before and After Photos

BBL in Mexico: before and after

Brazilian butt lift in Mexico: before and after

Brazilian buttocks lift in Mexico: before and after

Brazilian buttocks lift in Mexico: before and after

All-inclusive BBL in Mexico: Deals Overview

Mexican plastic surgery clinics offer profitable deals to attract more international patients and satisfy their needs. Typical BBL deal costs in Mexico cover expenses for a procedure itself, doctor’s fees, 1 night of accommodation. However, you can also find all-inclusive Brazilian butt deals in Mexico covering:

  • surgery
  • doctor fees
  • accommodation
  • transfer
  • interpreting services.

Such Brazilian Butt deals allow patients to save 20-30% additional as plastic surgery clinics partner with local hotels offering extra discounts. Such options are barely enough to find yourself.

Top 3 Clinics for Getting Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico

Salutaris Medical Center

Salutaris Medical Center offers a wide range of plastic surgeries including Brazilian butt lift. The clinic is very popular with international patients — over 10,000 people across the world choose Salutaris to improve their appearance. Salutaris doctors perform plastic surgeries applying the latest equipment. Despite high professionalism and level of medical equipment, the price for BBL is about 2 times lower than in the USA.

Submit a request to get a personalized quote of Brazilian butt lift at Mexican Salutaris Medical Center.

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Mexico, Guadalajara Salutaris Medical Center
Brazilian Butt lift Price on request

Salutaris is a medical center for plastic surgery in Guadalajara, a cultural capital of Mexico.

Doctors specialize in liposuction, tummy tuck, breast correction, and facial plastic surgery.

10,000 local and international patients have already got plastic surgery at Salutaris.

People from the USA, Canada, the UK, and Spain choose Salutaris.

Brazilian Butt lift Price on request
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Dr. Arturo Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery

Dr. Munoz Meza has established his private practice. The doctor performs such procedures as Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, abdomen lift, mommy makeover, etc.

For the 20 years, as the private practice functions, no severe side effect or complication have been registered here. This confirms the high doctor's professionalism. Patients from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Ireland choose Dr. Munoz Meza practice for getting plastic surgeries in Mexico.

The cost of Brazilian butt lift already covers accommodation, an airport-hotel-airport transfer.

You can get a personalized cost of Brazilian butt lift in Dr. Munoz Meza Clinic by submitting a request. This option is free.

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Mexico, Tijuana Dr. Arturo Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery
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Dr. Allan Ceballos Clinic

Dr. Allan Ceballos has established the medical center for plastic surgery in Mexico called Dr. Allan Ceballos Clinic. He is a member of numerous prestigious organizations for plastic surgery — the Mexican Association of Plastic Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This confirms the high level of doctor's skills and makes the clinic one of the best places for Brazilian butt lift in Mexico.

The BBL price includes an airport-clinic/hotel-airport transfer and accommodation. Get the personalized quote of the procedure just requesting to Bookimed. This option is free.


What Affects BBL Surgery Cost in Mexico?

The Brazilian butt lift price in Mexico is not stable and is determined by many factors. So, picking the cheapest deal does not mean that the package will cover your needs and bring you to the desired result. Such aspects usually impact BBL surgery costs in Mexico:

  • Type of BBL. A Brazilian butt lift may be managed using patient fat transfer or implants. In the first case, a patient pays for implants; in the second one — for a liposuction procedure.
  • Intervention depth. Some patients want to slightly correct their butt shape, but some want to receive Kim’s buttocks copy. So, depending on the occasion, it takes different efforts and amounts to collect fat tissues or use adequate implant size.
  • Doctor’s experience. Obviously, a plastic surgeon with vast proven expertise and hundreds of satisfied patients will ask for higher fees compared to newbies in this field. However, a surgeon's professionalism is not an issue with saving your money on.

Look for the best BLL surgery deal in Mexico at a reasonable price? Ask the Bookimed manager, and we will find an option that will completely satisfy your needs!

How to Choose the Clinic for Brazilian Butt Lift?

The success of the Brazilian butt lift directly depends on the clinic where you are going to have the procedure. Bookimed team has prepared several criteria to help you to make the right choice. While selecting a medical center in Mexico, pay attention to:

  • The clinic's brand reputation. Better to choose the clinic for Brazilian butt popular with international patients and that has got international accreditations. Search for the info on Bookimed website. If there is a lack of information, better to choose another clinic.
  • Patient reviews. Search for the reviews on a clinic to learn more about the experience of real people. The feedback will help you to understand the level of service and plastic surgeries success rate. You can find verified reviews on Bookimed website.
  • Doctor's experience who will perform the procedure. The choice of a clinic for BBL in Mexico is important, but a doctor's professionalism is much more essential thing. Check out a doctor's CV, his/her experience and education.
  • Before and after photos. One more point that will help you to make the right decision is to see the result of BBL procedures performed in a clinic. Request for a portfolio to estimate whether you like the outcome and are ready to get the same changes.

If you still have some difficulties in choosing the clinic, submit a request on Bookimed. We will provide you with all info (prices, doctors, portfolio) on a clinic you are interested in. This option is free.

Is It Safe to Get BBL in Mexico?

Any change of your appearance or body with plastic surgery requires responsibility from you. You need to choose the clinic and doctor for plastic surgery carefully according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery report.

In Mexico, as in other countries, are a lot of medical centers which do not comply with the highest level of medical services. However, there are also a great number of plastic surgery centers that work under international treatment protocols and serve medical tourists from over the globe.

While choosing a clinic for Brazilian butt in Mexico, you should find as much info as possible on it — reviews, before and after photos of customers, doctor's CV, awards. Do not choose a medical center without checking all information.

If you have any difficulties to choose a clinic for BBL in Mexico, submit a request on Bookimed and our manager will answer all questions. This option is free.

How Long Should I Stay in Mexico after BBL Surgery?

The procedure takes several 1.5-2 hours, and then you can be hospitalized for 1 night in the clinic. Then you will have a consultation with a doctor to estimate how the recovery process goes.

In general, a patient needs to stay in Mexico for 7-8 nights.

How to get Brazilian Butt Lift in the Shortest Term?

Follow these simple steps to get Brazilian butt lift in Mexico:

  1. Compare and choose the most appropriate clinic for Brazilian butt lift in Mexico.
  2. Submit a request on Bookimed.
  3. Bookimed manager will contact you to answer all questions and provide with a personalized quote of Brazilian butt lift in your case.
  4. You receive a direct bill from the medical center and see what it covers.
  5. Then Bookimed manager arranges your trip to Mexico for getting Brazilian butt lift.